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As an offering to the first annual Yukon Kuskokwim State Fair held in Bethel February 5th through 10th UK arranged for a meeting of the sitar with the Eskimo drum the sitar and 18 string instrument is probably not the oldest instrument to endure but is near to it in a sense. The legends surrounding it are similar to legends surrounding the origin of the Eskimo drum and dance sing. Have magical powers of the other combination
of other similar instruments precisely the same as at a time separate and an Eskimo and perhaps for the first time.
This February 10th during the Yukon Kuskokwim State Fair the dancers who came in for the fair were kind enough to give our television audience this special treat which is being taped at this time I would like to introduce David Friday and his son David would would like to interview your father through translation When did you first start learning about the Eskimo dance. You watch when you walk on you
know what you got. Leak leak. Quoting one of them with my money. The memo the name of the lead character with the man of my book. She started learning dancing.
When he was about 15 years old before he was 15 years old and he is now 67 years old and he said he learned from those people that pass it on through the generations. When he first learned that the ladies participate in the dance I'm not sure people who yes is there were three months ago going through isn't that it is the stick. About the same as it always was when I got the money. We're not going to be or not we don't consider Michael much. What complete the only way to go in peace to me what not. He said that that's what he used to see during the
times and there'd be two people each side of the dancers doing the drum is it essentially the same. I think I saw some drums with plastic on them. This doesn't seem to have plastic out of the drums about the same now or have they changed since he was a young man you know you might wish you were Nick which you missed good plastic on being a cool go for it. Good thing the court being the clerk and doctor won't see him if you want to be a joke. He said the Germans are about the same as you'd used to be but there were no classics it didn't time and just a mock up of
their drums for there are more people dancing in the end when he was a young man or there is many dancing now as there were then the money you walk in my book you are true to some of what you are. The natural political couple the nut on the beat. Check you out we're not going to look at them that you know there were more dancing days. He said you were never there dancing on Sunday were never less than three
people dancing in three women that you see there were four women dancing in four men dancing in a song and just strange range from he said from teens to reveal. So it had there are fewer people dancing now than there were. Yes that's what do you just now. Is there any particular season for dancing or is it all year long. She needs the money. We're not the
cure. Do you sit down and starting a time and then saw it through the winter months and during the spring when the days get longer. He used to be especially last one to prepare for summer or something like that and the kinds of masks during that time. Some were long and he sent and some were small. Are these dances of a religious nature or is it merely as
story telling someone you watched coming to the club but you would be were there to record it up where you are what no one could live with on your payout God Wardak group. I'm older than the pigmy know what that means total cool. Look cool with
what I think you could call it. That nature but he used to do it to get he used to make a song to make food at certain time of the year and sing a song maybe get it maybe that I don't know but he said that these songs were were made mostly by the medicine men of those
days. And the purpose of the songs used to be getting more ceiling Barry's food. Could you tell us now the story of the first song you're going to do for us to do with my time. I can't hear you over there. We have to. Could you tell us the story now if you can get up there and do the dance. What is the first story we're
going to do. There's you know most of dancers dancers based on the Bering Sea and I believe at one time or heard from their forefathers fathers that there was some kind of man in the sea that same time and he used to go under water and sometimes he'd go up in and make noise and then he can jump into the water and circle
the ocean I don't think I was wondering how big the ocean they were thinking about. I think it would be nice if you have to go up and dance David if you're introduced and Joe Friday but the others who are going to participate. Yeah. And then when you come back. Thank you very much again. That dancer's David is getting in place. They have been for the 1974 state fair playing to packed house at the Swanson. And now they're
ready for their first story of a man who went around the ocean.
It seems that something would come in as I write he directs and so he would sing a line of the
story. Then they would join in the chorus. Then he would go on with the next line. What about the next one. So I could see if there's. They're preparing now to decide what the next story is. He's looking at a note there. You have here you know the
coast and how they like to get some trees down there because there's no trees down there so you're going to this story we're talking about getting back even. But good. Thanks so much. Yeah.
Will you have another number coming up for a story on this one. Need
to get some seal. Yeah I guess that's a real problem sometimes. When do you get to see it. Fall and spring are final numbers. Thank you very much all of you appreciate it. Most of the time. It's a very important resource. So sort of a very
fine bank doesn't get it. It's
a joke. Thank you all very much. If you have not been to the Swanson theater play again tonight right at 9:30 tonight then those of you who have not seen the Ceefax dancers be sure and be there. And now we reserve the resume to our regular programming. OK thanks. Thank you. People that would be able to learn and gather information to call their hear during the work stops so they can go back to their villages and assist in co-creators and last elections come it is in the process of their upcoming responsibilities of selecting the line set are being and are being conveyed to
the villages corporations under the Claims Act and I'll translate what I said you know. Kamal good Roman. Twenty board that thought you know there's some there's some office and quit job with a new sense. And she'll clue to what we know for some charges some office and could charm of them out of a new sense. My report out of the loop. My room with Luke from Newport to
new not due to the new not new to the new doctor but they moving of ACORN and looked up the code to my mum. They said and looked out their new nodded and knew they were not in much of the new Taco to come. Don't touch it. The accounting department. The book keeper a subtly odd one. Jani we go out to God only to darn it day Cup there's a new doctor. CONAN It's only Monday seven and a boom report that General Manager are going to do much to incorporate you down his general manager who could 20
channels of a corporatist now I would go to go to general manager I would not cut Shima hot which because they are not good how much do we now know. Yourself up to going to ministration office. My new doctor on Monday to Saturday in the office. He died only Kanani in my Kuskokwim office spitting on me. Him Charlie I love it. Even under the new not new not new nominee but then when Charlie was gone is now
going to report that the new nominee come he thought he would quote no nonono you know it's a clear cut but it's my dime on a pretty clue but not much done with the jokes on China today to get new not a deal that he just put the code in the code a nuke with China today the new unit done in China order to dilute. Can you not include unit damage on your look which I go to my game my my little Charlie in the William Tyson. We're not talking about Hendricks not my nickel. No not on the administrative unit down in question to board
member on the commute now and I think there's a couple. He's just too much of it. He's now enough to my house clue you know Nonny we discussed and got to Charlie Charlie yesterday to tuck in the manner of the lumping on he'd like you not get booked in my basic suit. Couldn't even deal with some. Go to him. I took the Chilkoot can incorporate just
got a quo up Turn it up put Russell Gallagher up. McCool again cooperate just come to the number in Willits Corp on my my New Year's Eve. I'm telling you you know how much focus you puke you do not doubt incorporate that we are going to the kooky you incorporate article in the new Not article by allowing them to Norman. You could prove that the Department of Commerce to move stock order to incorporate incorporation not name good crew
incorporated on the Bucks you must get through to the board of director our stock. So I cut him short. So I think I need someone. He was 13 now 13 aboard at the ministry the policy of neon the whole company. He asked me to stop them with the quarterly meeting code and boy you know it's a quarter to him could extend if the code didn't exit if you need to we dilute Raymond Christensen. So Walter Smith So glad to see
Dutch and Charlie scam and be able to see timber speak of on the amount of executive coming. I got a couple excited so I don't know. Captain Clark yesterday average on the train for Annapolis. Thanks thanks again. There's one thing I know
I got to get that first from the commission. Show these kids how it should be down. You're right
Captain. First the first time.
I am I in it. Thank you anemia. I am sorry to anyone.
I think that I might ask you what you like but you cannot bring it up get your wires on that battery. Well you did a nice job. Your school was a big zero. My score. Don't try to hang that on me. Why don't you go back on the beach where you belong. Is this correct Captain. Oh wait 15 during your failed overheating of electric motor shifted the standby motor continued test. Oh 936 stop it for lower number one fire burned out bearing 10 20 condenser so it up to 10 green Stockport engine made emergency repairs to condenser correct. Yeah don't forget the gyrocopter. I saw a man like yourself have
a cigarette. It was like you said Go on take one. What kind of a cheat for you and I think. Why can't you have your man. I can take care of them all right but they don't know how to handle my ship my ship my ship the crew is sick I'm tired of hearing you say that. That's because he has a great name doesn't say she's a great ship. Do you have any doubts about us or have you planing what you've got to expect some kind of trouble on a shakedown cruise. Not the kind of trouble you've been given me I was in Bali when you first came aboard you promised me you'd keep your mouth shut do you know what I was on about. You don't know what it's all about I haven't spent five minutes trying to find out. They're on to you. Wait a minute.
Listen to me I'm trying to keep you aboard ship but I've got to have a happy crew. Now will you stay out of their hair and stop talking about my ship for your own sake and for my sake will you. Oh yeah sure I need some some fine Whew I didn't want to waste that talent on Frank just to get those guns and like get yourselves the question was why did you score more hits to watch somebody tell you this and I think you've got something there brother. You're saying why don't you go back to your cave makes James snow better down and out here and stop bragging about a ship like dang you know the saying what's the matter and if they drive anyone if you want to get along with me I want to get along with you. I am running
out so I can tell you if you put your jacking gear in return to port and starboard engine does everything have to go. I find everybody in the ship you gotta get it right. I think the word the word still stinks. How much do you think this team can wait. I think they make a great contribution to the scrap. You know what. Come in Molly
I want you to put in for a transfer because I thought I don't want to discuss the reasons why I want you to put in for a transfer but I can't do that shit all right then you leave me no alternative. Lieutenant Morton has put you on report and I can protect you from a court martial. Yes but that's all right sure. And confound dispatched the base Mandelbrot getting Aline's carried away by room for a strap blower bearing bird out discontinuing shakedown trials. Returning for it that's all. The findings of the summer I caught my show in the case of cheap bosun's mate a
US Navy competency in leadership to be radios to the next inferior rating for DC Brown commander us an immediate superior in command approved by our M. Watson chief of naval personnel. You take over that you recently didn't you. Why
you did what you had to say. No hard feelings thank you goodbye. This means that I have to leave the ship. You don't want to serve under Donoghue under anyone leave the ship. It's entirely up to you speak with him if you wish. I don't leave that up to you and you're making it kind of nice. I say some helped
me say no don't do it and it's easy. Just no. Thanks can't expect
to do anything they don't want me to put in for a transfer. I left it up to me.
Yeah. History. You say you know something that you're going to surprise me into. I wanted this to keep getting raked up for me. Would it make you happy if I said yes. Thank you mam Thank you.
You can do that in my armor honey. That's the way. Now they forget their condition. They want someone.
Most of it can't be more right. And we don't know how it will go. Major Lehman broke the Oh if you don't cut and pasted on a particular plan or get me a book I Want The California Street. I mean a few moments ago on the supernatural stuff. Yeah right away if you want to keep pushing you away to get into the Q School.
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