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OK. The storm doesn't turn my car door knob. Still up. That car door knob. How do you look. What. Who cares. Go go go go go I know if I go.
But I can get. Oh good. More awestruck more kooky going to believe you were not very mug. You got me. Go work. I do. Gone are what we are now returning
to work. My God. Look. Oh. You know you do ya. Go go Martin.
Big Blue Crush. Who would you go if you don't look through a door. Just go home. Door shut. I I you know what. Choir choir mock me because you know
you're going to be sure he does. Now you'll be sure what you know your girl might go or did he go to war. I carry the creek or go down to inquire and maybe you could hurt my road you could go find me a little girl. You feel you can go into dock court no doubt. I
do not know Kurt. Because you're right Joey. If you go leak you there who are going to be there. Duck duck. Crow me. Surely I pressed down toward Iraq. No clearly not. Dodo could not de trop Underwood clean your home girl.
No wonder my orders don't count. Scared. Can you call me. Well you will all go very well. Black I need you
to go into what can be more would look good. Who could go there. Good luck. I mean black magic. Will you. Who would you go. Who would not be credible. Couldn't show you a mere girl.
You get richer. Jordan you said Look someone who will not go you go. Who could know they're scared. Rush think. Good. Yes quick pick. If your cop car wrecks somewhere else you could go.
You're a good jerk Robert. You know Mark and our dog got our dog go looking for. How can I help cup that corner boy who clearly don't like a color guard to drink. And like you who broke buck Cup garnering a good deal of karma to walk you go wash
your Coke cup car never never made. We are very good done. Combine gardening I am sure they were really me. Did you get very cold war. White boy. How many who watch your show who grow up. Colonel Ramon grow our doors no humorous share. Tell her I've gotten to be big a deal. Don't like you don't who you
know cause you girl would act. I could not look you. You've got bass pro. You know what you should not be able to do with modern record. I wanna go home. Sure if we can machine one of the National I hope. Sure I will quit. I shall
bear. You know who create your own record guard who cannot think you were OK. Go back you can walk over look you got your car. Sure I mean you are going to take a little girl you know how I know you love her she will do you good. OK.
Go get me. Me. Who are you. Boo.
Card Now I could just cut the cord. I was going to get down but yeah. Who are very sure you know it. Who are learning. Pick on you. Me. Oh I need a bomb killed and they could be
critical and great. You can be a good scholar clear up a few who don't know could come through and under your mark but how do you know you are good you perfect girl. Sure sure here we go. Humility. If you let me get even more than you who are not growing in character and not
rock your school correctly. You're going to kill her grandma committed you were sick you may go longer sure. Not going to take a lot of me to make fun of me because I'm nothing. Grandma can meet me and I want to take a look what good would I could not hear the noise. He was a big one for the crew home and do not really know me I'm going to like to buy the products.
OK I get it. Hey hey hey. Me me me me no god nobody does. Hey hey you never know the pressure to learn enough to draw order to be transferred if you want and if they were if they feel that you lied and so I like that I think you need money. I'll get canned. I don't really care one way most cruelly through the door. My good girl you look at our door don't know
who we're talking. It got to my feet to hear your whom ordered could not go through. He got through with the old man not the one who could put a follow up who could put my story right out where are you. Me.
Still for me to
go to. Full term crew. AP Would you like to move on now. I am new to mock movie Higher Higher think what we all know I am by none and if not they did not hire me by not even active when you look at our no
are no finished cutting still hope to tell from the Garfield in a month I am buying are not profitable to our Carnival. From the Q of cutting 5 you don't work in the pool. I tired from being jailed in the hundreds the child worked from for tougher than what the guy in the room with there for three minutes the next thing you know you both covered it in a plea
you know no one could be our governor. But in the local I passed through you are the newcomer who made this record. Marco Rockwood prayed they washed my heart with John McCain down. Our job market to figure out what not to use. Folk who walk
through the wall. My crush on up one shift not only in mark to the government it's never on time. Because of the
rock and roll back. Have they not. What's coming up on the part. And nothing more. I
mean if it's just me talking back to them just to see me. What good will you have a doctor local local local govt What can one not just wrong wrong. Should clue who are the who
hate the name. 3 nothing. The fear of Lupul. But ne. But new party mature will not need so our part to me is for Treme just a hovercraft who got to go there on our own. Why that to know number. New word me but nothing that clip show me God me raccoon trimmings can still be good look
we accept none watched Night Hawk market to look good pitch. Night me and had tortured. Be done again would be too hard work part time would be would not hearken I would have to cheat the park. Now I'm watching our own children thought of it till we go off to battle and enough money to make the. The market to be mature when the home go up and things are going up through peer group. The average film with too long from it. While not good to me Jude is a very fun for me being me in the mood.
I'm really not put up with it week in luck to just be in Qatar just got called up higher and higher. I wouldn what you farther on ourselves and I have to question their own food. Plus the scrub a little thing not quite there yet to
even come off the books to spend Friday for a Friday. He who does just me on that one. He she died don't be. JOHN LEE the scantily clad woman I will have time to look at her going what could we have gotten it done that got a clue who are with the new Who can judge me fearful look will hearten filthy of a truck. We'll talk to the wheel.
MARTIN more fit for you to be nice to me. Not so much. We're not going not going to do with being human I think you know my new goal here. Come on. The
Yup'ik Dance and Culture
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KYUK (Bethel, Alaska)
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Yup'ik Dance and Culture' is a series featuring videos about Yup'ik art forms and traditional medicines, as well as demonstrations of how boats and fishing baskets were traditionally made.
Yupik Dance & Culture
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Moving Image
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