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This program this week was going to hand you a contribution. Teachers are very selfish people because we don't really want to us the world know how much fun to do it in a classroom of our logo. People say well there's just no way of looking at some of the 32 you do about your greed. It's not the same thing to do. There is where the excitement is students today meaning problems that things are dealing with. I am a listener I listen more than ever getting loans. Until we can deal with some of these problems we can't then I think exceptional teachers find joy in teaching. That's one of the reasons that I have vision sharing this in the cards. I touch the future I say this morning.
You're a dreamer you think you are right you can go cause you're scared for their health to be at work as a legal but he pleaded no not tonight. I've trained you to get ready and that will vary gives me just enough time to get dressed and get ready and go to work. OK you have me teach last period. Yeah OK you're my helper Yeah yeah yeah that's not right I repaired the money was damn long I got married a little late in life for that and forty two years old now with three very small children around my house no wife and I split the duties. I don't like to find clothes and riskier than she did. She can get two pair of socks to match and I can't. So she dresses the kids and I take your feet you know. And I enjoy that us time and I get to visit with them.
It's early morning breakfast because I know that that evening they're probably going to be in bed asleep and I get home then I want to go play but separate You're you're just more like you're going to get more today. Thank God I was fast and I can't be two places at once. I'm well known to Bryant. I'm a widow and I have two children ages 10 and 8. I was good writing to you now you know the morning routine. It's not so bad if we do some things at night that we're supposed to do but don't always get done like decide what you're going to wear. Oh if it is 20 minutes to I blew it. You better head closer. Oh is this a new style neck it usually after I get that it's a
better screening in our house so what else have you done. Oh here we are. Come on. No let me do your hair. You don't look ready. You CAN THIS IS ALL $25. But nap and neck than I mean an OT 8. I'm in G G G I must come up since I don't know how to do and I don't have to and I got grocery shopping to do. Popcorn balls to get made this morning. I know what you want to wear but I don't have time to fool with that this morning I know you don't know what I did. Do you know that we usually leave home about when we should leave home no later than 10 until 8
to meet the bus which we've only been on time for six times the home. Well if I do not miss a. I'm marrying wins. I am a teacher at the Inupiat school in northwest Arkansas. My husband and I moved here from Illinois 11 years ago. Your area is a rural area. If you forget something in town it's not a mere five minutes to go back and pick it out. And we're also away from some of the cultural activities I guess in
a way I think that the tradeoff has been well worth it giving up some of those luxuries that we had when we lived in this city. My life is really rich. We have some very good friends. And it's interesting too that we know so many friends so many people you know fire their distance we can drive down the road and name the people on the side of the road on that side of the road. We're five miles out here. The art of visiting has not been lost. And if we need any help all you have to do is give a call and your neighbor is there to help. About a 10 mile drive to school and during that time I try to get out of my thoughts. I writing made my plans out what I was thinking through what will be likely to happen during the day for an hour prior that school is a small rural district. You know you county we have about 350 students and a staff of
twenty six serving grades K through 12 and are really not close to any rider Jerry I were just out here on this. I've been teaching for 16 and a half years and for the past 9 years I've been at this particular school. I always wanted to be thankful that I can support my family teaching and so I have to have all the physical sciences physics and chemistry. It's an earth science and that's why I went to school and then every day after school and I am seldom for towards my remodeling in Conway Arkansas where I sell room additions kitchen remodel and bathroom modeling jobs from organizing my day in the car on the way to school. I don't have my full attention
devoted to the teaching job or to the instruction but I have this thing about both of my fire school years. A fun place to teach. I've been teaching just a thousand teachers. Here I am teaching and district now with 30 something I thought I would be going into real inferior situation and I wound up teaching in a really nice little school. We had about 300 students and everybody goes move everybody. And actually that's as good and better you know on the better job you can do. Teaching a lot about you know what you are. I really got into teaching as a resident of first choice for a profession. I thought that a degree from University of Arkansas and food to nutrition and had worked as a
dietician. But after having moved to cats I could not find a job in that field so I began to substitute teach. I'm not through. I forget what you think you know what. I am the only consumer homemaking teacher at all and so that the early large school it is the only high school in TX going to Arkansas. Our school has found it necessary to give some of the personnel split to responsibilities in an effort to meet the standards set by the state. So in my capacity I am teaching first grade in the morning and handling the
gifted and talented program for elementary students in the afternoon. My coworker Mrs. Campbell has started the art program to meet the standards. She handles that program in the morning and at lunchtime she comes to the first grade room and handles the first grade for the rest of the day because we share those first grade students. It's very important that we communicate what happens. They're both reading so well that she's agreed to give them special permission to check out more difficult boards. I do feel that I am doing extra Were the girls that do not financially have the ability to extend the gifted and talented program to a full time position. You know I the art program to a file type position. So really we have two teachers doing three jobs. OK well have a good nominee. You cute girl really.
Yes yes. Just takes a page through this horrid little detail for precision you know with all of them are all ready to go. My first big class is physical science and the ninth graders. There's like to Wal-Mart have a sale or something because I have about eight people and today
physical sciences and the last required science courses to this day and it's your last chance to teach them about the basic laws of physics that govern their everyday life. You've gotten all your life that a long water don't mix. Now tell me why I want a long water makes oil of non-polar water over for therefore they are not the least bit interested in each other. If both are polar then each one has a positive and negative so on we can do business in the required classes you have a broad range of abilities. I'm glad to teach to one of the doors of the classes. If the group class is middle of the road that's what you do. And that leads to the 2 basic probable dues if you to half of the lower group too low for the high group.
Those two terms you can bet everything you own values all of them are going to be on access. Let me get rolled first before I can even begin to start teaching row must be taken. You lose about three to five minutes with that kind of thing. And if I'm really excited about my lesson for the day and I want to get right into it I get bogged down I don't want to be bothered with that but it's necessary. Now the objective is on the ball and to find parts of the machine boys being in homing in on its own wonderful. You see your cutting technique. Our central focus is the family and families are made up of male and female persons. Why is that needle going up and down
with boys being in home economics. I think they have a better appreciation for the female role as well as their role that your back are better than they are. They're just a bundle of energy coming in in the morning. I know that I have to give them at least 15 minutes of my undivided attention so that they can count all those little things that happened the night before. During that time socializing with one another. And I
usually have about 20 minutes when I work individually with students to get a feel of the celeriac that particular morning might be on the net if you go and sit down to watch the program or else. As I'm working with one student I might be looking around to see who looks like they're really tired and may not have gotten enough rest that day or who seems particularly after their may need to calm down a little bit. This is Bracks first here at her not quite yet. Prior to this he was going into the special services school. He had tried to name his training back into the regular first grade classroom program in the areas that we feel that he
can handle. It strikes me that me Jack and Bret are just at first. I did feel that that it was almost an imposition on me as a teacher I was taking some of my teaching time in a way I knew I had to spend some extra minutes with Brock and that was difficult to adjust to but I think reading is progress so that the rewards are worth the effort that that we have put out to help him. OK. The magnificent for another exciting episode and then after that my favorite course. Kids that are in there are in there on a selective basis rather than a mandatory basis. Their interest levels higher getting them to use very good in-depth discussions of the laws of physics as they
get over the writers shooting guard for having a minor position at school will be suspended again. You will like it. Well wait a minute. OK Miller County is one of the counties for two presidents and we see a lot of those she get was she to live in home economics we address this issue within the classroom. It's difficult for me to teach it and not come across sounding somewhat moralistic. So I took another approach. I think it's from the economic standpoint what it's costing
society and then brought it even closer to home by discussing X number of dollars spent in Miller County for that problem along and that made a big difference that really opened some eyes she might want to have. Remember to work quietly and try not to interrupt the reading group and the learning. Yes I want to drive that I have to manage a group of students while I take smaller groups for rooting for children. Can you tell which teachers do a great press for to zero in on both sides. There has been a real drive recently to make teachers more common both direct happens in the classroom and harder that the performance.
I'm your students on achievement tests. I think that's important but you cannot really test for how rare a child you know acts with others or how much independence that child has learned during the school year. The desire and motivation to learn those things are difficult to measure. My attitude toward grading testing that you need to set standards. Just say the kid this is what society should be able to learn what their obligations are live up to those obligations. That's part of the thought you were going to be doing better with my great body. And I don't understand it.
I just cannot ignore sloppy don't care attitude. I have to address them. Sometimes this has been allowed to happen down through the years. Perhaps no one ever took the time to say hey dong this wrong. GET IT THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. This is not your business. You know what are you going to do. Sorry I forgot you I didn't mean to be OK. As a teacher you become acutely aware of how fragile the lives of children and you might move among your own little Burton in the story and it triggers emotions from a child. It makes me realize that I really you know had decisive elements in the classroom that I set the environment so that the child feels some joy in a classroom or
despair and hopefully it's more of the joyful feelings. We were just a month away from you get me. Thank you. Elementary teachers with students from 8 until 3. Lunch time can be a stressful time for teachers. We don't have time away from the still surrounding sometimes high school teachers who are given the opportunity to work out supervising students. Those small schools are limited. We thought about something of this size for after hearing but you can't because if they're doing the wrong thing you have to be tactful in dealing with
the coach was right there with you. OK we've got there's got to be a reason forward to do your part I will change my method. Sometimes I think to be flexible and be willing to be the one to China and so you don't have to pull your fair share of the load. I do we have a deal. OK. You may get to work. My role in the afternoon changes considerably as first grade teacher. I no longer the one who's just imparting knowledge to my students and emphasizing the basic skills and the challenge program for gifted and talented students I become
less so. I'm teaching then to learn how to learn. Son con wanted to work with a girl when one of the projects that we've tackled is the design of a leprechaun trap. So your idea is to entice a leprechaun with money and the kind you think you have to be cruel to stick around to who risk taking those they have food in my classroom to try it out and that's one of them would be anyway what I really want to just make him out a little bit would you know there is every method possible to discipline short of a paddling. But there are times when a paddling is the only
solution. This doesn't happen very often if I paddle two kids a year. It was a bad year when that was. Back. You
know. Yes sometimes I will intimidated by assets or in a different setting such as a little water a bathtub. That's when while their home area they seem a little bit for sometimes to express their son open up with me. I get three or four times as much money per year for them construction as I do teaching school. It's a responsible job. I don't think it's anywhere near as important as taking your kid. You may be headed down the wrong path I'm turning in the route of getting me interested in education. Keeping in school working with his man. That's more important but it doesn't
say if you want to live in a decent Nelsen be able to buy the kids shoes on a regular basis. Then you have to move when the teacher right. Oh. Very good did you all notice Sam he raised his voice. Question mark. Every Monday and Tuesday after school from five to six I'm involved in the tutoring program for our students in our district who need extra academic coaching. When you see both students fail when you know you finally made some difference for that student I find a great deal of satisfaction he said. Very good that you read. The reason you're doing these tests to help
the rest. Most people probably see teaching as an aid to through and that it really isn't. Will teacher spend a great deal of time outside of the classroom preparing a lot of teachers because of the standards have found it necessary to go back to school to update their credentials and to expand that. I think this has been a good it's been good for me. The science fair is the big deal for the science club the science performance. It's a chance for the students to excel. The chance for them to compete with each other when the ribbons and trophies. So my first place I look at it as a chance for me to say I'll get a job as a teacher because my work is reflected in them.
I don't want to become a teacher because I loved it occasionally. I love learning. I thought well this is so much fun. I just want other people to understand how much fun science can be. So I thought well the best way to do this. Your teacher.
3 Teachers
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