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meaning and patsy swank anthony hopkins has been one of my favorite actors far longer than i have known his name over a period of what must've been several years i had become aware that a great many very diverse performances were the work of one man anthony hopkins nobody seen in a much about a little has been written except for good reviews and so it was a special pleasure to do some director search when anthony hopkins gained an alice in connection with the release of his new twentieth century fox filmed magic is back why is too busy to give interviews all those times are how is it that there's a little written about your background well i suppose are coming from england there isn't a great augustine
movement associated with the entertainment of the acting profession and i think we tend to underplay to latino has led to america and i can to make four years ago and i am ivan i've been sort of reticent not as was happening again by choice by a conscious choice as the way things were and then along came the film magic in the ocean and my mom who's an abyss three advisories that it's time you started on some of this day i live balked at that idea for not wanting to come to the icon go around promoting itself but the one on one out it's i'm just a month out of and on the piece with them and the un indexed to rich wrote directed isn't joseph of the new interested and i am its part of the job now i enjoyed and it had to become involved in the post production of the film i'm not heavily
involved but watching the music being scored zones will now the promotion to a minimum it's fascinating scene the market research thats involved in the movie it's now this is fascinating just materialized in fact is the tip of the iceberg because there's so much genius behind the door and indeed look at the end his home and musicians and market research is you know it's kind of humbling experience when it gets everything in perspective it's very healthy for me to see this because it's a kind of my ego boston mike has to deal with in the first place you come from an acting family no no no yeah can i became activists have nothing better to do because i am i didn't have much choice i ate at school i was up the slowness logo button what they were talking about and die because we have no future but the dissenting high priced the move will
wander into this profession by accident i joined the ymca and i wasn't a joiner this kind of lone wolf well yes i'm shy and eighteen to vote and there is no amateur acting and then i joined by some evil comfortable being an actor and i started to see these huge big the student confession i suppose an acting career by jon voight adam in london nineteen sixty one my surprise i won a scholarship and much to my surprise in a constant state of surprise that in his vision but i enjoy now i've learned over the last few years to accept the moment and it is the only thing i can do well i'm dumb and a wonderful life what were your early experiences i know that you went into the royal theater did you were primarily in classic repertory are in contemporary plays before you started films and television will weaken us one i died wednesday reputation i
should live oak and they sell for much expect to milan in two and casey and seen the people that they love the western world writing to talk about it and the good fortune to have the international phase of the underdogs libya and getting the notion that artistic director of the national theatre and i worked there on and off after five years with a volunteer and i'm stills and enjoy an iced amounts to not easy in large companies with long contact i like to feel free and listening to strike is to give my back enough or go but i'm indebted to lawrence olivier and his wife joan plowright the formidable training because and they released the supreme to spin out and warn his own discipline is orson to build and get out and one of the most powerful talent unseen and had been posted and i must admit i might still unashamedly from him i watched him i watched michael
and they're fine wants to absorb what he was offering his neck and a huge election into place and then engine good advice and so on but i've always been on my own a smattering of all was that i've been state run companies too long and it was that easy when did your moving into films from from theater or into television and i'm not sure that can allow us what happened at the national debt is about the early seventies when i am i was offered on television a lot of television and in one piece of the television and the motion pbs of the year it was a wide range of positive and be excellent it wasn't that i had and then i was lucky because i had the cast me in that not all of them myself and wide range of other disturbed people man or searching for this that may have appeared in one he's a surgeon than the first time i saw it i suppose an intern on the men's national scale i was given the dr kellerman when
i can be sent to show american division how stuck behind a beard and glasses and gray hair and that some people just thought i was about six years of age was last couple of rather awkward from ingo of bin laden finally gradually the last few years have been able to cross the line beginning to pick cotton print and myself which is nice and i'm pleased because i'm like i've played so many distant land but then mama's pasta plain how did you come back was on john dexter the director of the national theatre time off disney some years ago under i couldn't do it for some reason at the national theater so we're just boldly nineteen ninety seven for some time it was a sort of turning point my life because i was very involved with the masses of parties to analyze main ideas that day i'm glad i did all that the win was doing it but johnson isn't stop on the ice and just didn't know so i did and i made an amazing discovery that in fact they can do
it a lot of my work without overt analysis in my eye but golden and the training that put myself through these houses and bob's big jump off the subtext and so and so forth the line to what really is basically the same as justice system still with me i suppose because when in doubt i go back but i i i took me a long time to learn to trust my intuition and trust instead but i still tend to want to break the parts down and i do i've done it be susan it's bits and pieces of what's tom's law school the unit's was young and dumb but i trust more my intuition alleged by julie the analysis is here has already been done and it's already backing yes i guess that it's really a technique i know that would make sometimes be accountable and that is called the cycle physical technique whatever it is they think i'm opening up i feel that analysis stems to close in you know and i
want to open up that so we might see this on my opinions why i feel more opens next month how do you pick a script what elements do you look for well sometimes it may have chosen wisely in someone's unlikely pop i'd add some difficult questions alongside them it's a usually an intuitive decision to stop thinking about it too much i know that i'm gonna miss it it's an intuitive decision our it i can tell them about the first ten pages usually it's for me it's not funny and i don't know how i called intellectual and i just go with a kind of fashionable gut feeling it's close and follow my nose full of homeland and sometimes and all that but i don't really believe that our mistakes because things that i've regretted doing
it's been a chain of cause an effect and i'm i can see a long sleeved get in doing that one of two things i've done that i've chosen because i feel comfortable with a conscience something that fascinates me about a careless and then when the character emerges after preparing the things i think to come around on these something like invisible partners behind i sense that there's an invisible part of the thing when i'm looking off as a bit of time then two images into mention and become a handout but i don't mean it in the time when dr jekyll and hyde drenched scenes that i kind of merging iconic spin into maya nye avoid explaining myself i avoid analyzing it because i am spoilt for a sensitive you know there's a merging of two different natures those know that is just get his technique because we all carry within ourselves and that summer feeling is and as long as no phones and that a potter's wheel of those instances we all the chicks been dreamed up
maybe that's the reason that they're so diverse because you're not typecast actor movement there's not like is there really a hopkins park we're still best of all are actually you see i've visited silva guess i either want to make it sound terribly heavy a waiver when those two magic magic realism a vision quest magician who is obsessed with perfectionism and that is you know me and i'm on the outside and the chemical he cannot communicate he has the only means of communication is with this dummy this door called facts and in a way it is i didn't analyze this doing i didn't i was aware of this money doing leave the film but often some layoffs in chicago last week and the reason wasn't messing with your own life and that i remembered and i was in school i was there watching outside and i direct a lot of jokes and in this nation
and my formative years and i like this boy among those nations like the convenience and this meeting people is my only way of the genius of gap and italy france represents in some form what was going on in my own life so i didn't have to make a terrible so quantum leap you know it was part and parcel of me and i must say that i i find acting in many ways getting easy for me a lot of it seemed to be common sense and you know and when in doubt i go back and either doubled tripled in the unit and has become even one is working with the preparation or five director is unsure of himself wonderful thing about working with rigid mathematical magic is that he was away old times the technical demands of the technical responsibility and really took me by the hand from one take on busy in the days alike monopoly got through it but there's no mystique i i really want to
stress that i don't find those endings to connect to that one and nine when it is what would make a mistake and many directions to a business begin to kind of techniques for me that's in my opinion let's not be a good time to look at a clip from magic we have one and we see that what happens next will keep alive we gave steve martin last i'm not let me and then we all the workload for my family you have to stay in gunfights broke into small arms in vegas the experience and then they'll talk shows you know tom snyder mike douglas are leading to costly damaging ask you to come back i think even if that should only sell you keep a modem are here and now and when i work on improvements at the network they live weekdays six months
now when i buy a free lunch at the four seasons in new york illinois your home for me and i think and as mom nan move one thing about the medium dummy facts that sort of bewildered me was how did you how did you work with him was there a soundtrack of your own voice how did you work back and forth with that and what i learned the both parts
as if i was learning one which indicated what it was meant to be in cork and that's a one so i learned the entire pot before starting from and in the learning and i know i have a system of learning lines and speak out loud over and over and noticed that i don't think that my biggest computer take this is a hand by packing the information into the mind behind the subconscious is going to take a bite it's going to be but i learn the lines let alone what i have as efficiently as i can and often that usually comes some strange area where they're like the voice of fats came i listened to don rickles record sometime i was trying to get the rhythm and then i had learned the cards and eventually prison so i learned the basics with a man called venice all wood who's the event that was to help
them so ireland them to impose myself i learned the basics in ireland beyond the basics and i did most diligent was myself and when the areas where it became impossible because the speed high did that to avoid self of an actor who spoke the lines to me from off camera and we worked together as michael petit walked into had the victims can work with that rhythm you know because i wanted to get the roots and i didn't because i want to get a special sort of written for fats but primarily armed on the frame we were hearing your voice at the time that this was said yes that's a huge assault that's just i didn't realize that i had a sense that somehow we were playing against the takers neither was me and the funny and the strange thing was on the very first day the first time i ever had to record with chance to actually speak with fats was a day when we move they rushed and i didn't have time to think about it and there they didn't want to shelter don't want to take that reason that i said that as
dean what do you take the snow that it will how was he was fine i try as an indian have time to play some of it and the days i was in trouble so i thought about it too much so there's a lesson in that for me anyway is not to think too much do no just do it you don't want to know what is your life like outside the theater is it involved with the theories it's a creek just thirty seconds i've not isolated but separate i mean i am i'm not antisocial my idea my friends outside the theater outside julie shivers only if they didn't want to have to close friends that way and he's in nineteen his wife and one of his students all the time i find being that is not present and the boy had to work with you and professional bases appetite i have to switch off i i i don't think they look only one i used to and my life became impossible because
i'm like could i simply couldn't relax now i insist that i relax myself my wife is very good team i am a very peaceful life and streams live in los angeles an exemption from the cinema and movie business and relax a run my good intonation i meditate i read you play the piano and go for walks and beautifully dull life in this one check that refine that i ate it i'd be able to produce more energy when i come to work tends not going to conduct and i get restless and investors buy one sometimes i'm itching to go to work and sometimes i'd just have to sixteen it just be still and relax one else seems to have moved and i'm a very precise rhythm for you your whole career and is there a direction that you want it to go but it hasn't taken yet i have dreams and ambitions of my main
ambition is to be around the business for a long time for that is the numbers of detonators that actually fit in front i have a dream that one day i will have the season and all my dreams you can come to know what we before we get if it's like those and it wants to give back what i'm taking from this business and his own to give back to younger actors and i loved talking to her live seminars have told media outlets a level is too much and i love talking to actors who are coming into the profession and i like to make it simple because iowa want to release the sense of fun the sense of joy that i have had from my own work from working with other actors because i sometimes forget nice and we my own life i had been in the recent past to forget that i was and that was it no one is it's a gift it's a gift or talent is
a gift and all i have to be as good caretaker time i want to in a way be i would share my experiences you know of my mind my work and spins into get something from that and that's right let's do i think i mean going to ordinary will one day i would like to do that i would like to be the director of that out of my league i'm not in the rover once louis artistic director design that's too much responsibility and going to be an actor but i would like to interact i am because i believe that the director should be compassionate should be loving and sadly i think i'm interested in connecting course it is acting it into its an interpreter not like a lot is about love it is about life humanity and growth and human education and one cannot do it with times you know that look sometimes my big toe myself of interact with myself and i don't want to do that anymore i don't want to show it would
be part of that system and him on those systems to exist and frightening and destructive but that's interesting because that is the traditional ambition of all of the great english actress of the past as i remember my their history to have that to produce into directing any room theaters years is that perhaps in your book that you wanted to hit over here well i have had a strange have added a unique career that way i come due to credit i can take is that i've shown up in time not shown up in the mines to do with the rest of the country including fortunes are being moved i mean it's a mystery to me and i don't analyze <unk> just get out of my way much much of the time as much as i can like try to keep out of my own way and let it happen and i feel that it's going now i feel that i'm going to head in that direction because the most an extraordinary my life and her amazingly
close quiet because it happened i found myself in places that urging the time been you know and i say one is join an exhibit of one's own goals without having to move that much except i have to do certain basic pattern seeking certain for talks have been preparations and just sit back and enjoy the ride than just making and now growing to accept that my own life into acceptance of mexico well now it isn't your future i think you told me yesterday the future that's going to be where that say how much is in the south coast of three m company in costa mesa in southern california san diego june next year i'm going to die tonight that haunted me for three years and now it's filtered down into is saying tend to go for three years to get it on paper and i've almost finished it and then repeat with it than that and out there i go next year do you have some interest perhaps in some of the regional fears of
america they're growing so strong yes i visited the cincinnati playhouse and i haven't had time too to go wrong but i want one wanted to make a tool of these students might have to i do have to work in many of the cities here that is not that is one of my main thing is to look and that is to automate needed to go to their own company that i've got a lot to learn and i want to share what others are doing what's next for me sketch world not and i don't know but time next year and we're going to play again in the pond and the forger but it's been his dream for two years and finally overcome nations coming together and getting the script this afternoon in fact so i'm going to go off to a new year end of next year for eight months to prepare good news but we need more ponds weight and change color and an important and
if you had it you had to make a choice could you between film and theater or must it be an extra point and a new life it's their wages at the moment i don't seem to have it may sound corny satan and jewish life chores of i believe in exactly what i am at the right moment right on cue with longtime executive committee it i've given up doing what of the permission to be haunted by other people's chimes eliminating that my life doing what i believe i want to do what i feel comfortable doing and i don't look the return mission to unwind into that now that i want to go back to visit i wanted given that the balance in my life beginning to find a balanced my wife my letter to relax because i cannot turn to have peace of mind and i don't want to go back go forward you know as a person and i you on how to enjoy my life in that and i enjoyed it at the
moment enjoy myself and john most of that knowledge of us law that john the success of magic and enjoying myself as an actor i learned a great deal from films like him to go back into the theater and vice versa meaning the value of the and my expense of it has been invaluable to news of the night of the discipline of that and i want to go back that horse get on open balanced life as an actor and if you can look ahead ten years pretty like to be here in america with my own theater making the family never told in one hand and peace while living exactly i hope you get your wish thank you thank you so much for coming thank you enjoyed it so thank you for being with us tonight
it's been it
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Interview with Anthony Hopkins speaking about his new film, Magic.
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Mr. Hopkins also speaks about his future plans for owning his own theatre company and his life as an actor.
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