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it's b pieces it is hello i'm a sea kaminski there were going to pay the poppies
it's a rather unusual thing in that the background and the bars are practically the same color and the pink parties in this case are quite dramatic and see a blue or the background a purple background to the boss let's dive of spain your canvas of i can say this too often leave when you learn or are learning of repetition as a fan you remember that life but a light bud off like a place so they can create a lot of fliers also achieving band don't forget it's i'm very hurt number and cursing not too much under doesn't shouldn't be too dark it in now that progress though there's often is unearthing of financial health paint all over
you might give all my girl and i contend that their very careful when you paint in your kitchen you don't want to talk about polls when you do this little his first day's biggest conflict or brash side to side and cause parts all over the place with paintings on the campus not on the walls at least now there we are now but when i was there again it's always a less than half the jukebox in like this you know we have to save room for the flowers and especially in this case because it was a very dominant and it's quite a lot of them so these surreal even free flours that let's get this in episode different we've had around once for once in this one in shape just sewed their lips turn to get pretty on one side and there we are
now there are flowers and be sure that you do not delineate petals just the general shape and the shape of a circle tells us and what position the bar is it was dark in a center like this someone here like that and we put this line through it means we can see the underside of it of course that gives it a lot of interest in a way that don't go into large but they should also armed be pretty much the same size there are small ones but they actually in different positions as they look small i'm going to watch it and buy time for the pain and they get quite large as one here like this and be very careful that you're stands go into the vase ongoing alone running this can happen to use of be very careful if you don't get too much care say have been going this way we also have some puppies facing the other way
mission all be facing the same way it is now you are not stuck with the drying you can always add a few flowers maybe and these are some that have fallen or are about to go the doomed and this is very very typical especially in poppy's this happened so i have sung two deadlines are those are falling or have been like that because you're different sides far anyway get more interest really is that try to keep it loose and going to shorten my life just a wee bit and i we have lived here like this the feeling i want to create
this composition is this i did this way or that way never square or completely around it's not normal that can add another one here like that in this way fight now that's very nice of them was just so you know where it is going i was so dubious of course now there's one you say turn it that way that was the wrong position that could possibly go and that was like that this will go in because the stands are rather fragile and they do pose seemed true to her then after a while i think that's a start with that in any case why now the light is coming from the left
so were going to say the thinking on the right let's start with a bus like this before is on alert i shave it on the underside because the light doesn't get an error the light coming from the left this is on the bottom and the right side because we have this year like this you could almost see the bones are thinking this is terribly important keep you on the straight now when you're trying to just you know to figure out where the light is coming from that can be a problem when you try to play him painting a televised ad terribly important i remember one thing in taking color is more important even more important during richard simmons
now on the opposite side the light is hitting the underside of the pedals you say you're going to shade the top instead of the bottom like this thing painting is so beautifully logical and once i show you how does seem a logical that you'll be able to do this and everything ok i promise you now we have a problem you see what i've done this has got to rally and i'm starting to lose it so be very careful that you don't get to rally like that there are things that can win it like this you know without a government find out that's the drying for now or shape they were ready to pay nothing i want to show
you today is the palette because in itself as palette is a painting as maverick were licensed that framework my palace pilot drawing we have here three towns of purple blue for the background with retailers like neiman dark of aqua blue for the boss and three counts of pink plus an extra light tan now this actually like to like to have the keys with a light can put aside and added another half teaspoon of white when nate was yellow never like mccullough with white allegedly a bit of naples yellow not the cow is very very pale every lifeless so we're working today with four towns in the far as we don't do are often but at times it's friday effect after day as you can see we're related sparkles and then shame to lavender think let's get started start with a background in the dark tone on the right like this production with a lovely things you'll discover in thinking especially if the
system is working with color and and then bang and making your color ahead of time they really do this we make certain batches that as i can remember when i was late to pay i'll admit to small batch of play and right after i got it right and i start paying for example the sky a quarter of the way through and i didn't have enough pain but i didn't remember how i got that color so i would spend three hours were around trying to get the same color to finish my sky and i practically ended up going to bring the painting because i put all these colors on the canvas and i was pre disparaging frustrated so he makes the color in batches now if you ran out we mix if it's his expression mean it's a double batch of course this is my colleague supplies and the hardest her husband creamy flowers
spread if you go over them don't worry about this but i propose because both but the doctor who like does not get in between the flowers like that it's impossible because of ours a bind together and light does not turning corners remember that now let's go to a little town like this and don't get to fussing with it and be painting scared now we want to give you three of its freedom based on discipline that was what life is all about as hip hop
and business writings school painting now i won't get this lovely lavender painted because as purple it's absolutely beautiful its harmonious and the colors are related is safe it always looks so terrible if these days but keep going don't stop and say gee it looks very strange and try to change it follow the directions and just keep going let's bring in a lighter tone over here like this
the kids job so i'm patting this in this way has a bit of what i call my friends joke in there let's put an eye shadows garbo as usual one else like that and don't fuss with it just over and down over and down the sport a little purple here i like to keep their dark side very dark creates enormous contrast and score it life is horizontally create a reflection now i would like to take a little of the flower color in this case the light and i'm going to work in here like there's just that there's a light area
officials say the wisdom of this find out let's go to abbas the beautiful shade of aquamarine the vcr fact if that color is against the purple i remember it if your color is not like my college doesn't matter but you must have three totaled that is lightning mcgurk we're trained to be effective and joe as an ally tone on the outside like that i know this i think we should take a real thing that pains with because it can get lots of very shortly
keeps a military in pots i would like to advocate of purple bigger the florist are really shaping the part there's so many of them i'm going to shave a little bit underneath the flowers like this actually like bring as far down ms bonnie is back i'm going to outline as a wee bit and clean it out there we are sky high light on this white with a tiny touch of naples yellow at the highest point like that
i cannot start with our flowers on i decided that i'm going to bring this center far down a little further so i'm going to pay and apparently i would like to bring it down and we're not going to start in the center like that or start with the dark turn to me start with a light shone like this always die with a bike bell sparse than the front pedals with a darker turn this is medium and dark like that and keep going that way and don't worry that doesn't connect that it will work that is you can take your knife and just twisted around like that
and they become related road and embarked on the bottom bar is on alert i mean i lived with a little darker on the right with a little light if you want to have three light areas at one time like this and they should all be shaped differently so don't worry about that don't go towards the center now as a as we progress i will bring in at the last the extra light tone and the extra dark tone which will be the red right in the palace
you know these low fellows turned out this way very dark and they're going to add something extra little dark red state in the palette like that medium tone on the right side like this and like tone on the left side and then we have another one here and it's the same procedure started the dark underneath the entire right side like that and this town here at a dark red like this the couple runs in this case the rio area where this what oil painting is so minus four beginner you can move and change it while you are working are not stuck with it and when you're a beginner this is a real burden
i don't know if they enjoy it now you are able to obtain that find out get going to progress would go to this one you find that the color or the light changes so the dark tone in that case is here as appreciating originally and then like turn in front of that like this i still have one with a light tone here like this and they knew an unnamed like that i'm very gentle purple to that moment let's go keep going on the right side here we have mostly
dark i guess now this is permissible and this is a very good way to do it is this rather housewives way of doing it and doing all like washing your dark clothes to get to like to have the same thing with this painting and doing all the dark gentleman navy intends very lightly hold the night very lightly i find that began as ever terrific problem that they tend to press on the night and create ridges in his whole life very lightly like they're trying to hold it they're mostly guys tend to hold it like a pencil and that's perfectly natural my goodness is nothing natural the painting of the night like we're now below
little saddle and so here are dark with right underneath because they said by patterns and they are rather very good be sure you outline of color that look like one huge dead flower a little medium tone on the internet so we do know that they are separate flowers are like this now i would like to add a show right here like there is there's a feeling brilliant light on the left side and created dramatic contrasts of her paintings at light tone on the bottom of this
like that and a little dark red in here like those who run over like i just didn't have a problem with a dark red and some of these things are fine now let's leave that we have in a large area here that i did not however so we're going to put a dark john in there like there's a purple and you must keep this area very dark in the background is the darkest part of the whole thing right here where they all come together like that fein now open in our leagues and stands and bites into that it has a very particular but it goes like this so let's put them talk
like this and white light on the last i'd like that so we have about very quickly they do have many many butts amendment religion character are now let's put into our police start with a dark turn and workman like this medium we never we do not delineate elite in the middle of the book a the little buttons on that so that it doesn't look as though they're floating in space but straight purple in their this with qualms that it really tells us that this is quite dark in here and it is in a bar as a dramatic backdrop
our going to put some light turn now and again in here on the bottom so they like this for the little gray because it has a little green thing which is around the body is saying we don't lose that actually it's all part of this of the flour and it stays on their thank goodness you're going to create some are the sleeves like this in some darker leaves over here like that when you don't use them says drag there are other rather around the lights don't go to spend just drag down
lines like this i think in a case like this we really put some leaves here to sell a few when they don't leave here a lot of that i think it really we give only impressions of leeds there's a few fall and paddles most especially on a painting like this keep the pedals on tales like here on the left side where the light is darker on the other side and then split from the raindrop things like that gretchen shadows and they're there because they don't cast a shadow but also it helps with the illusion of having a reflection in the play on the table up scott weaver have another reason for doing this the closest person is a flat
surface there and secondly brings the color down to the bottom of the painting in and it hits the painting prematurely we have statements which are just little purple dots like this and kelly and the flyers that you can look into not the ones they're tearing down like that you're your list them is a little bit dumb that was there you're like tones hear another but they're either by side and see that you can add a bit of paper nearby like this
well that's all for today not her signature there's
bees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you only noon noon fb
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