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again i mean sea kaminski and today we're going to take the landscape next to fall a landscape diseases for beginning painter commuter train or rock or what have you and it's not nearly so demanding if you leave out something no one's going to know the difference now regard as dire as usual with the drawing and thing again that's always the first thing we do and you must do that each and every five i spilled though if not in favor thirty years of doing it like get off lightly rub it because it really defies if you do very careful about that china to get a lien on the canvas of course was marvelous thing this is a paper don't use cloths that as you find out that you again locate them again all over you that they know and in any case right now let's get a drawing
there again we use pain instead of charcoal or pencil section of the canvassing course there's now in jail less to place your subjects correctly like this and state of trying to draw the lines into the stairs that does help quite a lot in and this is a drawing that is only the beginning i see things like this in the musicians rotate it would think about them or that's another another time there we're now into a landscape or c steak or what have you the first thing we must do is find the horizon line this is terribly important in this case we're going to put it a little bit below
the center line very little that actually shouldn't have a horizon line right in the middle of the campus it cuts or camus and half are you haven't done the sky oregon it for granted that you don't have an equal importance not for good painting anyway this is called opposition area now the next thing we do we're going to draw in the mountains now i'd marry a beginner it would worry that they horizon line is at the top or the melons that isn't is the ground first and not come up out of the ground and so one like this not in painting mountains try to bury them like this do not have absolute even points are peaks now their very lives on the right and they disappear for the left side a canvas like that
i don't want this horizon line straight because i want to get a feeling of a range of mountains going this way into that made this is called bonnie banks and it is a plan and it was one the most beautiful spots in scotland and i loved it as gorgeous how they're going to do this like this is a rip that gives a feeling of death by doing this and beginning their very that a little more like that tells us they're going back and back and fight for grounding again please do not have a straight line that should be in an even mine after all it's a terrain it's not a paved highway and it goes like this try to bury your shapes spherical nature is not that
organized my goodness i am fine now we have a nice spot here was quite lovely and very dark it's a very it's a dark green hill right here like this it's almost a silhouette i don't want to water now remember we do very little drawing and we just say that when we decide where the light's coming from so don't fuss with it too much it's a terrible problem and it's a thing that we must all learn when trying to paint is not to say everything a drawing that the color tell a story we had trees but there again we do not draw the treason exactly however i will draw the trunks now given a reason why we don't obviously to paint treason and
now as rather a sky and mountains between these is a problem some effect is practically impossible so you then and just put in a suggestion of trees like this have some over here supporters painting and that's the young cholera is marvelous we have a lovely warm turn and very cool tells this creates a wonderful contrast very exciting a very exciting spot and it that's it that's all that drawing we do the next most important thing is to decide where is the light coming from and decide that right away and we say the drawing so that when you think you don't lose your way in startling alike who's mixing up delights and shadows for the next thing they're going to do is say the painting the drawing remember the light is coming from the left are going to shape the right side of the mountains like this
please do not have your own was directing because you lose your drawing will start sliding like this don't fuss because the color will tell a story remember it's by the plan and in the war of course it's a little darker again on the right hand side like that you see a velocity don't fret that's why ok so markers for beginner you can change it move it take it off and are not stuck with it groups the filth that the door about that those little mistakes he can take care of later i just want you to get this in well i think that's all we had birds in all sorts of little things but that all goes in at the very last fall that we're ready to fight but before we do at
this point i would like to make a comment about color color in painting is more important than a drawing i know that sounds strange and they're again we're break another rule when the next column for example i'll take the sky we will next three total values of every area in the painting the light on where the light is the middletown with a transition color and the dark turn in the shadows and in the sky turns remakes first we mix the middletown or the mother color first that we make a life of it by adding white and naples yellow never use white without yellow then we targeted by adding more blue and more awkward i didn't mention it in middletown of the sky is composed of white awkward and drew with a touch of our age and to make a light emits an egg white and it was yellow to make a doctor that you add more
blue and more awkward and little more ice to cool it down or credit no way to pay i just used the sky town is the example but then we had the mountain towns and the counselor of the trees you can still see that each town has three values isis great tree at first but as you thank you understand let's start with the light town around the tops of mountains like this now don't worry about this can go up into the sky outlined your mouth like this and go up into the sky there again the phrase that as i used to tell my students painting scared shows like the killings right now is get
in middletown police dark like this marriage jokes will work for you i'm not going to say that all skies looked like as they doubt but for now why you're learning that stood this way we get rainbows and storms and all sorts of things when you know which are doing a burglar suffered a lot of things that you don't know about the clergy use your tools now that i know d'art chairman at the top like this the pittsburg and give a low interest rate keep your light you're always at the horizon and that's pretty true even on a stormy day you'll discover that there is a light around the horizon a particular skater atop the mountains and you don't have now just along the horizon
fein now let's do the rounds we've done this guy you know for the mama don't play with it like i just done in the dark early on the right side is now this again is a very special stroke let's go this way like this then we take a lighter tone if we go this way and this creates a feeling of death if not your novel it's not as though there was pasted on so can this way like this developer to thoroughly leave alone go back to dark down the start the next year range like that or the next town
the polite trash been thoroughly here and you see how color and stroke work for you and you to me a lot of dry it's been in the past i tend to leave campus showing ever does i think it's very interesting record that takes all experience and that may be another minute you're thinking yes but you've been playing a long time and i promise you using a system you have a result with a very first painting i want to do is very
interesting and protect the sky town with a clean knife and run it like they threw into the mountains so to get a very hazy effect like this this will probably scary adept at don't worry about it keep creating your knife and do that like that then go back and take a knife and just reaffirm our mountain line like this we don't lose it just don't doctor it range right in front like this is very interesting and it tells again that there's something else right front and it was a line but don't let that worry who put it back in with the water there we are now we were down and remember we work from the inside out the sky first then the mountains now are going to put in a little green hill on the left hand side don't try to do the foreground first and then work back especially
when you have objects like trees you say we should be the very last thing i'm sure that's how god made the world of the trees and all those things with attorneys agree and last the us that's where like to think it is after our little dark green hill here and make it with a little purple this little hill is rather in silhouette like this this is an excellent accent color right here it's very interesting because when i put in the water to be able to see how important that bit of dark tan is right there and how exciting it is value for just a lot of the bigger political writer nelson has to read it was really see that like the trees now remember white painting objects in front of other arts it's about all of them and then work on top of that don't ever leave part of it out and try to work for an audit on top of that because you have distortion these things you're a liar gradually and slowly not
accredited in the war is a marvelous light down another scanners like this one is a wonderful stoke the two years we go over and down like that there again this drug is very important everything in nature has a pattern and when she learned that it's so much easier for you when you have a baby now it gets darker right on that side there like that i'm going to add a little purple on the side like this you worked all the colors or the towns in together alternately the dollars are televised is terribly important and don't be afraid of a little green works down into that after all this is a reflection from that hill into the water so please don't worry about the color working down
naturally it would be that way anyway before my favorites pains as well as one of my favorite spots in scotland the piano playing now his job going to work and sunlight tell like this incidentally three women is a great pain for a husband i find that men tend to like landscapes sees gets better and women flowers that are a little darker tone the right like this and score it like there is a feeling of water and reflections now let's play the foreground there
again we have a marvelous technique as almost a saint yeah sure of scares me we have very long yellow grass is here and it's a very exciting play of warm caring with this lovely cool tone let's start with a dart and witches yellow green this case i will translate colors as we go along there again it's a stroke that's right along and over like that creates a tall grasses that without actually playing it or using several terms lucy has exciting that is this yellow with his lovely cool blue and purple victim was exciting thing in world is painting and color and this is what the system is all about ms ba power let's add a little purple on the right because it would give a little interest and i know a good rule of thumb is to keep your
foreground rather dark and keep the light in the center of the painting if you'd like to know that they like this sketchy rely on top like that's the peak i was painting is very easy and then it's in sections and should be no easier for you as well as very satisfying with the nation because i think i would like a little bit lighter right here in memphis right on top of it because by now the
plague done that i would like the edges like this to reaffirm the coastline or the lake and that's dragging down a little bit like that and we're here because i guess so involve a pain to forget about them darker corners and the light right in the senate paint is that
clearly in this painting now the parts i trees now start on the right hand side which leans on the right hand side are poor because they are a little closer than the ones on the left inside little dark rather than risk an exciting accent steve history division one barrier i was terrible for goodness sakes don't think you have to have brown trees and then brown trees since you're a child so let's paint purple trees like this and a beautiful tree on the side here and very lightly with a point of your life do this and please don't work too hard and don't have trees like telephone poles and the branches involve out from the trunk not stuck into the trunk like sticks
music for your knife with purple like this is that purple trees that actually are if they aren't it's much better pay so they'll fight it now under the foliage on that there again the dark town on the right doesn't like the light coming from the left across race this approach of volunteers across the branches because you see them as a mess id don't see each week rowing up upper branches which of course they don't do for children we put these up and down the branches as a matter fact the interesting thing in europe and teaching people from all countries of the world was that they all the trees the same way that was very odd mother that was quite interesting that we should see things as we do as children doesn't matter what country you come from is always the same
it gets elected this when the trees are quite as large ranchers and we can't tiny little ones which are very interesting very branching right here like they're not in painting efficient leave out something for goodness sakes don't worry about the moment harare with you now i'm going to put the foliage on this now we have a problem here and that this is against is very dark tale that we make their leaves nate in a new light so we can see the greenery like this aggression use
your head a little bit but these things won't come do all at one time girl again to educate you begin to understand but not at first keep a very light on the left inside was just a very exciting look see this only god can make a tremendously crippling pretty well the us for more right here not too much played out joker trees with foliage and i'd like to see the branches through it thats much more exciting and much more natural whips her to explain and very few inmates in the center don't hand them all the same tried to very irritating just a little bit of a kitschy shadows under trees like this
and have a lovely little tree right here we also need a spot there's a very empty spot for these things as i said you learn as you play and what to leave out what to add a text below going to get that area of promotional behind that like this i think that if your characters are that officially unemployed now we had bags and there's the progress that's no heat over and alters please very tiny little birds they've got a very simply this way i think that they're getting a rare while they get quite solved here that you'll have that problem at least that's my tuna which are going to be like
this just well they say things like that now we don't have to have huge flocks of birds just a few good thing it gives a painting life that i would like to add a few extra little towns right on the left side of yellow because i think there isn't enough for excitement so i want to play a few more like town's into the trees on their rights on the web site where the light is hitting it like that i think there's really some down here and a few more here like this to well let's
offer now and the piece by my count right right it
there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you're only noon news
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