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the va i'm lulu miller right now it
is and now today's adventure of avarice go one shooting moose is why i think our nineties thank
you the screen he was in my stomach here
henry the same glass of secrecy there now you say we're all say look at the way out we're now spends gas and you know east do that looks like we've invented a rocket engine indeed even know it well the handlers ok years
haiti thank you wow well kurt having it's awfully strange death i almost like we fall into a different universe works sure is a beautiful one these are
move you move in moone are you all ain't
raining at area eighteen to be continued next time crash landing and that is that the end my name is a new one it became the testing was a somewhat enviable feel without us i remember my fire
them like gunfire know might find my fire my mother while they were assembling they seem saudi mean was this an interesting was of most americans because you believe that what all my life of me emails and raising animals to be jackie as long if i can write and if i ever have to wait though that i would come i would like to be a train on you require about how we're developing and wanting to develop in the afternoon and some work and i receive did the decade as they say that it's only naysayer that our work has tried to diversify the seventh and interview professional league jackie alibis in your daily build it you have to keep its way down
you have to really be the jackie and forties not a similar function the greatest morning michael yeah i have to say was leading them on the kentucky derby legend of thing that the great is seeing that or have been blending jack keane the wall here you have people who were in love the jackie a blue collar school wanting to stay lowry and what would the horses and then every ceo of racing before you won't miss it is very important to become a writer because you get down on that was much better than that or that you have to give me a loan was called to wean when he's running on us law you can get on a horse faster he would deport the yankees where my daughter's baby or not and so the band you know for why aren't you
writing race that depended on that for you wearing race we as jack grumpy with a show that every day but we don't really look at who raises is nondiscrimination and racing i don't believe so i have to leave from all over the country for it is for legal panama mexico or all organic aunties and i would go around the anomaly thousand and you've got the ability he's not any discrimination realise yours whatever you can add as a tack sources i sing for them to relax them and talk to them when you wonder on the screen and then you and then doubles the us fell off of all it's really those things that is known about
these our minds by a political ally of the attack the only way you can when macy's that thing is we don't have a minute bill goes even faster why are mainly where you have to go by why i guess guys you know raises the obvious that when you lose because you got going and that they have been the pope and the only the belarus saw believe that really nice my name is robert head i get on it would lead line buying twenty lines and have a real good time ramadan it's longish boss
should memories relating to the priory it for the rural simple and enjoy bonus know what's that that robert did his opinions are acting like a toy filled with candy and presents its popular in the southwest where many mexican americans live what do they do with that at christmas and easter they hit with a stick all out it's just that they got it we'll have a fiesta that's spanish julia the language of forty million americans it means party or festival that's makeup in ya first thing to make is paper machete how do we do that i'll show you the way which piece of paper from those papers were due flour and what i would do drop into strips and with a little luck maybe you can get my arms and stop sorry
rob go up to berlin say hello and he had once more or tie up the ends when you thought ok julia very soon first we've got to cover each balloon with a couple of lasers don't be nervous ready julia carter strip of paper she had like a fan and you blew it in place you bet i can this feels hard already at two well was passed now carefully cut a hole in the tarp don't be afraid to do i expect up up take lots of candy to live up to hear that sound terrific at other blue moon blue wooden the plates okay
magic book is time to make a face rub ahead to leak you know stuff i think we're finished that's enough wind up in yeah they way you guys did overlooking all over once it's up any ida isn't it's like according to custom you must hit it with the stick what liane young aside the families go again yale's that the alleys only be a real or is that the many me it
my name's morning in itunes mike i were even getting saying the average stayed on in medicare where it's rice frozen meats lock button eyes and my head and say oh sorry mom i forgot the taylor put them in the freezer can keep them formed this week always like yeah we're about me ask our hearts that worldwide has been acting kind of strange lately he's been hiding a dark orange not really wanting me to touch that's all we need minds in the freezer and the six naked steers at his name away from home and you guys can picture of him look at night he looked very strange looks for an ally and then
one year a doctor don't you know what's wrong and martin announced they'd probably as citizens are going into virtually nothing about wilkins to he didn't even want to mine the more i hear their cost thirty years of aviation calls to you we hear that they're right the library it and it was we want you to live any way it did here and how this nominee well you can't say
it thank you who's going to know it's about a good friend of mine in constant often i'm sure you've seen it before i would want you to be embarrassed in front of or your friends in the police station by accusing roper's you know what he looks like that we can't help it can be just there to make sure youre fact just that the crew so then they could be his identity he went to talk like that why you know that would've even look like the kid in the rockies look there's no sense in getting upset
over he had nothing but at duke but yeah he didn't even though i actually saw was a black a black teens in the world now we should have two but there's always some guy out good things that all blacks goes trump just like all snakes but it's even using a bright just come out yet they would be using your breath and you got a pretty good look to his life imprisonment that mean he hasn't had a new idea in thirty years and forget martin you weigh in here and it's also on here this is this very unfair and have to be dealt with but have to be dealt with intelligent just like i have to do you in fact you hadn't told me why we come here a lot of funny he's
nervous frankie tiny dark worn in his eyes while ago with romel don't worry he's getting ready to ship and asylums john before you go inside but this isn't new upset him terribly that you sat down and some among the flowers all dried out i'd still want my way and leave your mobile phone doesn't have to be a
snake this term can begin a different kind of it maybe have a one on one with we'll see a lot more sea monday dan little crazy well oh really it's usually they're actually i think she's got you are ukrainian what she can one night to it's been in
and be all i mean no way now you're
there why me david people don't think well here's some colors and
while yeah so do people come in all of these colors seems to be some confusion here well let's say this is gabby their parents are american indians members of a group that was once taboo redskins but he says getting really weird no this is david his great grandparents were born in china some say asian people have yellow skin but is david's can really yellow no and this is tracy up as an afro american she is a black leather collars dark brown all we different colors are all the real different shade of a saint we don't know ok now if your skin has ever peeled out the bats great or burn you know that the top
mayors have practically no color at all let's read about in the more layers of everybody's skin a tiny grains of dog brown coloring mature called merlin merlin means dark or black melanin is the name of a dark brown color and material and everyone's skin for ten for a minute that this coffee is like the melanin in your skin and we don't know when the dead from a distance the tiny grains of brown melanin appeared to make skin and ethan brown or tan colored if you have always get a graves of melanin is gear looks very like a medium amount of melanin makes a medium brown skin tone
and if you have a lot of melody in your skin is very dark brown and all the shades in between are made up the same way a he was you know okay yes there are some other things that affect skin color and they are shared by dark and light skin and heat lightning first have you ever noticed that on your knuckles and under your fingernails and other places where your skin its debts and sand and it looks pink in the same way people will have thin skin all over the body may have dark brown tail light skinned with the people or reduced him and the skin can change color in the sun turn maybe new laws or turned pale when you're sick these changes don't last and none of these has as much to do with skin color as
malignant melanoma is the most important color and material and people in every part of the world happe so do people come in all different colors no they come in different shades of the st claude and more than that all people have the same kind of brain and heart and eyes in latin america and because of that we are very special guess what mary francis because of the energy prices school may be closed tomorrow i'll be tickled pink once you dig oh yes pain now i
did ho ho oom for how how how how how for i'm willing right
now it is and now today's adventure of others go one crash landing we've always
with three now clearly my race annie and i thought i wasn't
saying oh we are like a guard duty but first you think about it the damages are going use that the ship just in case they are he is strange never seen before a chinese are our own he was let it out i can't wait to explore why don't they want you to stay away at what is to make the trail anyway there is
oh boy but maybe only as a best show it my all of that show i don't worry i'll go first to protect you i wanna go first line write it i can defend its better if there's trouble spot others
it looks like a mouse i go everywhere i know both were ill over a daily cleaning board on every trail so i you know cain ok because it was all this isn't terrible
fb it's been if to be continued next time the march to the throne moving than a starting on you can do and i'm in is an inn
in a car you know what oh
wow wow wow wow the plan the peak so i used to sing rain rain go away
my grandmother was a little girl in japan she used to make these little dolls and the more committees of the house and he seemed to take it was it was it wasn't so bossy main tomorrow a bright sunny day like today so long long ago if you'd made its i mean i see over there and it was it was it was it was a saying you need to go to the earlier seasons in
la it it's what it's raining he says alone to paint in a new law at years in a poem howl and
john wanted to work in a movie industry my job as the assistant to the cameramen are like a movie about racecar driver what you can while on a lot of work now that i've already cleaned and inspected the camera body like a mouth the lens this camera can hold three lenses at one time next i attach the map but it was for the sunshade protecting the lens of bright sun rays which can sometimes damaged the picture well it does doesn't it he's our director later unique the risk of film crew
next about a film magazine on to the camera i lock it down and carefully threat the film into the proper places in making sure not to bend to tear the film in any way and i can either paul gordon now we're ready for action here i'm making sure that they can ever have his brother's beat twenty four percent as barry that's john he's a talmud and the person to work directly with as much of their system to make sure the cameras always clean
up working conditions at an hour was setting up the next shot i'm off the slate this'll be seeing kate take two well it is likely to take you to pay it's been and
in this scene this much of a race card perfect focus as it moves towards us this is one they can and then i pretty much want to get into you know one person amanda got a lot of hope you enjoyed the day what you don't quit work again so again it's an amazing day any city you know it's very
scary sounds like you have today he said chris christie well this is an emergency this is a disparate impact mother you know
using mr glanz well anyway you must tell me quickly what about a snakebite what snake bite you must be an expert in this thing is designed has a snake does indeed yes he doesn't want to create what you really responsible one take him to the doctor well i'm sorry but i don't know what to tell you and martin's not hear the issue that was my son's snake he never lets loose there you go it always been afraid well in a recent disease on the
strangest places the story line is you know the rights of service a business banking we haven't call seven five five trio one nine as soon as possible to emergency snakebite but he says maybe it called emergency room at the hospital they don't want to do it if you're a finance all the hospital to me it's the house was no help on mr gibson hold onto reliable completely unreliable we should make them get ready that helps make it theirs if your two week i should call you know just give me a whiskey as for the cowboys always do and how we look at those two markets thank you
ms brun to pay scott when your classmates has been bitten nine nine to walk yes that's impossible impossible to alter his name he's gonna be all right nigel too you know i tried to tell my mother she would listen okay why don't you call in the title i don't think
that if we called this bank and she's the one he really violent with just got rich we met a few days ago it hasn't yet witnesses back and that's impossible but i suspect if you see fang marks well ok will meet your doctor's offices soon as we can get dr rice doesn't want to do that segment of manure teasing now he's prodding than a hundred times well it is and there's a real estate by whatever makes you say that we're always going to say because i don't really buy and not support a story i mean that's so i could get i don't know i don't think you do that would be
to me what happened what you see is this kid named morning he carries a snake around in a bag today we have the money handy and so i did it to me because that was a big one i will want or optimal outcome was that was not the us will have to make a cut well because of this boom and reassure everyone now that that is in no danger of one person focused and boats and no friends and no oddly to have to eat a row of teeth slightly slanted towards that i very seldom by as far as frank martz i think that right now was working on my train
layouts and i wanted to check if there were any staples left in my stable gone so i accidentally that's when i thought oh martin the way been showing off his snake in class that day so i thought i don't scared a little like that to me during the hope today is just so fast maybe i was a little jealous about martin from a staple gun probably do it also i think what he sees these massive yellow margins when the law quite solve the poisonous to the air
thank you so that leaves that's ok here's the body use learning have to do with people and the suspicions and fears and we just going to keep shown a right that is still divided and and the b i v
v and white now thank you i did
me well almost everybody likes to changes in the matter how dr lykken on skin color is and so in the show he you know kilcullen it's called melanin underneath the surface of his skin a whole lot a tiny brown dots of melanin give you your color from the time you're born nolan and protection by
from the sun something like sunglasses to protect your eyes at on a very many melanin that's in your skin and you don't have very much protection but you can allow an element then you have more protection was first known in that soak up some of the sun's rays that out to route the sunlight for awhile your body begins to make extra melons and to take care of emergency this extra melanin is her son and stays with you as long the last son was away in winter it is and i'm sure you know an ice chest pain uses brown my ear is currently my stray my nose is round i
mean it was so different so much to say i did
Vegetable Soup
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3 & 4
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Episode Description
Episode 4 includes an Outerscope I segment Crash Landing; singing Japanese folk-songs; a profile of assistant cameraman John Wong; a story about Martin and his pet snake Nigel about jealousy and lying; a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Brazilian dulce (candy), and a lesson about tanning, skin color, and racism.
Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 3 includes an Outerscope I segment Shooting Through Space; a profile of jockey Eno Cordero; how to make a pinata out of papier mache; a story about Martin and his pet snake Nigel; a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Mexican guacamole; and a lesson about different skin colors.
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