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pieces airs it is well i'm at kaminski to that regard to pay still live fish went to cover just about everything the kitchen but fish so it'll be a new experience for you i have taken the liberty i'll bring in eight
background color or staying the campus which is with a mover and kerosene and there was and i put the line the greens on replacing the objects to do over a little bit involved project a day so i wonder capital start there are more important things on talk about what they know bali we have a lovely little ajar here again are squares remember that general form first don't try to delineate your subject where i check unless you have your general shape first it makes it so much easier then to cut it this way and has an interesting layered effect that way and that way and don't forget around the bottom as always the top that if
you're shaved its french they've been doing a talent things for a while though i didn't treat ago france now now has a very interesting cork very wide naturally the top is why like this and just leave that for the moment they're going to go to a little jar or decided i just manage art's a small boat which will contain basil and that's right beside here like this there again that's dr square russian duet with each time so you know like this and round the bottom round the top remember you're looking down into it never eye level practically never that way for just a moment here which is a very unusual thing that we haven't done before or something they usually fight but i i think he
must have the experience and don't regret to paint a cloth with a fish on it now you have a fish which every quarter were about but it goes in right now and we have been at such an angle to get a feeling that's on the table like this cut corners off like that fb like this they're no doubt try to do anything else to it and so we put the fish on it because if there's will automatically take care but no worries you look like its black police are going to try and if this is on an angle like this there again this put a little thought worry when his mouth to come and this tale should come about here now i dont care what kind of tissue you can paint although i think we should get away from back to this was shock someone have you but we will
have a fish can be a trout or anything at all nevada got the wrong tail on the wrong fish it doesn't matter and not officially exactly it cook them barry is essential personnel deal i think they often called people dead fish the dead fish can have personality even if people recall that is don't have even that one nothing alarmist now the saddest novel open because they do like this man has a guilt like that and the eye is very interesting and fish and just very clean very lightly i can't change this a little bit let's bring the head up a little bit with them this way my fish always look so surprised
when you're an expression of how did this ever happen to me tell the tale in there that's a nice fat bellied marmots fish right leslie that for the moment now you know her as we've painted i've told you about putting complete object to drop to drop the complete budget even though there were one in front of the other we must be able to see them and draw them that way not mean distortion as you can see we have this now if you are alone and when you are alone thinking you can erase this so that you don't become confused like this i don't do it because i i know i know what i'm doing but do this why you're learning after what doesn't matter you're guilty of the cave right over it and not worry about it but the confusions you take some airlines are now we have tomatoes over here
and we have a lovely lemon here like that we have basil remember the phrase don't try to delineate it now just needed a low price big fat red one right here like that it's been a lovely color the queen in there and we have here a half a lemon in seattle i cook to onions and one rather like this with tassels and a bit of parsley which again just draw the gentle fore we will do it in the painting said don't try to do it now chances are you've changed a little bit anyway they have gotten down to florida now let's play that for just a moment
just a wee bit larger and we're exciting they're not us painting the light is coming from the left so we're going to save the right side of objects remember you pick up a little bit of hunger don't have a brush dripping or wet just do this i'm going to shave is to enjoy here like this guy had his marvelous handmade jars and our cloth is very interesting also your shadow onto the fish right side of the onions the lemon like that manslaughter not end during the least let's just do this where it's dark and then when we paint them will work them out has a light on right here that way the pipeline industry that like there
is one of course neither thought there we are not we are ready to pay for years completely dark background all are one color and only that we will add a little bit of a meeting or like read like this ms bishop we'll use our life or are crisscrossed don't really have many areas with large area actually overhear and we do not change the color certain age a rhino variation in the background in that case you're admitting to get real excited pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins but i think to get an idea of like a very don't be afraid
lazy keep telling lies to his mother's caretaker carries the zika threat if you are there to watch old jar have a little of the story by going to your basil just a little bit certainly useful cannot ever the background and don't have any empty spaces without television at the filling under that huge leaps which again is another verb or vegetable pumpkins be a tragedy pay down my students attended be dictating to death the colors so beaten and that it was all the
excitement and the strokes that texture tried to put on a play with him too much european union it's become less of a interesting background for change it's completely dark and it's a perfect foil for the lovely color in front the blues and the oranges and what have you that's right billy strange here i know we have that in this plan for mating not live a million downloads or knife but with canada when lots of remain in the rain and i threw that they pick it up like this is it and this is what we do very lightly like
that and that is you know does before we get anything else on that always doing something unlike jet sit in just a moment there we're now let's go to art while jar is burnt orange so we're going to put the dark tone on the right as usual i always start with a dark turn first down over as an interesting stroke you have to clean it up that looks very i mean isn't that interesting jarvik that's ridiculous <unk> so the area their playstation
had to jump off the balcony if something goes wrong this movie knife around the goddard they're now let's go to the middletown download your knife of the day they showed better i think is very important where's jack's and wellness and it outlined and purple says they fixed the court the court is yell out there like that enables yellow
this is right on the palate we don't makes this like that that's on the highlight don't fuss remember we're looking down on it now he outlined all of that and a little purple could be a lot of purple that's ok let's go over here like this is going to bring us down like that that's a long held i'm going to go to the blue boxes again this will highlight their ballots count our little blue party which is very interesting accent cool accent this point is very interesting the
prize but careful it a painting this behind the cloth selling very sure of your form but jonah on the right so i think that's both and i think what i would like it has put the highlights in at the moment but also very nice to see them as you go along and that price highlights in our poll well joe are five now let's go to the cloth we don't totally agree agreeing to let us start with this shadow under the fish remember we have a cloth first then we put the fish on the cloth ordinarily is again you start with
a fish to play the part he cast a shadow really came down on him he's lying on the cloth therefore he has a shadow on him and that's how you know it is lying flat watch of i just lost his head as isobel a third of my life now let's get the story of the cloth now this job changes that there is from right to left like that long sleek these jokes i realize it's difficult for you at the moment
as you're starting to have been the long sweeping stokes but you do and eventually the doctor right right from the beginning dallas because light light health prepare the lemon don't worry about it baer has a bit of a fault like that's been a little tour around the tail they're like there's an idea to end to the fish like that that and the lemon i that
i didn't get out of that low but what i really want to show you his technique so don't own one you do it you're given much much higher corners on this which i'd forgotten to do with either the background are dark the same as a background like that and i want you to put those in i do not want the claw to cover the whole campus going to get the feeling of it lying this way now let's do our friend lying there was plessy i would put the dark terror the fish first because the top in that kind of stroke this way we were given light and dark
i remember the way elephants either it gets bigger or keep cutting out it ends up looking like a sardine the middletown underneath like this and that stroke goes away which tells us that the fish is round like that get the tail and they're really surprise president of they're how we will outline in de leon began killing a bird i will outline a mouth in just a moment the line talent other fishes in the middle like this has
been a tale like that correct to correct the form and delineated right now it's all fuzzy and it's very strange but i want to put a lovely highlight down the middle of that to get the feeling of an iridescent switch fish do have and they're not just notes that it really are a scaly unjustly definite let's go to the face of at the front of the fish mouth and one and two and brain around it like this with a light light tells like that as
ba pa they get their fishing class one time and more the men who was was fishing port a huge fish end laughter right near my palate than it was in the heat of the room for about three hours and believe me i was so ill like right thing and that was that the office for quite a while they're now let's put this little faith in her now if like there's a very distinctive feeling in the face and he has a very distinctive audie a live disney calls me i know that
i'm going down and over a certain expression is it absolutely worries me distribute our towns over the back of them like that on the tail to pay i would like for little highlights right there in the lower part of his mouth at has a little pink i got
talent and there's been no not don't got tote middletown polite tone is our right from the pallet require think is best toppling because we'll get around to it possibly so we'd put that on right away like that now it's my lemon that we've gotten rid of accidentally right here yellow
joker in back and the lemons and the lovely yellow light yellow telling in front of a little highlight on the lemon like that we have another eleven below a problem and so we put the bottom like this nato yellow inside because of the peculiar color like this sleek and a bit of sound here like that that's totally a dark tone on the right these are what is known as terence of page those in their life that has put a little purple now there's one thing it's very important we must put shadows under i knew as
a member of that these objects are casting shadows on the napkin now let's put in our price we start with a dark turn and it caught on like this it is lots of rural things that we don't go in line a light tone in the foreground like this mr gourley this recording by golly partially in basil leaves a lot of basil and cook with delicious marmalade all right let's go to our basil leaves groups when you know high lead on the onions i want to put the basil leaves and this is the way we're going to do those like that's
been justin impression that way we did celebrate and one of our other paintings use a polite town is right here because it's getting the light on the left us with a little purple in there on the other side like this an outline it that way they say what as you it is basil i like to put a cup of light terms here like this one say that the thing that there are leaves sticking out and someone like catching lightning behind in paris that's art now for our theater
many years there's a nice scene this program was
made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies also only noon news
Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky
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Still life with fish
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint a still life with fish.
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