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pieces it is well i am a sea kaminski today were going to faint whine and fruit beginning painter wants to paint a wine bottle today get you which we better get started now let's put the wine
bottle right here in the square about here like this they go down too far just about here have quite a lot in this painting pappas so ambitious but after we get the painting flowers all the time we have to be a little ambitious and encourages the right to cut bait we're going to start this way go down this way i could've had a key and the bottle but this drop is a bit much we have so many more important things in this i thought i would settle for this would be another time there again don't forget the bottom of a bottle rounded off now this desolate like there's an accordion
players lots of them don't have courts in little plastic cups dip it is in the us is very very expensive wine that this isn't if you're an artist like i knew drink expensive wines barrier and there's lionel keep it simple not lentils place we're one of the brandywine i'm not going to pay the plate next that goes in front like this bunker to love they done actually searching be such a surprise this is where the grapes are going and the apple and they are age has a small it like that keep it simple please don't have fancy plates or fancy objects registered in the for actually not only grapes actually enjoying the race i should say that as a message like
this they'll spell out over the plate like that and over like that do not delineate the graves unless you put the journal forum for saying exactly where you're going then you put your little circles like this now we have an orange is a very expensive fruitful i think and a lovely apple like that then down into the plate that way fight now we also have a pier and this is a bit of a composition thing actually the reason i added we have an empty space here and so i gather of a small vase like this with some butter cups which i happen to think in the field when i was thinking about doing is
they're we're very simple little glasses also blessed with clear glass as opposed to a bottle which is green when i could have larger i'll do them for you for just a second like this to tell you or to show you guys are going to take them out as we usually do so don't worry about that and see that the moment of the wine bottle not with the wine bottle we do have a small glass oh i've never seen anyone do this but why such a small glass but he's as tasty sides or going to do is paint a small in the door got lit another time that again is something very special it's quite involved so this war about a few things at a time very are fine now i think that's all the moment they're drawing an hour going to shave it as usual essays you can see that that's the reason that's the way i
always do in the light is coming from the left the gap year bryce be sure that you do take all the drippings off like that and say the right side of your drawing like this not the glass we had to backtrack for just a moment lets put the wine and that's important issue than that let's do that right now a second is saying top as that as they only as a light on the glass is working down into agree saying the wind are saying that on top of the wind so we're saying part of the top of that just like we are the top of the glass looking down into it like that they forget that ok well as the badger state shea again for which there's no i don't want to draw the
grapes now remember that when we look at these grapes you're not seeing each one held a season grapes tucked under the others so in some cases are really saying part of the great if not the look like they're all lined up you know like those soldiers earn marbles are one had and not at all natural these are little devils he's great at it and they've done in many a famous painter but not us discontinued in a zika ms kamath and that's why for rembrandt you never know about there's a committee met that they're piling up and i made only place on a delay because in one day i'm doing this so that you get the idea of what's happening there that actually i don't
even think i'm gonna say too many i'm just one case say that's tucked underneath is not getting the light that way i feel like leaving him with a scholar there are just didn't allow a baroness i'm fine i'm trying as best and i were going to do the painting we start with the background is your show you seem to be the same thing ever know again says there's no reason for you to forget this is a lovely color painting and that we had clothing billows and reds an orange as a very satisfying thing i think the most beautiful color combination years the ruined the great together it's very unusual and very lovely now welcome so wind on as we get
through it now be careful savior drawing if you can if not and you get into trouble stretch out remember this is clear glass ever seen the background through it keep going like this prolific what about kids getting thinner and thinner it very carefully but if you do don't worry about it into doctors' offices as i say things that it can bring it back then that with another glass doesn't matter put that debate you know we use our blues always add a little orange do it
and when i make my lectures i always make a mixture of awkward which is great in a failed green and white i think i went through periods is that on the pallet but it's a very effective and a very useful thing to mix it brings in the dark till around the bottle on the other side or sell things i would suggest that we go right to his little paws of the fear and scratch out again the care because it cuts at the painting the chilies areas chopped up its that can be as confusing as losing it to get rid of it for the moment you embrace and i think how
how absurdly will be an outrage nobody to remember all the things are deploying a canvas when you think selling a lot of those older than shaping the last time again don't worry about that guard you within this fight right so as continental town but that as for the gorillas my head on this play i get carried away i found all the stuff in the kitchen like a piling on highly and oh i think it's a really interesting you know i had such an involved trading let that be a lesson to try not to thank you may isaacson you're thinking when you're learning this and to get a little discouraged if you have too much of this mostly because we're impatient when they
learned it has a school of communicating that better because we don't do it in a five minute there were airlifted out the light and remember the shark nearly like a pencil and they were going to places like the saints or less do that along with the background oh yes mexico is one of the other just a wee bit i like that scratch it for in such a way that so you know we're going on at the firm works on your apple or
how little vase here as kevin in right now i think that does get the plate and start with a dark alley like this right through their input and then he knew or light turn in front like this and say i'm going to put purple and stuff in there to create the shadows from the fruit and spread some highlight on that right now because light had a terrible
it's b how to never keep the shape of your plate i was in line for their leader for just a moment we'll go back to it let's leave it that we were quite finished with it always means that at the moment we don't need to do anything to it that we should leave it then go back to it when we for example we put other highlights and we will put those highlights on the edge of the plate so that's the last thing we do the highlights are always last premier always less irritating sometimes i go ahead with them because i had a different problem you bring in it too purple shadows i guess in the background is especially on the wrights signed to
play at the score with their parents or the feeling of reflections now let's get your own bottle start with the dark toned first like it in there again this is a lovely old bottle says i happily you know i think they're down and over and over ms jutta very important palette knife they know something you must always remember we don't ask where's joe to the round up long wait until it that when the right
plus it's a new trend that i forgive you like there's always advancing they shape either i get the great outline that so it doesn't look so awful sen kerry and the top of their heads are christians now justin long the down ballot sticker like ten like this i like that this is a little tricky it's satisfying thing to pay a lovely green glass are going to outline a little bit and purple as i'm losing it just a wee bit
fb is britannia alloy like that terrible here darker behind the greats like this is over by the national athletic cork cork is yellow pert like that make those yellow tarp this is the right and the power and you did not makes this i will try to give you as many calories as possible to pay from the pallet without mixing they were
now the goat the i was there again you're going to make it on the palate that's the light tone is a little purple which defines on the dark town like this and lovely like turning on the right side street analysts i struggle a little bit because it does happen the rough skin by you know the battle because as code orange right ok let's get to the apple there again we use because i have no power we use rose madder for the back of the couple any shape for the apple does make a nice thick the ample a while there that's right there now i've put the million or like red in the middle
like this we do this a chance for the only difference is of course the top is a little different as i said most forms are actually pretty much the same it's just a little idiosyncrasies of each object that distinguishes it from falling each other did apple the eye socks little we get just a second that we put the little yellow on that to give that a little high right there we are well it looks a little better fight the power he's put the highlight on the plate so that i don't forget and it's terribly important or does it look like a plea there i'm going to put the wine in the glass
there again i'm going to use that the rarest matter with a little purple on their sides like that and dark red in the top and then i'd put some lovely remain and right in the middle which does is that we can see the light through the wine glass like that thing what's your tell how you can see the logic the very thing on nuclear visit there but as you may have to sharpen this up a little because i am i'm also losing but don't don't worry about it and get back on line the wine you're going to promote a highlight in that also five where we are now let's go to the grapes and they're gonna get
outside about these grapes i suggest a day closer to the wind i do now we're looking at the grapes and indeed that integrates in front of the plate or light because the light is getting in but let's start with the back are going to put a few dark towns like this now the skull as you can see is a different green then the bottle obviously there are grapes that talent like billy i've never seen them now put a few dark wings in between into the dog medium and the dark ones first like that and puts but your dark wins here and there like this to tell us that they're behind the others we've seen and not getting the light that's the only way but nigeria had grates that look like little marbles all lined up and it just isn't so i can remember i had a student actually had a horrible time to raise rates and
she's struggling to store the file an overture and she had not pay the grades and on the plate on her plate you just had to stand with all those bands and the winner grant says it wasn't your gracious and i ate them so you say that's no excuse you paint them written in classic get away with anything i don't say ok so you can do it you're like but they're so if you dont now put a few morning i'm telling you a few in here you see it's quite intelligence tell us that some are behind others some are not so far out some are getting a like completely because they're really sticking out and soul and now we get to like when's it for the front but if you came back very light winds right here like this
over some of the others they are sticking out like that like there's the potential and then hear like that purple tango between like this fb i keep saying that and i go back to it but then i see something else and i think oh dear non the sticks that are trying to tell you not to go back to keep going back outline the greatest art
between there and ironically a little lovely highlight on them like that this is a good way to round off their square greats by the way i like to put one might win here like there now that's put our little highlight on them they do have a bit of golf now generally that's the way they should look into space yeah let's go try a little thought oh here which he outlined a terrible first thing
the way we do it a little better but we start with a dog like this really is the other town and from pretty much the way we've done others whoever the backpedals first in different towns and then the five metals because of the terrain and hers does have a little lily's like that are going to highlight on them
everything all the glass looks like glasses they must have highlights and over here just a wee bit annoying there's a very unjust but the law and don't play with it went to play with it you're lost it mixes with the other page i don't know why that's our baby for today and now for a signature
it there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies uno
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Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky
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Wine and fruit
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint wine and fruit.
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