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fb the champions though jabbar you have a world where the people who are the champions league championship i think is news night tonight you're going to do this it looks upon the truth is the occasion are fractured leading causes of recent suppression raids are perhaps some fans not aware of the fact that there is this might seem silly championship predictions discuss the world
scott i want to discuss it clinically because to live so long as just the normal state of fishermen and because i'm still involved in the sport it doesn't happen louis ck want to see everybody is good and everybody does a job well they don't understand what it might take to be able to be prepared to do your job well at all times and the players that have the ups and downs they have too many guns in our own too much
concentration i think the the most demanding thing is we're training we get the fundamentals basically as word and children to high school and college and from that point or not to maintain sharpton one little things this does know one thing that you have to do that so the men have to have everything prepared and he had to keep the unit soon really do you care costs and just practiced all the time and not being able to do things that you want to party chair for over your friends in ohio where the risk is you have to be traveling with hitting that that's a common sentiment
he's a professional i think the peaches and i think the closest courtney talent from yesterday that third group out corner us understand the personalities and yesterday people together who can work together well you get a lot of very talented people if they can't work to overrule it they're not as effective as a unit that might not be as talented but has good team concept and can be unified force most of the time i think that the teams that have the talent and the unity and was so inconsistent
hughes says that was then and this was a consistent pro players know he says that he can't lose no ruling on this level professional i think his own are definitely is hampered a lot of lawyers difference in rome it's a great tool to use in college but it's totally absent and propane and players who really haven't ever been tested defensively really have a tough time the first couple years in late i can think of a couple of players
just i really don't understand we're used to drive someone close this agreement they have to have to guard people luke wilson truly who inflicted on someone it's very mobile and as right as shots that vision into looking at the loss of vision who comes to change those two teams and travels would seem to student loans outstanding and that is true so i think you know the most basic thing is that the lead changes just a little bit of each year averaging changes just two or three different players
on a single team can make getting go for mediocre to being a serious contender and you never know who's going to pop up we're going to get hurt polls the variables that no one can predict and i think that's what keeps the morris revolving door you don't have the ability to really have one group of personnel establish domination and maintain this system doesn't work and you say that you saw where we will start i think so you have to have people that you know can work together if you have certain towns and you need a
certain additional talent and you get a wrong additional talent and the whole picture doesn't work since like compulsive need to get these pieces to be given in this key piece in and everything seemed to fit together and when that doesn't happen in his coffin and you have a lot of disarray in the fourteen fifteen and in continuing to talk about the process and professionalize workers though he reviewed mostly about the abuse you suppose education employees they're going to miss a different background knowledge or perhaps less
well there was that situation to change admissions brought four championship were the championship the olive oil and sports i think of the causes solutions were distorted yeah i think that the whole question of the curvature of what it says is rooted become well it's totally it's totally separate itself from its origins and its become something else college works is not really amateur athletics it's big business and when people involved in it that are allowed to making money are the athletes they become home to really exploited oh you have a situation where you have armed universities making lots of money the networks make lots of money the coaches make money from people about making one of the athletes and most of the time they'll get their education or sometimes
not even push toward that end they are just kept eligible as long as there are some used to be a university truth is here the case that went through a whole college program and he had first a second grade literacy this isn't uncommon this is more common than even or rudeness or two among the young men who would devote the time that he put into his sport and take their time input into academics to do a whole lot better for himself throughout his whole lifetime an immensely well there's an immense differences and the benefits that you can get from having a good college education and using it in the society over the difference between that and being an athlete for two years snacking day but it's very hard
say darn are impossible to repress young people with those who refuse to be not much that you really don't know what is the difference between someone in a pressure situation and say is needed in music i think i was very fortunate in my background because so my parents always have is a goal from the effect that i should get a college education reform as a college education went to juilliard and got his degree in his
college and so on for me in those eyes on it became a possibility for me later my first goal was to go to college and get my education so our best for this made it easier for them i never lost sight infected that's what i wanted to do while i was at college i got my degree i graduate in four years which was unusual in itself that doesn't happen like it too much matthew so they
think i'm you know diverse eleven because by that time have some money that's already been slowly through an education system and that they're not equipped it's very hard for them to backtrack and make up all it was around i think high school programs really have to be the ones to try to hold and the students that have potential of the college athletes they have to help them with their academics they don't need the math in the languages in the science on that everyone else has to have in order to get into an academic institution particularly they're too and that's not impressed on them in in high school oh i'm positive that a lot more students would understand them the need for academic background of who was impressed on the mature enough time for too many of them see the fact that its own so to sunday's pro contract in striving
to build a big corn is just loans for popular and that's seems to be the goal rather than academic goals and things that are a lot less sensational i mean there are a lot more stable is there an identifiable is more commonality among people who come from one place we come from circumstances state championship aspirations will arrive in terms of the evidence is there something that people could know about the region say this is what you know the this is what these guys do you want to go
to this is the common thread most common thing that you'll find his own i know i had it was cute or want to win on foot races and i want to get the most home runs when we're playing baseball don't want to score points playing basketball and i guess with something that i concentrate on and manage to do well and so i just think the desire to win is probably the internal thing and then you have to have a certain physical gifts i think you can you need someone in development but if they don't have it well you know there are some people that just want to sit home and read books go to the movies
they don't have there is intense competitive urge people do on some people and they have a competitive urge on athletic and they get into different other things put on there there is a difference between people who compete for a gardening and one who will compete very intensely and people who just kind of back off and that type of thing it will continue following the same thing from different sounds and he says people can say well is it possible that something and so more different the champions is a difference between finals since that is intense internal fired then
what professional of tone everyone is the tone but some people can't deal with the hardship that you have to go through in order to to go that extra couple of feet over to do to make them extra basket all over to some people this they give up sooner than others and you can take to be political talent and that's it the competitive edge and one them is a lot less than other than this is a big disparity in the performance on people who have the same can do this and different talents that out takes over i think that the competitive desire of an individual really sets him apart from ordinary mourner people slut is using horses to get a big strong horse is that speed and he doesn't
want one at the front of the pack them his awards and also of no consequence of the heart prince on first listen of the ethic that's homer true in athletics he's run for most places to tennis players all so at least we're in la so far into the game console search they're laying them and it's a level of the game is working to expand something similar one only saw own new concentration which is a point were on your toll is single minded and you're holding your body and your mind and
yet the toll focuses involved in the moments of the of the year competition for a thousand people will demonstrate things that most people dont really understand on another we're going to understand in libya and can take a woman that was on to twenty pounds and she says a pill form a child she can take the pill for free trial you do a thousand more times in order to grow this is something that human beings are able to do on its own reaching into the depths of whatever it is and giving her most and when you do that you usually excel i thought
you were playing the respected and they encouraged me that you must be feeling something special because most emissions at a whole lot of roots well it seems to me that something the us can be safe in saying that doing that suits to certain special personals called it it's flattering for people won't compliment me on that but that was a team effort i was in position of leadership tell people calm for leadership all but everybody gave the rest and if you didn't if we didn't get that type of effort from everyone we wouldn't want to for a lot of people and
myself and magic johnson we definitely we were ready we were totally into the man focused on it and i think we can pull everybody wins the success so you seem so terribly common tremendous insistence once you know the players and so we're in here in the city you know we're serious effects of mental images andrews has increased the whole system is crucial and routine conducting one on the pieces
to pay to play i think the rate of injuries as will increase at all since the warren the other unfortunate incident you know effects a team's ability to compete so a very different question arnulfo to causes injuries but it definitely decreases the quality of pork oh you got guys plan newsweek
for two to three months and after a while you just don't have your best to get all they have to do something about that they want the quality of the game to improve but they don't have to do that i think the owners of the other teams just really dont care of the care but not enough to change anything that were comfortable with things where they are and they don't care really it's again suffers because the charleston their relationship off i think it's better i don't think that muslim is totally committed to improving the game is as much as they can season is too long and you know we would play until i think we stop lying about a week
before wimbledon start that's ridiculous the best wall used to be a winter sport not easily something needed indoors after football season and now it's going to drive you out to four i think they have a very good thing in what else does a lot of very interesting that it's very well attended it gets lot of publicity starting from international people started recognizing nba playoffs as a business oriented and i think that they just rude detract from the growing season of so long oh you have a situation where you have twenty three teams nearly sixteen of them going right whales regardless of what happens and then gonna play eighty two games today today's world paris isn't down to where it made sense and to where they could have the playoffs begin having a great time right
in between seasons read between the time that baseball gets hot and football school i think its perfect time for the foot and the cave points to take place this whole route to ourselves was fought and you know they don't seem like that they don't see any need to change and scientists were just a witness news a sitcom definitely that there's starting to be the talented players from around the world know all i believe is someone from spain's win in child porn and a teamster says the yugoslav the strike down the road so he had to tell people that are needed to play the game a star to pop up in some faraway places and there's a lot of interest and levy on
the playoff finals this year were tiller was in the law in which is totally caught i didn't understand that on nacional viewers was being interviewed by italian tv crew and publicly show wanted to the games in england and in paris for monitors and parcel saul williams in cars and people seemed to really enjoy that in itself is a good game for the pre television is not very complicated and you can see the wall and you can see what's happening in the vicious appreciative skills so i think that that is the future of the game yes you are your skills and those who listen were state there are people who will
soon martin had to do physically soon as there's some workers are some reasonable schools are lots of differences i won't use it they might not mean you're talking to a forcible calm athletics as a means of changing our economic downturn is really one of the few things that black people have in front of them or they have examples of people who have been successful and you can follow the light says because someone else's successful doing such and such want to try so is that incentive well i think tuesday just also caution the whole idea of being able to draw on the best full court expression self as an
individual seems to appeal to the black population its appeal to lie wants to do it that seems to be something that's far more subculture i think physically alone you can't discount the fact that blacks in this country were bred to be physical specimens the strongest men strong as blackening the world were encouraged to reproduce in this lyricism i think that is built up a collection in our gene pool of the physical specimens now might be the trolley man i think someone should check out i think is that there's also a factor that blacks have absorbed the dominant traits from two talley divergent jingle and see blacks in america and the caribbean where well in certain sports and i think that definitely helps the genetics that i
think it's genetic background definitely helps with the past somebody that his strong japanese genetically is not an undue on this one because they know they have the right hi on it on the other hand they might be perfect for gymnastics this is a genetic factor that definitely affects physical capabilities i think it's there i don't know to what degree and i'm not saying that we got the right things to progress toward all and there does seem to be something to that of course on notice that the that the black us from africa don't do well in sprints for and they don't do too well informed and i was just trying to figure out that's why i started just observing that i could be completely wrong but i think there's something to that aren't used to use
it for the assistance from humans also because four fifths of ten years ago if you said they'd be a whole lot of german kids point bess the board somebody look at this like girl who poses to adrenal and there's several in all of german seem to have the genetic background that gives them the saws though hopefully wasn't too to excel in basketball and some germans and because the winds have to have an incentive to compete athletically the problem being produced mormons who lived in this area it's long says these stars reform as vincent
says this is too much emphasis on athletics and losing a sense of balance to me just for days and i'm sure so are you think there's an emphasis in question are concerned too often perhaps in places luckily we will author i worked with him on his project for the academic incentive thing that that he was trying to do in schools where the country and i agree with him on a completely gone this too much emphasis placed there and then its a reinforced what everything's city and reading the sports pages automatically like edwin moses doesn't get much notice that his olive byrne appears to have things as
masters in physics and going on isn't is to use their agreement and the kids don't understand that they just know he was the hurdles will end they don't have the opportunities to push a vacation black athletes who are capable scholars don't really get the publicity that they should get in the black community obviously that the community at large is not really that interested they have scholars and right people put on in our community that does not always so take place are scholars and great minds don't get the publicity that they should get in order to give the children an
incentive to a phone or footsteps on someone can really overnight made millions of dollars are signing up but a contract whereas the few undeveloped oil and a new computer chip or workout on mathematical sequence that is a consumer report to nothing or was in a novella and that's so that's a big problem because so kids on the city's you and then onto the shore where you can use your mind you're all want to care is running in all cases comparatively gesture thirty fifth of port authority so it's a it's a there's a big difference in that children need to understand and be guided in and unfortunately and they don't get their guns and until it's too late and i
knew guys and that's what makes this thing simons warns will produce a very special skill because opportunities for education spiritual here that perhaps they'll also the lawyers and engineers and authors will grow its mystical maybe coming out of this came the doors of champions and sons of ken gross what i certainly am doing my part for
i have four children and i encourage them academically or to put any pressure on and are athletically they can pursue it and they won't pursue own i always get on them to maintain their academics because that's the most important thing and i think that they will do understand that it doesn't hurt him to want to be involved in a competitive sports i think it's a great thing for the specially as far as their fiscal made and i think that's something that they should do what it has a place and it has a long it shouldn't have one hundred percent more attention to only have a certain percentage of our attention and what's the young people understand and i think that they can definitely make more stripes as far as becoming a load
west are some workhorses always tell kids because people sue told you can't be there or are was or a point in which you've said to yourself regardless of the expectations of the desire for people to be interested i wanna be a chance that he can turn to you while the money may be pointless to go home for a lot of things that i've been that i did everything i actually maya margaret school headed for couples forcing the plane on everything that there does i ran track in the spring and a point for cleveland baseball and
then in the fall a place a lot for paula mclain basketball and that that was just a year old and i just love that clinics and my family and just like me involved there was emphasize though that i should try to mcconnell and i mean the oil consistently was in grad school only was in high school by the time i got to high school i best boy had become a career for me i knew it was going to pay the bills so a postcard start thinking out of high school a building a life for myself i'm trying to find the set to something else i think has also sung all of the whole of the practical assumption is somewhat more consumption in championships would be his views at this is as high
i remember watching those chicago when the answer to either so i won't do that i got a chance to do this and if i don't write college i can do that well but already at that point i think i was a freshman in high school i knew i was going to go to college should the size needed a basketball scholarship and that was a goal and that that's all it was in chorus as my high school group and fall into middle america i knew that it would probably involve the pros but originally it was just a way to get much was paid for you do i think that for his
own protection vision that i thought i was alone and i was rereading the finance decision solely to wait for my folks with something can be watched neil and that's probably why once so far what was the influence well he has a game broken down into very simple fundamental little role models so to speak and he believes until preparation and he believes that if you compare yourself forward we have to face that you can overcome all the odds if you that's what he taught everybody said to comply with your life you also be aware or indifference to try to accomplish with your life it's the same situation and he was right kaur says
lula two so for most college students who were just in girls and success and then put on my relationship was sick with him was was very i was very educational and i am a lot of investors a lot of different ways to win and he has always been a class individual whole lot of successful people of course but a very successful but they have their own courts i need to ease epitome of somebody that whether he was very gracious and also a lot less alarmist but in nineteen sixty seven werber was this war decisions
so i wasn't looking back on some bumps dilbert problem one woman then there was no more cause you know what i did support the concept of a boycott because some says most of the new political center political if you were not politically they win every national for its open and just with their roots of the world complete with that's impossible politics is one of the year facts of life in the twentieth century i'm i'm very proud tommie smith and john carlos and most us for taking the senate they do they suffered for they paid for and i think by people benefited from home i think it was the type of thing that caught
people run were respected because the we were not firebrands we're not talking about burning anything down or or any type of destruction but we did call attention to that to be inconsistency is a life here and in america and i think of that olympic got us a lot of that spirit along those baldwin the height of my political activity when i'm still i'm happy i did and i have no regrets it is so important absolutely i think that
you can get an expression so first as an individual when you play basketball and it the fact that it's a team sport and that means that you do have to work with other people but every individual has something you need to get to the game and we see them all isn't really about her own will or two rooms and maintain them so and i think so i think the tunes where we're going we're going to have their own pace unknown temple and they have their own special time forced the olivier the group can make happen on the court i think that's the one one of the things about the game to see certain reduced come together and what they can do
and do well that was long gone for way and it's hard to remember everything except one of things that does stick out is the fact the easing which we didn't know we won four straight south from her from the bullets and how that it's very rare that that happens and ensure that support those are prominent new currency free fall seasons of a championship
chess competition so you talk about giving things a good to do this thing well personal development it really is the thing that has happened in my life that i am more spoilers with its help me i'm a public image and august where people perceive me but doesn't the motion to a basketball although people see differences in my game i just think that down your interview with who i am accepting myself a lot of muscle to be known by the public has really helped you know and i think that's that's what i'm most pleased about in the city's past couple of years you've seen so
you were votes and so on i think i've learned how to do it i didn't do with and very for water and having real a strong will to do with the public daily it just was a hassle on a lot more patience and understanding them and i think people see that and they liked me a lot more than just no walls were users of the site you feel so this is a
process the pros oh no no i think again it's pretty wall of a pre will expose i think that as the public becomes a little bit more sophisticated and nuances of the game that they'll appreciate more for the most part people understand basketball because it's an american game and just about everyone in this country where their male female holding on at one point in her life as joan the ball out there who just want that there was only a peak was when you're an eleventh grade once and everybody says that would really like that i think
and this is especially here on east called busboys like very deeply ingrained into a lifestyle and want a just the euro whole thing of there not being a lot of room and a basketball court and we can we set up just about anywhere a half court considers himself against any wall just about and not because it's too big to go out on on indiana where john wooden us from the sense that there's a different tone we'd have an ambulance was to send him and i think that's one of the great things about the game it forces in different environments among different ethnic groups and it makes for a very exciting and the worst of the best who's the person who has everything is the game
itself is that you want to remember twenty years while one thing coaches this season the new york and the great bubble that the lakers have established against the celtics you know losing all time we managed to determine their own touches and didn't even sports has just liked her the team that you always knew could wind farm became fluent in the toughest toughest of circumstances and people really appreciated that got me on and it was on a level let you know well relief when leon just more restful and people want their small and sort and then we're all really entertained and they got
some of the joy out of and i think that's what has made this isn't probably my most rewarding politicians the police believe that
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Interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar conducted for Black Champions. Discussion centers on his playing basketball at the college and NBA level, including the importance of education for student athletes.
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