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again i'm nancy kaminski david going to paint another landscape are going to put a little boat in a landscape i know this will give you pause but i'll show you how the easy way and i want to caution you about putting things that are their modern or up to date because in ten years they could be very well out of date and when anyone sees your painting they won't notice how lovely opinion they'll say that's silly little welch you know and that's all our talk about actually wanted to see the painting you hear odd takes traditional if possible please don't think lies and what hadn't in paintings i never do is i think the paper right let's get started by spain to campus again as usual for this fight for a concussion without flipping the page around don't work inside this i opened up the joy and i grant the lovely painting in that it's very tranquil
there's very little in the way of vegetation that has a modest quality also i get very tired dating so many trees and this may be quite a relief for beginning painter with the boat made do you end of that summer i like this this has a very interesting background has to use two types of low hills green and yellow it's very very loudly in a landscape finding a rising phrase that is very important and it was doing that very first thing in this case that put their eyes and just a little bit below the center line try not to no less brutal of the various airlines try not campaigning in half for now like this very know about a half inch above the line like the newest our ideals on the right like this very small ones here in the distance like that and then up here they get a little higher their little different pills as long we are really there for the moment
this as a very interesting owl shoreline they're low in lives and they never a distinct color wise and of course for wise or composition wise this comes down like that and these go over like that please be very careful when you do these little things to me like this and that you must go this way be very careful because again because they're they're standing up straight that will be below clear when i get the color and right now it's very difficult to get a clear and then we find out we have at the foreground like this is also very interesting it goes up like this and has began these low end let's because it's low tide and some of the ground underneath on the shoreline is beginning to show through largely makes a painting very as i said very interesting like kicking it
don't worry about the door and can change that was the color we have a stand of meditation by the same i think in the race bush's actually and they're not very good condition because there anything by the by the sea or a body of water suffers from wind and what have you but that like now we have some trees don't we hear like a small ones now we never do trees entirely just put a suggestion of them on the trunks and leave it for the moment i have as drawing is that your parents are about that i will try to the area we put the coloring you can see the city and the drawing we have this little boat is blood later on i'll explain to you about the boat but for now i just will put it in very lightly and then when we played it i will get i will show you how we will do the
boat he has amassed like that and don't worry about that for the moment i think that's all let's say that the light is coming from the right so we're going to say in the left side of the area drawing like this it's too dark you see now you get that darkening other problems that should you have to take it off the rest don't have a gripping problem these are very beautiful pale yellow hills in the distance this is a wonderful us that if contrast morning held towns there's a lovely light tone on this now attaching a light it's very dark in here this is the vegetation
here it's not live it's all sorts of little things down their growing rather wild very interesting but of course we don't do it and enjoying we do with pain thank goodness and forth the water that you can almost see it even cd that the lease thrills me just for you i will put a few leaves that lincoln a fun i think that's all within for now that's the underlying and already shaded now and ready to paint i would like to talk about color for the moment i think it's very important in the first thing we do is we put the power exactly the same each time secondly we use ten they see colors in other words made in yellow emperor nicholas yellow and white have either all basic colors it and thanking we don't use sophisticated games for example we make our own purple and our own mix green we tried to mix paint actually do make space in batches so that you don't run out of paint
while you're painting this is very important for a beginner biggest can be frustrating you can waste a lot of time and become quite discourage so the pain is mixed industry that is lightning and dark in batches to carry the area of the painting if you have a very large painting then he gives his expression we double the batch of a welder fisher the drying let's get on with the pain this is always a fun start with this guy and let's start with the light actually middletown into the sky this way for most sweeping strokes to be very careful there just aren't enough become too vertical and it's like this eyes were in and that is one that was living in my life of my life and now let's go to the light turn out like this
always the lights out at the horizon a fire that's very effective in the right in with don for not around your health and tucked into the other tenants like this i had to be very careful as i said you and the sky went straight down i'm sure there is a sky like that's pretty rare the precondition i have a tendency to leave their campus in spots that work sometimes very well but when your inexperience it might upset you so for the cameras singing oh death as they were in it actually clear clear sky that's burned october that like this and just things like that
let's go to the right hair was on the right side start with the small yellow heels and we start with the light turn like this is very careful the light tone is on the right the memory or light is coming from the right and he's a lovely pale yellow heels we have dark tone on the left actually mean to and i went into a dark is i want to make a very different feeling here these are very far away and so they're quite pale and a little bit of yellow quite over here in the second or the third hill like that little dark in here i would like to add a wee bit of arias on that it's better relations but just a moment
on the left like this mean now maestro is dowling and over now when richard right tone then dark and then those at the c's light dark light and so on you create the difference in your heels this job is like this over down and over the creative gap in your emails i would like heirloom yellow tail and two and this transitional smoother join justin know it how
to create a feeling of distance over here we have an interesting situation in that the sale the truth so you have it a little lighter this creates a feeling of this coming out with a very dark counting here like this this is interesting right here we are still in that that i was struggling with in a drawing because i had gotten my brush too wet not blended with the other town so it doesn't look like it's a stock on in there it's a little green very dark green valley fb now before i go any further i would like to take a clean nice clean your knife like this go into the sky and driving down of the hills like this that
softens the hill is great a wonderful feeling because investors are always have a haze the pipettes by i would like to see just a little dark green right here like this you see and creating as i go along this is what's so marvelous and you'll be able to do this same thing you'll be able to create and change as you learn and once you learn it will free you to experiment which you will have a base and that is what it's all about this whole system isn't even getting started painting valuable darker turn here but please keep this very light here this hill for a very wonderful reason and you'll see it as we develop painting a little more don't worry about this you're going to a dozen men that clear that up is a
little fuzzy they're really that for the moment now we have lovely water now the american water it is a narrow of the sky will hold water in your head it's clear that there's no color so it a body of water acts as a mirror for the sky is never graced or nice guy i'm proud to have brainstorming water so remember that are going to take counter the sky and break down and you were also say you may see a color like this reddest of the dark toe to hear is just like that they're young and i'm i was drunk really there for just a moment and let's go to the other side where mixed an extra light tone very carefully we must do this carefully every train these local it's because it's very important to create that feeling that i was trying to enjoy the
light brigade is just a little soft you have that problem just bring this out like this area i'm going to help rebuild it for the moment we live right next to light tone on the right now they will be trying to will use forty ounce for firewood and the case maybe but we'll get into that lecture for the moment like this deal is about don't fret will get back now we go to you know turn left it was the boat and i just a citizen don't want to go around and then if i can go here now we have not a problem but we're supposed to and we should have a reflection of the green hills into the water the patient
this job is like this over with her mother's drug abuse of the grass and what have you whoever the warrior who must look what's being left out shrubs here and that we will go up into it is a good point and here i'm takes a little bit like i've just done with the bushes and then you bring that which is up over the skies of the watertown mr grenier well as a reflection that a little purple to get a feeling of shadows there are trees there and the dark side any way the light is coming from the right i would like to add a little purple right along the edge here
to clarify are in that's because the terribly important and they're very interesting at quite a lot to the painting does he have a variety of shoreline iran and its ally was actually rather but painting but these little goodies that we've put in it the painting a little interest and excitement and greet at a mortgage i think i will bring this down this way end up like this i let see that for just a moment they also have a feeling here of a little reflection not much very likely the society reflection along a shoreline you just see that very very lightly now levi for the moment
that are in arteries as usual a lovely purple trees i think i would like to make this law the very interesting and lovely now let's put our tree is this is of course a great distance away from this point so the trees are quite small bakery purple eyes straight purple always like that i believe they got through three trees that not too many just a feeling of trees their trunks delicate right now i can't remember they're far away unknowing or prominent the purple on to the vegetation that much better let's get a feeling and being glitzy flighty down into the water
like this ballad so we have a problem in his very the problem that situation that we must work around so the vegetation is rather dark on the left side like this and i think their grade at a little extra yellow in our entire light tone so you can see it from the background these things of course you will learn as you pay you always play like dark tones begins like tones constantly every fall the simple rules it's amazing i began to do them automatically and it can even figure out and pay these days that you do by yourself there's actually not interest in turning a love macy committees and we haven't this is the memoir this thing about the system he's gotten people started
painting but not necessary way i think very early those are the moments go to the foreground is very distinct foreground were going to add greene with purple and red has to be very dark to create a feeling of death that's also very beginning can think as i mentioned before so let's start with the green and the strength is like this purple we were purple and dark green together like this are going to work in a little green like that's because this is a very interesting area like this particular question
reading them pushes and it's a mess so you don't see the individual bushes you just see a massive bushes they're a little lighter tone on the right side we were going right down in here like this little like a green right here just a wee bit please and i would love to keep it as foreground very dark it's very very important that's where blue purple the bottom line that isn't the most thrilling part to watch a painting actually come together at the last moment not like to get about that little boat and i would like to make a point of time they were going to play a long square like this
and this is what you do to cut the corner here and we're like that you say goes this way this way this way and that way and you have a boat and that's how you do it a second size very dark like that it's a very old robo finally whether they're there you are now i'll do this thing here i'm going to think that the boating with the brush and you do the same very quickly caliphate by night about his yellow ochre like that purple and then in the center
there's a bit of a lighter tone on the right side like that give the purple ink inside the boat i remember that we were painting a boat in california says i know very little about boats one the students who has a boat nearly died laughing get light sail but she said my boat was going one way and the sale was going another for so much for my knowledge of boats fi stairway from anything mechanical but the mares in the wet pane please do not paint and instantly scratching and that they'd have a very sharp edge of the desert in both if you find a boat going to look like a little bathtubs and you have a very nice painting forget the
boat and let it go at that no one i know no the differences don't worry about it it has a little thing that goes here it actually is more they're like a different there's a second look at this down here like a very i would like the chiseled purple hair and eighty to now again please once you finish your painting leave it alone trying not to keep going back to it well the painting is finished but before i leave i want to show you how to mix the cockpit every time i come on my color is only makes that we haven't had a chance to show you will not very often so i'm going to show how good and it's the greens for my next thing
red apples to take a large tablespoon of poker you add knicks green like this then we add a little the malian to cool it down that's the little town because it's very entertaining is painted in three tones of light medium and are we take a half a teaspoon from that divide the remaining pile in half so we have three bottles we added a teaspoon of wine and a teaspoon of light yellow to make the light tone of green news on the leaves on this and you always use white with yellow tiny didn't all colors white with yellow to dark you're telling me this center tell because that's the nation to darken their livestock or the dark there with a shadow is you add in this case a half a teaspoon of purple like that and a quarter teaspoon of green and they have it as you can see very plainly three thousand green for my apple thinking
there you are and you can do it is not difficult always remember you must that your three tour know that is that's what the important thing is in painting it appears your own color be sure to have three values there and remember don't ever touched the middletown need it that way to his wife next to there we are and now his signature theme of the budget now any
there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies tunes only noon when rob
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