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it's b these years it is like and i'm a sea kaminski handed down a record that they made
light shows red apples list dating is a little easier also were going to be used in a dramatic raid cam's actually it's all exaggerated but in thinking i want to show you the structure and in doing so i made very very red apple's official christopher christian not to runny i've got something on the way and lots of eleven other difference michael nutter who i know is i just got little thousand and very careful about that visit you get fires and your paypal show or not but the grades in as usual divide you're canvassing chorus verse like this
i'm using the same size campus for irk a reason every technical reason however if you're not so confined but i will say one thing you must consider the size of your cameras along with his subject in this subject we will use a radical campus because it it makes a better composition and when you say what we do where we join you understand what i was trying to and the point i was trying to make now we're going to drop embraced this is a little unusual in that when it is any of all our part or what have you were just joining a branch with some fruit on it i thought this would be a nice change for you someone come this way richard branson variously at first were going to change in a little later but kinder for let's do this have been going
here and we have no i'm going to the center like this of course it's a rancid don't have it too smooth and a little schmaltz like so many another branch like that it is also magical that's a line that will change now we have two pieces of fruit back here and put your branches in like their lead there for just a moment i will start with the apples again very simple form we have one beautiful apple appeared like this line always get phone lines are paid only so i think that they have another win here like this very loosely please don't worry about the form it will take shape of color and we have to they're behind believes that as they pay ll explain this which will give the impression of from behind police use even our old front of course there's some
behind the branches in one hand and in another when we're like them we have one coming down here this way just happened to be a whole year so i designed its composition i realized that i had a space here so i just simply add another branch in another apple does with lovely about fruit and flowers you can add bites and what have you and fill in the holes now we have three apples these are very interesting because they are one behind the other and in how you will notice the difference more than in the drawing please be sure to drop one fruit or another do not try to go i have preferred mine for example put the satellite tried to half an apple drop the fruit in entirely each one else at a lot of problems because of distortion but we won't pick in that way i'll show you in a moment how we will pay there's three of them together naturally not the same position or like that one behind the other and now we
have two apples down here like this there again we have one behind the other thank goodness droid an iphone and don't worry about the little stems and what have you israel battle of that later on we have some lovely ladies please do not draw the leaves and at the moment i know because we want change and and at least according to the space we have and what haggis enough so confined may decide to change the position that leaves a wannabe this afternoon to work around and don't confine itself to a drawing in such a way that you can't add or subtract to improve the composition look at him or sometimes those lawyers and through two end up changing it and it's worse than it was before but as the burial
i'm going to add some least just to give you an idea but i wore chains and in a little while and then to be there for the moment but now the next thing we're going to do is shave the apples the light is coming from the left so we're going to shape the right side of the apples like this now the point i would like to make and painting the fruit they are round objects so we try to use ground strokes like this every stroke that they put on this canvas for this before and are not filling in an empty space you're constantly thinking form creating or myspace think apple's think ground like this city as a very important one stroke you create the character of the arctic you're taking like that how does apple is indeed shadow is matt that these are indeed shadow because they're behind the lees which you will see in a while
this is behind this i got just one side only this is behind this apple sold just one and this one's in front so part of it is shaded only this is not as dark as theirs but it's not a slight as these are in between the light my fire i think that's all that's enough of the drying and the learning now granted of course did a painting in the stately we have a little different situation that we had the dark tower at the top and the hotel in the light till the reason i did this because we have a lot of dark leaves there in pinning a dog it will help this we have all these leads to do you're the key that area very dark and very dense so start with the dark town at the top like this is well you know there is as you've plated objects or paintings of the product malek is always great down that means if not as bright as the conflicts we are changing for the very simple reason it's just that it's a background color
and it should not compete with what you're thinking if it should just be the background or a foil for the painting orleans if you're painting how do your branches forget it because you're going to write back to as now for you as you pay them out because of don't want you playing in between them and shows so that's about like this one we get some paint on i want to show you a stroke that i'm very fond of the hits we haven't done so far i call i crisscrossed though i'm sure that right direction and his own ideas about strip out to crisscross this has to be convinced the strength of
one phrase don't try to have a painting while i get to paint on and then work it a third of the way down the plank scratch out your branches so you don't really become to two last night and i don't want to get hysterical when you have a branch weapon anyway that's why this is the deal like this is this little brighter than i thought but nonetheless it's perfectly all right when you get the green is it will see the difference because because ms get a little impatient with
life areas to pay for the anxious to get into free flight impatient with the background work when you will to take your time and take it out very carefully a hurry up don't fuss with that orphanages and then breaks it doesn't now that the light plays very solid many of the patients this is a young the color is beautiful with the red apples now you will notice and i will keep telling you but there's one thing i do want to tell you right now i use in all shaded green as a background but what actually happens is that the thing that will be done in the city will be the apples to get the green leaves and also a degree and background are related you will not
notice them as much but the apple be very very very dramatic and you must create drama when you paint you must create a pain it has impact us why the nice thing is so wonderful for beginner it if you don't draw very well it doesn't matter because i'm the famous impressionist the work was very distorted but the color was wonderful rain by brent are right there gail regard to workers job in like this take a little of the light and medium term i go up into a dark town and we work her crisscrossed stroke like this though it's an eternal values it's very important not to lose your title that is please don't or what a troubled and mixes three towns don't lose them are going to work a little dark tanned and medium tone down here like this this is a large expanse of campus here so when you know like
cycling in the background like this is a barrier just enough because not flat looking chicken now you there for just a moment i would like to die and it was a little purple in here i'm so sure happy that there is and they were standing on the right of me this right now that would look like helen mirren as micah sloat dr beason wonderful barclays going up in there pools real changes again that hasn't please don't fuss with it don't worry about it but then again they're like they don't lose them the apples especially violence and the breaking down here like that and be sure that you're apple say hang on the branches right
they're hanging out there we have a very clear that you don't have a christmas brainchild of christmas balls on the field from the lse that for the moment at a wee bit of dread for a little excitement because a very deep is a color in the apples in the background to relate the whole thing now let's start with the apple was restored the top now this is the thing that's very exciting and i want you to watch this very carefully because this joke again is very important we take a dark turn like this and incidentally these colors are not next they used drayton the power that's a deal a blessing for him an ally turned on the right side like that particular purple
and land that ever so little like that for just a moment remember we have a core area here with a little stand comes up so that must be quite dark and it has a bit of a light tone on the other side which creates the feeling he going to go for this one apple's here in the like it quite a lot of light so they're quite right and take the purple that's the all formal think that one is his invention adjustment we have a shriveling up we hear what nicety a doctor at the bottom that way unlike turn on the right side loops tells us that the light is catching the opposite side of that the
presbyterian where the spam goes let's go to the right one here very dark it it's in the shade or it's shaded by the elites so we do not see the bright towns on this one very little probably just a little on the left but no highlight just a wee bit but not much when someone tells you where you're finished painting but you have a wonderful christmas tree just like that when i was teaching in california my son also was an art major in the painting very abstract matter and so again three of his friends came to visit me at the studio of course they're the drip in school
painting and i'm in the class everyone thinks the same thing very much as you do with me so they were horrified when they saw ten of everything and you're staying in families can apple z z i was saying my son the college for the school's steel and dunn is begin to apologize for me and i didn't like nothing really irritated with these boys anyway and one voice said you mean you know different paid before you play and another one said butterfly cowen lawyer so i was really upset and finally i was first a friend whose ten apples in stereo like put my son on the chassis six five lies and michael you see those apples that look like apple sees his young life well i said my dear those apples or look like apple's by sending your colleagues so you could get an apple that doesn't look like an apple well he has had to show a massive fight to them all back to the house and a great spaghetti dinner
and luke this one we said well anyway mrs committee is your made great great spaghetti thought that the laws to pay barry i just a wee bit of color not as much as the apples on the left just a wee bit like that this one again is dr that we have to learn in this day in age when things are changing especially art forms but we keep going back to the old way is not the old ways just a different way i've been accused of creating an old fashioned way by golly every once a while they still come back to fruit that looks like fruit as beginning a five minute he's here for you to take things that are representational you can extract
foreman as you know for a first and when you do remember that a martin or abstract painting is concerned with the space around the arctic one we're learning we are only concerned with the object when you learn the shape of the object and what you're doing and then you can make changes let's try this one here are as addison very bright and a doctor tell you're like this too concerned with getting an absolutely perfect painting is charming if it isn't going to create a feeling in here of a light hitting it right on top because that apple's turned up
like that aren't you get down to the last apple's ucla is a flat of a knife like that i live here we have two apples down here has been middle tones barely he is darkest behind this one remember and have a little bit of purple on the right side of that to emphasize the deference should do that here or so a little
privileges like this bumps but now baucus quite soft but you get the idea i'm interested in not showing you what a great painter i am i want to show you how to pay so i'm interested in showing the structure foreign texture and what have you and that is important especially about life thinking and you get away with a bad drawing or distorted drawing if you have very good color by their media now but when i leave sin basis for joining us again as a little different little departure are going to drop in our branches and it is with the
brush and purple like this pick up a huge double page like that on your brush and very lightly trail down branches and of course dig it goes without saying that they are not to be perfectly memory it's a branch after all i think there's been this big enough but don't draw that if you do remember that you dropped it because you won't remember and it will stay where you have clothing or your car or whatever it'd be suppose of course appeared on carbon that bigger problem there you're going to hear like this is that these leads in
the car well tell us what we're doing this in these coming down on top of them battles like this i like that i don't like things or looks that i so tried to get some movement in elite internet has to leave it's been like this they must of course but in changing do not set position especially on the edges like if it's very interesting to have a few loose again it's a benefit that wonderful thing you can use this is designed for london's for any other fruit that goes on a tree of course and those dog with my dog
very quickly like this and i need you can fairly quickly drawn them in that way dark tone on this side like this fb pics your life and so for them to create that for me like that it's simply a way of using they're greens and a stroke the flatter the knife please like there's a nice light tone on the site like that keep it exciting keep it interesting keep it moving
and the different about the runaway dog your right side i'm taking a little artistic license here with italy's highlighting and it right now on the on the left side like that that given the lush as delicious look not on the back apple because they are in shadow and i'm not getting a light that goes back a wee bit more purple with firm our ranges from a lot of secondary branches like this
there's about as you know has some other branches like that the second do afterwards there's actually treated you have lots of little branching secondary young branches and they're like well there we are another masterpiece but before we sign on i would like to show you the palette the way it really looks i know you've seen these colors in the openings but i want to show how it looks on the palate before i buy food with it we have ten calories and only ten college class white and i want to tell you what those colors are the first color burnt amr the second column altering blue alison crimson
like read our ancient yellow joker and cadmium yellow light was yellow cadmium yellow medium and caribbean or theater green and of course white not her signature puff puff puff puff the bye for now senators
there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you're only noon news
Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky
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Red apples
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint red apples.
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