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i'm really really mean oh yeah right now i
did and now today's adventure of others cope one jewels of the sky there's a lot yeah thank you mr shortz yeah
who may not think they're it may be i'm not gently kiss tired of lying around well i'll try to make fun of me you're right so here i'm sorry that you guys are you know i feel pretty happy about water is because it was a couple it wasn't getting along we even seen them rise was like before we arrived everything in ruins thank you we seem to be for your good straight course yellen are but you've got some afford to avoid russian tourist remember just doing
wrong wrong this was just in the way it is now you run into outer space oh we could find a i don't think that today we just going to keep our eyes open and so when we can't we have fanny burney oh good care law its loans try to raise more trouble ahead at you like a moving cars and the
only me saying no night those things with us but it's
been you raise is all be to the south you know to be continued next time windows to the past it
and today was no va been reaching out a few weeks ago i went to work with my grandmother he's a cleaning lady cause in both military
and you can see the way the communities actually i he graham i'm really glad he took me to work with you it must really be fun working appear yes it is richly it's a nice place to work in this building the world trade center is one of the tallest buildings in the world and it has been a pretty long ways but people when they came in to work damn it like being a cleaning lady there's a lot of bad and i don't like that there's the life i do like lots of
my friends like working parents because that way they can be home with the children during the day it will let me later that night i got a little sleepy it didn't seem to simply bette davis were cleaned up and hobby lobby is still the school
that's graham allison and now we're joined by big game on the show which asked the question can a nice girl like richard wicked find new games to play every day with the help of a small stuffed doll named rainbow video every minute cotton with no commercial interruptions in libya i can't wait till we always find a way well we must find a winner so i think it's fair that we were today we can choose who set i there are names author my great grandparents came from japan and they taught me a terrific game for choosing who was going to be in a role originally that your neighbor is going in such a game rangers reached you correctly now kids are playing
game in camp games use your hands and fingers to decide who was it or who goes first this one is called john campo in english it's called rock scissors paper first we split up into pairs now we make a fist and say john campo i couldn't show and promise on one hand like it's a sign for a rock is a close race but this so i mean so is his watch them cut and this means paper laying out flat now let me tell you where it's that a rock and breaks scissors so we'll wait here and scissors cut paper now is this are clear and paper wraps don't so the paper wins now the stronger sign always will win and that's how you played john campo made a bass player when they ride into paris now get seven began yeah there were these unsuspecting didn't realize that in keeping with my red double that vacation for a
ruthless and rand and ron ness i've been sealed look you will begin to undermine that you want to add to it paul just look at that you know paul's son clash was just was for the suns over here you are pointing to the wrong part of the sky the people will draw this cartoon not confused let's pray if i didn't know better i'd swear my hand was stuck together with icky glow i will get ya if i weren't sure that it couldn't be true i swear my head was full of ag globe by a whale again ah i would be asked of me and bizarre has three or i guess you win an available anywhere and record collection
i know that oregon's watchman job and niceness issues as a mob to make you root for our failure thank you in bong bong bong he said that the land across the ocean is a strange and wonderful place else so i wonder what it's like over there should i help young and
wild strange looking at least scare him it's a new world no close submissions being gay men have been insane jose
there's an airplane with every mission we'll hear now suppose a standout and you just live to see his dreams come true and many more
right now i think you do it that says that you know i'm sure i we see a kind of the scale of the role you know
this is the name i know it oh yeah it's been
nine days it's the prow us it's both no
no it's been nice but i'm fine that's
right it's both this is big if
babies but that's black mm hmm nice
job little thought that it's super detail resident bellevue reversing its realize like a range or rest an actual operating leaders hold lessons by ships in distress that the spiral effect of it even has a real likelihood no no patients
after that it's nice the proportion that it is bo's
birthday i am meet we'll talk
about it now all our necks in a van niel did with a reported that they'd rather than there are nano goal va we like the americans
thank you we really do it does no no no
no emily green in now
i did and now today's adventure of actors go one windows to the past he were going into a bunch of lights and it looks like it's where we want it did for tv we do not have to know you
to know you walk thirty we know how it follows and we are clean that pain it's you must be dainty how creamy tart because if you were twenty you would look like us wow that was strange happens for may we're back in fact long long journey really foolish i want to make my day i think they were very afraid about five year to be invented to you to feel superior but you must be nerdy you're
like whoa whoa whoa wow we want to examine more closely at this he's been huge thank you i know you ain't here we are you know wow i'll never do
that again and i was really stupid dr tice the ways that was try using direction that went way at it's changed how you can get into and that just emerged is because of the way they work here every wednesday and help us we're going to have new england was still this tune oh i don't know it's just you have about this voyage the strange places we've seen he was lee
amy murray when does a yemeni and smell the best ideas not clear when he's far far away you can suggest ideas thank you gigi i mean it sounds and you can really count on it was terrible but once we
understood what they were doing really change things around i'm a fan of any wannabe seeing that thank you to be continued my name is michael demers
i am a member of that they lived would equal the puerto rican militia were others got together and decided to establish a sense of what's in the community much of my graphic work and painting deals with themes of putting all the facts that they are indians were the first inheritance of puerto rico the average go to going onto the spaniards came along and co mostly and i try to do all that was going through bring it back and make him alive again as i get more internet history i can see an understanding approach is more in my operating they want the images to mean to me although it isn't abstract form it's more of the feeling that i was with when actor as is enjoying an oil painting photography and so a screen printing
the first job it could be a teenager it can be in the circus this is beans so we're going to just you know i can remember my first part was in the first grade and it was a picture of my room for a jewish owned movement success recently about a lot of classics like silver
to see the senate is ted cruz can choose our it is more free and will slowly are convinced is a fantasy and now we join but then they want to show that asks the question can a nice girl like gritted with that line new games to play every day walks
this year an announcer we couldn't face sitting through that long winded introduction of yours again we are off to new mexico to learn a new game maybe you'd like to join us if we're lucky you might learn the new introduction who signed cricket and ringo and likewise all so quickly then we go off the new mexico way that's all i wanted to go why he faces none of aleppo are all right wing person who launch on spoil sport itself you've heard that demands and i also steal candy from babies he also steals big baby because i'm also colic it and i'm going to spoil their day in the attic and plays a lot of the name of its pinion it started nearly eight years ago then they played in spain
and an old mexico both young adult play both basin soprano it was brought to the usa by the chicano was at that now here's virginia that's right it's made out of crepe paper and clay insiders can be another good stuff like pennies confetti and popcorn enough to last two week but you have to get out of it well you just have to bat it with this long stake here to be a break with union humans were blindfold i will die and knowing that i'll be bawling this rope so it won't be as easy to get as you'd hope now put on your mind falls it's time to begin the first wonder bread pudding o o m oh
yeah why cricket wakid what a coincidence meeting you here do you mind if it could as wealth on and why did you return at the kenya after because you're sweet decent good sport it's here in new hampshire a little bit she know that i have conceal a madman in the pea now that now i'll just attach some other magnet to this day and i was the little mess why wouldn't be fair if that game worker one he's planning to cheat something has to be done the time has come to strike a blow for a run in this race now to stop the
blowout for goods said curses between again and the thing is my name is sylvia goes on puerto rican americans took a class on the chance to understand and that it has an art museum located in new york city but the best part of the museum where the classes where the boys and girls are age to do all sorts of great things some of painting join and making things out of clay others were doing
silkscreen design encourages everyone seemed to be very busy and happy we must have the envoy was about political history it's appalling christopher columbus fearful lies lies fatima alone
that's right beautiful get with that conflict with the va and learn for rodriguez gave to you know as a writer
of poems in puerto rico that time puerto rico was owned by name in the people wanting to be free a lot about her love for puerto rico and her feelings for freedom for people in a song called the boring kenya so you're right those gas stations and it goes it is so typical puerto rico heard that fans animated haven't felt it was against bain in his cd called that race
is rachel's read people's favorite on that day the people of puerto rico proved that they could be free of spain today and i'm going to hang around was going to survive until hours of magical thinking that always clear census can find a peaceful ocean when columbus arrived in the harbor this is the future it is
others to live on her in the red in the old you know yeah yeah i mean thank
you no i don't yeah yeah can you we thought we didn't have the people and seventeen that when it rains you've done that in tv anymore anymore hotline chris
the beach you know the current thinking than the navy kill and pee well this is a time that our family was indeed a convenient can think that it can't mean up and down the i felt silly we don't do that silly i'm sure the girls weren't only done they just don't know any better messina proudly the ones on television i know i try to tell them that the cities are not only there when i get here i was to put on a show but there are anglos and make them look sick and bear
one of the sunni don't be hell and down and saying you're listening to feel their work is so they find out in music has come around the cartels the pod is back thank you the police
unions that's right christian things beach
now now now all our necks in a van niel did with a powerful than all the reports that they'd rather than there are in an old gold va we like
the americans thank you it's changed a lot it's bad the
news but just a jew when it to medium i introduced you to find his boy in the whole school knew just a day and why don't you say something people talk this day now i
did no i
Vegetable Soup
Episode Number
29 & 30
Season 1
Producing Organization
New York State Archives
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New York State Archives (Albany, New York)
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Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 30 includes an Outerscope I segment Windows to the Past; a profile of Puerto Rican artist Marcos Dimas and his Taino designs; a story about playing games featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones); a story about Sylvia, a Puerto Rican girl, about her trip to a museum; a story about Puerto Rican writer Lola Rodriguez de Tio; a story about Monica and her friends and a lesson on stereotyping of Native Americans; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe about making the southern dish Johnny Cakes.
Episode Description
Episode 29 includes an Outerscope I segment Jewels of the Sky; a story about Richie and his grandmother who works as a cleaner at the World Trade Center; a story about playing games featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones); a story about a boy who wants to go on a mission to the new world; a story about having to babysit; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe about making the southern dish Johnny Cakes.
New York State Archives. New York State Education Department Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting educational programming videos and associated paperwork, 1977-2005. Series B2623-18.
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