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fb these years it is hello i'm a sea kaminski today we're going to a storm
over the adriatic and all kinds of very characteristic of italy and we're going to try to think and to date in the way and the lovely thing is to fantasize years old puff puff puff puff why the right place carla thousand life sounds like sandpaper some are quite rough here we are now going to put in i'm drawing so we start with the greats as per usual and poorest areas like this extremes and nature
very exciting to write but also give you a little leeway tickets to stormy or whatever it doesn't matter who's been this way in a landscape or c stable whatever is the horizon line it shouldn't be in the senate should be less than center above whichever is more dominant either the foreground or the sky in this case you're very dominant or exciting skies to the foreground is not as la torre is wide so that the line here would be on the first the line from the center like this it's reading this is an uneven shoreline
for the sake of making we went anyway now we also have an essay and i was very cagey and having a wee bit for you for a first time around and wild say so we just have a suggestion of a say here like this a wee bit like that starting the bottom you see all we start from the bottom and then start working on six inch on either the ground or the sea whichever the case may be like that's fine now because they have a marvelous cloud formation and we don't want to get lost their should say the storm the area are going to have a beautiful cloud bag right up here like this put that in very lightly like that we have another won the center of the campus like this like that is quite light on this
side and rather fade out here like this now we'll shave those but for just a moment we would just put the outline unlike the fight now we have on valentine's about three of them here the position that was rather important they are blowing in the breeze and i we have a young one and here young tree let's start here at seven one tree like this start right about here like that please oh well maybe i will put the foliage in because you don't know what they look like and men as creator will take them out and sadly it going this way because thereby to say they tend to lose their shape actually quite straight along to say they take on vacation because of the wind and that's pretty much any place you there isn't a storm alice when going like this i know
the prices are drawing in the breeze like this they are actually a little milder not straight like that very interesting i went i loved painting him the foia says at the top in a cluster of giving the appearance of an umbrella that's why they're called umbrella pines and iran there's a homegrown weapons and it's quite interesting is also really eerie i think that's what is that like i kind of failed to make the nfl now remember they're going into grace oh this is such fun i loved to paint exchange nature out is slowing here like this and it's
also it is too heavy i'm going to show them in very lightly with my bride i want to show you the characteristics of these trees but as you know we will take them out for a nice trying to repay them out like they're okay now we've got the drawing and we're going to say that in this case actually the light is coming again from the left it there isn't a lie but there is a song there's always some like coming from someplace the reddish at clouds but again as i said this like russia may be announced that the lights and archer not extreme in this painting because of the conditions it's been the point it may not be able to say that to be a man the new trees so i may have to be that because every week
i'm interested in getting the clouds in which go behind the trees and says they are first they are much more important so we will do this much later on i got to do it right now actress is shaded there's no like to save everything at one time barrier now the water is here like this has little white caps and a surprising ending mccollum white horses there's no water and again it's rather rough but not always please feel blessed me for that are you going to say the foreground it quite dark at the top like this is a very interesting for grandmother way i'm going to refer our tree is
making a little darker green we have laws that it will pay the tax it out except in a very lower prices don't know where they will go who is your little different don't worry about it there we are there now there's a drive let's start with the painting that's the fun part we'll always start with the light on at the horizon and the skater but the light tone here and that in a cluttered do that first visit that extra light down there again we have four counties don't worry about the trail
and later if we had to worry about going to treat coal is what it would look like a different a very strange looking and felt actually the light entrees like that of course plays in a rather and even fashioned this way until they are storm clouds or go into the navy in town on that now the fun part about doing something like this or you may do it differently but as long as it looks like a storm following the saddest three medium tone going right
through here like this up into the clouds and through the tops like that i think that i'm going to add a little bit of orange or lavender judi and lavender right there at the base is an interesting town here like that all that start with a doctor not going to build the clouds as we go along and this is generally the clouds are around he was he was there especially that the way business has
been dark gray and green to that someone to create a little darker feeling is not quite dark enough so i want to create your daughter feeling of that little green and the little purple to give it a very brooding threatening feeling to the sky joe davis with a light shone like this now that's the most important thing in this plaything unless you make your full attention fb the point turn into fantastic spies and water towers may be too
threatening i would like a little white time between there like that honestly that along now let's go to the water for a very dark town along the water's edge because it's very deep out there so we have an extra dark can remember raising again an extension of the sky turned dark and down for the water to do that first like this issue of almost lost a tree is i know they're there and so will you and then we have a lovely town which we have used in the sky with a big yellow added to give it the reading greenest town and they do this are you a lovely town that we use for grasses and more and what had you down into the grasses there i
guess b you have attempted to do this and still painting which we've done in california be very careful if you don't have a storm coming up and that can happen we retaining of the beets and then tour and i am we came within a storm came up and my students were killed full of sand and when i went back to rise to this at the free one and you're painting is it a woman gave my husband with another student and has all this one a saying paintings and she brought it to sell a start and we'll pursue of the ways that you can imagine that was a plus but not always so awful lot so you i see rick and the feeling right i think you heard that in that i
i'm enjoying as a bit you're right i am not going they're going to put little white caps on that and i think we should do that right now hearing there are no waves place the little greenest town that we printed tells us that the water is coming up and because they are lighter one that water turns out that like it's you're going to get a beautiful shade of green as go to the foreground let's start with the dark tend to greenlight this and on that are going to add purple like this started at the carroll a barrier dark green bavarian darkest rain like this this is almost in silhouette and this is what
creates the fantastic contrast because a painting a great deal of excitement like this take purple and dark green and working together like that we have a lovely shadow here they're again we're getting over like this it now this may give you clothes but don't just keep thinking i'm like you know which in the village in which a delay the doubt don't be afraid of failure and of their favorite author of michelangelo first time around fine not return to jason gallagher and working with the middletown a brain like this like
that just goes this way and pull it over like that is but to pay rain shine and i've thrown across the foreground again right and now entering their to be a feeling of grasses that are growing along the beach think of it as like a replacement or the beach i might think this lovingly in its true little yellow ochre also is a painting of an excitement and contrast in color which is very nice with the blues and going to add a very light tone and there and trying to get as many calories as i can
so that's you have a knowledge of being able to use other colors and not be afraid to use other colors don't be afraid to use any color and a beer for a period as a marvelous saying that one of my students it totally and he said the forest would indeed be a silent place that only the bird sang and sang best seller goes for you don't apologize ever renee i think that gives a little excitement there we are going to do something else which we haven't done and i think are you beginning painters and i'm going to give you a little out now you can do the trees with a brash if you
like and maybe it really easier so we're going to put the trees in with a brush this time but when we pick up a color it must be like this year it has to have picked up a large blob of color you put your brush in the paid a new pickup with a lot like his tune and do not ever run their brush in the paint just pick up your pain on the tip of your brush because if you're under priced in the paint you on the price and you can get a line but that you know you were near brush it will spread it and you never get the paint out feinauer let's go yeah marvelous to hear which of course i completely lost but but i know where it is they're like they're annual two in your case you can keep the trees it a little careless because i'm experience now let's have this like this
fb premium rush constantly and we have this poetry isn't first like that and tried to skip oh eisenhower's don't don't don't try to pain and every line really bending in the wind like that and how you know his dying bank branches there's worry given locals now don't have justin olsen a groundbreaking because they're not however we will use a knife in just a moment ago there's not dictate which is very helpful in a case like this and this is what we have to do is by this
band is branches old doing this clean urine and brash constantly because it picks up the pain from the background and now applies to stroke and the color so you must constantly clean your your own brush like you do your knife i'm going to show you how we are going to take a knife and scratch in the secondary find branches we'd never just a lot less toiletry only hear a tiny little hidden gems that there are storms are very satisfying is probably very revealing i don't know i shouldn't say that you're not
lily's armchairs a carriages arrived here earlier that some ipo label is terrible time was a kid being peculiar things considered an asset and that may be a plain vanilla i'm afraid there i'm going to put in before we do the foliage and i want to scratch in the grass and the secondary branches of the tree see how this works for us to define what the writers say this point out like that i might have a couple of branches down with
jewelry just like that so this pull a few out like that you get a very it's wings sweat off because barriers be i was catch in december as it because you do have this at this age it's wild it's a wild coast kick a beautiful and adriatic that like the tennessee case is beautiful period oh i've seen the big sarah look as beautiful as a cup three s cup korea the cup because line now not too many of them and please don't have the blades impressed to fat and they should also look to shoot an employee appraisals of dearly
but their toll of blowing supposing the planet when i paint a tendency by our territory our foliage we start with a dart and this is what makes it an umbrella pine they're actually talks like this and there again we have a storm so they're blowing like this that's in the dark tones first like this by this bill i'm going to write a few scratches between that is a true again tell us something that's blowing the pork bellies is at the top
iraqi carry around four nation tiara lent an ear know about the different trees in the world and the color of the world there we are that in town and they have light tone that is not all dark as in may have guessed and of course it's on the last side could we assume that little bit of light that isn't the painting is coming from the left also we don't want all one color little purple here give it a little shadow i'm going to put a few strokes do that again to create the feeling that we're trying to earn we had a story visiting a brand just has been low using the underside and will the branches and i would like to put a little
darker tan at the base here it's very important and you know i always like the foreground to be darker and analysts here i'm like this little darker here on this right side at them in a while the storm that ever had i'm sure i want to put a little more yellow yeah i think it's a bit different for them or yellow right here like this as a marvelous light tone which i read a loss when i was playing with it on her
own mormon fb well that's okay for the day and now for the signature as billy beane there's bees
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