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fb general barno thank you well a quiet is i believe make a real champions was displayed by joseph jackie robinson and so now he gives them and take joe's first because he was the head a champion of champions champion was a fire but not oil are finally was a
key element in the hem of the lord he was an employee of the ford motor company we will be fully was taken and trained by joe black and this giant rocks he said a lot of things that really was not known as a doctor joel rose show is a contempt for individuals entering the space you if what like chanel and and tony go until fourteen years ago that the visit thank you would go into view and i can now and he got up and we ended the fight right there in the next round
with attention on him a chance to start again with bushman so they saw something the first fly in the second footloose and they annihilated the hamlin there was one it was said a lot of things on that that remains a lasting memory in people's minds to daylight will win because we've got inside he can run but he can i mean he was a quiet man when he was finally where human the camp they had to juggle explorer had to almost make him talk but after is fighting days were over and used to sit around for the fellows in the shallow my restaurant on
seventh avenue he would loosen up and talk a lot and the like to talk to his playing them this plane golf with the fellows i mean the likes charlie sifford and ray robinson and he discussed some sliced melon lot of people thought that is joe walcott the feeling and the first what you elaborate on that he said he thought the want to on the second flight we stop just joe urges a job right away was a veteran frightened it was also a champion he was even more like a champion boxer a champion and a show of the idiom causes that champions are made of he became the
first black box and commissioner in new jersey and josie josie tired now and then the solos went on to become hosts leslie is here craig you tried a lot of things chris he was a host like globe this is well as linus he was sincere and louis was the us and he was sincere listen to people in northern illinois this
was fans love them every incentive and german id look at them when it took too long and that he would listen to champion with london's joe walcott it was over the phone before he became a champion interviewing many years almost two decades before he won the championship but he also worsened says also choose for accepting that night he won the fight and the shelves in cleveland ohio with a laptop and in this corner night was that mice mice so was is the manager
and he was also surprise visit joanne to become with friends like bucks in commission of knowledge about a new juicing the financial love caught at them when he became champion was live without it was frozen did those to me by the onetime society owe to hear syria's select who went to see him when his friend's chavez should be won the olympic do a terrible invasion of china and the suit came back and praised them said to be the next world champions she was right marinelli was a different chant it was vocal
it was amusing he was cabled will love you and say almost anything be employed shia side of la was first introduced by his friend who became the risk on him and blue beam a bun b lee brown who in the form of seamen and he became a friend a rally when allie first came to know i can stop but ray robinson's tavern which was located in suburban he also became a poet when he would put big round his friends would call it finally we knocked out the was usually write another champion showed remarkable clunky citizen made of ms
jacquie runs this place a lot of things you live closer to the young man he and he was the champion in tracking was a champion boxer and also in mosul a champion in one of the scenarios that they can have no i'm going with a high jumper he became the first black to be a sign the idea the majors won several young men the golden rule or joe bostic checks solomon than girly when two is
tricky was and i can slap him for players flu viruses that he was signed to go twenty when they were his first of those directing because as rick you said each had lot of potentials a jacket was quiet and dylan's early days with that that would be in one channel ailes and them he make of all going to lead join me and to join the judges in brooklyn and it was real then the shows quality as a player as a man and as a leader i think jack russia stands on the bow of all their quotas or make a champion the other
thing there was sugar ray robinson was a different it's a type of championed when he was like a ballet dancer and make a fight look easy and make it look it could not command as an office is most celeb a dance it's rather go onstage do by the way check ray robinson did as a dancer and the toxin called him first when he was first and south of the law was to show the conditions that existed during that period no black players in baseball so what was the atmosphere like you know
people are people oh yeah well before jackie robinson signed with the dodgers there were apathetic they went to a black leads who played in the polo grounds in a huge stadium would text a lot on the little park in brooklyn on annoyed at the rupert stadium but they you and go to the border the major leagues but when jackie signed with the dodgers in a big change the year of the black leagues disappeared and eight pm major leagues to pull a customer's sealand a sellout they'll know so they would get people at those a big difference and jackie show the frantic and clay
delivers that other bases and ran the bases it would then make the end of a chain saw double way he would steal bases he was an amazing that and their fear and to feel lost well he took over for this year and there it was bothered by other racial slurs and that means some his teammates don't wanna play with a couple of them and they can't be a defense to do with his ability to play and which displays scale on a plane to you vegas thing gives them
was the track star althea gibson those attacks not issue the duo insane for you to play ball is to play basketball and shoot also makes them although very doable our first man to that that was a real milestone for now we used to run track every morning run for marlon two am forty seriously get the paper's parent company was the run that uptown and you thought he was nuts but mauricio whole simply running back and forth around the street all day insurance they'll play basketball four months ago when she was mixing invisible blade and the issues that take up tennis i think buddy walker was a
dance band leader was also a bass that will play game of first tennis racket and he was a very special girl and she commanded a lot of attention to display levels questions eucalyptus join us this issue is a list of players the issue is an outfit with a special post she did the worst enemy of that it feel few years
joy and see develop a number of checks does an olympic champions also be it was the helm a quarter of the whole west in m cain others came on that particular became the coastal life soon to israel and now would fail and the and the stand feel and eleanor remember what they were champions in them that and how joy in seeing new insurance plans to moonshine strikes laws in total it a whirl but i'm going to do well too moutray nineteen forty americans for a lucky it will coincide with lawyers call but
you know it was able to convince deal of the committee and other states less capable to him this is true you lose a chance at a normal harlem youngster you thought and believe that the children in new york city were and this is something the almond eyes the youngsters who play one play ball as the rucker tournament which was which became and the national thing was all out west morocco would get the kids who played fred and shoes because the play with and get in the trunks to play and he also had
like silver now senate and the white house bill bradley we invited him to label rule wouldn't worked in the past about a month and when they refused to fix that the ipod fix the holes are rocco work from parks and when they failed to fix the block you'd get a berliner more new infections selfie and cement the ground broken phase of the court the race literally lived with his wife and runs project and he worked and then he went to school he became a teacher and still conducted the tournament and he was a one man
known as they should keep score coach support both teams and them the doctor the one that was given judy would they used it to coat it lands and it has a whole life was that kid's giddens of after school trying to make sure that they'll just little more than rock hill began to get the kids' college now he had or under surveillance is get there and became constance was a steelers was a colored bubble polo who now runs the helm each one to swerve tournament which has a base that i just love hundreds of illnesses and joined the polarization and them so the boys also one scholarships that's rock bottom
you were with us well i enjoy them watch and charlie sifford play golf sugar ray robinson join lo so enjoy those and la la la live and we're like do you have to enjoy it was comical issuance friendly humans the balls painted work in this thing sweet water clifton he also was a force in the national basketball association i remember clouds business it would
constantly play with the idea of the harlem globetrotters in there and it was really was signed up when you first landed on the foot and makes those in first and integrated the press stable than that mammen a mosque that was in charge of many of the gun at that time and it is aig was joel goldstein who runs a big front of polling places from somewhere downtown joel goldstein po po po po he says he was the go to and i ended at five second investable is also the men had
it years ago is another worth fly five more the first one the most memorable one i think wins the man frying forbes he was a moment of baseball people of mosul black baseball games played here and in philadelphia but there was some five promoters out join the logo of a moral and bob got violent more than juicy a lot of melodic now enjoy the floor is so flies available and
there was also a photo of them rob's gym on a sixteen city for probably the most known of all of the black homeowners because he didn't allow or a funny things then there was the ability of black mourners law douglas was also promote opening here was not as well known and that feeling as the frozen name before ian us that will be had as some fervent in a lot of the lead a wave of the present for a horse show people love of woody allen pulled out where the helm the house in
project now staring the esplanade godly at them as roosevelt or she'll it was a very shrewd man they knew what he was doing a buddy and i are people in trouble again back to basketball are the first team to play the bass would've gotten old fast asleep was the tune of collegiate it's plain cool job was steel but you look who became a musician john holmes script romney and jack levis than and breakup right most of them on the embassy's harlem or so as one the first places to name a center after a youngster who was brought up in this season on his name's john rose or hands the recreation center and wesson and thirty four
senate earned them this was a first time has happened in europe that a black boy boy he was eleven people as stand the youngster who also live in the area who we have we eliminate move george gregory was a force a captain on columbia vs stability and that he was also the helm of the coach ok well on the thirtieth was freed when the tennis center now stands case be a playground rook r lee and mara is the young men i think that's around
now that was brought up in harlem and new changes and coach les one teams and hundreds of youngsters have there's a player alley of us teach a collision rule there it is
well one time was difficult for me and a little on the difficulty in onetime who is the lead to the film he had to learn columbus winter in the nearby us there's no longer so all of the music all all mega sale and then they're left the va is the only a is thinner ones that to load a lonely that barry and after the dodgers did do was not to lie the giants yes i think they should but i think they should but
they all that the us the goal of the sacrifice this case love is that because they have to work for it they have to leave the prompt they have to know what time it is an audience of the london well no because the hand they had paid high salaries runaway kid in a lot of school is often a million dollars makes the others feel it can make it go and they all is no sense of them because they want to no ip a lot of money you know it's basically have some skill and they
alone through and be a champion bull cleveland's college they're awful we can save the support of the state we're already thinking orders or was the home team the dedication the young man alone what time means skill and going to school and learn those lessons well as abbas abbas intimate lives
locally but not tonight tomorrow with mr carlos through quite a few close to listen to get the boxes and baseball and bess and they'll also going to do to their profession after the complete plan they continue by going to confession that they went out for you you know the smaller less lead should play the game played this clip
Black Champions
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Interview with Les Matthews
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Miles Educational Film Productions, Inc.
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Film and Media Archive, Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri)
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Documentary honoring African American athletes and their accomplishments throughout the 20th century.
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Interview with Les Matthews conducted for Black Champions. Discussion centers on qualities of athletic champions with focus on Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson and Althea Gibson. Also discusses covering various athletes as his time as a sportswriter, as well as being one of the few Black sportswriters during his time at Amsterdam News.
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Discrimination in sports; African American athletes; Sports--United States
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Camera Operator: Galindez, Vinnie
Interviewee: Matthews, Les
Interviewer: Riley, Clayton, 1935-2011
Producing Organization: Miles Educational Film Productions, Inc.
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Film & Media Archive, Washington University in St. Louis
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