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i'm really really mean now right now it
does david well some trailers seems to be some confusion here well let's say this is gabby their parents are american indians members of a group that was once taboo it's good but it is getting really weird no this is david his great grandparents were born in china some say asian people have yellow skin but is david scan really yellow no and this is tracy up as an afro
american she has a black leather collars dark brown are we different colors are we real different shape of a saint we don't know ok now if your skin has ever peeled after bad scrape or burn you know that the top leaders have practically no call at all let's read about in the more layers of everybody's skin a tiny grains of data brown coloring mature called merlin merlin means dark or black melanin is the name of a dark brown color and material and everyone's can pretend for a minute that this coffee it's like the melanin in your skin don't know and no doubt from a distance the tiny grains
of brown melanin appeared to make skin and ethan brown or ten color if you have always get a graves of melanin eskin it's very light a medium amount of melanin makes a medium brown skin tone and if you have a lot of melody in your skin is very dark brown and all the shades in between are made up the same way but why he was ok yes there are some other things that affect skin color and reassured by dark and light skin on people it first and have you ever noticed that on your local am under your fingernails and other places where your skin its threats and sand and it looks pink in the same way people will have thin skin all over their body may have dark brown a tail light skinned with a peak or reduced him and the skin can change color in the sun
turn maybe new laws or turned pale when you're sick these changes don't last and none of these has as much to do with skin color as mullen melanin is the most important common carrier and people in every part of the world so do people come in different colors no they come in different shades of the st claude and more than that people have the same kind of brain and heart and eyes in latin america and because of that we are very special good going it is
we celebrate many parties like birthday parties and house warnings where it is a custom for the guests to bring a present to the host what the people of action not been a sprawling and other native american tribes of the pacific northwest all parties american just the opposite way the host of the presidents to be guests and it's an important unhappy event each northwest native american drivers celebrates their own reasons and their own way no matter how well it is always important for the post to get gifts to all the guests in the political you try live on the pacific coast of the state of washington have a story that explains the origin and it goes like this long long ago a strange and beautiful bird a kid over the ocean
eventually the village all the young men of the village tried to catch a member there is going to need to include you watch tried for weeks to shoot the bird until golden eagles and my children can catch that peculiar looking bird blue jay disagree golden eagles toward is having this conversation but they remain silent and they explain what to do it is when to them without telling a soul the yemeni detainees do you think girls are you just before descending china
has changed so no one would recognize that and they held their canoe is exactly what some elements even tell me until they weren't very near the bird ecologist as to deliberately we want to use very beautiful and unique next morning djibouti many colors you wanted to interview president certain colors to different pirates yellow and brown feathers to meadowlark brown to robyn brown only two man
little thing our colleague at each particular it was to have been leaving until they had no more feathers left every since this was a story we call a memoir a story of the first kill you talk much the first gates from the people who invited to the people who are invited fb stephen know in mexico there are many tales about the animals but most of them on about igor york they usually have at the wheel play and the hair want to hear the large rather the wrong very very fast not one day
air had finished of a fine meal and burnt leg down and it up three for dc's wonderful you feel you have a good meal you know happy lying there are cleanup they came along they slowly quietly looking for hair and he was hungry you say that we saw here sleeping he approached very slowly and silently and when he was nearing he took a great job employment and it's really a couple here with all his fab four you know how big or europeans i mean it is big but not that began on so hare walk up with if i can start and andy so that was it was in deep trouble but he wasn't really it was really afraid you know why they're smart that's right now or you're just said there cause you have a good day and therefore you feel nice and fat to what a good meal you may now
my hair was thinking very fast there yes yes i did have a fine meal and i'm i don't mind if you eat me for my fillet his old then and dry but be patient because i can give you something to read that is much more ended and softer than i am well it will be said i wouldn't mind having something more tender when i don't see an even better to eat around here so it would have to be you roll a tire me not headed not black i hope you aren't always said he was reading hog why being allowed because clearly there was a problem you may have at present is it i know you see me or you only see me right now because all the tender little hairs are in school now there are all kinds of
saw delicious little hairs they're just the right age group wheelchair lift his lips he said damn well where is that's oh run a lot to us just a little way down they feel they're waiting for me to work in the ring the mountain play but i can bring the trees and i enjoy the story than what you are really well that's all very good but now let's see what we have that's over here and now i'm really young to clean up the city's of know where
is this bill here wondering for the children to come out of school and then he said well it's it's right up your own history and then he pointed to a victory under which there were lying and in which there was a big round in this war hornet's nest is like big behemoth well will the little hairs come out if you ring the bell passed the glee of all they would but i wondering it now i must wait for the right time brought a hair i am not hungry so the choreography and i wait you busy and i'm letting you go c'mon get up and i'll stay here and honoring the bill for you at the right time marc we got to get off of the other here and ann and hair stretched himself somalia now well i don't my running off it you will promise but it was a hearing that they'll forgive but you must tell me how to ring the bell well it's very easy
for other all you do is shaped the three very high all you can be sure i'll learn how should the three hot enough military power on a long run along and here we saw it like a flash and when he was at a safe distance he shouted the show to wait for this sound to reach their dreams probably ok spent as they consolidate animals not only a nuclear power said i won't forget head nabil it away now it has and it has as a lot of the negative and no sooner was head out of sight and korey up their rush to the tree and began shaking it would always might and he shook it and should get a nobel ran so finally through all his weight violently begins at three m down failed a hornet's nests i landed squarely on bonny's back and suddenly the air was filled with we've
reported cases and overall final round and fury out of their nest and stinging tickle your approval for his body what you're going to see it for it was all covered with which hornets and he ran as fast as he could howling org but the hornets were after him always being him embrace that in teaching lesson for knocking down their necks and so we know they had sharks things unstable juicy people people in colorado is that when bills at the bottom was that this starring a standard route and why he's right
it's been israel it's both the piece
the money goes to me it my name's martin and not until i were you banned didn't see you ever tried to find a snake dr question i know whether its price rosen's law denies it and say oh sorry i forgot the
taylor put them in the freezer can keep inform this week always like yeah we're about me ask our hearts that low wages been acting kind of strange lately he's been hiding a dark orange not really wanting me to touch that's all we need minds in the freezer and the six naked says i just name a wave of ammonia that picture of him lisa i feel pretty strange like a feral sow looks for a lie and then one year into object don't you know what was an ordinance that probably as citizens that we know virtually nothing about but it's too late to do anything on the mall that day i hear their cost thirty years of aviation calls to you the last time we
hear that they're right well it i think it was we want you to live in a way it did here anyhow nominee orla cox is that it is big day thank you did with the cell phone that's a line he used again on oral ingestion is when the guy
i'm sure you played it before i would want you to be embarrassed in front of oil your friends in the police station by accusing ramparts you know what he looks like that we can't go back and you just there to make sure youre fact just that the crew will vote and take it when you talk like that while you know you wouldn't even looked like a kid to do the writing look there's no sense in getting upset over do you actually saw was a black kid now we shouldn't have to but that is always some guy out there that thinks that all blacks goes trump just like all snakes but it's even using a bribe
planes yet they would be using your brain and you've got a pretty good look at his life imprisonment that mean he hasn't had a new idea in thirty years and forget martin you weigh in here and it's also unfair this is just very unfair and have to be dealt with but have to be dealt with intelligent just like i have to deal with the fact that you haven't told me why we come here a lot of fun he's nervous frankie tiny dark worn is our eyes while ago with normal yet you know don't worry he's getting ready to ship and has no problem just leave him alone and vicious enemy is it
before you go inside but this is a new segment terribly that you sat down and some among the flowers are gone out of state in on my way to leave your mobile phone doesn't have to be a snake this term can begin a different kind of that maybe after one one would give that night good to be here
chris ah oh oh i'm always feel like that's only a state is usually get is going through it and when she alone one night to it's been in the lead and the night you were gonna do when the white wine out what happened
why didn't it about that it would why now
i'm me it's b thank you you bet
it has been that's right your daily fantasy of guesswork mary francis because of the hacking crisis school may be closed tomorrow i'll be tickled pink once you dig oh yes pain no i did
set a i'm really really mean oh yeah
right now it is you never even try
well don't you think that's being prejudiced oh i don't wanna go it'll be boring no it won't it's an opera for kids operas are pouring oh don't be so prejudiced what's perhaps prejudice comes from two words three insurance premiums before and judge means to make up your mind sometimes it's a necessary part of life why did you eventually you're at the height prejudice means making up your mind before knowing like deciding you hate asparagus even if you've never tried it you know people were not prejudice have a better chance of making plans and discover new experiences in a
girl it's not a money team will unless you you had just a sample it's changing i don't know you want to make a movie with them i guess that anyone can overcome prejudice if they really want to it's a choice you can look at people and see signs of color or have a different way of talking even in a bad neighborhood you can choose to see past the differences you can look in real person
inside all of us maybe we'll see that people are really so different well it's time to toe most won't be useful and ii jenny has anyone ever heard the story about how the mocking gay that the colts would you like the famous native american ballet meaning of recruits were brought to light but
only the mockingbird had the knowledge of speech it was a mockingbird who gave languages to the people and he decided that the creatures of the area should also have a way of speaking so when you called them all together he said all the tribes of men have their nine which is when a hopi speaks it is with a hopi voice when navajo speaks you know him to be a new trial and when you're tired speaks don't the birds should also have an indigenous says i am the one who has the knowledge of languages i will give you the calls by which you will be right the russians saying you walk him you call it he will try to get
you wherever you are whenever you wish to announce your presence you will say shelly trial together do you do and whenever i want you to attend the meeting i will call you buy that some then he flew off quickly saying that so i have to go mark spoke then to the red tailed hawk you red tailed hawk you cannot really like this shall we try them and then he departed the mockingbird address the dire you dunk you should make a soft core like this move move move the doubt said and he flew away you all the mockingbird said you were to make a sound in your throat
like this boom yes i have at the outset you also went away finally only the characters remain mocking group looked at him you know surprise for the two of them look very much alike will appear to be cousins the mockingbird said what kind of beer do you know yes the cupboard answered i'm easily mistaken for you i am the character well a mockingbird set i will give you your call i don't think i want any call every bird should have it's called a mockingbird set in this case it is different the catbird answered from what i've seen you not very popular with the other periods are talking all the time to its talking drives people away the blues yet the meeting as soon as they could make you
you talk too much i would rather not have the language if i talk the other barriers may think it and you want to hold a meeting a mockingbird said you have to know your special call no it won't be necessary to get rid of fact i hear you calling out for the arrow and for the red tailed hawk that i will know there used to be a meeting and i will come at the mockingbird said how you announce your presence when you arrived i'm just free was the catbird said yeah well try that's right but he flew a way that is why the cat parrot says practically nothing only sound he makes sixteen duke so they're nice
and now enjoy and abandon among the question got a nice girl like cricket wicked by new games to play every day without borders walsh the ball in ringgold at all now you're back below and beyond twelve ryan's long johns spoil sport lurks behind the divide creek ca your new omaha has always get into our way was living last day that's all it didn't old scruffy most natural and iran not like a big city where smoke smog and soot or bust places that article playing small club wallace yes jewels play and have a good time at it so i'll teach you how why video ride a bit worse get a boar anybody can toss this one's made of leather and stop full of loss and next find some friends in a field full of snow but ago a
teacher and then you're ready to go you can make one by laying a box on a tie now divide into teams each team stands by its goal and the ball's in the middle just waiting to roll and when the game starts both teams russian double the role say that they've lost in touch at all so soon as they reject each team will begin to get the ball and try to make it go in the other animal if they do then they score the team that will weigh on his goal of those scores more art may interrupt from ideas drop in to commit some the various match to mass with whatever you were doing and how well that's part of the world has so very much snow it's a big part of life wherever you go they're all kinds of words
your role kinds of snow so let's ask our eskimo friends who they didn't know mine is on your coat or your party i mean it you know coming down a book is old that spread out of the ground are at apple ii that i know right or driven un eagles are houses of snow you can live in my laptop the monster now what parts you want to say well i guess what oh yeah what gary nash now you made that jump out now yet made it out now and they want on the heart now in
the league right now shao jiang joined now touches all i wonder what made you return as the bull cow may now let me get that call me davis this season
this is danny some three
thousand you are and you're so when you sing a little although how do you use those that's where the poetry that your body and the pages are about the sea of tiny american kids like us i mean i
experienced the eighties blue baby he says people think we as a nation
he's really good many many it you know you have to be a free state
so that means it sounds like you have today it really does you know because this is an emergency i'm required to businesses banks and pat's mother you know using him out of class work anyway you must tell me quickly what the back and they're dismayed by what snake bite you must be an expert in this thing your son has a snake doesn't it yes he
does that might be you know a responsible one take him to the doctor well i'm sorry but i don't know what to tell you and martin's not hear the issue it was my son's snake he never lets you lose and on the way to do it i've always been afraid of one was that amazes me and i'm nigel been bubble just try to do musicals on the strangest places the story line is no system to rise to service ago a business banking we haven't call seven five
five three o one nine as soon as possible to emergency snakebite but it didn't soothe need it called emergency room at the hospital they don't want to do it on sol hospital to me says harris was no help beyond mr knutson home on reliable completely unreliable we should make him get rid of that dam snake and there's if you're too weak i should call home you know you just give me a whiskey tesla the cowboys always do and how we work because two who works in thank you
ms boyle when your classmates has been bitten nine nine to walk yes that's impossible impossible to alter his name mom i just praise gonna be alright he couldn't he couldn't do our backs snake got to go and it was not included key biscayne barrington says that he has been beaten by nigel many as two holes in his hand you know it's impossible i tried to tell my mother which you listen okay want you call in the legal right
she's doing really crisp along with scott richardson from the rail we met a few days ago at her ear witnesses back and that's impossible but i suspect if you see fang marks well ok art only to the doctors' offices soon as we can get that good dr rice doesn't want to do that segment of manure teasing now he's prodding than a hundred times well one reason is the real estate but i wonder if you say that we're always going to say that this really bite me and he support a story i mean they have to sit together don't they know i don't think you do that would be to me what happened what you see this kid named morning he carries a
snake around in a bank indeed to my hand and so i did need to me because that was a big one i will say one more optimal outcome as that was most will have to make real cuts well because of this boom and reassure everyone know that that is in no danger of one has voted strictly and bows and no friends and know that they do have to a row of two slightly slanted towards that the very seldom by his father frank martz i think that they're well i was working on my train layouts and i
wanted to check if there were any staples left in my stable so i accidentally her of lying that's when i thought oh martin the way been showing off his snake in class today saw i thought i don't scared a little while that need getting the hope today is it just lasts maybe i was a little jealous about martin from a staple gun pro journey also i think what if you took a short history hey david quote only poisonous thank
you so that shows that we really don't know enough about my job so we believe is that's located in a but he is learning how to do with people and their suspicions and fears and we just keep showing that is no been pinned and b the u one with that i
mean you're right yeah yeah i love it maine
they aren't alone what i really want my eye without speaking did you speak to her mary francis of course i did it does
Vegetable Soup
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33 & 34
Season 1
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Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 33 includes a lesson about differences of skin color; a Quileute story about the potlatch and the importance of words; a story from Mexico about the coyote and the hare; a story from Zartero about the Mexican horse-riding sport Charreria; the continuation of the story of Martin and his pet snake; a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe about making the Puerto Rican dish arroz con dulce (rice pudding).
Episode Description
Episode 34 includes a lesson about what prejudice means; a story from ballet dancer Maria Tallchief about how the mockingbird gave out the coals; a segment about playing games featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones); a story about Frances from Anchorage, Alaska and her Inuit heritage; a segment featuring Native American stories and pictures; a lesson from Martin and his pet snake Nigel about lying and jealousy; a Woody the Spoon recipe (voiced by Bette Midler) about making Korean bulgogi.
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