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it's big his pieces the players hello i'm a
sea kaminski as you can say i'm an artist and i teach thinking today in a little while we're going to see or are starting to prove to that anyone can paint the system i've invented for you the absolute beginner bedolla misconceptions and thinking i think a lot of pretty funny somehow i think people have romantic wild notion that to get inspiration or rushed to the campus and yet secure masterpiece forget it just isn't set of course the other one in just by funny as that oh i forget that you mention it it is with a lot of orgies at a very good picture while you can but dumb it's very rare in any case i'm going to show you the news of this system we'll get you started painting and that's the whole idea to get you started with is nothing more frightening than a pure white canvas and squeezing allow upright and not knowing what to do with it sometimes they were going to do in the system is just
plain the campus like this sixth grade this is the painting with death i don't have to do anything but we really do we take a little bite and where you'll find out very quickly what that live within the church faith i think i can be re arm have a great deal of anger of the very difficult with that if you're allergic to earth very are now actually do that in like that off please don't get it to die and don't have to do that thing now we do this in like you have a bare canvas because we are also going to drop quickly there again i broken another rule nice audis are women learning were taught to use charcoal or pencil or for a wind it varies a canvas and secondly if you make a mistake it's very difficult
to remove now i read this section the cameras this is very important progress on the campus this helps replace or rga correctly and i think it's very discouraging thing for beginner lot to be able to place their subject correctly aside time you get placed directly of god now the mood divide you're canvassing corners like this first i don't think i mentioned that but we are taking an enemy's it's best to start with a fork first visit his tie with high nations and you end up with between islam is going on you if you like that there we are and for goodness sakes don't use a ruler after all we are by this i and again fairly straight action if not don't worry about getting as draper don adams going off on an angle practice of the grades is a place a subject directly right from the beginning
that was the i mean this will change when you're like oh these rules i made for you at the beginning to help it gets tired but once you find the rules you can break them now going to put it in a bowl first i think the best thing is a brisk where listed at first that way to get the sides even without getting hysterical it's usually usually halfway down the care less than half like that guy with the double in this i want to make a point here there and you see how much easier it is when you have a square to balance the sides i have a halfway home but you're you've got a good story for hours we're going to paint circles we do not delineate the character of the subject are caving in the drawing an older i would like another rule there's a thing too much during inhibits thinking now to set up the
circles will determine the perspective of the flower but let's start from the center this way but when a center that were always like you know also not quite a center the little dot the middle was things would go it helps to guide us so we don't have pedals going in all directions i are fine now we have ongoing this way be sure that your circle is i know in such a way that the span which you should actually do will go into the bowl i can be very serious when you start playing you're going to find out the stems it going outside of all not in the water are opponents have another one here this way out there's no line i put in front office the panels are turning down we're seeing the side of it also we have lingering this way i just try not to get your flowers a bouquet to tight
lipped about why have a tendency to get too tight i can supplant loosely i had said that and then we have another one this way i remember even in the drawings are not stuck with it as you thank you find little holes and things that's where your buds and leaves come in handy they fill up the holes so don't worry about it too much or how i'm jake of this system is not the way to enjoy and we have another one over here like this there again be very careful because kendall square with the watch that now will fill in with the little one like there's this very long in an enemy's or in poppy both prices are very soft pedals in tennessee drew very quickly that we have a small wind down here all these bugs are marvelously fill up or flowers going to fill the holes buried there we
have another one here like this i have a small one coming out like that don't worry about until a little dots in place and then you get lost their the idea is to help you get started and to have a place to hang your color but remember in a painting it's khaled it's important not the drawing and that's where i had such a problem when i was learning is just drawing when i started to write i was trying to preserve the dry very bad painting and the next thing we had to decide is where is the light coming from this is very important and we must do it for the last over the painting usually never the very bad and distorted thinking thursday regrow axes next thing we're going to do is shaping him drawing now the light is coming from the lab in this painting them now you when you're
learning you will find it difficult to find out where the light is coming from always look with a shadow is where you see the shadows you know that the light is coming in the opposite direction like this that shape the ball very lightly like this another drooping ears enjoying be very careful always things you lying to do on a maggie's and don't worry about it the light is coming from the right are going to shape the top of the amenities like this that tells us that the light is hitting the underneath side of the flowers now as they get towards the right the light changes and we wish a bit underneath i get so you can see the bounds of your thinking like that remember that the accents are drying and one have is not nearly as important as preserving eternal
values and the color and that's what the system is all about that set this particular area i can see the clowns are painting even of c is quite attractive with persistent pain the drying finished now going to apply the color painting when we played very much like nature if you think of it logically this way you will find that you have very few problems were going to do the background for us which is in essence the law the foreground which is actually the table or what have you and that was on the table and they put the flowers in the vase that makes sense that's it that's that's a housewife you a painting from serbia powers appear screening at that but nonetheless that's the way you think about let's get start start with the dog town that start on the left and the painting like this now the ninth will be open at first of course there's nothing natural
about anyone either the maverick is really nothing natural about thinking without that anyone's counting that they all nurses and we got up one morning and three masterpiece itself they were practiced two other masters and they get it when they were fourteen years old and they all played on the same painting a matter just came in and did the face in the hands and so i signed it you'll be thrilled it's in the levee by intimidation of area or if they out afraid my goodness as a whole it is the freedom of this thing i remember even though it will be distorted you will find that the colors you'd have a very charming largely painted it or have it on the very first attempt and that the whole secret if you could do this right away one is encouraged to keep
at why now let's go to an adult sound which is you know like i guess oh of course i think the women that cook have an advantage especially when i sing page to get this great deal of experience who should have any trouble with the knife kirk and don't evict right down to the bottom you know goes right into right down to the very bottom and a native of sheriff called unfair for now talk about football is an astute the light that is the most exciting part of course the painting as five inpatient too much joy sun delighted that we've eliminated quite a lot of drawing
when i notice such terrible event unless you're saving one of the parliament's you know they get that yet i think you're going to be surprised theater and while you're painting clothes that show you're painting here assorted friends and family until its finished bigger the italian bel discouraging the children can be very discouraging the time because they're so honest god forbid that but i'd rather my john murray mean purple bow it's really you know the paradigm case on the spring the town for example is present <unk> into the light town and some lights out into the dusty don't have three flavors america is a painting
we've got the background and you know of the moment she were to go back and reaffirm the shape of typifies that the stretching it's better than that the shadows underneath i do not love as a rule like to paint cloth bald because of the very difficult things that a great deal of experience and we want an immediate result of course and i don't recommend that a tool as not it doesn't add anything to playing as far as i can see anyway have never thought it was i thought was highly overrated regret and look out of the train and the reason they there's no light between a florist because they're against fake mess i tell you or he's little things so that you remember it you don't remember everything i tell you at first so don't try i really peaked and repeat and repeat as a teacher i'm used to it now the important thing is i want you to learn and i want you
make to produce the painting was the most marvelous exciting thing into hourly that for just a moment that's pretty more shadows underneath them that the boat like this and then score it this way which creates rather than a reflection of the adult purple a background like this on the dockside together a little interest and repeat the color of the base that i'm not ready to start larry of all right justin on the others and was lost that perspective and i count as usual always work from dark to light source that with a diet plan like this and i noticed an expedite care because as you have noticed the background and the boat by the st helens so i'd mix in baghdad dog town to bring it out from the background like that and they go to a little
town like this very critical these bills are quite lovely and try to keep it on complicated for him as intelligent birds with a lot of fancy balls and pops and what have you ever got to say as a beginner keep away from pressing copper that will do you in and look at the scariest wire learning keep everything simple and want to learn the rules to think about them then you can the actors that are now we have a round object this is again very important is to help to do it for is what you will do it right around stroke for example iran object here for ground strokes and as we get into the painting and to pay different things you will also understand that the stroke is terribly terribly important there we are needed for the moment don't play with it how it
is and leave it alone and go to something else do you find it that first impression was the right one and it's quite beautiful and leave it for just a moment lets get enough hours the raiders died at the very top heroes died with red flowers now the important thing the stroke again we're going to decrease jokes the shadows then towards a center like this and start with a dark turn and then we use the medium term in front and that's how we build the back and front of the flour like that was the very interesting and a very exciting technique and you don't have to draw every little puddle laboriously you've just given in preston as the painting is not that you know we keep wanting to make a photograph of reproduction now let's add a little bit of what i forgot that an enemy's have a little white is damon's only later don't fuss with us go
to our prep work there again we start with a dog town i guess i mean you know like oh well i like that i'm going to add a little white to that because it's a little bit too much like the background they're here they are again to go gentle white in there that the character of a nemesis very important you must take out to the thought that your thinking now let's go to the center now the light is hitting the opposite side of this car because it's slightly cut you say you've been working too hard haven't we says why was this such freedom here are desperate your dog towns like this that's interesting is playing in that we hear is the same towns in three areas in the painting the back
and take your knife and were printed panels or don't know it doesn't look like at the moment when we get everything in it on then you can see what's happening but at the moment you want to go to the other well now there again we have the like changing so we start with the light town like get me health care's a three strokes like death and then you as an adult like that in front of which creates a florida in in this actual circle to say it color that tells a story not lines in planning its claims of color enjoying its lines unfortunately is because we try to drop of paint right tone now we go to the right side here now they're again we're starting with this town the light
town on the side like this and the dark tone underneath and you can see those pedals grow right before your eyes and don't try to get the event because they are not even take that ride again and this is red earth a lie i guess the darjeeling underneath that they end up looking like poppies for goodness sakes don't apologize and don't worry about it if someone says you're gorgeous pop east bank it and forget it virtual artistically pursell think they're really pressed and they don't know what if i saw a tone that's they grow on the dockside eighties and recently taylor argue if you find now
then let's play this one here that's satisfying an exciting thing and when it's finished you'll never know the thrill of creating something of a very very and now let's put the one at the top now do we have the right wing here which i think would help a lot darker on the left side because it's in the deep shade and then a light tone rather and as they say in the left side and the light tone on the right side the highlight like that are orange colored and little orange right here like this little excitement actually propelling it does not get any
light remember seeing fine now we have another wing here's another edwin also pay as planned come alive as so that it's interesting you have contrasts but while you're learning work with me because i'm a plan that for you for now until you learn you're the condition then finally to be able to plan your own compositions do i know you don't think so but you know it is amazing and i want to help you know liane i think we have another we have to recognize they're lumper and it's very satisfying color for children especially children my daughter ate one day while i was painting very quickly he predicting on the palate made it not a great plan this payments there's a lovely green say they're like that
so you travel around this way they're just robots this again is a death and stroke it's a startling stroke and that we don't and that's the way we do little things like stand ins by simply stepping it like that final output anomalies we started our town like this and for goodness sakes don't choke a painting with leaves or spinach as i call it it's not you don't need to import them or so unless it's a very distinctive really like a callaway you dont delineate believe exactly simply an impression and leaves and it's wonderful because there's a lot of headaches
inside i guess and the light tone on the light side of the most largest particle similar activity or into harvest painters there's just a wee bit more years appear dark side in the dark side believes to be a little darker here it's about a lazy leave in any case so don't put huge heavy lee's which will absolutely ruin your painting and to go with the whole composition to be very very careful one was just down that's when i think we can outline is just a little bit more like this
one little i just want to make it a little bit darker like that sickened see that part will take a few more leads and then i'm going to put a few leaves are fewer pencils down here which also has a very practical purpose to bring the colored down the bottom of the canvas this is a little gimmick again i looked so many many more to give you're playing a very professional look the shadow unravel droppings don't forget everything has a shadow that makes an authentic i'm going to add a little more readily here on a scandal you went to be very very careful i'm doing a few birds let's put a few birds and i forgot the birds they're marvelous little thing if you're buying so
like that now you see out free this painting is and that's the whole idea that's what makes the painting we want to be free and interesting and the fact that doesn't look like a fortress is part of the charm i think if a few more birds and that's not over do it there and don't forget we'll spend that's the only place it i would recommend stands also even scratchy and if you like that to give an impression of stands going down please do not take stands and less its fifth day on calla lily or a tulip which hasn't rained heaviest and then of course you do have to have the biggest bands and other than that don't bother
and don't fret over goodness sakes why should carry on louisville own well that's it for the day and also get to sanger banking very important and i discover a painting in the attic about the dearest analysis by golly that's an appraisal smith and s k y there we are as billy beane it
really there's many this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you know in nam move in
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