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pieces of years is it and today we're going to paint vegetables grated mean a lovely same terrain and they're at our age i think you're going to like him very much i like to think of religious journey
today that is not a cooking class if reporters than i can live as usual with a little bird on verve and an insolvent or for native how to how to run a hotel be difficult then to and enjoying stay on the campuses starts sliding still running high or about getting into very important hopewell the year with a famous for sizes very rough barely i find out but let's do a hard drive my pleasure that when we have the canvas it's horizontally like this we have
five lines across and only three very boiling poorest areas that's the polar star we're going to bring of course the large assad at first which is a soap terrain and then the bill the vegetables around that let's start with a square began praying on jake and a large square this way we get pretty well even on both sides face a lot of aggravation of trying to balance really the size of a bowl and a marvelous talk to us through this first like that now are cutting out the ball in the square like this
don't forget the bottom has the current downward saying at the lip both carrots exactly the same and this has an interesting layered effect right here like that so let's put that in right now and extends out of the sides of the bowl like that now we have alarmist top like this and again we have to put another line probably won't show but we do it anyway remember that do or you're drawing in it you don't say it to him was there anything out i have a little tub that goes on like that don't worry about that this has an interesting handles now as a beginning painter it mean do you in so don't worry about that but they are low careful of that let's assume
this is the time in part as handmaidens an italian pottery the charm of it is that it's not perfect anyway that's that's a very good reason you the noises that i'm giving you that i that that's why they look like here's that they are there now that's of course the most careful drawing in the help thinking that we must've because it's important as the star the other spanking as the spot the century very exciting piece actually is beautiful now let's start with our vegetables go the next largest one which is i'm a plant it's like that be very careful bitter battles or lying down and not standing up so be sure that they are this way almost almost horizontal not
quite because engaging and slightly on an angle you go into the painting that way to create depth in the painting however the candidates will stand straight up in the air not at this angle well finally has some wonderful zucchini here psycho to the minestrone it's my italian influence of them want what i feel very american united states i i notice that it's this really fantastic player and a very peripatetic we can be the shape of carrots cucumbers and what i do however that's another painting so there'd be very careful i think that when you do it why don't you put a line like this so that's who keeps arms straight because you will have a vessel's without even trying a will go off all stand up so be very very careful about what they
are now we have a lovely tomato we're going there with like i think the thing i really love to do which i'm going to bring in just a moment as a sour it was such fun to paint so that's what we're going to do next i checked should've done that first by visiting it's the first time i've been it's celery and it is why was that the color is beautiful as a kind of a fun thing i'll go find it saying they are the interesting thing is the way we're going to paint elisa pacelli out for now don't don't delineate than simply i'm desperate suggestion of leaves and don't forget that salary has stalks separate stocks now as we pay i'll show you how we will do that well over
here we have some mushrooms and then we have one going this why i just say i think it will definitely use you know he's it was erased that that's the largest thing about this sort of thing there are saying the enemy part of this mushroom like this so we're seeing a bottom of the stand and the bottom of the little hat there were doing one in reverse so you sing it the other way however are initiating with tell us the difference fun is a little button one spaniard don't fuss with those we have some lovely piece and they're right here or like this one crossing over this way and he has some garlic
and little piece of garlic like that now i think that's all the drawing were going to do that we straighten out the celery little stranger have some bumps seller that actually does have bones honestly that for the moment there are the drawing is finished now we're going to shape it and decide where the lights come from of course that's always the most important thing after the drawing so we're going to take our brush with the number why should not to directing please dry brush off a little like that and then go to bring a light in the spring is coming from the left so that means we say our archery this way very lightly please because you can lose or drawing if it's too messy of course they are they planned
ahead to change and i've gotten used to saying every scene in england now i have to say though that using a plan to change everything around when i was making the series in england are finite through her going back to my beginnings as it were they're saying it's not like that and the salary not their name so two week as a shadow in on the salary so it will be very dark in here i would like you to say that that is they always loved that part you're very careful about that and highlight on the salaries actually down here where catches the light say what a fuss with his two months because actually were doing a painting on the bottom of their psyche which art projects in england and put little hats and what we can do
that later in the piece and the little small daily will please like that actually find nazi that for the moment there we are never going to pay that very thing right now we're finished with a drawing that are going to start thinking this is of course always the fun part and remember we start with the dark and work towards the light the light coming from the left we start with a dark color on the right of the canvas like this five years this and actually on your palate and oddly colored with the other colors it's a perfect background and for the greens and reds and the burnt orange and this is what you must always think about sometimes when you mix a color it looks terrible but you must remember that youth and the singer thank you totally you don't say each colors separately it's planning and together they created the effects so when you see
a color that says that is that's a terrible toll on you start fooling with it and that that's where you were in trouble i just say that one color out of context and away from the others these are things where i was going to pay that there are so many pitfalls that way and i never finished to pay us a busy playing the color pink and there's that strange healthcare and soul and by god before i was to leave did look terrible with that kind of an a ha ha ha that's right
there were about a little down then they'll be all right i telescope in middletown we got along just like that don't just let that go back over it at the middletown like this is color is called gray down dark green and the greatest green gown or cool it as i think i had a purple hey rachel i like that lauren educate painting how to help to clear color and people from dominating the rest of the colors in the paintings are the
objects go to like a water well soup tureen i don't think you're exactly anxious to go ahead and drawing it to try to be a little bit careful that's it the trail like this he came to
power for refiners say the can cook i can pay in some bison will i don't i can't cook a secular dictator probably political or white kid dark camden nj like ten little bit like that and vice versa for a little excitement and a little interest and also you're going to work a little burnt our oceans and what have you and that little purple on the right side it like it is rather part of it is a very exciting thing let's get our shadows under neither objects right now be careful of volunteer pot like this i still think my own line little squash is stepping up maritime change
in paris the right across underneath such objects look like they're lying down on something not suspended or floating in space it's a reflection so we have a beautiful light green in there but it started with that and i was of the military action that point that theory or ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ridge and little paper boy just unloaded on here's drunks will tell us that this is not smooth and has low wages as you well know i'm sure you've all seen so we work with that
a note saying no that it does have leverage is not smooth so we do not think it smooth this again is the lesson a lesson in textures this is very important and the feeling that there are three stalks they're like that it's going to the foliage and this is the way we take it perish from there that we should pay every little wave love you like that as a very pale light turns if you remember some are turning yellow robert adler purple bike and there are a few months ago i mention the shadows i like that out and in baghdad the handle through the handle and the viking to handle like this and then
score them like that it never just a moment let's go to our subterranean gallery of corporate america heard that little knob is an ad that less than we've ever the moment i started i count on the late like this year's drought are important again like that you're very careful about that that can be a trap and they don't like that then will it like that isn't that beautiful against that the color the play of the lights and parks and warm and cool shades is what makes it absolutely lovely this painting is all about working with and like this
i think that this is a beautiful i'm jake this thing and it helped the painting quite a lot however when you're painting especially when you're beginning painter please don't clutter up you're painting with a lot of little on six they're difficult to play and we don't execute them properly it can make a payment very not very professional to try to keep away from a local gimmicks have one point of interest and that's it outlined his loan purple to emphasize it shake let's put on the london is a very good way to do that the higher paying it like that will promote job like that barrier let's leave after just a moment and get the base of this terrain like this ha ha ha there again watches jokes lovely snows helen hobbs
jokes like this is how i am now that ends up looking like something else and we're about to skip around thinking been smooth and not just a wee bit because it doesn't look smooth and it has porcelain crockery or wherever they don't sound next in the shape of the object you see we practically do on both sides and circular motion like this i think the things that when i was learning now and tell me and this is what we're trying to do with this series is to really doing step by step and say become so conscious a forum without condition that you would do it yourself i promise you i've been teaching for many years all over the world now and that's absolutely to approve it well that
keeps their let's go back to hear again like this it's a little bit fuzzy there we are i think i've still got this and i make a mistake you see here i'm worried about my little eight players to be careful about the right to it and bring the eggplant over like that the villain for men that have cut our hand of navajo on the right side is indeed shadow that does not have any light on that just middletown middletown npr from an end but just a little middletown like that and little purple onion a because there is in shadow underneath you go to the one on the left boots screen adaptor ceo maurice or the knife is set this great author not stuck with it just don't worry i want to get set about our
ideas that you enjoy it you create and that's what it's all about i want to put a little purple on the side of our our terrain here like this really have a highlight on that which we'll do right now because i would forget i get so involved painting and i didn't forget so we have a highlight that goes here and here and there like a ghetto prof banks back of course in painting and in
nature many forms a similar itself the little peculiarities that naked a little different the federal head on it like this and we're going to put the highlight but that god had a plan the dog in the shape of the ig act like this that like that and of course our lovely highlight which i'm going to put now and then we have our little
soupy knee on the end here some reason i think that is in a really like a major that's right always taken so i don't really like to meet them i'm not terribly interested in the idea that i had to read them or to pay them obama says that's a threat of the things you don't like to play and you find it to be much more difficult to work on it's been and it also has a little hat like there's this is going on here because it's like that is
by going to port arthur mushrooms a box and then there's the other way like this particular purple and we have a song on garlic bread garlic and eight nicola think and the absolute pure white it depends if it's fresh it's pure white but it's been around a while it turns a very peculiar yellow i know i've grown and i had and hang in my kitchen in rome and again quite ill and again quite the aisle but the low carb along the side like that and real castle way has some keys like this
are having their little pods crossover like that square and greeted with a couple of little plays around like that was the highlight of this let's emphasize the pace a little bit like that but they look like green beans and someone says a lovely green beans marvelously country moving story about a fellow purple shadows underneath it like this band well that's a pretty day so i hope you like this
it we
know there's been a sunni cemetery this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies it's soho or only man named
Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky
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Still life with vegetable
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint a still life with vegetable.
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