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politically oh yeah right now it does
and now today's adventure of other scoop won the end of the rainbow the machines gave us directions but we think they would try to trick girls i used these directions that's a key go straight as kate just a show laughter so you know i hire a great mr goggins yes but so it was the idea to race issue they can also follow the directions i'll come out helena you can really believe does machines can
you i just trust that they really wanted to help us that's all around here selected rounds he's a more white well we asked why nix be you can't see so graceful words as she turns and it seems right
now space x direction a landay is of course men again
nice job my job wow
the roof shot back chairs well there what is i know we're now i know it was hi there a stranger i can imagine your folks to be continued next time the secret vivian the fall the old goat it did you know the song makin called goes like it's not that one wasn't it among people or ride
in the air the monkey thought that everything was on the square buzzard tried to throw the monkey off his art by a monkey grabbed his neck and said who knows straighten up and fly rye straighten up and fly right straighten up in line i called dan bought but don't have below your target was flying around in the sky looking for for sure a house in the sky we see like to go work or ride in the sky with new season the right sector you know but it was great i'm going to die of sin
a hundred feet straight down and just before he perished he is back at the rapid and much later that day was it was back again looking for only around the square square and how would you like to go with me for a ride in this car nice sneeze how as a monkey that was watching it and when he saw what the buzzer data that rapid into the square he began to worry because he could be next inning maybe
you for you for you to sell the monkey got to thinking about how pretty stark from how what he started when he got an idea the next day and it was standing watching this guy wasn't any sound corny i think that it's on the ground how are you feeling a sense of the mountain rich keep me or who live in this guy said you know i go going three to dinner he was going to be eating in their accountant
around when he was ready for a monthly dinner we turn to the monkey and he said he is going down for a landing or he could turn out into practice soto the buzzards bay area's highest yearly a powder is a buzzard was called and had lied straight line just one thing or did not come back here i was at the va is back where does that leave them
it was mr hughes you on how our cells small
be smaller lights of the awesome ghostbusters was a video that was two year old philly chechnya black and one of the most famous bloggers to every three days by christian as a stable boy he always wanted to do on his frustration was fourteen i owe isaac murphy won his first kentucky derby
he won again in nineteen ninety and again the next year it consumed three thyme all is whalen i think that the difference is that i think that the republican side this time settle
on your range as well you know before i mean if nancy brown and a veterinarian at a drug rehab today he now they go surgeries a lot of fun because when you walk with an animal enough to get our area of medicine you get to work with your hands you get to work with different kinds of instruments you have the feeling that you do something for the animal to make him feel better and the final result will be much better than when the animal first came to the hospital a day or a day other people sitting in all of the chairs are people around animals that they brought in france telecom there are waiting their turn to visit dr available many analysts here because of man needs to get a lot out of having us
here's the plan thank you now and this to me there was a part of my days alice was in the hospital for surgery and they think it's the cats are chosen justice and dogs and cats and other a lot of errors so large farms and some weapons is
now this is a war in which we keep the animals that had been floating in it we feel or sick enough to need to be hospitalized and taken care of if i come in here i take american every day i take their temperatures i give them any kind of care that they specifically need each day we look around and once we had the idea that perhaps they're getting a little bit better and they were doing some good for them but they couldn't gotten elsewhere so that was more that was more that you realize that each is different from the other you have to think and react differently each animal that's in front of you do you
think i guess the fun of the whole thing is that when an animal comes in he's not feeling well that is a great big puzzle and you have a different test that you founded and yet but the whole thing together solve the riddle and simeon home better than he was when he came into power is rise
so today and we celebrate well this
is big it's b it is you meet people only thought
was to sift through it and says do you live he says is that right so we know
that these k i e the cia agent he's the premier frankie the company simply granted they said today it's a city because it's it is just about to snow do you share that he's
been with us experience campaign days until prince so that means no chance now because she's blue and china it unleashed there's the next people with it alex lindsay and is in chinese and denise to everything nice by
a few of my mother i mean really oh wow anyway the poor
economy it's bright these pieces oh geez meet meat
that's right just why it's
like military i was there it
does laughter yeah yeah but emily oh
yeah now right now it does and now today's adventure
of actors go won their secret we thought we were landing bad one but now is that doesn't look that way when he beat me i can imagine well you know yeah yeah they don't answer a friendly greetings not be part of the idf are gorgeous golden color kind of knocked the air i doubt you bet we stubborn or the most scintillating super site in outer space you really like howard dully grows on trees there's no i mean you are i'm away eleven we got to stick together and for palestinians a good enough perfectly well and nothing will come out both creatures and all that's true there was friendly and your aunt of kidneys well it
helps out why they weren't shipped through soon why come on out and low ordinary are at all or we marry beloved it folks would have plenty of sunshine clear land as joe why radar may be all right at home if you look at me yeah they like artisanal know maybe they can't let my natural hair and ears in the us the cubs' sweep out loud and clear always lived in new want to get back to india could you please tell us weigh it i mean i well we don't know the joint own hear you kind of very big riot gear no such place on these possible and me are you
going to pick a better spot to land here's your question i have the sites take iran give you a row amy do you pack abs out how your wife well let's see we are not the old boy oh boy if you like that the secret that the ticket where you get a lot of their money on recounts the secret of happiness happy sugary juice with secret we can tell you honey you've got to see it for yourself so you in your house just pop on down on the ground and will show it let's do it i were losing their secret our show and the secret of happiness i'm arab section found bundles founding think we demand trial i don't like that right we were all a year
are going let's go well fifty thousand i thank god i think you are right right so where are they i mean hi there sure glad you folks to the highest you won't regret it when the other one the one was green oh that's my cousin below it might be able a the village on a law right here you know what i mean not beautiful gold all over the way we are it's really funny tell us about a new i don't
have the squeeze all pleased to meet now me they called cul de and you can see why were there they would not carry it all the o u r l word packages are you any way that this can go where none other than the tree treats the most glorious golden globes of the universe it just enjoy it notaro perfect round shape i'm sure each reached marc just snip off radar and her you know and there's nothing like house anyway while hugely trades get the outlet more oh isn't can all leave anyway yes only do these retreats rates of the happiest folks alive we got it all guards to lock the largest place to live a guy and best of all
you've done that yeah yeah and why why should there be rid of our happiness only thing that's right honey and adjust to shakes you see the onions for us so the area well actually we do to be continued next time when it's show time they're happy
it's that energy dept utilities and we just enjoy being ourselves it's been in the morgue at fb well the things that i enjoy in my life painting i studied of all time to fix everything in our idea collected and needs lots and the author of he's going to
be a good lawyer for whom to put it one day the jews law it doesn't matter if you were wait for us
and we find it we'll find out we pray we are really funny and now what about being strong it's famine destroying it doesn't matter because we are on and we find out how many we are not be clean and crochet this
piece goes fb is bobby chesney communities maybe it is thank
you and it goes i would now
i'm john ydstie it
is the white house has said my name is robert henline oh i can draw that would lead lined by twenty line and have a real good time rock the dub dub i'm unsure julia made your nose ruler over or what
strange bird calls the cry of the robot had a yellow belly you were like what we making today you think i would tell a secret greater confidence you think i would squeal words you don't know sure things look the art of thai dying the river tied dying during i have a jacket i would be good good no no everybody tight dying that short for tying and dying at spotting if you do it right you can get wonderful results op op the host with the most well well i do think it looks rather nice smart can we make something like that mr enright is why certain newer we can tie dyed t shirt that's very popular today we start choose your favorite
color that's the first thing to do do i hear a suggestion ok i pick low take a gallon of water a quarter cup of dry two tablespoons vinegar it i had the strangest feeling that this something i've forgotten of course we need a t shirt one that's made of cotton are you reading juliet we tie off the sections that we want to keep white with these pieces of string tied very tight one over here we'll look very attractive and here and here i like to keep active what you do when the time is through i did so we can make it who drives a little lighter than the color that you see so make it one shade larger than you'd like it to be no means in cold water dry and we'll see the results by and by ty
dying to really popularize mr ammar it is indeed wired was popular in india in japan hundreds of years ago i make comics and climbing that's right and then tie dye and traveled to west africa and kept traveling around the world until it came to the united states and lo and behold it's as exciting today as it was hundreds of years ago and just my size well not exactly live by auto really a good man david dusek is dead and that he and kal are innately knows that when tito
came in his house also backs deal yes sir it was a long way and they actually in the militia we have to walk up don't they thank you it costs more to see how they move a playlist we had just that there's the
angola there we found that goal they're willing to learn the ways to the most important point they came down in july thank you so yeah for decades made a neat own
people who need money and here we are you know for me passion they're proud
it's cause do you need a story the fbi so you would tell yourself as bad stuff but it's been said
balloons carrying with me not good you need the political will pay up a truly intense than laughing not yet others
oh lou season to keep the peace between the lyrically
meet meat that's right now why i'm terry gross
me a day caroline to live caller know heaney into small and then when i got it i can reach it at the movie
right so it's i did no no
Vegetable Soup
Episode Number
11 & 12
Season 1
Producing Organization
New York State Archives
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New York State Archives (Albany, New York)
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Episode Description
Episode 11 includes an Outerscope I segment The End of the Rainbow; storytelling in Central Park; the story of jockey Isaac Murphy; a profile of veterinarian Nancy Brown; drawings and narration from the Chinatown Council kids; the story of Karen with a lesson about middle names; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Filipino bukayo (coconut candy).
Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 12 includes an Outerscope I segment The Secret; a profile of Judo teacher Ishiro Oishi; dancing in a railyard; how to do tie-dye; Roberto tells about growing up in San Juan, Puerto Rico; a story about Alex and Carlos and the many types of Chinese foods; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Filipino bukayo (coconut candy).
New York State Archives. New York State Education Department Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting educational programming videos and associated paperwork, 1977-2005. Series B2623-18.
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