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fb pieces it is well i mean sea kaminski could then return to paint that unveils on when the
mere it's a lovely spot at the top of a man right near scotland as your job of thing they can live the paprika is white light if everything that you must like that lightly as some sizing on the campus of quite rough that creates a rather than affect as though we're saying pay for and carousel clear he favors still very lightly plays hour is not the usual case now are great and don't remain do it each and every times because but the poem in a
landscape it's not that important for lines are cricket as much as as and the streets seeing what have you where it's very very important you lines are fairly straight least not slang are going on an angle that's the worst part for very are not they're again we're faced with a horizon problems the problem that something you have to face in every landscape or sees cable whatever in this case regarding dropping horizon line to live there below the center line internet down like them out as has some lovely lovely hills always better ground or horizon line in first now is dry hills about here like this please don't get shot points on these hill that awakened with lycra pants or what have you like that and has another the spring is over or there's another small and like that's the
rolling hills a few rolling hills like that and has one right here in the foreground i don't want a stranger crossover going to take this ongoing arrange that as a big lie because i want to see this very clearly tried to do this with for your paintings that have earned a shoreline so that you don't have a straight line just creates also feeling of death hills behind veils now be carefully don't have this july now the bet before grounds like this and don't have this straight across haven't i'm even naturally like that and it has also a small island and the size of this bit of ground are little island will tell us that this is
very far away and put that right here like this and it has some small trees on none of course a star that shows his fantastic tree in a corner very large tree and as usual will put the drunken but not don't about the branches too much an injury is not necessary because you have a problem then with the sky and seven beautiful exciting tree right here like this that has a very important object this painting have some beautiful branches that really this i remember being branches of a tree evolve one from another this way what's it done during this you know we're going to pay now because i want to see the structure we have another branch going that way do see how the brain's
rather goes into a tree this way doesn't stick out like a stake in person the trunk not clear information i just want to put these unlikely and then we have somebody here like this and so on and don't have a two straight there again what's the telephone polls as a prefab but is it fine now here you have a daffodil is that in the bills of your copy of daffodils is the loveliest thing about england and scotland or the british isles lew that very late in every winner gary sick with a cold weather suddenly look over their carpets are the most daffodils it's breathtaking
especially along the river are scenes at the beautiful fine there we're now we're going to put our shadows in the light is coming from the right we're going to shave the left side of the painting and had a two targeted get them have a little lighter and also remember a lot more very major problem now this shows behind this one so it's not getting a light only light in front like this there's two suggesting a shadow this is rather important so we put this dark shadow here and on top of that will be the daffodils not for your sake i'm going to play this out like this and that's when rupert our strokes into show with the victory is round and such a tree is so large we will show the modeling of the tree the bark
and the trunk and what have you we'll be able to see that more detail as opposed to the smaller trees which are just impressions because it's a faraway was as quite close to the us but i think that's all the nats we don't forget daffodils and i resist temptation for a lot of drawing in there we are that's the drawing of course now get busy with the painting but so is the best part of their character and put the extra light thrown around the top of the hills like this if i will end up painting out of branches and do you feel when you're taking that he'd rather leave some of them then by all means do it should go around unjustly the large ones hang out the small ones that you have a sky that looks very strange
and zealotry was cut out of the sky the portland sky show you get it i'm going to paint line out for a scene to work always the same way this issue about this guy going the other way but it's very easy to change his reversal because we get to be preachy you have a very bad thing the action so busy trying to restructure our nearly i went to change their fairly it doesn't matter if they're never too dark beard drives
certainly the case what we've done is that it does things are technicolor wife i want to explain it about this time if you feel you must put your branches and back into your larger and then feel free to do it but cut them out very carefully in the wet pane i would suggest how are they to just leave it and do it again but you feel it you must by all means do it make it easier in yourself now it makes we had three towns of every colleges in the painting was catering to the towns in the sky and it really is an extra like to read you the baritone mixed with a little purple for the hills because they will be privileged that we get there jonah bloom and it looks rather like this was done on the dark side first i
remember with my little strokes on hills to create a feeling of debt and wellness we worked this way and then that way and then bring his jokes over down and voters began to play i want that much lighter going to lighten it up considerably i'm going to lose a little is a little tiny bit of problem that to create a feeling of distance like this camp evergreen that oppose the green because it airs its early spring and we have things beginning to sprout the grasses begin have that lovely little pale shade was dying to look a little weird to be buried under snow or whatever
christening i don't think you're very much snow and mostly of rain on the way to see that lovely countryside you realize that it's well worth it i'm going to make a low hailing from a little more purple because it's going to create another dimension again so let's make this a wee bit darker his wife bao there were about and now were going to another thing which is very interesting we're going to take a clean likelier knife like this take this guy town like this and run it through the hill now this will give your calls it feels squeamish about the good but try it has really can't visit
now we're going to go back to in return i l like that that way and the cia using a night to fly the knife this word on the side on the the average us the moment ha ha ha of qatar where it starts with a very light turned up in here like this but the details are a rare bit of yellow with that right in between these hills like this i like that word and over i struck that goes over and down which actually creates reflections reporter at other towns that like this and in that agreement and to
hear because it is reflecting like that i always have that scotland has a very mystical quality of their country's great poets like wordsworth and beautiful poems about that particular area not monsters plays we don't need them you know they hadn't gotten very dark in the corner here they see how we create reflections were work in color with fellow alternately over and down and don't work them into knots within one very lightly and does work in an alternately but not blending into the point where you lose them and i'm going to add the lovely dark jonah bloom
here like her to soften just a wee bit not too much and we do this take your knife and run some heart settles jokes with a clean life right across the water like images of me that dark a year like this one really sharpen up that area to create the feeling of those skills going behind these right now leslie that i go to the foreground now since we have a shout of nutrient the area in front of the tree is quite dark this area behind here is catching the lights and quite pale like this
not the color's will also tell us that its early spring they're very delicate were using preserved much more delicate but we do still have very definite tone of that is just the same but you do get the feeling that it's quite early spring and things are just beginning to sprout reasoning in tone so when comedian and light and dark like that will also look at little purple on that americans are trusted no stroke the old reliable just so marvelous for everything and what you learned i serve as the beauty of this will be such one that you use in so many things and you will remember it and it will be quite useful for you as a purple with the green down here
especially in front a tree because a tree is casting a very large shadow the light's coming from the right and launch a trailer that don't want to look as though it stuck in the ground and write and little red over that just for fun and now we have this little island here we mustn't forget that like this angered absolute purple it has a small and small trees there the size the trees will tell us just exactly how far away or the ces blu reflection that by flying splits in medium tone here want
this all to dark because i do want a feeling of like coming around the trio also justly that their ballots go to our training session for rick be very careful when you're in this case exactly because you see what's happening here i didn't go into the line and going in with a very fat tree so bring it over be sure that that's correct but you had to fill that space with something that might be the wrong thing once that fight now let's use purple i'm going to use a knife on the live poetry like this and i don't want it quite so dark so i'm going to use a little bit of cream and then this way and the strength go down like this and over like that how that stroke tells us that this tree is round not a flat surface
and it goes right down those into gear and the tree usually a sport at the bottom it's not straight course usually ended of course there are exceptions in but i think it's much nicer to have a treat look as though it's evolving from the ground so i always had the trunk gratis upgrade and the grass is growing in between wall e up and this time it introduced a brash again for small grandchildren they're going to be intimidated by this nine when the military is why you're learning in any case and i don't want you to ruin your painting by trying to use a knife on the delegate rich is it you can't find it if it having trouble forget it that make it hard on yourself it's not that important but i like to use a bit of blue like this
and very little more sophisticated i think at this point indicating we should try a few things there now i'm going to put me on large chunks of branches in with a knife first level where got a small ones with a brush now remember they should be a little rough night that and the fact that that each line in completely filled then adds to it is at the route of brain to affect his appraisals a very old gnarled tree that can't be smooth like a young tree this is like a lot of us very
smooth either we end up with two sets of everything at a certain age of ten and there are like it's only two i've been added two branches but you can there i can see what's there and bring it out also if you find you would like to add more branches or change it find trees come in all the chips so we're going this way i thought i will take the brush i want to put the line jerry in the night like this as adam green to that are going up like that i like to get a large tree again patient sometimes a very small trees grasping tree like this
they can really do something with it and it's it's the real joy is there now we would say god rest of acknowledging that right now that would in some of the big branches very lightly and please do not run here rationing and they take it and they can't even scratch in a few more but really there for them there are let's go to i don't really hear that and until you know like
little tree is now we have a few well a couple of small wins here we have some little branching bushes here like this this is very important you're not is that the train is their lanes because it is early spring and we have a little branching pushes things here i know isn't it anyway to do the daffodils we simply put thoughts of different towns and yellow it was dark in this is that we've been here on my wish it could be a little darker and we can bring out a few more branches this politically night this is a marvelous tool open a great technique for creating secondary branches that are very delicate
but you cannot paint without losing without being at a scale now bread you put a dark turn around and bring it back to the super dark blogs then pale yellow and then the light is yellow like this we do not draw the daffodils and as such they must be an even little thoughts like this uneven and put the dark ones first on it is a yellow pert right from the pallet like that we use the military which is a medium yellow on some of them don't have a few little daffodils over here i'm sure that a few in around the tree here at such fun to the best part of painting little things like like pacing the cake the final days
both played out have to marry and don't don't try to delineate been too much now just a guy likes town of yellow in this case i'm going to take our light yellow or zinc yellow and add a little white that last missing the color bigger that that's the right amount of schmaltz in this but again your mind again though they've the campaign is very aware that shows is that some of them have a catchy like they're taller than others others are underneath not getting any lie so please don't make a point of trying to cover every little dodger hat with the light and i can tell you
to you and i know that i'm going to be here and touching this out worse than any of my students don't always do is i do just it was i tell you oops there i'm going to run though stands down like this is a very good and just baby take your knife and then scored the dark turn like that and you get the feeling of little stands without the stand please remember if you're tall grasses distant that vote's not so because it isn't a lawn exactly we have very generous lovely painting so there again we had barry it's done very quickly like this care politicize be very careful and that makes it official its brain
and how they've enjoyed this series as much as i have been an interview on you or painting by golly that's a favorite day and now for a signature we need it we
know there's been a sunni cemetery this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies euro don't know in sc
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint daffodils on windemere.
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