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emily green daylight with that oh nice and now today's adventure of our scope
to chung the kite maker after that john doesn't know anything about germ the sail maker but he thinks he knows someone who does well actually yeah jimmie your father's kitchen knows as much about changes he somehow gets kasich can you hear hate me you know moral another one finished he made that looks so easy mr john well i had a lot of practice it must be more than just a coincidence that your name is trying both on trial of the intent when my father was very much involved with them in it wasn't so
long ago how long exactly have you been making these fantastic life i guess you could say all my life so it's been with me since i was a little boy it's a dying art now but it's such a thrill to select your own piece of split them will want to cut shave send and shape it to your own design there's a fine balance and few who gets to know when you do it yourself when you affect the wood and stretch to string and lock it in place the kite is almost alive oh it lacks is the writer covering the weight and color of the paper to give it its own uniqueness its personality what about details some neat little or no taylors depending on how we as the lead string others require large ones what kind an homage to know that eventually had determines the final
personality where there is a preening peacock more unassuming but steady work or is it also determines how stable is doesn't it how it handles in the end it's the ultimate test of one's craftsmanship to see it fly as it's designed to let's go to be the test he's the first and so yes i do is do the best place i'm not lots of open space lots of shifting breeze is my disclose see if this one is worth its way gold is that what the government stands for i know you've always been sort of not really come less grotesque than represents a real gold medallion
you'd need quite a few clues and a good bit of luck to track down the medallion and person who hasn't even i don't have any of the real clues i do know that a diary and a mad existed at one time and now find themselves in canada come on this is because this is the paragraph back to his
faith why is the medallion something that has meant a great deal to ever since i was born and that at first saw the medallion did you come to see my father was proud to have kept it for time holding the demand just you don't know you know i don't like cricket and i'm pretty sure it must still being wealthy hand but who knows it certainly would be nice to know where it is so sure what a star
one thing is certain there have been bad people who try to steal it in the past with word of its existence and your son dylan tried to sting is that the message is coming soon thank you steve nice job the pay to
play i think it does mixed the medallion played it dr hundreds of years ago and especially interested in learning about the art and lives of indians because they are
native american indians to get at i'm sure they go to school or watch tv play baseball and do all of the other things that kids do they also take pride in many ways a very indian culture to our indians the main indian comes from india that's where the european explorers thought they were going when they sailed west and that's a new show on american continent when they hit land they mistook it for india and color people indian but the people of america had their own names not one overall name like indians but separate names for each group or tripe names like make mac which means saltwater people and hopi which means the peaceful people are cheyenne which means simply
the people there are more than five hundred different tribes just a non american name was no sniper and i'm firmly of turning point or tried like travis knew it it's an important connection matter where you live native american tribes in some areas the people live like housing costs keep bees which were easily move to follow the best hunting other tribes planted crops and build more
permanent houses that the south west indians where laws may have been the first apartment houses tension was a main source of food for the non west coast tribes austerity lodges from giant redwood trees and there were many other ways of life or the first american indian things have changed since those days just as the settlers dont even log cabins a prairie huts anymore many indians no longer live in lodges or tps a puppet of the americans a part of modern american assemblyman is an architect three native american woman is a doctor dr american indian construction workers researchers stump year programmers
been so it all the way through not just disappear almost all of these native americans who have deep loyalty to the lives that for many years the americans were told to be like a white doctor's weight of the union lays are just as beautiful valuable and just as important for the young people to learn where you could only indians would just give the daily cleared her sinuses and he likes beans beets kids are learning about another part of a native american culture
the old ways religion knowledge about animals and plants to american indians were the first to grow tomatoes corn and many other crops now raised all over the world many of the plants they use for curing illness of being rediscovered by modern medicine and native americans lived in harmony with nature and taking only as much as they need it there was little waste pollution and for at least twenty five thousand years in native indian tribes with careful guardians of the american continent in that those have come after you can do as well the
most widely celebrated holidays throughout the world is new here in japan eating especially compared rice cake marks the passing of the year ben brings could look for the coming year it is unknown and joyous tradition that a shared by many japanese americans there's a legend that tells an elderly man and his wife who were too poor to hear in this tradition the day after tomorrow is new years and we have no rice cake to celebrate it i can buy some tomorrow but first imus so my hat's in the village are our tax cuts for sale the next day the power had to make an
outrageous her but the villagers did not hear him they were busy preparing for the holiday no one paid him any attention and so you have to return he's sixteen you're in the weeds my hopes will comfort you to keep your children from the snow the
provisions bishop shah welcome home there's someone what your habits and the tone for how he had taken pt on the statues one no high alert a rice cake the statues every turn and your kindness they have given us some rice cake for new yes thank you thank you and so the old
couple celebrated a happy new year senate is likely to live longer than a million people do it i'm saying so
i went across syria's date with my cousins laurie and cindy were exposed to so an eye and said we didn't really sell a strange man and i really got scared he's been on this is by what is it what's wrong what's going on here is because bhutto cockerham occupation year gave me a teaching job on the narrow winding diamond standing is our itinerary in either india
during dinner meat texture time i fought lorry didn't mean it she was very a nightmare it's ok we'll talk about it tomorrow for recklessly know goodnight goodnight tonight in the end i know in lebanon we have to call the police as an easy financing missing committee giving place he might be
a bit when he got here we're talking about that app it to you actually was dreamed of us know she come by a real person or a joke that are totally can't wives and he run away and asked it clever the way a car honk honk them graduate you talked about it in her ted talk use you he can't hear or speed you probably spared him as much as he's getting news but the pain
that's right at the moment can you find trump party don't be silly is set yet they kept him somehow time now but it's going to be hard to shake his hand and campuses the passion and the pause button i'm sorry with me and they just want to his
bush by brother says he's sorry ap frightened you is back and he's glad he's not it keeps you at at anyway now seeing his sentences repeated together
is an example of how i teach them to have a guy we grow red roses the surplus animals again so does the dam was known as a house painter latest data kind of ways we use everyday for example opposed lending says that is a very that that's aj after spanish lessons we have press lesson today i'm showing the class how to make cause they asked her eyes and placed two sticks together even announced a way to make the most of the us because there has been so much
around plaza yes it's been nice now there you
go oh wow well you're right you're right years don't
worry i mean the peaks boy fb the
page i'm really really mean right now it's been happening
update thank you and now today's adventure of our school to the medallion kite chun the kite maker tells mr wong about a medallion on his kite while robin robin the pieces thank you
steve nice job the pay to play i think it does it's been a week to pass because it is blinding lights
and over the central union vote there's no it's a seller's
market faces for years
he'd been in a week i mean who is what a bang
it is oil spill is money so what do you see set soul and slowly we go my fine feathered friend it's you see a lot of my rocking this before that she'll wayans singing he ain't what our most of our show so the pen welcome our contestants that they will be found all the
pain how things going i am doing pretty good pretty good pretty good luck i said i'm flying by by max why are you repeating itself repeating myself but he didn't but you did before i don't know what you're talking about you must be hearing next you weren't repeating but that's not ideal time to pick today's contestants first from defend school we have the piece the pay to play the play is beyond the
point had to have you with us now lead to view palestinians and what he would like to do when you grow up starting to defend school a very when i was a very picky now like to be a minister a minute that union my name is mixing sound like to be a law and even meets mondays tuesdays ever have liked it very much talent scout a school mind that women's mother let's listen and eight of them thank you very much i wonder where a spoil sport is he hasn't been around today is somewhere just planted some bad moment i worry when i don't see him be among the beginning max do wop wop wop wop let's settle this right now are you
man could you play that tape on maps place jurors to choose sides i didn't then didn't spoil sport must be using one of those terrible gadgets of is again i'm sure hear it maps is really a bad egg grows it will be ok but he needs to rest today but i must go and do the show i have to torment mats might fall over motors and that's that more clothes go and get my hat now contestants please listen carefully to the rules of the game the object of the game is to get them it's a job that will keep the categories and the questions questions are worth points at the end of the round the team with the most points gets a chance to see a coat and to get a job now for young kids who were playing at
home i've got a word of warning watch out for long term spoil sport he'll be at the his old and it checks it his habit of trying to confuse you so watch at your past got our first question let's have a category maps ah the categories time this question is worth ten points which word is originally from the native american language is it a ranch be pumped you see soccer or in the laddie at pcs the
problem with that i think that was the wrong answer the answers pumpkin it is a word from one of the eighteen language families of native americans saw skyler school i think you got the answer wrong why you know it was the max white people are audited and yes yes you came sa is spoil sport i'm going to paint something could be wrong and you say it's no way i just had a checkup yesterday by many you won three that sent us that its possible that many engineers can black out a signal or well let's pause quite get away with this i'm innocent for once those clans don't know that they're all wet you worry so much about big bad me that the tools of their problem they cannot
see man max despite was like you think you can continue the shower of course i said then that your real supermax the score is now zero to zero might say we can do on this next question let's pick a category max it ready to aim at both teams this question is worth ten points a person who studies the earth's surface exchanges and its contents is a chemist be geologist see if this test the psychologist he's kind of doing the
pants anything else now analysts i'm going to ask you find true false questions its question is worth five points the first question is the figaro a brother's of puerto rico a famous musicians were definitely fox i'm sorry the answers to that perform classical music number two weeks is the most popular staple food throughout the world thirty that's correct hattie mcdaniel was the first black to win an academy award for her part in gone with the wind this is a favorite faux no i'm sorry the answer is number four during an apple uses first lady eleanor roosevelt played an
important role in national and international affairs as well as civil rights act because america that's attracting interest as a five hour last question ecology the study of bacterial infections has reports that's right ecology at the study of environmental relationship now with fifteen points so you get the first crack at today's <unk> job keep your eyes on max's i ok matt show with the clue ready ready ready let's say singing ring zero
ok panelists remember you have ten seconds to maintain this new job but you can discuss the new teammates before answering create ten he's a the point is the point let's meet and talk with dr lucy rifle was completed a residency in denver colorado ellman my name is lucy rifle i am personally indian for most of south dakota
i am studying pediatrics and medicine in denver colorado i knew that i liked on science i knew that i liked and i am taking care of people probably about the time i was around eight or nine years old but that's the time when everybody keeps telling you then tell you don't wanna be a doctor online and should be a nurse line should be a lab technician or something like that not being a doctor is too difficult on and i just kind of stuck with it rises in the morning rounds are generally held in every hospital the purpose of these balances to see problems that have occurred over time it says you know he was admitted to the hospital because he was not eating well and during that time the hospital he has learned how to drink juice is how to eat foods and it is gain weight day by day
when it's telling you here is this meeting is wearing the doctors and nurses and social workers get together and discuss problems that a child may be having and try to come up with some solution for it this newborn center usa at denver children's hospital in denver colorado it is a place where very small babies are brought to be taken care of until they are able to live and breathe and eat on their own the wire is that you see attached to the baby or actually attached to a machine that measures the baby's heartbeat and measures how fast the babies breathing these are things that are very important in monitoring how the baby is doing it's hard work being a doctor it's long hours sound frequently i'm up all night as i was last night but it's still a lot of fire and
it's in enjoyable where it's rewarding work it's the kind of thing that you can do and feel like you're doing something even though i spent a lot of time doing this baby as the healthy normal newborn it is about one day old now and looks like what normal newborns doing all kinds of things when i put my finger to the baby's mouth he turns his head and begins to sack on my finger this as late as winnie it's normally from a bottle or from his mother's breasts my ultimate goal is to our work on the reservation in south dakota the rosebud reservation as a doctor and take care of indian people right now which is this little boy is leslie jones it is a very happy as thelma generally is very very happy he's very
playful he knows all the nurses who knows his way around the hospital all scientists how to parent max ary max if you're going for that i just reject something believe the snacks she takes three are out to its most prominent point should feel bad and asked him to condense as london oh wow i've rules so much you made it wasn't long johns follow that this time it was a mistake made when you had your chance that gee are we sure would spoil sport so was i but there should be a lesson the bulk of the snacks just because we don't like spoil sport i think we convicted him
of something that he didn't do without any evidence you're right sue i apologize long drawn i never thought i'd see the day when max would treat me in a decent way but our nose let no one be fooled spoils sports villain me as not cool j so more time during the big jump on that like the present and that's chelsea to the schuyler school the pain has been here i will see you all right it's beginning to peak the beach
night they invented and we're going to make that often they really are right climate when you get sixty not want a kid that then they're in his and they a good song can hear it doesn't matter do you know what the lottery is far more poor night white rice is very sticky so you with your hands so they want to cut your hands is called sea leaves american people but yet nice people call the nominee they liked the
threat around their eyes so is it kate is back tune seems to be just the government take your hands and then when the function of it together with the other poem not too much but just enough to let it arrived and
that's a book that is right in the center for all of the mccain but also on their new rub it on your palm very very little salt on it and that alone that on faith ms mckay yeah that trip is there to use their names like this thing you think you are your hands on the triangle shaped her work if you can do a triangle don't worry just make it any way that you weren't terribly have a nice round one so that's the japanese because we call it can he arrives the piano pieces
now this seaweed that there's a saying we are on it as they called the place down one site and then on tv and sprinkle some sesame seeds all of these taken an oven sprinkle it doesn't taste very crunchy and ninety nine he would dictate that you made it and what kind or you want until recently wanted years of good things get banks not going to have on the plane one can taste it very seriously thank you
the crew it's because cheese ball ikea well some of the kids were laughing at me and isn't that there weren't any black values and that i would look for an internship that's crazy voice for the loss of the other girls besides this allowed that elevators just don't pay attention to the vampire jealous or something what would you do if someone tried to make you feel bad for doing something new and you know the
ipo and that i like it and what would you do and who is it thank you
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Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 22 includes an Outerscope II segment The Medallion Kite; a game of The Big Job Hunt featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones), and featuring students from The Giffen School versus the Schuyler School and including a profile of Lucy Lyfol, a Sioux Indian woman studying pediatrics; and Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) sings about rice and the kids make Japanese rice balls.
Episode Description
Episode 21 includes an Outerscope II segment Chun the Kitemaker; the Native American art of sandpainting and a lesson about different Native American groups; the story of Kasa Jizo; a story about Mary Jo and her friend Laurie and Cindy with a lesson about telling the truth; Blanca talks about growing up bilingual in Los Angeles and teaching the neighborhood kids Spanish; and Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) sings about rice and how to make Japanese onigiri (rice balls).
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