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as yours is theirs speakers hello i'm a sea kaminski then regurgitate red geraniums is a little easier taking but i had to do this once the law that after a difficult one then take something that's quite like
that and really relax and let yourself go as usual if i am buried under a wash if there's a little bit of buying coverage and a lot of kerosene that don't have it right pa and friends they don't have any now go over on our grants and always delicious and poorest areas the creases drawing is not very complicated
that's why i think that it's important that you vary your subjects because it can get discouraged and tired from doing to make difficult subjects and that's why if you vary it then you feel fresh to start something else it's quite difficult and every campaign played paid far as old time neither we've got to stretch yourself a little bit but not at all at one time and we're never going to do something else eccentric composition which is practiced was practiced by diego where he is he's not practicing anything that its carriers here object which in this case is that as the flowerpot over to one side and we will compensate you an imbalance in the picture by bringing geraniums over mostly to the right that sounds odd it's quite pleasing and it is a little different try not to put everything in the center or the time as joe caught in very best list where in first like this
as usual not because of the pot it has a lot of light lit like at the bottom the curves in like this is a flowerpot says little different we haven't done a flower pot before don't forget it still has to have around the bottom like that this way i would like you in this case to put the topic and even they are going to hang it out like this we are going to make it a little darker and it was show more than a florida clinic that are in a vice because that day of flowers don't all come down to cover the top our wonderful that they're again we do not delineate the florist in a dry we just raw circles i usually put one the middle it's pretty predictable but little got there we are
now let's put it for our year like this and one here like that and haven't won here like this and have a marvelous one here like this that hangs down i think will bring it down little more like that to bring the south korea say mr issa says that you can use this to wipe off your date campuses wonderful if you had to our wood charcoal pencil unit had a problem it's just again this becomes quite so ellen barry yes and small ones but they're you know they're not too definite and they're right here like this one here smaller one thousand algerians have little bug starting one's it hasn't quite florida and it has a very distinctive flower formation that has little stems underneath which will come too late or see
everything pink and nature has its own pattern which is a great help when you're when you're taking then you can put this little these are characteristics in and there's no mistaking what the flour is even if you are low and definite with your painting and drawing there we are a fine now i'm usually a rather i should say it is ten years on this case and that the light is coming from the right so i'm going to say the painting on the left like this article so we're saying i'm on the same side they stars are not concave they are convicts they come out this way instead i guess that's a very simple drawing in a very simple painting but sometimes a simple painting can be quite deceptive so don't don't become too relaxed find fairly are now going
to think this is so in the background there is that what the dark down and go to the like this way right between your flowers and american had flowers ladies and why was things called by step fill in holes that plan crupnick
on all of the towns that makes it quite attractive alternative this painting are related and all have an equal access we have another clip a very harmonious place fell allies especially the other corn a living room in your health our english and yellow carrots and it's a very good training for the earth with and you can train these tanking believe me when i tell you that is a mistake that we will produce an acceptable painting right from the beginning or your friends or relatives will be clamoring for your paintings part
of this wonderful city it solves a lot of problems of shopping and your friends will be waiting in line to get your paintings are they're bigger cuts and i count eye shadows or reflections no purple on the left side and i would like to see a little purple in the middle like this so you get to pick it will be interesting to put a little red towns and that's do that right now like at home i would
suggest that you do this why your background is wet that is if you use your painting i mean you think you're making in stages vanish into this white background as well i don't know the nice thing about pain can change it and wound around don't fuss stuck with a lemon make lemonade i didn't say dale carnegie's that its so such an apropos thing especially for painters to fight that as dr hart start with the dark tones first and on the less i remember the lights coming from the right the kurds are under strength this is an interesting stat
the pot is rather in a way squared off like there's this is in middletown i am the light town like that the courts are going to blend that little see don't have three flavors workers drove this why also as well as up and know that i outlined that incur i guess i would like to say you played the inside of your car like that is very important in this case is forgive me are seeing part of it and we don't often have this opportunity so i would like you to do is as a matter of exercise is your chance to see the whole
thing rather than just part of that as we usually do with flowers and in vans sherry chris up now let's start with the flour is next month and the center and work with the dark town first now there again we use little packing strokes do not lined them up like soldiers rather do them every which way start with the dark then work light on that i know it doesn't crack the geranium at this moment but it too well let's go over here and please don't try to cover a real spike lee interview panels hanging loose like that was a very satisfying thing and this particular ferrari here it should be very dark on the outside
edge like that promotes like this and not so much the light of it in this case that has the artist not in paris for hours we are using i write from the car and other which is not next is come right attitude these particular colors and this is a very nice exercise for you also say just mixing too much fighting here are just going through the years and dark red which is alyssa and crimson rose madder and the that for the moment with regard to put extra highlights later as they pay real feeling betrayed don't have three flavors and he does have a few right now let's get to the top now they are again referring to put the dark tone at the top here like this for me or like rent mostly liked red
and recorded hit a little bit of the light tone they're like that we as small ones which are going to put in right now the small florida like this i remember they're just little ones dying to open and we'll put some really underneath you understand exactly what i'm doing their little ones there have opened and there's a view that has seen geraniums know exactly what i'm talking about most people have theories arabian aflame and beautiful barry white unity has this tiny little window up on the sixth floor has a punter indians have the people around concussions than when we dig and plant something there we are now let's keep going i would like to have more remain in on this idea that more like getting here so less dark red at the bottom or on the left side that are
but all the same size and that's what's happening with me so let's have this one a little smaller and not so many and you're like when's on that don't get too many of them exactly the same size and they're not you know they're in different stages of development memory of london down here this actually is a lot so i'm going to take my background color and bring in like that's got to launch that this is mostly light not so much to primary are to play the part now they don't exactly look like geraniums yet but in a
moment i'll show you how they will look like during and i eased uranium there are medal stands like if they get the names then put these little stands in enlightening and talents of great fanfare they will also have some robots hanging down which is very typical they are an open is they like that and take your life that you put your little thought which will be an open but one geraniums and take your knife and stretched down the stands to the main stand so you get the feeling that they are geraniums not the two years away or what have you the plant that you're painting for the flowers and it is mostly these those funds go where you can see them of course in the center when you do not see that naturally
gifted turned full on you don't really see them as much as a good place to do this right here probably put some robots like this and a dragon and that way to amaze then they sure they all come on bike to act and they will datsun read which tell us there is some there i opened the say the same thing appears that little bouts of color which tell us that they're about to open that are quite open yet said listen in their one thing painting or they will make a very observant i hope that's only now is dry leaves in
this have a heart shaped leave but we're not going to pay them exactly so that's good impressions of leave except you're on the outside this is how we'll rather not for them but this tells us and the people to look at educating that they do have a u shaped leaves but we're not going to pay them all over and take the time to paint the spring purple in here like this and it may get a little tight so we're going to pull it out with buds and what have you and leaves it on the right side and these are mostly likely medium of get some lovely leaves down here over the pot after what i said about not painting over it well we had to put some ways over that the economy
send are telling here and is there things that you can think that you can say you don't have to buy fancy florist wildflowers now we have another town that goes over this likely that the moment and it is a less than i would like one right here a tiny what splits and really on that right that we have an extra light tell which is very important and very beautiful so start with this and then
spectre like tone which is the fourth town which we have been introducing gradually i do remain in towns next with white and cadmium yellow is get that little bit of jazz that we need in a painting i know they will in evidence over here and white a liar just so toxic at sea and i want to make and delight so you can sit with most younger side because of a life and on the edge here like this just like that plunge areas myself and come and fantastic colors lovely thinks too obscene and beautiful pink smith <unk> billions to wear actually beautiful
and as exotic as other plants for the second was satisfying and embracing a girl that can be a boom to beginning than i do i had a gardener from across the studio in california he was marvelous marcus garner but his wife did the guard he was a supervisor about these people but that said we're still quite cranky couple and they had endorsed and half the garden in the world and one day i went in there to pick flowers and while i was taking him as a swarm of bees to go after me and i got to the studio i didn't have all the flies i intended to work for both
of the fastest ride in the west he's a very funny man because he didn't do the driving and felt he was standin supervisors and luckily over here and she was doing a dig in and he was a soviet ohio's and he just did their like this and supervise i always had the theory that one day as they get that space right between his eyes because to pay now i would like for a few kennels below i want to put a few more that is not quite dark enough for excitement now and then faded here's a lot of eccentric political accepting eccentric composition and he painted a monastery called woman with chrysanthemums and the next time you go
to a museum or get an art book and you can see it as a very wonderful painting another woman is practically off the campus but that they star the show or the painting by the beautiful ball of chrysanthemums and she's telling her face over to one side you can hardly see it which breaks all the rules for composition he was a very peculiar man anyway was not very conventional as most artists but he was even more unconventional than those painters and very independent now regard to put some little petals below like this is that you're dropping out of course it brings a color down on the cameras there again obamacare is there again this is a very good lone to make a few grains like that and don't forget your shadows i wear locales like this
or there or i would like an extra light tell right here some guards take some white like this now right next to it to the audience i'm going to add is this song like this rather i like to pay and for nightclubs to get the feeling of panels and build difficult time
getting these pedals to stand up to the area for the mouth with your knife down and put up like that just like the icing on the cake he didn't actually on the right side the polite oversized scratching their stands i mentioned that in this case then is will show but do not think the man actually get all your leaves then take a clean nice clean and i felt like this taken out and simply scratch in this then please do share that then the plot or the ball not to know left field someplace like that do not take stands and thus they are very distinctive stamps like to the stands are lily stems which are quite distinctive and quite large otherwise scratchy
area inside which i didn't neglect to put in which tell us that some delays in here also getting a lie like that see what that does that we know their names on top of the leaves don't fuss with and just as it doesn't like that thing the pay to play because you can relax and really enjoyed it and play with it but doubt that carried away they're now that's it for today that's all over now
it and we there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies do well only
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