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you cast your ballot the votes have been counted and america has selected a new president elect barack obama tonight we won a look at the aftermath of this historic presidential election what does it mean historically economically and politically to the world to america and to you at home the aware show starts right now anything and tv show our listeners for joining us for this edition of the year we're shall america has selected a new president elect a rock obama he touted change and apparently a lot of people were looking for change he said yes we can in america did and the president elect obama will not take the oath of office until january twentieth many wells have already been raised for the night we would talk about that including the
historical significance of this election reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future also go into the political arena and talk about what this means for america and how our country will be viewed around the world leslie he would talk about the work ahead for president elect obama especially on the economic front where our nation is on the verge of a crisis literally hundreds of billions of dollars are needed to bail out everything including banks mortgage companies businesses and yes the auto industry russell talk about obama's cabinet and preparation to take his seat as commander in chief our we are red nation a nation or one nation after all we'll find out what our palace after say when a welcome a well known face now an unnamed in our community everybody knows this with reverend a state matthys lucy was made history himself on the front lines of the civil rights movement next we have the honorable dr joseph mitchell a number of the alabama house of representatives were also joined by mike gilbert a pga see political
science professor and analysts mike is often called on by the media to provide commentary during election cycles and alaska's certainly not least we have work harper he's a professor of economics and the director of the uaw's how center hello everyone and thank you so much for joining us for this deal where shell has all right this is an exciting time for america because you you know we were going to make history either way we went with this summer star within each day because you are our son the whites personally living legend here with us for the pallid discussion tonight we'll talk about the historical significance of president elect obama and on either side of this growing sarah palin the governor from alaska you the way we when we would've either had her being the first female vice president or him the first president elect yeah he's ready at the way it would've gone eleven ish part of the cost had the mccain ticket one who had the first
female vice rather than the lake and with him going in the other direction in obama's favor we have the first african american president elect which is quite significant and especially for those of us who've been in the heat of battle and umpire talk about me but i also can't talk about your mitchell who has also been in the heat of battle and of course that means it means a lot to me as a person as an individual i'll support obama hope is when not based on his pigmentation that based on his profile as don the campaign so you see this is the black eyed blonde all and i hope we don't get bogged down in that that this is a bright victory i think this is a victory falk of the american people but i think that men have a pratfall that he put out
there that people could see plainly in the direction that he wanted to take this country and an aha would suggest to african americans that we not become cocky and not look at this as having been a bright battle out even a bright victory possible costs if they had ninety five percent of the african american vote had he got a hundred percent of the african american vote that filament manila not elected presidents of the human shakes he got home people who voted for him people all stripes so i think we need to recognize that and appreciate that and then we we certainly need to cherish the role of the old people who came out and supported him unless absolutely we don't want to discount that let's talk about that that isn't all about the historical point of this i think some of it was lost with our younger generation a generation or two gap here with some of our young folks and joe i know that might eat you walk into any in the meantime and then talk with me about this some of our youngsters come to get carried away with as i think that they didn't really understand what it
meant to have rock obama become the first black president and what it really meant they took it for just that black on the black power the black victory when we have to say about it as well it's important because miles on point are the athens of moms just as significant as a pretzel market so we have now in this job of a mile all from the forum to call for tickets i what it looks like now to see how you behave now he performs so we can expect some change a second narrative that but i don't necessarily know that his race is going to be significant in terms of how young people view what they can do outside of the notion that what we share his message because that was so delicious away from in the current generation those young people who said oh we're black and proud of things of that type it is not necessarily significant i admit that i was a sick says the commitment that because otto and says is that
happen so let's look at the significance for the world of the book some years ago called live in america or not we have a population of people are going to compensate were invited to be president and only gain about like the lessons they should they mean that there's a possibility for me as well and then went through with it because performance as he bent over the last twenty years is what counts as my cousins about this nothing to regret that you can't discount the significance of the election itself is the first african american but he's more than that and i think he's someone for what a lot of people were looking for and he said yeah it's got a date he'd appeal to cross the border to certain age gender at the group raised we're not necessarily a deciding factor for many people younger city three million people feeling devo for revealing just one characteristic and now also do
we're ruined the third generation now of people since the civil rights movement and people got up to go to school together it isn't in some areas wouldn't be able to to discount race but it's not the overriding issue for most americans i think now that had been becoming much more diverse country and so that you know we're used to seeing that and now as we said now's the time for performance plan it'll go a long way if you can carry out what he wants to do is campaign it was all about change it was all about me yes we can and we did it was about leaving and those sorts of things what do you have to say about those those campaign slogans his platform and people buying into i wanna love you about that the change concept is and personally i think you forget about the last thirty five years or so we've been fighting as liberal versus conservative war and polarizing nature and at the one at the change i want to see is in fact detained on full swing back now and that is because when we disagree doesn't make once it
willingly oversaw perfect that we have to work together and as a boy i think obama has his biggest challenge and i think when it comes to do is to bring people together and work out a solution that we cannot live with this can't be just my where the highway and if he's able to do that we'll be without the store down the road anyone no prisoners over a few of the the types of things internationally that this candidate has illustrations are out there with awe and that means uk they can't think in protest over last fab city amenities think outside the box will affect is this an official not solve today's problem tomorrow for problems like there's probably even approached last year solo sings i think it has to do you would now his peers in contemporary world ayres change going to come from some of the things that obama is doing in his first days is does president elect obama we're looking at him and his
choices for cabinet were looking at him to sing some of his rivals to be a part of his team now to move forward we're looking at him thinking senator hillary clinton as his secretary of state who would've thunk we're looking at him going these people together now is this change that we're looking for it can change come from having the same people that's the mix we have we have to have a different conclusion about assault and different problems was nice to be have to have answers to the problem on the test that's fine but this is a new test them is a new destination so that cabinet those individuals have been awful a whole host of things many of which would not belong on the test would not be on the questionnaire so really the diversity we need greater effect was in a he was bombarded with lists the rhetoric that he was an experiment i'll throughout the campaign to lobby of commerce
he's an experience well and i always wondered what first term president has been experienced as president and that always baffled me i've been there how can a first term president ever experience now are some of the same people who were bombarding him about that he is inexperienced and not on his case because he bringing in people or even though they'd been in washington will be bringing in people a pot of his authorization who often experience who can advise him in the areas that he has no expertise in partly out of this equation also has to be not only were bringing people have insurance and then not many people who have expertise in the area but the people they'd be bringing in to work with them the new generation does not working with any bureaucracy and within the government to try and come up with solutions of problems and having those on the top we're willing to listen to them and then going to work for most significant moments with him for trivia dr markel eleven come out of ideas and try and see
what works in and that's going to be the group that we won't see that much of the leadership of the campaign trail house majority whip jim cliburn south carolina said that he thought that obama didn't think it would not be a dream ticket would be a nightmare would being secretary of state what we see here these words so why was it ended up in a period of a job but i've got some apprehensions about the home and that some drawbacks i am one of them being that there with the experience she has with the normal people and she had supporting where she and some way try and all the shadow no and that's just one of apprehension about that but i think as a a ticket and i think because she she would make an excellent
secretary actually have anything to say about this a very honest in economics of politics and as i think about the appointments that are now being considered and now we understand now that bill richardson's been appointed secretary of commerce i as we yet take the show at this afternoon out the smart money is on tim geithner to be a secretary of treasury it obama is clearly bringing people out with substantial experience to key economics posts and i in a time of economic crisis that that's when the server while the kind that we need to be careful not to set i expect patients to hire all you know he's not going be sworn in on a toys again aware and inside it ought to bring the troops home about iran ancona for about i think we need to be realistic be realistic about an odd mob boss at the expectations our son had abnormal also her being a new job at her experience and the context as she
and bill clinton had made overseas and in past years to happen but time to me is the political risk that are more aggressive that followed by having her there ever a problem position if he's successful investors should only time that policy innovation to see that maybe something that's not in her benefit in the long run if things don't go well real quick and he comes openness to criticism if she decides to leave after year after two years and we could have a split within the party in and the rail whatever calm congress are common they can maybe like a kid you're a ted kennedy jimmy carter's nineteen eighty four the european korean and there would be a disaster and asked this was the political risk i'm more worried about i have a shared interest in that but the current generation is accustomed to disposable or through digital see the martyrs look for novel and that deal if you look at the technology is so soon obama's campaign for example they were we were places where how the russians never went when they went there by wilma a low
medium that we have not used on at night is significant and i believe firmly that i don't believe in our poll clinton was to be embarrassed that his trip to jerusalem she denies ever possible she's on because she's on that will give the people see you again also in that regard i think that wow call for being as elaborate issues as soon leave question is what you got to this point and you didn't win the presidency with who you where do you go and i don't see that she necessarily have a place to go and i believe she wants to have some place to go and the best way in my estimation for that luck for the direction we are ambitious it's a position she's in watson and congolese so ok when i wish you best of the former president for a job in central iraq ok so i don't necessarily know that the incumbent would do their health care reform it's what we're also you
were talking about the celery carrots senator hillary clinton that we would talk about another woman that we would talk about are our first arab our soon to be first lady of this country michelle obama and as many of you know michelle happen to grace pensacola just a few months ago here in our area she came to to the pensacola civic center where she was greeted by more than six thousand people who came from all around to hear what she had to say about her husband and that we would share little bit of her excerpt from her speech with you it's hand they sometimes with tears streaming from there i mean where my intimate say michel i never thought it meant to see the day as by the police and powerful about their home and there's something powerful it keeps me going when we know that there's so many people for the
first time so finding a place for themselves there's something powerful and you're doing some amazing things with all that power you stand in long lines in the middle of the day to come to a political rally at playing bad historical years is building so you really do this knowing it will add to an already been saying that they believe we can make it happen ooh together and that was like to think that all of this excitement is
about my husband thank you when he announced his presidential bid more than twenty months ago on a cold day in february in israel and hauled in springville unknowable roxanne that this race is not about him it will never be that it will be about all of us mr obamas of michelle obama our first lady soon to be some say that michelle is like jackie kennedy in the class a division but others say in the smart division she's more like eleanor roosevelt i didn't really i think it's like a common basis world scenario that because she does a very class actually very smooth others is also very politically savvy and she very intelligent woman and very articulate she have a way of expressing yourself where
everybody understands he doesn't talk down to budget talks and if you can understand that they're important and then i see her i hope to see her or more accurately firstly i think are meant to do that and i had an idea large expectation again i like to see her as you mentioned it when she was here about getting more involved with the military families and veterans affairs and pushing for better treatment for veterans and such a novel american she could have an impact along with education and a few others to get into the us would like to see or do but you got a car her own niche and now she has a power that they can be an award that neighboring somalia mentioned about the veterans on lonely here on this evening's crush top of the travel by at half court and davis and there was veteran out there at least he says it was about money and a son that says a veteran homeless
all i have faith in god and sell that war the things that barack obama talked about shaking canavan or ingested a comeback as i think a lot of people forget about that you know they they think about a lot of the appeal but then the ones who were coming back named yeah physically and eventually the evidence of that to this day is that people get these countries are celebrating it is you probably know that donald also sojourner truth an airplane or so an order will bring some folks she told me that she would believe the escaped from his bondage ocean kill them there in the end the end of an affirmative sense of me that she has a capacity to do those signs with the miles that are before were also just suggested that the knack associate with their intelligence and then just jump
off the page at you that she can pick something make a choice and knows how to pursue that and i think you should do their job of it what where was she chooses to do i don't know if you decide based on what bacon's the arctic and what you do but i think his human to join hugh beaver and then the art will find out about their relationship that to you is this so some really good example idea so far more lenient way to really kind of sixty minutes interview and if i didn't if people can watch them are not understand a very tight family a very big concern about each other very serious about what they're doing but also you're caught with your own what a feeling you feel that you feel that it's beyond just finding it has been elected to the white house republican here because you know we know that obama has so many challenges ahead you just pick something we go fifth but we want you to
come as we would talk about the economic front there's just so much trouble right now in a way and hundreds of hundreds of billions of dollars needed right now bailey everybody out from the big three auto that industry is out which there's a controversy the air we talk about that to our banks to even our local states and our cities that are in trouble right now top us have a little bit about where we are at it's kind of challenges with a capital c i you're right we do see it challenges at the federal level and unprecedented their budget deficit that which is going to really tie the hands of the new obama administration in putting new programs in place that we're seeing that the financial crisis that if if we talk a week or ten days ago i would have told you that i thought the worst of the financial crisis was really behind us and that we've moved on into a slow economy and all the promises that rings but it seems clear that the financial crisis is not over as you say we keep finding new problems with the banks that are more heavily exposed than we thought the problem the real estate loans
out we see that now spilling over into all areas of the economy we see citi group saying that it will lay off about fifty two thousand workers and as a result its stock plummets and it's unable to find the financing that it needs to to restore health and quite a building so when you take those events and then combine them with an economy where consumer spending is weak which is the primary driver of spending here we are looking at a weak christmas retail season we ought to be growing at five or six percent per year in terms of consumer spending growth every year old in a c flat or even declining retail sales we look at business investment spending which hopefully should dirt normally be enough to pull the economy out of a little downturn because business balance sheets have been healthy until we headed into this financial crisis businesses shutting their doors people who have mortgaged their homes to start their american
dreams of owning their own businesses to squash before their faces tonight we're on them your home on the economic front and talk about florida shot ted gioia talk about alabama wouldn't see justice says the report is particularly heavily exposed to the downturn in construction a housing industry when you have a state that typically in most years growers twice as fast as the national average that means you need to build homes at twice the rate that the nation does and so when we get hit with a housing slump florida suffers doubly were very dependent for state tax revenues on that housing we tax property out we tax will property specifically real estate very heavily we tax the transactions through the documents stamps tax and then we tax the dishwashers and carpet to the people by putting those new houses so we are suffering from the real estate downturn particularly and as that spreads beyond the floor that we were really the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the nation in terms of the real estate slowdown that means that the new administration comes into office in
dealing with the financial crisis that may or may not be over can businesses get the money they need in a bar that money in that we're dealing with a very weak economy right now so it's kind of a double whammy that the new administration faces and tell you three that the picture is not a time really to the people now buy with partial now when i listen to someone's death to talk about six percent unemployment welcome you do have twenty five percent unemployment have for decades so that we now looking at a hit on a novel noble old this country economically because they have not been accustomed to this as well forty eight or something like that something larger electorate that just as i was getting a sort of thing that happens when a problem that we are here right now is we are as a nation or becoming almost a donation of gil scott heron require
clean some years ago he said that the tour was bought the second word reform now they will force and right now we're facing the nation an ocean we'll take a quick picture like the katrina people starving and then when this woman and in new orleans if you look at poo people you can see the difference between poor here and point above the world in alabama right now about because from his wrist to charge and taxes on food and pharmaceuticals oken and then that huge harness the people who have the least amount of land to pay those wheels to tell because i haven't used to it but i didn't know so everything income taxes on income and income of nine thousand five hundred thousand something wrong with the setup most your face and alabama florida mississippi with the weather circumstances we have not gotten out of that despite the fact that the news doesn't show that but alabama's duo coastal they were having problems directly associate that we're talking about here too you know
in alabama just like any other states looking at education pro russian operation and probably discussed dollars probably brought out come out on a monday on monday but some people were approaching twenty five percent for a show which we lay people often teach to other tribal housekeeping in and janitorial custodial services others but those things also keeps a building working so would you just when you began to dismantle structured such a fashion that doesn't have that the person casting the teacher that chat one in la i have what's the south and i had the right answer out we would be in much better shape today is it's a tough situation because if you raise taxes and try and get that revenue back and that's going to come out of the pockets of your hard working households they're not going to spend it on things at home ai if you borrow it from future taxpayers by going out and incurring more debt then you're leaving the future
generation with an additional burden but i think if they see anything keep taxing big business the ripple effect that is just more people on those businesses in winnie attacks business or tax the people in on them and we need to keep at this point of spending going in the economy where the most interesting proposals i've heard from washington is that the way the because people saved most of their rebate checks in the second quarter of two thousand a distance as the statistics suggest that only about twenty five percent of the hair tax rebates actually got spent to keep the economy getting a lot why we know her gets credit cards paid down there are already decreased are borrowing instead of one out and buying clothes or something like that where the most interesting proposals is for the federal government to use its borrowing capacity to give the states a sales tax holiday so that florida could lower its state sales tax from six percent down to one percent for three months or six
months that could get spending going again one political capital is this woman's terms of the mission before that i wish we could for exxon's the term bailout because it creates more contours and now you're the lead ins thanks to our eyes and has given you the money and now think of what we're doing and i'm hoping that in the nice work out all the details at these are our assistance is going to be necessary to try to stabilize things you have to give some money back into the visitor a veteran combat and danger but don't view is not just a giveaway that to develop a backer of the best buy stock will ever do with it but but the idea that we're not as giving osama can continue doing the thing that the delivery for an sos as the bailout there people go over to do it a doctor has a severely injured patients you have to stabilize a patient before you could start doing the surgery
and so we can grow again we're gonna stop the fall until we can figure out how scientists some eventually of the day about paulson will also hear they were going on vacation and going out and said it would only this three hundred and fifty billion dollars here that we have not used for him to use as he sees fit and i think there's a misnomer that it is a bailout use it in that sense but don't know i don't think that's how the money there's been much criticism i talked about alluded to it anyway with the anti big three auto companies yes you are the bailout the auto industry get more companies that you're flying in and the jetsons well what it seems wise of congress to suggest that there need to be substantial strings
attached any financial relief goods given to an endangered industries and so in that sense it is a bailout for the car companies and in a capitalist economy how can you profess to let business do what it will grow and shrink based on the successful management decisions that are made when you know no longer business and say yes you are too big to fail we'll give you money but it out owner of the retail shop down the street it's going out of business we won't give you more because you made this a management decisions but if you fail it won't have been revealed after the housing market i mean we've absolutely bailout basically a huge love that were people who went out and bought all of these houses are houses morehouse and they knew that they could afford they didn't know i don't know if it's a poem but anyway they bought them and now they can't they got these out on a lot of covered their lives staying payments or making a pie but then you have other people who have been sitting here and painters and some point to it they'd they thought they did everything right in and they don't
have that and they're not going to get a bailout is going to get any help and so you're rewarding people for making bad decisions and for doing the wrong so what can we do what they would wear to withdraw politically don't do something we're going to have a crisis if we do if they was like so first you have to stabilize the patient again then you have to put them on the right sets on the right healthcare plan and that's going to involve some aspects of re regulating the financial sector it's going to involve fraud aspects of ad in tax policy that they need to change there's a number of things and also the banking industry some of these bank presidents and people walking away with eighteen million dollar packages you're probably isn't a novel it is monday and that led to these lighter like a hammer know today of is a hammer they would like the mayo with a foreigner we can use all allow these businesses to use this money which maybe taxpayers' money as if it's money that they aren't because he did know that this is not the
term bailout is this is so misleading but this is not where they learn they are and this is a government id laws allowing them to use my that they didn't have access to to pay their working force eighty five percent what they miss is salaries ok and those people with the salaries build something so that's what this is this is that i suspect is where the money is go he's going someplace else alabama doesn't get any other charges the state's top when you say we're going to give our burbank seven hundred billion dollars congratulations you just bunches of the bank i didn't have a bank account and my tax dollars but its not mine you know so you have an ability to help but by the same token when these companies to fail in the end if you don't help and there'll be a lot of people want to have tarps right it puts us in a
very unusual position historically of having the government government make life and death decisions for particular businesses and in our system of economic organization that's not the way it's supposed to work and it's going to corrupt our confidence in the ability of the marketplace to make those resource allocation decisions in even though you and i are going to end up owning seven hundred billion dollars worth of stocks or assets that were controlled by these banks that's not the way it's supposed to work in it we'd stop arbitrary at least arbitrary seeming decision makings by government as to who sinks in his wins and so for that reason it's it's wrong and it's it's just very uncomfortable to see that happening today in washington now suing the issue of fairness to get used to be economic news to be social social prior to all of them and then we had the issue is also where you can stay in europe and in the sport of social benefits and now this absence of
parity of a parent fairness is being displayed how was all a problem in economics the assumption being that every bad deserve to have access to the same things that may not necessarily work that may not work because in this particular environment the every buy that we talk about our neighbors now will the state land of our friends who need these monies to the summer stay afloat but to survive like so we've not talked about quite the same thing to say what about our have an opportunity to get the loan when i read it all but we have access to the money that we're now using to help these industries pay their employees so let's look at the employees as our names as opposed to industries our neighbor's house and if you find a way to cut the profits from was of trustees and their stockholders have to understand the million get no profit now because you're not in nevada we lived among and so no there's the
prophet and that will help taxpayers animals understand when a talk about a bailout was leggy some bison money just to have a profit meaning go to the you know the idea that governments must operate like a business would be much better global robert ludlum's unsettled theory by talking about the now you know when you hear alan greenspan who for you yours was absolutely revered in washington and elsewhere go before congress several weeks ago and say simply i'm a mistake right a theory was wrong i'd that's just astonishing in it gives credence to that used it that an unfettered unregulated capitalist marketplace particularly in the financial sector where there are lots of products that were not well understood were businesses such as aig insurance didn't understand the scope of the risk that they were taking on the fact that they wouldn't be able to refinance that debt when
it came time to do so the fact that that wasn't taken into account by people who ought to be out there maximizing shareholder profits instead they've lost every dollar of equity that shareholders put not for that really calls into doubt the ability of the capital's marketplace to make those decisions in a smart fashion and thats exactly what our former chairman greenspan said and it was astonishing to hear them all the ugliness then the issue it was frightening because i mean this was a right that we all male counterparts on our nation's prosperity really no reason we all used to live by the cold heart countless of the marketplace and here was a small businessman who who gave it a try and either made it where they didn't but it was the market that decided people bought their products were they didn't and there was some fairness to that in the sense that the market
this coldly impartial collection of voices voting with their wallets made a decision about whether that business survived or did but now the picture's changed completely because we have our elected representatives taking our tax dollars and our children's tax dollars to be paid when they start to work and have this deficit national debt to pay off down the road and now those representatives are making that decision that used to be made by the marketplace and this is going to be a challenge we know for obama what are we going to see from this administration in terms of trying to address the very beginning of the obama administration is going to be handcuffed by the deficit that it's inherited the federal budget deficit he was running at about four hundred fifty billion dollars a year which for a nation as large as the us is manageable it's about three percent of our gross domestic product but because in a time of increased economic stress people go on unemployment benefit they they take advantage of by medicare medicaid they retire early brussels security at the same time as revenue to the government is
decreasing because people's incomes are not growing because corporate profits and the taxes on those profits are down the obama administration is going to inherit a budget deficit for the fiscal year that we're currently in october first until september thirtieth fifty thousand nine that's going to be on the order of seven hundred fifty eight hundred billion dollars a year which is the largest budget deficit us will ever have had on top of that add the necessary treasury's borrowing for the seven hundred billion dollars the treasury could be looking at bar and one point three to one point five trillion dollars next year after that new that was coming out in october ten million plus americans on unemployment will it's that those are big numbers relaxing huge for every percentage point increase in the unemployment rate that's another one point five million people out of work in the national economy those are big numbers this is also the workers at
every community in on a river that aggregates all that all the communities in the country we know like this image before you know we help opens a twenty five percent unemployment insurance ethnic groups in the news stratified sampling of the father for population within <unk> to teenagers who should be able to get on his apartment job who can't get work because as being held by a mother was trying to pay her household that has ballooned so that their child is not really able to get something so now where do they go to get things they need to do the crime statistics the health status when you can shorten a medical very soon for physician nation that they would go forward in the political front so those types of things are part of the economy at this point because they've been improvising all along they know what he's like this point is exact target
that the people most at risk in the job market are those with the least advanced job skills or education these tend to be young people just entering the job market in disproportionately they tend to be minority and so i expect the income distribution to get worse as a result of the economic slowdown because it's the least advantage who are most at risk aspect of that using more seniors which are people taking on the jobs of the teenager while and then we will have to spend some money school is his life's work when i read this is that we have our eyes startle about a professor here we also have our personal lives as history living legend sitting here let's talk about some of the history of this i know i've not seen anything like this in my lifetime and in my generation but maybe you have a state an important historical point of view
how do we survive based on what others have had to do and we'd been in years past enough to pass a question about just how i was a cat and even have an emotional but because it's so high and obscene tough times will end but i don't i really don't think that in one kind of seen anything like we're going to lay reader end up i think that this is this is the great depression were things we look at the depression it was very very bad and we're pulled us out there without warrants drag down as one of the bad economy can sometimes do during the aspect it's not apocalyptic i don't believe that would actually going to our people are suffering is probably going to get worse before gets better and people will find ways to coach but i think we're really a coming out and with a generation that isn't used to being
having to do those kind of things are in the summer to get used to doing i was wondering if you go and not telling your grandfather's or your great grandfather's door and say how do we survive how did you survive the key thing to do that they need to be the drivers of realize that during the depression unemployment at twenty five i and we're nowhere near that work we're running just above six percent now which thirty years ago now when we're first entering the labor market some of us that would have been considered a normal unemployment double digit with you bill caldwell attributes right right and populations are the flu breaks out and pool on the commuter poor people and no buyers at the injection for in that community in any other community of the federal government not spending money on the vaccine and not assimilating it and everybody gets sick ok so the everyone else also
though there's not a one year two years three or even four year solution to this i do not believe that arabs he has gone to means anyone on to need more than one term that has the game world because it's probably isn't an astronaut chris international so the promise god the solution to this problem is also want to have to be international and many of those countries that look at a large private secondary to our country and what we buy here are going to have to look at tightening about recognizing some other industry that they now have music of that the alabama now earlier about expectations that you only knew you can't you can't have such lofty expectations and everything's not be done within limits on obama's cabinet white belts go back to this and we just kind of
focused on your way we know you've touched on some of the other recently named cabinet members as well people in the obama administration to talk about some of their positions that as you all see it and some of the names that are that are being given to us right now and how you think of those folks might help to address them in a very issues that we're talking about right now right dr richardson of commerce the first of the schedule ahead about i wrote what richardson out of the big center stage as well informed about my expectation that in the elections but they are the factory again part of our research are rebuilding is going to have to be a greater market while elementary regenerate the world economy as well and he has a lot of experience in foreign policy and diplomacy and if he if his role as a center of commerce is to be focusing on rebuilding our ford economy now four and expects court in importance that it evokes a lot on the world economy i think that we can do a lot
well i dont for joining a miracle that there was an excellent show it's based on his record plaque and then based on his past as a farm as well as record follows really pretty usually maybe called her vacation how nail sized desserts have received two to have this kind of stuff office and he added all of those estimates just a passive subversive of public education now i've moved some clear from the war zone but they would talk about his new novel anatomy but we don't believe that on the job training when will probably that we bring someone who won the stands the end to the national implications of education policy certainly find out what to do with no child left behind there was unfunded throughout most of the south wonder where we still being penalized for
things is the job of being paralyzed for things so we need to look at how we want to how bold program the status dreams administration's change to be something that we can control salinity seemed effective teaching father's memoir no one issue paul garbled nolan and now will probably do their level best that but i don't believe that he is a person who should hold that position it is too critical for someone to see my position for someone to sit back and say well i think they need to have an idea of which direction are going to watch and was invited to practices morning edition national security advisor <unk> for the final vice president had said it'll be interesting to see what role he i feel certainly a lot of expertise in the foreign
policy arena from his early years of service are in that committee in the senate tom it i suspect we'll do it a very credible job for our president elect obama i'm particularly interested in that obama's presumed choice for treasury tim geithner the president of the new york federal reserve bank and really i kind of earned his stripes in the financial crises of recent years not an economist not wall street native says several of our secretaries of the treasury have ben but at a tremendous reputation as a problem solver of bringing people together to work through this so called the financial issues so that's the one that time relating to cities where do we go from being a terrorist our view because you then a fourth verse of it to joe air and been very active in the sort of things that historical point where we were up to date though it were taken into the future well
how i guess a moderate into the future and below that would've actually but like a scenario at all it's just that i hope that we all come to realize and recognize the fact that this is not a black presidency this is one that encompasses people of all stripes so what does this mean to america to have rock about this episode the perspective it means that a lot of the week we have not we still climbing that mountain of social justice but that we haven't peaked we have got to the top but i think with this historic election with things that have gone on in this election and afterwards that we reach a pretty high on the mountain and i think that in our faucet a peak called when i recognize that all of us are tied up in a sailboat of destination dr king used to say
that we're traveling down this path together will we be black white or whatever that means that you might do you see your week we talk about this being a regulation of blue nation independent dad democrat republican knew what we want when we want to see what the surface which were come through the wars for that the twentieth century i think you're part of the twentieth century being american century i think that we need to redefine the new american century than the twenty percent rule a much different and i think this is representative of beginning of that and saying that it's not the hyphenated black americans back where there were that were americans to work together and that's what we have in common as more importantly what we have the surprises and if we can begin seriously making that transition not just a rhetoric that inaction then we i think we have a chance to have a very successful future and if we can't then ran away to many others involved in this as well there's not talk about the past are the last line in front of our central america reach back and get so focused on
twentieth century ago when a lot of people like that that thinking they were going to bring them to where we are also they say progressively i asked and they think in terms of people who are not in terms of bell race and gender and but i think in terms of people period are because that's worth protecting their students we want what was awful and we also we heard one pundit on the campaign trail say that he would take down in america to decide that they wanted a black man to be their president that was basically went what it was boiling down to was america ready when i think that happened i think that happen is elected i think it proved that america no you you always have pockets of growth and i think that in a monarchy you have pockets of these people who are writing nasty editorials and saying nasty things are based on the news with the media island iraq obama was struggling and
nobody thought he had a chance of winning he wasn't an african american in a black metal and you know a lot of media says that time says he's with they did only is all of a sudden some of the same people who are saying that you know him being an african american right now he's become have quite low narration not so lucky tiger woods was that will that was going to be the thing that i was going to say you know the pundit was saying are we ready i think american and surveys that it wasn't so much that we are ready for a black man we're ready for the things that that man was touting on the campaign generally ready for training in a contemporary been elected a black president we elected president ever to be black to express our values or that mobilize people that probably never would've worked together for some reason had never voted for both the wrong people into
that now that raises expectations but he was reported he was able to express yourself and and design of vision for america and that's what brought people get shot in nineteen ninety four though a lot of republicans are trying to parse words when democrats came out and solicit must be in fact they were probably know that would change what they wanted some work for them it was i want something because all the votes to change out that made people not feeling is that on this occasion as the poles apart from that they wanted change it seemed one process work and now they're looking at two candidates and two different parties there is a candidate that they avoid four and the dishes and epperson articulate which called oblivion mass to jump across lines to jump across races and dishes initiative across genders and ten the population numbers of particular way because those numbers to change yeah well you know
some social and gender differences and women in politics and that they behave differently and has been the truth that the sonics invaded poland the successful vault except i like member a successful potter film and it may be an irrelevant issue but deadly than we do encourage a lot more experience when the temperatures but zhang that's not an issue anymore they'll job of vice president community that the presidential primary showed that the female did not get the route out and then that the other party brought a vice presidential candidate that did not there's no bolts of their gender vocal cues like they think it would be tried or as a nation we've tried to go at a stalemate now we need to drive work for just a quick minute wait because only viewers you people illegally with the show this evening with some sense of empowerment about what they can do it's not weighed on this administration don't ask them if we can
do for you what can you do for that network in the world the countries in the series economic debt crisis at the moment unemployment is rising it may well he'd get thirty percent and ironically enough paradoxically enough as people since this economic insecurity and a pull back on their spending and start saving more that starts the cycle will then swear that lower level of spending in the economy means that because we're buying less the economy slows down even a little bit more so to difficult situation right now and what we can each do about it personally is to work harder earned more income and the us and that income but that's often easier said than the logo of you were saying we need to stop spending and first lady you know and that was that would have been a great thing in the late nineteen nineties were kind of has to go along in the same rate was falling we should have increased it then now is the wrong gas prices
that's frightening me i know what you all for being here absolutely worked at two for being here and as always stay informed is stay where we're glad you could be here for the aware show mtv sharp to give yourselves the pink slip
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The Aftermath of the 2008 Presidential Election
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Discussion of the impact of the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, featuring Rev. H. K. Matthews
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AWARE! Explores the varied cultural interests of the many ethnic communities throughout Northwest Florida and parts of Alabama. Focusing on people and current issues, the series features guests who relate their encouraging, inspirational, and sometimes controversial but always entertaining stories.
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