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i'm really really mean oh yeah right now it
does and now on today's adventure of our school won that showdown it's not intervene in things there's
been a it's nice this thing's been doing it's b
it's b i know and now alright you this is but we can
and now we know this money money it's
been the peak we israeli grabbers and we called this year's showdown the border and into yours sneaky ways are sneaky ways heiress you in your even house has been ruinous were you really mary
theres all prisoners to county you always been working to bust and the bar's you go and the reason that the way you think real tv he and hear what you know about the what's the best way he was able to do so much how all true they just occasionally no such cost her
the ruling generals gen mcneill check to be continued next dr bakker take
cuts what is it weeks but it's baloney and as michael i would like to thank you for lebanon come to talk to you this morning i am please hold for seven dollars from the nineties and community relations when electricity all of you have any problems that would then be able to help you can come to speak to us you know what it is
and we have those rules of the rules at home rose in state by the last away as you could save me save my uniform he sat by the shale now it is a quieter we wear nameplates and with your permission i'll think went back the pittsburgh sen obama i want to tell you that the way only ideals that got if it's necessary and death in the back of the pouch or handcuffs or c a s e
so clinton said that's been the ponies most of the time they really i mean they need help and then problems that they have are very proud of the fact that i am a police officer in the end times is full of tell everybody in the teaches of course then there will tell a lot about it you know you
i feel that especially so he's being the peace what is this
luke needs
anyway this week right that's right
let's listen date nine when you yawn i loved it
data collection he says and ninety nine i want to be a veterinarian because i love npr you teach now enjoying the big game on the show it's asked the question can a nice girl like cricket wicked find new games to play every day with the help of a small stuffed all and really feel in a three minute
cartooning with no commercial interruptions or will they be blitzed by the insidious inequities of long john spoil sport that's me that roberts two dimensional character in show business years here is now an orange rampant rottenness what are you up to mortgage on i'm getting set direct aid you might do it that's contained a specially formulated ingredient those salvation as plus extra added greedy yes no commercial interruptions and michelle glory and all he wants to do is to cheat now let's learn a silly game played on the street and especially his remarks the private devere and that are so we can play baseball but they don't grow only native than that and where that might go well it's something like baseball
except only that you don't believe you and if you'd like if you don't clean the sidewalk or if he gets caught the team gets about so that's something you want to avoid what if your boss she landed the street and balance once that's a single light ways to bounce is means double a triple is free but if you want a home run you're honestly believe pretty strong yes your art must be strong i repeat goes on running across the street you scored just like baseball nine innings of play or until someone shows up to chase your way he would keep one eye on traffic by what you emphatically was ever caught you you lose automatically now that they like that they can deliver a bar right let's hear it
now a monkey wrench into maybe a wind wrong monkey wrench and cotton that's right well the backlight o'clock and that no law made by james neil young and he it just
does do you live right exactly thats
why these k i e the cia used the beginning of five hp we know it simply granted they said today it's a city is because it is just about snow said at the scene that you're reading but scientists at the same time i could say in kiev do you share that has been the case yes because it's
like the painter that the patient's brain every campaign season to say that means no chance now because she's been linked there is the next people with it alex lindsay and even in the square one thing this is our routine
a few days ago the pain i mean really mad cow anyway with the economy
the power is back these peaceful is this and the the time that
we need my view now i'll call them and vote and villages you mean oh no
calm down why me ms kriz it was b you're welcome he has tattoos
yes that's what it really doesn't matter whether they're made up rich will remember what you do is entirely empty of ad i wonder why it does ha ha ha ha
ha ha lee oh yeah now right now it
does and now today's adventure of others hope one back at pay cuts whole week long hours south nina will what do you know i guess they're a la be a monster where you know what do you know the sheriff sought beach
universe lever me or peter and i was about you tom are wired sheriff we never once done stole from here they are it were the monster this whole time and this year's shoot down was all wrong what i heartily apologize mayor peter payette can i apologize to you share of song you'd be here most casualties no one is going to stop is the way gary and neighbors we got nothing to fear it's high time we spoke to liz here he got face to face are scots and wheat growers emptied out we'll all stand together and together we'll do the deed now we
always very don't stand a change i owe the bill buford one of soul stand together and call him out in egypt has been you ever seen kaz come here today that's all spies on the treasures that he stole many here are now all cops hate that we had that people used to stay land from you took or grain used to hold jerry oh you're sleepy way blame each other but we used their empty out your miserable
monster you're right card artist al qaeda we now look sharp look sharp now we have materials into his mouth really seeing sea use word is and are always out together look sharp look shocked now he goes into his mouth everything's say oh no this is in short you need loans again who is raul annie
wu who are they going to be nice to know what the quantum of you is we owe it to jerome thought the comedy use your mining plans are doing now but she used it for evil instead of a while we could still love you if you change her car what is this that you say you're my twelve he got it if he changed his way right you very much ari then he cuts evil deeds are ended the wrong he didn't turn now all been mended never again will he commit a crime team and you to court till
the end of time where is back to get married and your common crouch ejecting teenage good will help create goodwill work from toil and trouble you won't share her ah and later peter pan he was wonderfully brief stop staring stop you it's wonderful in brain you do
no rain when i was bad i brought it back to a big you know oh god we couldn't see thanks whale thought it looks like your barber did a golf week you're glad you came along and help make things better and the year to be continued next time the jewels of the sky as many
as charles eastman is mine and i would not be an indian he thinks of the freest life in the world in our head i will tell you is poisonous unbalanced company cited the point i had a very pleasant game of big snow typical randy it was not so much during the summer majors at her best and provides a lot of food for the union
or in the winter day oh boys were expected to go without food and water for two or three days without showing any weakness for the day and the night i mean this is and we at clay fights with my paws and will launch played lacrosse and in the winter and better use of her five senses and the children of the winter
we got smells and see we could feel and taste in the wildlife i owe much of my early training this life was mine i was fifteen when i went to the white house oh how you serve the second my son now enjoy the big game on the show which asks the question can a nice girl like cricket wicked find new games to play every day with the help of a small stuffed doll named really be all in a three minute cartoon with no commercial interruptions calling must discover some day where that voice is coming from well it's time for me to find what newt gingrich as a mind well here's her dream what's take
a glance she'd like a game where she can dance meanwhile unbeknownst to our friends a sinister figure lurks totally in the background yes ad his eye long jam spoil sport need a bully without ranking male fast there that speeding spit ball cricket match your chance to find a game where you can dance and quicker than you could say long john spoil sport but not that you would want to cause i'm friends are off to visit a walk cute old native american village somewhere in the great northwest these kids are playing a game they know by the name of tupelo york way you know i mean well he answers that it just means a trip the dancers and the drummer plays a happy be that kids begin to build their feet of the bead speeds up it gets quite fast and the kids dance
faster telecast but drummers stops and the most freeze they must not move your arms or knees or anything they must keep staying as they were when he stopped playing it was not for how about physically do coke and they are out each time the drummers stops some kid will slide or twitch your slippers good deal only ones left standing there and you know where a fair and square he gets to play in the drama next time well if you're already i am oh i get it just dropped in to read the day what's the word for drama are you redfern mean math the fruit each they think dylan rapping law that's why else yes it is i am now and i have a slight your dry
my shelf was a way that a scandal pirates elsewhere i'm going to highlight some braves was you'll never find me well kids in cities play a game it's a very new we just the same but they don't need a drama the way they played so let's all go there right away lost about drama like spoiled us invasion if we make good use of their street decoration in the city again has a different name it is well it's got sons played just the same and they're european swing your feet and your arms once again no long johns wells or is be curses the midday man three years
news there you are yes we are in place to be
one am on b and knows you never know what you're going to smell next read anna garlic for males the worst here how does that fresh pizza for a favor for where your head pj it's the smell of letter r i can say is you're a mistake i'm going to now you're one who's missing something you're sure you'll have a stuffy nose a little thing called maybe or something like that a group that will advise not almost as like the same smells it depends on what you're used to have the same goes for the way people smell
smell is another way that each person we all have almost nobody old honey that's what we used to have it so people were sometimes seems strange to us and one reason for these differences and smell because of the number of sweat glands we have a what plans are tiny holes in the skin allow water inside to reach the outside and clueless when some of us have more of the sweat glands and so we sweat more freely strong smell they have a
variety of smells it's really easy the police chief guys are great there's
bees org it's been this bad this brings back and it's
been the pain has been it's boring well yeah yeah he's still
an ally besides the the police beat it's
both the pay to play with it's been it's been weeks been the problem and it's been the point
beach now now now
all our necks in a van niel did with a reported that they'd rather than the nano is a general view we like the americans
sell when you i might ran toward a fly today and one is squatting makes my knees who my name is giving him please don't tease me about my sags just the right size i
did it is
Vegetable Soup
Episode Number
27 & 28
Season 1
Producing Organization
New York State Archives
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New York State Archives (Albany, New York)
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Episode Description
Episode 27 includes an Outerscope I segment The Showdown; a profile of Officer Gonzalez about her work as a police officer; the story of cowboy Nat Love; a story about Jackie and her love of baseball; a story about playing games featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones); a continuation of the story of Karen and her friend Jan about being teased for her Japanese middle name; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe about making the Navajo dish frybread.
Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 28 includes an Outerscope I segment Back at Hategut's Hole; the story of Santee Dakota physician Charles Eastman; a story about playing games featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones); the story of Connie and her brother Burt about their life in Yakutat, Alaska; a lesson about different smells; the story of Alex and his efforts to teach his friend the Chinese lion dance; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe about making the southern dish johnnycakes.
New York State Archives. New York State Education Department Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting educational programming videos and associated paperwork, 1977-2005. Series B2623-18.
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