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from the corner of third and broadway in downtown wichita this is the nineteen eighty report to members of eight here is channel eight's director of programming jim lewis good afternoon as you know kqed's is a not for profit corporation that just as a profit corporation reports annually to its stockholders on corporate activities so do we channel eight report to you the fifteen thousand nine hundred and five members of aid throughout the south central kansas region in this programme will be reviewing some of the events of the past year and projecting some of our expectations for the coming year well nineteen seventy nine it was a year of ups and dollars for channel eight a financial pinch in september necessity in the layoff one substation personal and suspected moisture in the transmission line cause damage that resulted in several transmission outages during the year on the positive side however january fifth nineteen eighty marked our tenth anniversary the tenth year of service
like abc's to the south central kansas region april brought the return of saturday morning about programming to channel aid as well as a general shakeup in the channel a programming scheduling and several new programs including a country western and bluegrass music on sundays at six old time cowboy movies and film classics on the weekends and finally this spring also included the signing of a purchase agreement for a new office in studio facility more about that later but first let me report to you about our primary product programming each spring we've conducted a program preference poll distributing thousands of questionnaires to a sample of our members of eight and two the general public views the results of this poll along with our ascertain whether the area needs and problems to help us select and scheduled programming for the coming year with the results of this year's surveys in hand we've already begun to secure programming for this fall here are some of the familiar programs that were
purchasing again it's better in addition requiring some new programs that we're very excited about programs that we feel you'd be delighted with because they also relate to the results of our program preference poll and our programming ascertain that there's a list of some of these new programs you'll be seeing this fall the paper chase the
fame series on law students with john houseman as professor kingsville matinee at the bees you a new series recalling the saturday movie programs of the thirties and forties the next page a new entertainment and discussion magazine with ruby dee and ossie davis superstar profiles eight teams some primitive and penetrating interviews with american celebrities about their lives and work the town of manhattan ten fascinating programs on plants evolution of mankind on the record ten hard hitting dramas from canada open minded a new weekly discussion show american perspective is new documentaries on the peoples that make up america faulty towers a new series with the zany zone faulty towers resort hotel cochrane she's an uproarious comedy series from england to the manner born another left old british
comedy series i remember harlem a nostalgic look at a famous neighborhood from colonial times to the present movie musicals and exciting package of twenty six classic hollywood musicals gooden country country western bluegrass music the way you like it these are some of the programs already purchased or in the process of being purchased and we hope that most of your preferences on the air this fall and i'd like to take advantage of being with you at this moment to report to you on what was perhaps the single most significant event a pbs programming this year i refer to the broadcast on monday may the twelfth of the special program death of a princess both before and after the broadcast we received many many many calls and letters from you the viewers of eight both protesting and in favor of that program and i'd like to give you a person report on why we broadcast the show in the face of so many heard concerns by you about the possibilities that might happen as a result of that
broadcast well in the first place we put on the princess some support of its broadcast because we felt that it was our obligation to you or to provide you with a truthful factual and substantively grant program to the united states today the middle east furthermore we were very happy with the one hour broadcast after the program in which a live discussion of experts on islamic religion culture and politics was american foreign policy thoroughly disgusted presented many sides to the whole question of perhaps even more imports and the reason why we put the program on the air is because it is our obligation and our responsibility of the american constitution to do exactly that failure to broadcast the program would have perhaps posed an even greater risk to american security and american interests in that it would have perhaps a set a precedent for foreign intervention against the american right to free speech one of our most
precious freedoms of all i'm very happy to say that the national the national press with all exception from the new york times to the hutchinson news in wichita eagle became supported very strongly the right and the obligation of pbs meteors to broadcast that program one final point this was not just an isolated spectacular than simply part of our overall commitment which we've been pursuing long before this program went on the air to acquire programs and films that would help you the viewers here in south central kansas to learn more about this vital area of the world both in terms of its religious cultures politics and its people and will continue to look for the choir at present programs of this kind will not all of gentle its programming comes from national or even regional sources we're actually feel it is our responsibility to produce local programming designed to address local needs and interests we started this year with a continuation of our magazine chronicle that you recall some of these segments from the chronicle series
chronicled can only get by weekly public affairs magazine karen halverson is a former registered nurse and president of the pc home association she conducts childbirth education classes arrow karen outlined the goals of peace and how a handsome and lonesome line is to supply chain now finds an unlikely in kansas and an employee's to educate income homes and want a family center in moscow experience as well as compounds where a homegrown experience redevelopment to urban renewal a blessing or kurds these before nafta slideshow at the urban renewal agency you are a has accomplished in wichita they don't depict how an individual can be affected when property is
condemned and taken to the power of eminent domain redevelopment may be a plus for the community as a whole but for some it is a nightmare of bureaucratic hassling the central issue is the power of the government to take private property for public feuds without the consent of the owner this is eminent domain at its simplest the real estate offices are call us and said that before we read in the newspaper that the city commission had designated this area for the administrative activities area center that we would be in that we would be taken out in so many words on almost any weekend you'll find racing enthusiasts arriving at which it owes dirt track at one speedway some come to
raise many of them because they have a friend or a relative who can be that like when a racing team changes tracks were trials take his plans with him reading oh ready made cheering section contracts are more prevalent throughout the midwest to me as always ways the reason seems to be cost you can get into good racing at a fairly inexpensive level with a street stock car the standard other with all of the classroom from there you can work you with a letter of higher dollar autos like mama mama finds that may be custom built cars that only vaguely resembled a production car that its exterior mimics more than fifty people attended the saturday morning public hearing held on the second floor the barbour county courthouse in eldorado kansas these easy chair and he locks a newly appointed commissioner jane royal her testimony from almost two dozen witnesses during the three hour hearing that most of the rumors the commission's to deny the rate hike in october
election violence i wouldn't say it's wrong to a wide spectrum of events from speeches and herrings the musical ideas for us you heard from speakers plus along and alger hiss you are listening to a great person you're married you from iranian ambassador to the united nations for a room holding up you attended public hearings before toyota city planning commission the national commission on alcohol fuels kansas cooperation issues you were entertained by that music that's in addition you received a special report on the first and only presidential primary will be held in kansas ms bee
to pay nine major candidates a host of others some nineteen and all are listed on april first ballot they are vying for the first vote of thirty seven democratic and thirty two republican delegates to the respective national conventions and one point one billion dollars in april i went to say changed its name and format to the public eye and today the public eye has taken you to the grassroots conference on grass in wellington a town hall meeting with fourth district congressman dan glickman and a seminar an international relations major you ever drove local public affairs programming did you live on april twenty fifth in the form our ask the governor a monthly hour of questions from the press and the public to kansas governor john
connally a major question for viewers of the first program was the governor's veto of the death penalty right near the governor ok well i agree that they're going to use their words or we're going to do that no penalty in campaigns and i agree with that one came down kenya day that bp about that but i think tank like the cab of a girl kidnapped and
well put the bat yeah today you were a part of us inside that never supported the death penalty and i think second whether it's the death knell there any law you cannot take specific situations and try to write a lot for that specific situation you have to write something that will apply across the board and the difficulty you went into the death penalty for example and a couple of my major concerns one is no way to correct a mistake and two we found nowhere with a death penalty to applied equally a historically it's the poor and the minorities to a supper capital punishment and anytime you talk about a lot i think it's a concern to you any responsible
legislator or a public official that a lark program apply uniformly to all the people like him are signs the next edition of ask governor will be broadcast next friday at eight o'clock pm and of course generates public affairs programming includes full live coverage of the wichita city commission meeting each tuesday beginning at nine o'clock in the morning we join dr martin well should the big issues and they all work museum again this year as he visited with special museum guests funeral stein was a pioneer abstract expressionist and edwin they all work himself the man for whom the museum is named and there's more local programming to come on saturday june seventh channel eight will premiere a new weekly show called down the two debate the show will highlight programs on channel and schedule for the coming week it'll be light informative and very entertaining so we hope you watch the first program saturday june seventh at eight o'clock
pm charlie also celebrated with new this year its tenth anniversary probably public television is best known for its programming and one program in particular i mean
sesame street was the first program broadcast by t p t s and set the tone for the whole of public broadcasting industry with its quality in nineteen sixty nine the new york times wrote the new program called sesame street under scrutiny and deservedly has prompted cheers for an answer we schoolchildren social skill and using the techniques of television to youngsters into an awareness of the alphabet numbers healthy social relationships lessons and logical a thoughtful behavior the children's television workshop has embarked on a six month experiment that one can see how a larger influence on the home screen well beyond the way you now get all a identity
just get me a bag of words that wouldn't be a good idea why i'd be acting like i'm only doing that with sesame street is just one love literally hundreds of hours of programming on train weight or affiliation with the central educational network the eastern education network pbs satellite connection or and syndicated program purchases provides a wide variety some thing is they stay for everyone i
mean you can yes channel it signed on the air on january the third nineteen seventy from its transmitter site east of hutchinson over the past ten years we've lost the roof of the transmitter building to a tornado and to falling ice in the transmitter tower and age has begun to take its toll from the transmitter's site in hutchinson
here's charlie its director of engineering bob recently his vision problems as jem said shelly began broadcasting from a site a onto miles east of options and in january nineteen seventy all of the original agreement which was part of the first broadcast in seventy he's still in place all of that that is except for seven hundred feet of transmission line that was replaced in march of this year as you numbers are no doubt aware what about here charlie this offered numerous transmission it to do to call the transmission line the problem first appeared in march of seventy nine and the former defective manner connector at the six hundred foot well of the transmission line our transmission line is seven hundred feet long and is made up of seventy five
individual twenty foot sections the transmission line itself has four basic parts a proper american doctor attempt on insulin or space or connect or a proper our conductor and an exterior plant to older sections together conductor carries twenty two to twenty four thousand watts of our energy problem is suspected that much for another day of action lot on the transmission line this moisture cause de resistance build up to the small dark energy and also lead to the banana conductor inactive similar to the one you see here is nine hours to search out and replace that connect them all indications were that the problem solve no trouble
until october seventeen during that month were connected again decided to honor the aisle and a conductor and connected to it lays all the transmission rate meanwhile four other problems that won't reach to forgive the additional five hundred feet of american doctor and an actor's to replace the total transformation of the additional border was delivered in february of this year when they announced the off year twenty thirteen to replace the old translation probably experienced wind chill factor of
minus thirty degrees below zero which made it impossible for the dark truth on a tarp under served time at that time at that time decided that the transmission line until festival at our major membership live here with the transmission line was on top of the fear once again on friday march forty soon became evident that nothing short of a replacement life on the area sorted in the once again the air force flag on the following monday we'll visit the nation's top to understand the nature of the problem
they can thank you bob for your report i hope that you will all see the improvement in channel its signal on the new transmission line of the transmission line is not all that snow around satellite were about to have our new address to for the past ten years is channel eight's offices and studios have been located at the corner of third and broadway in wichita during that time to suit our needs but it has become more and more apparent that the building is simply inadequate as a broadcast facility so continuing our ongoing search to upgrade our facilities and at the same time reduce operating costs generally began to look around and this spring we signed an agreement to purchase a building at the corner of twenty first and waco
as soon as the agreement was signed that work began on remodeling the structure to serve the needs of a broadcast facility we made special provision for our electronic equipment that equipment will operate for the first time in an ideal controlled environment the staff is currently making plans for the movie which should be completed by june third and now for some important information on corporate activities here is president and general manager sol thank you jim first report on next year's trustees the nominating committee that was elected by the membership from the list of continuing trustees consisted of david calvert and jean johnson and howling from wichita and a young kid from north newton and heritage of hutchinson thinks that she'll members were articles chairman of our trustees and yours truly president general manager nominated and ratified by the board for three year terms of town the show barbara briggs barney chancellor carol charles pearson roberts and cindy rather for all of wichita surely hutcherson from hutchinson
will smith from hutchinson and norma tucker from mcpherson on the financial side channel eight's income and sources for the first ten months of this fiscal year are as follows forty five percent of our income was from members of three hundred sixty one thousand dollars twenty four percent was from federal sources that are ninety three thousand dollars ten percent program underwriting at three thousand five and a half percent from state grants of forty five thousand dollars and fifteen and a half percent from all other sources of one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars photo lake hundred and eight thousand dollars in income for the first ten months which is billowing from budget by about twenty thousand dollars or two a half percent during that a membership growth in the past year has been somewhat disappointed at the end of april a year ago we had fifteen thousand three hundred and eighty four members in the past twelve months we gained five thousand one hundred and seventy seven that we lost four thousand six hundred fifty six who did not renew as of the end of this april therefore we have fifteen thousand nine hundred and five members slightly
over five hundred more members than last year following him special recognition thanks to our chairman of the board of trustees for the past two years are to move for his leadership and support during that period we look for going on here serving it will do we will hear from you your comments are sincerely invited an interest in him thank you saul and that brings to an end our nineteen seventy nine ad report two members of a lot they've enjoyed our review of this past broadcasts here or satellite eye and jim lewis good afternoon
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