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i'm willing seth things the plan and now to david fincher of others go to bob and robin
made their move and the downing has been with wendy's grandmother and now she has asked about twenty who doesn't understand why her friends were sent away on a full scope but the kids have finally figured out that someone among the shia cox must have been doing and they have no idea who these different wind as black i mean
he must have known so that happened unless they will congeal into it was that they were very happy and despite you know what he said and he never saw a scene in the sound of your voice doesn't sound too good but they did hear about him what happened taught me titus the same
and we did it when you think about it that kind of thing well not really again henry wont affect you know the question really does it really good time to not on and i can't wait to get back in ok everybody have a landing
in nato that may have been great really natural that well thank goodness oh yeah we really were and you got lot lately remember well gee i was a million i just can't really does i think we're like that it's
changed and then once but chris shiflett if they thought about real special and identity is not only a well whenever the edge of a time when gay i marry you in
the morning in sam show i mean things like that or you know thank you the big chase
long johns royal sport is my name so that the whole ui will soon be seeing a very sets all so here we go my fine feathered friend that you see a lot of my rocking this before that she'll wayans and you're in a and so fbi welcome to the dj the o'brien support from school twenty thirteen
lacked a heavy with us on this final edition of the big job hunt not only to the palestinians and it would like to do when you grow up starting at the o'brien school cindy sheehan says the national an astronaut and how that you can engage us and knew joseph and so cynical and i would like to be a football player thank you very much now let's hear from school twenty three bloody infighting a lot about their ambling the officer and i've been contrition right now contestants please listen carefully to the rules of the game the object of the game is to get the mystery job that's what the categories and the questions questions are worth points at the end of the round the team with the most points gets a chance to see a close to name the mystery job it's time to move onto our second question first question let's have a category
max cool if this question is worth ten points this mexican american has devoted his life to the cause of improving conditions of migrant agricultural workers he is they recommended dose the da da ja sie think that chavez would be any parallel wires the point is chris the cesar chavez i wonder what spoil sport will do in the shows are probably go back on things now that the ruling has italian chromosome going to me has a new act we're kind of at the games and son team you debbie
it was shot with what is that would make an audience to flee the bill a new machine i wouldn't miss that opening for the world you know what i i mean he made reservations for snacks now let's move onto our second question it made us navy and the question marks he's been a teen or this question is worth ten points this black actually lead his team to victory in the nineteen seventy
seven world series by getting three consecutive home runs in the final days that's right the audience in that era the betty jackson of the new york yankees is three consecutive home run said a new world series record underscores now writing zero to school twenty ten ok next a novice more questions do now panel as i'm going to ask you find true false questions each question is
worth five points the first question is in nineteen fifty five marian anderson a world renowned contract though became the first black singer to perform with the metropolitan opera company and no company that's the point i want to play in six years just bodies birds so much is that he's in six months to find out how much of rio jew is where you would take it to an appraiser right
that's correct she was a famous native american baseball and football play write poetry society and his true south korea he first played baseball with the boston braves and then in nineteen twenty two he became the coach and player for the indians in the nfl the square is now o'brien's the arsenal twenty three twenty points he scored twenty three you are and then the twenty point so you get to keep your eyes and axes i mean that's so is the globe yeah i met
ring zero it thank you at fort greely things really it operating right now twenty three was a good try but a little off the mark nineteen ninety one to our second and final round the super bonus question this question is worth eight points in a category that question chris
you have these yoyos on right before they get it be here all night a scientist who studies how traits are passed on from parent to child is a pediatrician with the psychiatrist see genesis or the chiropractor no say the proposal i mispronounce geneticist and still he lands in the super bonus question correctly congratulations and my apologies are you were leading with at area twenty three years to see a clue because he
incorrectly o'brien school look at the last opportunity to see the clue and today's era where only working area where iraq you know you can talk about it is but same sentence
the proposal is both or you just like a ha as al oh did you know that there was a whole field of science that studies ocean waves water movements and their effects on the environment well john huang who lives and works in florida uses a wide variety of instruments and mathematics in his scientific research lets me john wang okay next hour
or hour so the entire low wage today and now again limit ourselves to cost and that undercuts jan one i was born in copenhagen denmark and i'm a coastal engineer and presently i'm working here in virginia key in florida and i commend that because of my job then dr very much is going out into the few this is mike is a marine technician and today we're going to take those into that they can collect information on the ocean then the size of the study of history it's moments and it's life is very important as a gospel engineered products on the market right now is is that occurrence in the day
here in south florida that is the question is real and there's also the moral revolution stuff you i think i'm a happy guy down and said whether these instruments of crime writing these reviews gods and gemma only the nation that they
come to them eventually if you have thousands of those the field of cotton engineering attracted me because it combines the many branches of engineering and because of all this i'm a challenging problems man likes to concentrate its activities at the ocean and right now there's still many things to be discovered in the ocean i feel it is our last show to take a look at all the people we may only get over this time you know i guess you're like that in new york
nice nice nice butt it is
when you're in the big gap went and our grand prize the next show he goes to the o'brien's go ha miners at school twenty three we rise you know what from our best to all of you on the big job hunt goodbye and in that search for previous week we've got to think about some of the jobs you can do when you grow up as a feeling that this is a vehicle as a nation
there's bees it's been delightful the point lee let's say not yet been in the media to
say oh oh he's busy and a new name thank you he says i
do it is he's called on the piano tom crean
things the president came to power ms ba i'm willing
seth the plan and now today's adventure of our scope
to the big chase the kids don't know yet that their friend wendy has a medallion with bob and robin hood and they're going to do something about that sound show things like oh no here they didn't even notice that i don't like it especially the lead
even bothered about as you write something that is right here so i do differently if you knew that it went through twenty yeah it is thanks a lot oh yes viva five minutes you know i do know don't worry it's not your fault right they were here because unless it's not about where that was responsible for the downed being stolen sure yeah
in egypt today oh nice mission accomplished it's going to be huge
question it's
been thank you mm hmm any money remember
when next getaway are you it's
so you bet nina these denials of all stars and taste assigned to meet the clean shot certainly do you lack imagination because it's a pretty well the movie is true is it's also faced criticism over in paris the next morning let me
passengers coming to pass time passed one by one except for the queen's two favorite messengers the adventure all the way to the sea yeah i find that i have been traveling for many days with exhaust at the convention start he has largely stopped since the last village could you possibly sell as some food we will get that bad idea we'd be glad to hear what we have made and we are you're going with this i mean this has become a city state
ruthie allies right well let's see what they don't want to say a he will give my shorts audio book the couple politely refuse was really no signal so i mean we're so excited the queen's spices themselves
nice dr hundreds of years ago and especially interesting are i'm sure they go to school or watch tv and one of the other things that kids do they also take pride in
indian culture are indians the name indian comes from india that's where the european explorers felt they were going when they sailed west they're not seen your show on american continent when they hit land that is too good for india and carla people indian but the people of america had their own names not one overall name like indians but separate names for each group or try names like nick mac which means saltwater people and hopi which means a peaceful people are cheyenne which means simply the people who are more than five hundred different tribes just a north american continent <unk> from the duo will drive my tribe
to tribe his last line is an important connection no matter where an indian they live it was really in some areas people lived in housing quality piece which were easily move to follow the best hunting i'm a transplanted crops and build more permanent houses that the south west indians whose wells have been the first apartment houses tension was a main source of food for the nabisco strives not state law just were giant redwood trees and there were many other ways of life or the first american
indians things have changed since those days just as the settlers dont even log cabins a prairie cuts anymore many indians no longer live in lodges or tps native americans a pot of modern america is an architect this native american woman is a doctor american indian construction workers researchers studied the problems and so we see all the way through not just disappear it is he's been in power
the americans were told to adopt those ways of the union lays it is just beautiful and valuable and just as important for the young people to take away indians were just sniff the daily declare their sinuses and makes these kids are learning about another part of a native american culture the old ways religion knowledge about animals and plants that canadians were the first to grow tomatoes corn and many other crops now raised over the world many of the plants they use for curing illness i've been rediscovered by modern medicine meaning native americans lived in harmony with nature as much as there was waste
twenty five thousand years and they tried to care for guardians of the american continent in terms of their interest in in sal see you i mean you know
right now you're there how
are you things rising yen mm hmm ms
bonnie for his business the plan to play the piano official reports and it's been
the eu our violent he finished his patients nathan's i said i'll never be big enough to be there you know an hour not basketball season the
right but they're not if britain does when we went in the pow pow pow think the point the prison camp i mean they don't comply with a lot of power
i mean this is big fifteen that's right
many states it's bad bieber
fever yeah yeah it is that's
right oh yeah sneaky thank you i mean that's
right things mm hmm
Vegetable Soup
Episode Number
37 & 38
Season 2
Producing Organization
New York State Archives
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New York State Archives (Albany, New York)
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Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 38 includes an Outerscope II segment The Big Chase; a folktale about being happy with what you have; a lesson about the Native American art of sandpainting and a lesson about the various groups of Native Americans; Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) sings a song about making guacamole; a tale about two boys learning how to paddle canoes; and Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) sings a song about bread.
Episode Description
Episode 37 includes an Outerscope II segment Bob and Robin Make Their Move; a game of The Big Job Hunt featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones) and the O'Brien School versus School 23, also featuring a profile of coastal engineer Dr. John Wang and his work in Florida about waves; and Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) sings a song about fruits and the children create guacamole.
New York State Archives. New York State Education Department Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting educational programming videos and associated paperwork, 1977-2005. Series B2623-18.
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