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is is it is in the roses i never give beginners are the project of roses that is usually when
they pay their traditional rose it ends up looking like brussels sprouts they can't seem to get the closely packed panels but the roses had very loose pedals and single pearls and i'm sure you can do it is through the usual think feign a canvas the five best for this is something you should do is safe i think of that idea of kind of the end of the great in quarters first that's been like that is bad julie's rather boring things first what but her cubs you what the exciting things later on thus that much
ahead mary or not us navy we do not have a vase are bowed or anything we just painted flowers right there from the bottom and i understand that that's a real difference and it's rather exciting that way and we can concentrate on the flowers now as usual when your flowers wilt not delineate each pedal or the character the far that way regarded draws circles and then as we've done other paintings is draw a line and for the telethon pedals like this that started in the center and we have one like this we have one here like that it and i were going to bring up and down the state i like bring it down a bit that privilege
let's bring it down just that we don't really have another one here like this are scientists and profiling and also this only instead of doing it that way as we did with the parties or at any the other flowers are going to do it this way it's like they're like this and this has won this way with a very surprising part of the front of that this was saying practically halfway like that and we have one of the hearing like that and we do say again half of that underneath the pedals during this way and let me paint and you will see why we have one right here like this actually this rose is not this large
but i want you to see this structure and the painting so we haven't quite large subject nicholas lardy like they're again we're seeing that in profile that way does this fall on the carter center's always bridges centers now when we do this you will see part of the center this you'll see or the center like that are looking down into it we will only see part of this center like this and also like that i'm going to draw the stands but actually we put the man in the painting but i think what's important to draw them because you must know where they go and you remember we have two bites here which are going to add later on but i want to add themselves you have an idea the composition now raises have a little why she's recovering and abide
and when the rosebud news this little tale result sales hang down like that now obviously we do not say that and one of the on the road that you're looking straight on it that's on the back of it so you don't see that don't they don't really on there and they assert in profile you will see the little tails like this which of the lilies that cover the bodies covering other but no one's died now i have no problem we're going to say is that i think is important what's happened here is that i had a stand going into a terrific angle and it shouldn't now i make mistakes i'm pleased to meet you will also and then in watching me correct my mistakes that you can see what can happen to you and by golly will always happen to me it doesn't stop not how experience you are really several problems if you're not watching and paying attention is raleigh's in here don't fuss with it because we're going to work they've been on anyway whether we
just leave them for the moment let's say the art in this case the light is coming from the left so we're going to save the florist or the right now these panels are turning down underneath they are not getting the light we want to say that was like this the plague that's the point and here in this flower the light coming from the left so the highlight is here we have a little shavings here and there again the pedals are not flat they're rather cut and so part of that is the light is hitting on the opposite side or if you like to help yourself you can do this and the rest of you can learn just played with the night don't fuss
with no let's leave that for the moment we have another first with escaping there is the drawing and that's all were going to do in this painting we have a complete background of one color purple silent dark purple this is the perfect background these beautiful yellow flowers and anesthetics dream and dramatic contrasts there were going to pay the complete background in purple like this now as we played i would like it is rather go in between the panels a little bit like that there are only three pedals on each flower it or six but three behind like that behind the front page as it were you know we keep the lights nights like that so i figure end up being a spy school of taking that's
all for now in this all excitement because obviously in this background and this is it i mean aren't any terms of an egg something else on and just a moment which is very exciting to for now i want this like this goes towards the center in this way wordpress and i'm going oh that helped out where you know my experience we never lost a painting at there is yes but not they think of get rid of all those little things that the fed which are going through and later keep going to the ted olson years you will have a space craft her suit and do an accurate because this is
not the knicks color i mean is you have it makes it specifically for this thinking oh the pope it's become an alien planets likes in the world cricketing if i ask you a very strange but we know that that's only temporary condition up this is again another type of background solid background as we were i would try to introduce little different things and in the not
too much at first because you are learning and don't want to confuse you and upset you or so that you stop aging ideas that we would keep you thinking part of it today there was an accent i think is lovely lovely paul piff only down to the bottom line now that's it had on top of that some beautiful vermillion as an accent color like this in very careful write a knife through your pain and pick it up like this not to think they'll likely do this another snag a few
qualms when you do it but one the hell pictures complete then you will see that it's that it's very exciting and it means a lot to the painting is it has very little going for the background except this i play out with the loss of pain around your flowers because i want the yellow to be varied pure and very clean keep your knife clean clean it constantly and going from one color to another clear night constantly he returns to earth and cleaned very important painting we go to a lot of trouble to nato allies and then we're not careful when we take and we had gary payton was the house and skilling we see that we start with a doris now that's all we do for the moment let's go to the right and florida we start with the back at all stars larry update from the back to the front and so we had the light
towns like this anything like that there again this track tells us the panel formation don't fall for that leave it fresh like that in fact we will put yellow joker which is the dark toe and i'm going to add a little arias on that for excitement mattel tried to to re find it too much fresh is what we tang's to say as a fuss with it used to say ms anna wee bit of yellow on top of that for it because there is a light coming from the left on that bottom part fine let's get to the center that used a lighter tone on the right side remember that the light is coming from the left
is hitting the opposite side of your flour as not all one color it's two shades of yellow now on the left side is darker are going to take ok l l like that if you use your knife politely you won't you got any the background color they're willing to pay now let's go to the one on the left is pretty much the same like this not efficient want to give this painting to yuri in the telling you find out she has been debates thus far does come in beautiful shades of pink and red i've seen in anna's course ron rose because if it was used as a shrub
issues on properties a lot of them as a divider this letter to clean an exciting rosen you can be a ticket because it dies very quickly or false it has a more practical purse and purpose rather than they own traditional rose which of course is very beautiful very decorative and which are not the painting right now awaiting trial experience so i was like this is going to lead there again the first lady as opposed to the other that we have a chance at being pinning things around a confining and demanding that something like this really let yourself go the pen
like that i want to put a little r e and dark red that's another thing we're going to add remaining on the edges that these pedals and that again is another first as character right knowing that you're doing is saying oh oliver gives you a chance to really perfect your florist you find it when you do the first part is you just can't get with a paint the flowers then you find yourself getting into it and always a last was a very beautiful without the back and play were the first ones but there's far from petals on here like this little like that not
actually what they can do i let you is do this on your pedals to give it that feeling of movement and that they're not static which of course they are not they're very thin pedals by the way and they wouldn't be stiff by now we're going to put our centers the pale green center like this half half one because we look at this and profile so we only see half of that center they going to add to that a little bit of bringing in an audience on the other side like that and if you really
want to arm is it's a good idea i think what do pain in this case will the center's together put the islands well on the left the things by the way and a little bit of that was on the right this time they are getting a light on the left and on the right a stalker let's put a little purple in their also like that and rent centers that life i would like to protest away bitter dark greens here doesn't think it's a little bit pale their fine well you know my status very lightly like that
they go for when the langley a missing link right follow his dentist or someone was surely say by golly of five flowers and four stands it's or some i had gotten paid that will do that to you alright let's put the dark tales on one side and a few little like twins like they're like this city and in the light went on the rides i we're catching the light that way don't fuss practice on this oh yeah i just like i told you not to do it doesn't have any of the year get it the pain of the private
wealth we also have parts but they're wonderful to cover a multitude of sins philip a lot of hills and of course we should know what they look like and but for the student like this doctor one side like that are going to put a little bit of yellow on that and i have a one over here like this and also on the birds we have a little pod like that that is very important is a little things that she was observed and when you paint you will find yourself noticing things that you never noticed before so that makes you guys us army as a patriot it's not that well done it's authentic there are two beds here like that there again you're going to put
the video in those so don't get details then i was a little like you're telling like that going up there the same like in the center also like this you see growing before your eyes and it's very loose by impressionistic and that's the way it should be if i should look like they're moving it should be static find now going to put an eye leaves there again
is these are quite large so they're going to have to join them in a little bit like this first with your knife drawer the man in the wet pane that way and lead a rose leaves on the pi shaped rather almost like apple leaves and what having a little points but they're not like or two and as any other paintings we've got away with just an impression i'm afraid you're going out to face it and train to leave this time though no problem now that's pretty dark out here and do this on one side the find i think a guy like talent and do this
than tinkering night an outline the leaf dog town like that and then the light tone like this city you know a knife to scratch out the eighth at little lines in the leaf which person did i don't want you to paint just that's going to prove that we have a bit of relief here and we're also catches a life here and you know is that on the right side where the light is the lees are lighter more lighter or actually more lightly is on the last i've been there on the right side the documents i try to remember or ways that you're painting in terms the
pope i'm going to add a little darker and around my statements find i have one more thing to do we must do it i'm going to outline the stars in vermillion and this is a very exciting accent this is a thing that we're trying again everything particular flowers it's a very interesting accept a summer on some paintings where do our awkward paintings like your blue paintings by is an awkward accent and it's quite beautiful and these are all related dollars by the way say what is that man doing there just simply tell us the way you say it and that's an accent cullerton summer they are told you have to remember it i would like to say when you leave right here
the plankton the price goes by i went to accent the dark turn of this this has to tell his the center dark green and light green i went for a few more dark turns around here like this because they are you know an aluminum on top of that like a silver bowl it's been like that is bad of how
it is to get this painting gets to have fun with it with color as well as with the drawing just like yourself go and doing something i can do not to do i'm going to stop right now before you think and that's all pretty bank you love this thing bye for now thank you
it lee there's bees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies were you'll see only
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint shrub roses.
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