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i'm really really mean daylight things and now today's adventure of our scope to
the search goes on only eleanor and we still can't find two most of sapporo try to cheer them up with a song has chosen for her big audition now is where do you go oh yeah
you really have to turn right to riverside drive in go to the bus stop and taking a bar by bus to educate hundred and fifty fifth street broadway ok felix it's been kind of a cat that's a basketball have trouble so what did it anyway and the side's weakness and intimate that it could be all right at all but it's close enough maybe that they come on man just everybody this is a nation of immigrants man
you won't know that by now so someone had left was my joy i guess that it accommodated the phones on the mayflower that's all is anybody else i was arguing he is from jamaica what to do well we're hopping you could help us help you are there's american caribbean called up to date is that were trying to find these are somewhere getting ready for some kind of parade so you might know where the parade was starting on whether people are getting ready for it maybe a
reasonable within deliver a simple when you're going to the individual don't show us whether a game at santa well you see this is it has been this is it
will end as jesus lived in the man for how he may yet see more extreme the museum boyle's what is mottainai so what
we've seen in syria set soul and slowly we go my fine feathered friend if you see a lot of my rocking just before the show evan singing ain't a and not for the most of our show some odd as bell welcome to the big time well weirdest thing just happened i was driving over here and i passed spoil sport walking down the street sell when i got here a few minutes later he was already in his dressing room putting on his mic and that's impossible he
couldn't arrive at me i just can't understand it may be that at a perhaps mats you just imagine that you saw it wasn't my imagination buys in two places at the same time so max if you say so i mean i'm a good sport is my day for my brother's deeds i'm always played well if it isn't my full list are you here to lecture me again long john yoo must endure a way he's doing evil never eighties oh get lost good sport gets a job or let's see you walk right out that door it's time for me to torment man i don't need you messing up my act contestants there's been read you used that school we had was a
case out who is as npr the plan now leads a few question names and what we would like to do when you grow up starting with the marie curie side school staff my check back and i'd like to be a kind of support for an economist what we mostly about belief that is lisa since training animals and have it was they nestled
lakeside out in a pile of it very much now a t from the columbus school lindley my name's the deepest listen i like the idea that i think it is thank you very much now contestants please listen carefully to the rules of the game the object of the game is to guest industry job maps were picked categories and the questions questions out with points at the end of the round the team with the most points gets a chance to see a clue antony ministry job now to the uk to applying it all ive got word of warning would chug along john spoils boy he'll be at ten years old and then he checks it this habit of trying to confuse you so watch at our first question next category this question is worth ten points oh
i used an american indian whose english name was charles eastman became a famous writer in later life he also was a filmmaker saint down there this well max own is i'm sorry the counselors say no doubt that he and hannah is planning a really dirty trick money makes me sick now let's move onto our second question are you many teams vs nat whatever category the question it's because i mean the whole
thing nice butt i said this is terrible but the show must go on let's get back to our question it really paints us this question is worth ten points up or die just as a specialist in the treatment of what elements of the aig wrote the feet see nose would be ice yesterday an artist at it a man could you please ask the producer if he could tell us that that was right around that character was wrong or i'm sorry the answer was in
the heat to lead it clear we want long enough troubles without you i'm good sport long johns twin brother lying i don't do ask our mother this is just another trick my brother does things in a meaningful way to save the day here's one more question and he is trying to tell the truth i was the person that max thought he saw was supposed to be lung transplants or well i hope you can do something now panelists and i'd ask in five to a false questions each question is worth five point the first question is this is coming with water there's so many services number ten
law at mount rushmore is the highest peak in north america says yesterday's and scientists all of mount mckinley is the highest peak in north america military pay the chinese american architect who's designed the john f kennedy library in cambridge this fall and sciences through design the national airlines terminal in europe and the state university campus acrimony and not for seattle in washington state was named after an indian chief brendon settlers there's troops been our last question is the spanish word meaning his body says that answers to his lawyers now why are you know instead of marie curie
at kerry's sides cooled you are ahead by five points so you get the first crack at today's his dream job says max isn't here to show ed koch climatic tv to watch closely jeannette wing zealot alice that's the clue remember you can talk about when you teammates before answering but you just got ten seconds to name the mystery job standing it is
that picture is wrong i'm sorry it was a good show it off the mind and john you've gone too far a fiendish one is what you are and there is nothing you know nice but the singing that keep you tell me at it yet there's one thing i can do my brother i'm leaving here and tell a mother no good sport please don't do that children are you right into my act mamma spoil sport doesn't play shall surely make me rue with this day and now teams if you'll just get to move onto our second that is by bringing back their money that's coming back in once you'll never
believe this but all the royal sport turns out to be a mama's boy was yeah his brother threatened to tell mama spoil sport about is dirty deeds and longtime turned its amicus alam it was a really funny what really turned out to be a good guy after all easier to imagine having a spoil sport for a twenty dollars it might go to work now girl now teams are going to want to our second and final round the super bonus question this question is worth fifty point the team that gets this right wins the final chance to see a glow and tomato industry job ok teens are you ready yes let's end the question next
clothes but i mean initials e r a stand for the equal rights amendment a proposed constitutional amendment written to guarantee equality too a handicap be winning see native americans would be all of the above right yesterday's d and you say what is behind the bahrain that is the wrong answer because they have that was really really the piece blue well this is your last chance to see and he gets finished the job but the first time someone said that the
coup was an architect that was wrong but it was praying a grainy close so remember if he doesn't actually columbus school will be the next opportunity to name the mystery jack okay max the typical no human nature her okay panel as many at ten seconds to name the mystery jug that can think it over with the teenage before answering i mean i it's
both the job was an owner of a construction company so marie curie sites will you just won a big night for with will puts the house together and makes other plants who buys the number who hires plumbers and the carpenters and we'll see if it all works out well in the end well that's rich running a construction company is all about as you will soon see mrs gilda jarrett is the owner of a construction company in california watch closely he has i assure you need to feel to orchestrate of the rubber products i was one of the first mexican american women to obtain that be when general contractors license in the state of california
taking a single residence family homes that we're building we'll sell it for about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars i brought in my partner but we will join the california association of mexican american contractors who was impressed with his intelligence and doing it discussions that we have the same golden age is about a construction company because we really don't have a problem that other people have it because we don't look at each other is he's a man i am the woman that that we're in for partners trying to accomplish our goals ah our people with their hands can make thirty thousand
dollars to give them as great players and libraries so children i tell them should not be put down because they're not doctors are returnees the trades are a skill that is being lost and i'm always out baby young people are going to face the problems i was born in east los angeles is the mexican american ghetto it marvelous father fortunately belong to the steel workers union they build bridges and i think that's enough see i wish i didn't have to be in this i'm in the construction industry and one of the advantages of having your own business is that it allows me to do some community work this is when we renovated model this old house the filipino community went to the city of los angeles because they needed a daycare
center for their children mm hmm it's very gratifying to go that unseated to enjoying our efforts in our work and know the they are being educated in their line in the new movie still makes me happy feet are aligned and my skills in the minority it's a wartime here and the big job and that i'd like to represent the next healthy glow when is the marie curie that's cool qualifying
readers that columbus school years the consolation prize winning next joe thanks for being with sea world ranking and a big job he's big meek are you
thank you that's right the crew
they ferment it gets fixed outcome yet come into play this one in the scenario like that it's not that i'm just tired of the boys giving me a hard time telling me the only rules on tv just because you get there then they can camp out how would you feel if someone told me that she couldn't do something just because your girl well to find that side gets an island of the white audience and then have thirteen thousand cars long as you can dye how would you feel thank you
it's b i'm really really mean daylight with that
thank you and now today's adventure of hours go to the museum and a beach willie eleanor and henry have finally arrived at the museum where to rosa works now we just have to find this must be the place the main entrance at npr
or our rear she must be here somewhere south americans rich and many different cultures and thousands of years this beautiful their work history and four strands of the interior now i'd like to show you some magnificent called out questions boy why she beat the hall hey that little lady come on let's receive two heroes are woven through this one of the last remaining artifacts in momentarily ecuadorian civilization for the spaniards arrived and the rest was plundered melted down
and shipped back to spain by the conquering spaniards fortunately it is in a white plains each i didn't know there'd be just like this right here in new york city to pay off but i need
money in this is safe mrs moneypenny
it's been rainy he'd like to win next time
try and the other a medallion thank you maybe you know what about the first time you so someone who looks very different from what we're used to feel what did you think i mean this sounds
familiar human and people have been asking what is beauty now most people would agree that roses are beautiful thing when the only kind of flowers mit so it is with the incredible variety of people in the world about the differences here and decoration so many fascinating ideas about what is that you really can be expressed in the choice of clothes a special hairstyle jewelry and decorations
it also expressed with money but because all the most wonderful clothing here decorations can only make someone beautiful thank you to where you can find it you always knew because it comes from molly ewing knicks with what we hear the real magic is when we
each line this is a disease i listen to myself i myself against isis
it is man man reading try and it
away you know for hate them and it gets them up a lab they wings just like the butt of life i'm pleased by this old blue but i think that now that i look at is tracy now it's based medicines to eat meat oh you do do you with the pretty with them on a sunny fall you are beautiful and i am not and those flowers won't help
a signing with nine ways and vandalized with very popular with her shop meaning scared the young man away you would never marry if you keep on insulting everyone that is not why it's only because i am ugly and you are beautiful will buy a narrative not true if you really think that my face will get your husband ben let us change faces to fannie with your face you will see i will marry immediately they served as the chief was looking for a ride
i do the icc it wasn't pretty lies lies lies that's not good
they're lies that's it ultimate frisbee that day
today so we had to paint our friends i mean we will bring high school you and so the animal boards assigning to undo the issue of the face of that by all he could see was that
into beauty this sunday i do not need to pay due but i have searched for many years i have never before that the woman who i wish to now as sonny will you be my work yes and go on your faith is written and you were managing truth that being who knows mangoes dating that's it disney company jennings need anything
i tell you this ever since we have been married i am nina an ugly because my sister is coming stolen i mean we must go out and make a return my face you it you must honor to do it and they saw that it was true you stay
my wife why it was right your wife used it has the beauty it is with my wife's face that she's bending like a flour see i told you she had stolen my duty or not see my wife has not stolen away space she has where all you do that time has not been there or by as nieman fellow and solid as the owner facing not be leaving and she had stolen my duty and tomorrow you have the magic of the rainbow paint her so that she's beautiful i do not listen to be unhappy i can nod would even for you son i will try i know i'm
rachel you just the saudis face he cannot aware or by hour it's beautiful you want to be then you must change with a new cd that's how it in now you write in this town when people demand a beauty it was foolish for me to where you buy it just because she looked beautiful i decree that from this time forward no longer make anyone against racism bases for years and so we're in the words and the
lamb legs he and betty didn't leak italy and i'll note though was originally from china with the middle of all kinds of level the meat and vegetables that before you put the vegetables very careful not have been given the constraints and because china's top investment in a small
number of company one of our this is our level there was the kind of level than the panel lots of the chicken somalia chris b weekdays six you know one tablespoon cornstarch
speaking portuguese and it was that should the individual phone one is all of loss was was admitted to a limited i didn't hear it thank you the
va he does erick erickson into the same thing but it looks and feels different depending on the color and the wait grows out of this like a few years to look at him up close you know in the whole world they're only three kinds of hair is curly hair and straight hair and wavy hair which is in between just looking at here is however won't tell us why they quote waiting to
every hair on your head or your body grows out of a tiny hole call the follicle a follicle is something like a tiny flowerpot with the hair grows out of and the rooms stay inside of if you are brown follicles in his skin then you have straight hair if your follicles are flat you have curly hair and if your follicles are in between shaped like goals then you have wavy hair here's a way to show how this happens using three k decorators each filled with play doh one has a flat opening and one has around opening and one has an in between oval opening you squeeze the cake decorator and see what happens steve
they should let your follicles and the color of your hair comes from your parents and your grandparents you can have ready here like your mother and cruelly hear like your grandmother any combination of hair color and hair shape as possible so that's why perry is the most important thing is that you like and you'd taken care of the kerry washington russia things
Vegetable Soup
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31 & 32
Season 2
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Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 32 includes an Outerscope II segment The Museum and the Beach; a lesson about beauty and the importance of inner-beauty; an African folktale about the importance of inner-beauty; a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe making Chinese lo mein noodles; a lesson about different types of hair textures.
Episode Description
Episode 31 includes an Outerscope II segment The Search Goes On; The Big Job Hunt game show, featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones) and Marie Curie Eastside School versus Columbus School and featuring a segment about the work of the Filipino community of Los Angeles.
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