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pieces of years it is well i'm in sea kaminski they're going to paint the last three in potter down these or three derelict houses houses that i see on my way to steal in
bristol england very very very little faith that go right into our fans saying they can vote for the usual and harris stayed for christians thank you ari now our gracious and poorest areas inviting cameras and callers like this it's both i was painting is a good example of finding something that you want to paint and painted in your
environment or where we are where we are which every are exposed to and if it does something for you then you take it and that to me is a very satisfying thing i'll i kept seeing these houses every single day for three years and one day i said we're going to pay that there you are now this painting is again we haven't example nixon accepting a composition and the houses are over in the corner instead of in the center rises is again unusual in that we have to balance these houses in the corner of the heroines of another house is think this is exactly what happened here i think it was heavy bodies now they bristle was heavy bunker and your ankles a very old port in england in bristol is a little silly i
love that now we have a very nice failed as you're looking up and up into these houses like that now detours houses were going to do this and this is a lovely little thing to do they're again we're doing and general shape of objects why nine other guys are looking up into the highest melissa we don't like and don't get your houses to rise because we want the feeling of them being a long distance to those first like this then you separate them like this and then you put the roots on life is like that now there's also has a side naturally so we're going to do that quite that they say you have three houses quickly like that now you can see part of the roof
like this because when you don't see that these you do they have a lovely old fashioned brick kenneth to paralysis poehler and this is sure because it's in the distance and still don't fuss with those too much thought i'd like to clean is a little bit because i want to see this work we're going to make a little darker so you can see right there now that was playing this was it didn't hurt a bit now we have one window i remembered one window and then the wind and the doorway like that they always look like eyes when i went into it because they were not on the planes were on and it looked so for him why now on the side here we have
a row of houses luckily on the other side of the hill so we're just going to see the tops of them like this with their little chimneys this will be done and purple and re much in the back recipes don't fuss with them now there are there were another of houses here but i want to simplify this thinking so where there were precious here i simply made a little higher that's taking artistic license it so that it was a bit of a brick wall here or a broken down a brick wall crumbling i should say there were some bushes all along here like this i am and then we had as the island that another group of bushes and so on here like that we wish a dozen among others for now you get the feeling of it going this way
now in the corner as i've mentioned earlier we have the bricks or the ruins of another house we start up here like this this is very very close to us this is partly will appear our goal and unabridged it immediately like this theoretically like little steps now this particular going on your part to create a feeling of a jumble of bricks and yet being able to see the bricks this little war goes down rather like that it's a bit a plaster wall in the house i'm afraid of that going down the hill are some shrubs and so on really isn't very much into an adoring color will do it for some don't fret over that now i have a vicious terrier there again
a little more slowly going to draw a mass first our lights and larger tell us the shape and the signs now have one here like that we have a very interesting sky not much but it is an interesting sky and incidentally when i was dry at a flock of birds king want you twice i was so thrilled and besides it was ruled that we will put those and at the very last going to clean as they consider recruiting very messy their area are fighting now we have the feeling here either us or little bushes and things greenery and the houses the birds it also
has a telegraph polled right here i'm going to put in but most likely it will come out when we did the painting but the new at it again and the y goes across like that now that's all enjoying we do it is very simple drawing and if you know how as a show you would the houses is not that complicated remember always draw the general form of your and your subject first and then delineated keep out of trouble and were now that's going to shave it the light in this case is coming from rene right so are going to shape the front of the house does lightly please don't have a dry i tend to do that and don't worry about the windows as you know there are all these things are added last one the papers went with proportional fonts now because the light was going down this hill are going to die the shrubs on that side
of you that is not in the breaks it's very dark here there's also a light coming through here say so some of those will be lighter down here again the shrubs are darker and spots because there is light coming through like that doesn't come just appeared comes old on the right side or hoops that that's ingrained with a dozen little premature hair that grain but they're sending the airways of the fuss now also there's the bottom of the hill and as it carries down again very low light and going to say that i want you to do that is there again they have tall presses mark originally when i saw it the
first time it had green grasses this was a hill and told green grasses because again one green green green which would dominate the painting i'm a yellow yellow grass is like a yellow grass is before electing then with the drought and what have you were discovering the progress has indeed were yellow but in any case on this is that they are just a gun the problems you have to saw herself it's a hard on the building would have been across the whole front there we are or aren't going to keep this like let's keep this like this not forget the war fine not the jury has finished going to do the painting as you start at the horizon i'm a very low ft it must be very careful and i don't want
much like chandler them going through and bring a few dark areas very likely over it like i like this poem the shirt around his don't have to worry about them too much of inaudible there's usually used for a bombing by what your houses though that is that i want to go to his business again of trying to find your house is so tried to preserve the houses if you can if you do have glamour they go back to shrill sky to play with and then bring this down just a b a wee bit like that's fine ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that's an adult and they're like
they're great at a few dark tones or i just can't pay all my arm but that's nothing new health if i had a doctor in one of my classes in her about once he sat there the whole evening wiping his fingernails and then this thing is with iran to get the paint off a turnout modest things i was so jealous of the american standard there that's nice guy they're our house this is again a grade and coincidentally were way this very strange color we started our town like
this darkening light even on the small houses like this and then i like turning on the on the right side there's a light coming from the right to pipe is no joke but the rooftop song and they are
an error red brick home she actually where it was interesting but outlined in the house the roots first like this and put the little lighter tone on the right side daylight like that well i met little purple very sure that it is right philip eure volunteers like they're getting their houses and they're going to put it please do not trust level because they actually are props there
there you are now they're going to cite a house here which is a very light tone because it's getting the full light also there was another house there so it's almost white but not white still markson scars from the war in bristol and when i worked there i was fascinated by the tail that they can't iras told me a fantastic material dating or very marvelous i think it's a big win here
now i dare i cows is thank goodness i could change all of roman derelict houses and then they were reaching old all the old spots a minute i did that for a reason now let's go to our field next we start with a light on there is a wonderful wonderful color before we do that does to our little houses in purple like this with fallon like that when they go up into the sky telling that clarifies a little bit because i don't want them too perfect they really look like that we're so happy here over the hill attorney
sadly wanna talk about those houses they want to talk about these three houses are now let's go back to our grass as we start with a very light turn and there's a light coming through there we never spoke again like this we will work this ultimately with a very light tone here like this to the needy in town as they go down the hill that gets a little darker to the dark tone like this i can see why i didn't want to make a completely green hill where we get into the green to a little more continue in manassas feels a bit much i was like in her from the bottom of what people owe our throat to
punks been cut this will get a feeling of tall grasses and perished in bandages you'd tried to draw huge blade of grass i know i did it myself all these things i tell you i give him and state when i was learning so i'm telling him not to do the things that i did just outside the park keep the top of the hill light it's much more are excited because you get the feeling of light getting through various eight now we will do this of course because it is going downhill know if you noticed i lost my wishes but will get them back and you know from
experience we never lose a painting the prize your background your wishes of it so they can come on the outside incidentally this is casting a shadow here so we're going to bring a light tone up through here like this this brick wall or are the ruins of this other house are casting a shadow on the grass fb to propose by the public more yellow here and the feeling of this wonderful like coming over the hill and some items coming into a dark area because some of the grasses are catching the light a tall or it's not completely dark but mostly dark
barrier unless they're to the right hand side and go to this peculiar wall here let's do the old plaster wall first looks like there's a big blue and that the work it this way the old plaster because then it's really breaks like that the pope by now after our report a stark dark and it's quite dark like this and they are uneven and go into the plaster bit like that and will bring in some middletown like this report that will outline that in purple just a moment you see my chris crowe stroke it goes like that
and so we live near here at the light comes in on the right and count behind the bushes that i don't like why are learning that into a lot of field painting because you're not express enough to be discriminating a choice of subjects i find that most beginning painters choosing possible subjects and then of course they have a very bad results and i become the stairs and don't pay eight amino does it seems that there's an arab girls and camels and all of that and let me tell you one other thing here away from sheldon adelson a painting i mean show business they said children in animals or fail to actors there failed to beginning painters too because you have to be good to pay to chart
it looks like a child and animals can be impossible i find animals still possible for a no let's go to our grain we we'll start on a writer dart counterterrorist and i won't run attack a stroke like this and go into this little bit like that isn't sure is get the little green things are going up between the breaks and that allowed a purple down here this way it's very dark night court i got
a little more actually been a loss of purpose out there are middletown on top of that and a padded in this way fb i regard to pat some light tone in on that to show that there's an wonderful like amazed to hear that way not all over it justin areas you get a very dark place now let's go to an area of arizona here and
then the light i guess i've put a purple down to write this record here like that as for businesses and the house is dark like that like out on the right and of course i would like a dark toned down here oh they have a couple of little green things
here to break up the long expanse of yellow sea everything has a purpose and painting now we have a lovely telephone pole or telegraph it as the cult and so ivan were getting and immunize states now i had to change my speech of it and i can't remember we're in half the time find that for our poll in spain has warned you that is on the outside they're forget the shadow and then if there's no two parrots little ones that was so marvelous i was so excited when i saw the birds that mistake again by golly they can again the mindless and just put the finishing touches on this wonderful
own view of these old all houses now that so many frigid air and now their signature there's
nice this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you're only noon news
Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint the last three in Totterdown.
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