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with feelings but most says that major tornado alert what you need to know a program about some of the most violent acts of nature and how to survive them hello i'm troy done for more than thirty years i've been forecasting weather in the heart of tornado country over the next hour you'll see some of the most dramatic footage ever taken of tornadoes and the devastation they leave behind many of these pictures were taken by people just like you with home video cameras you'll see where tornadoes are most likely to strike and learn what to watch for the sky when conditions are right for tornadoes to form the second look at the cutting edge of scientific research on tornadoes was in a new forecasting technology that warns us of tornadoes better than ever before we'll show you what you and your family should do to
protect yourselves a whole tips that can save your life but also clear up some misconceptions about tornadoes so you'll wanna stay at it tornado olmert what you need to know is made possible in part by philips petroleum the performance company and by central and southwest corporation an energy company for today and tomorrow as a television weather forecaster i've seen tornadoes born it seems out of nothing one moment it appears to be a normal thunderstorm four and then suddenly in seconds adjourning funneled the side of the sky with winds sometimes exceeding three hundred miles per hour it destroys homes and buildings tossing huge trucks and burgers like forth for leaving others and that's all a matter of seconds for tornadoes and last only moments what i can say on the ground for hours
they come in all shapes and sizes long and thin or is why was mr there's no place totally safe from tornados that struck in all fifty states but here if we look at this map we can see that they occur in this area more than any other we call the tornado alley it cuts right through the heart of the united states from texas up to the great plains to the upper midwest here's why and as for a more moist air from the gulf of mexico moved northward and its warm dry air from the west and cool dry air from canada it's on this border of colliding air masses the tornadoes or more nationwide about a thousand tornados year are reported over the last four years tornadoes have killed an average about forty people year and on about five hundred million dollars a year and damage but there's really no predicting what tornadoes are going to do from one year to the no the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes in the century occurred on march eighteenth nineteen twenty five in fact it was one of the worst that has trees in american history
for three hours a single storm tore a path more than two hundred miles across missouri illinois and indiana the same system spawned tornados in kentucky tennessee and alabama and all seven hundred and ninety two people lost their lives think thirty four nineteen seventy fourth one hundred and thirty eight tornadoes broke out across alabama georgia tennessee kentucky and ohio three hundred and fifty three images in the hundreds of millions the picture with less than a joke about with a big you know big store you happen to call on the campus condemning same roof it knows a chaotic scene everyone knows this astonished notably what happened the whole camp was devastated april tenth nineteen seventy nine without ever captured a dark ominous tornado tearing across
texas farmland that approach wichita falls as a hail storm hit the city hard as a tornado over forty people were killed and three thousand homes were destroyed set more recently in nineteen eighty seven of a little more than a little less affective power for both filling thirty feet and destroying every home in the community the deadliest tornado of nineteen ninety threes truck also global on a saturday afternoon late in april the storm hits suddenly and within minutes the damage was done thunder until people lost their homes scores were injured and seven people lost their lives early that afternoon storm clouds and yet to form over tulsa but weather forecasters saw something approaching one thirty central time the national weather service office in tulsa issues a storm outlook for eastern oklahoma forecasters report a moderate risk
of severe thunderstorms led note isolated tornados also possible two hundred fifty miles away in kansas city on the rise or watching or glaucoma this is the national severe storms forecast center hear forecasters monitor potentially severe thunderstorms across the united states syria primarily getting hands and maybe similar to the senators are the forecasters here believe that severe weather will form they will issue a watch three sixteen bn jim anderson deputy director of the severe storm center is usability a tornado watch for central and east central oklahoma oh watch means exactly that watch out conditions are right for frenetic activity and and so we felt that that by putting this out no soviet union to allow recreational boaters you got camper to get people under off not do under normal thing so it behooves
us to be about a little bit early with those kinds of situations so that any type of mass nude dissemination can get out to the most the vast audience tulsa tv forecaster john giles years word of the tornado watch and decides to come in on a saturday afternoon show of severe weather but we were concerned about the situation because we had a very strong approval system and a lot of support for severe or whether giles takes advantage of his stations doppler radar system it's picking up signs of the approaching storm and the real danger sign high speed wins moving in rotation a six pm with a tornado watch still affect the tulsa weather service office puts out a severe thunderstorm morning but still no tornado warning and it's you can see it literally at the television station the doppler radar is also showing rotation green
represents wind moving toward the radar read away from it and we could see that the storm was starting to rotate we were getting large hail reports we were then telling the people in a severe storm in fact was moving towards the city of tulsa and we should be ready for that our that the new friends meteorologist jim sasser just been outside the board in our downtown studios were saying well jason very much forward down south huh second look at darker sides lawyer no tornado warnings out for the area but let me assure you the intensity the reds and paints are up to fifty miles for our own way from the radar the greens are towards the radar so we're saying some very good roads a samurai over here in downtown salsa as the six thirty rolls around the storm start pushing into the downtown section of tulsa at six thirty we ran outside the stadium can really see the way wall clock
directly over the studio in the downtown parts of the city to write in go on the air and tell people that the storm is definitely rick rotating lee child's uses the station's doppler radar to forecast where the storm is heading the rotation is very broad so let's do a job or six pathfinder on this rotation brennan center with a downtown part of tulsa women in this talk about the east northeast at about twenty five miles per hour that's a direction of this rotation as it heads on north of broken out over towards it too sectarian many companies ban roger edwards a forecaster from kansas city has taken the day off to chase the storm across oklahoma he shoots video the developing storm straight ahead of it i was driving east envoy for the injunction to
forage for more of these tunnels and i got behind the storm so the saw the rain wrapping around the backs of the cycle air circulation tornado to the east over the interstate i could not see that title inside the warren so many there's one in there that could say it back at the tv studio jim kyle hughes is the station's doppler radar not only the pinpoint the tornado went to predict specifically where the tornado hit and weather forecasting accuracy that would have been impossible a few years ago before doppler technology became available thirty six straight north and one ford fifties that rotation should get there the leading edge of a six fifty one five and won forty fifty cents it's fifty one tiger it's expected to find him once in the seventies to six fifty four kit to serve six fifty eight about seven o'clock in the over a great area as the storm is going to sell just east of tulsa the tornado is invisible obscured by the rain and hail of the massive thunderstorms
when the trial was in front of me i could not see it was completely wrapped in my wife saw were in terms before the south and fast way possible and shortly after that the brake lights up ahead do to the car stopped because the damage from the tornado to the untrained eye this tornado might appear to be just a very strong rainstorm but the radio and roger edwards cars letting him know there's a tornado in a thunderstorm and it's time to take precautions and this brings us to our first survival tip to protect yourself and your family to me and your local television or radio stations as soon as you notice threatening weather the information they have could mean the difference between life or death and the familiar with the terminology a tornado watch means conditions are favorable for that element of tornadoes that doesn't mean the tornadoes when sighted but it does mean that one could happen it means watch out a tornado warning is a tornado has been cited for that a tornado was eminent it means act now
take up it's always a good idea to have a weather radio in your house if there's a tornado warning or watch it will work in the keys to pay attention to what's being broadcast when the weather looks dangerous it could save your life just as the television station doctors predicted the storm it's just used the ultimate two minutes well then the interstate highway on saturday evening getting the most perhaps just jump in that's in a french neurologist and jazz or we do have some serious serious damage from the tornado on the e silent also we've been keeping you guys do that some serious damage think we have steve soter in the field where you
are night of the tornado as far as i'm eighteen wheeler trucks in some cases hundreds of heavy metal buildings is a thin tornado was born in a little town of that is knocking down trees like three fifth and smashing houses the trailer homes the earth seven people like horrible violent deaths most along freeways in part for the rebel we don't want to start our way out of our dark knight bailout job everywhere no brakes is a manager rob right kind of like the one about period it minute by
want my god he'll stop the water out of our my head thull total of seven death one hundred injured hundreds all those millions of dollars in damage the community shredded by one of the most powerful forces of nature it was just five minutes after the warning that the tornado wrecked cars on the interstate thirty minutes before the truck stops some people heard sirens but others in their cars were presumably unaware that people were just this tornado would write down the highway median to add the jews they were spared others were caught in the car to see the tornado many fatalities but also tornado brings home the importance of our second survival tip if you're in a car is a tornado approaches get out of the car most of the people killed on the tulsa tornado were in their cars a car is a very unsafe place to be when a tornado hits tornado can roll a car over like a tumble we
said you're driving a tornado's eminent get out of the car and take cover next to the sturdy a structure available if possible take shelter under an overpass if there's an overpass nearby lie in a ditch lot next to something solid if there's absolutely no shelter or cover nearby goal of the law was spun you can find and get on the ground cover your head with your arms now here's a remarkable footage taken by someone who encountered a tornado while driving down the highway wichita kansas tv news crew was not doing a news story wonders what that for rides that the crew was on a kansas during five when they spotted this tornado of the wonder bees at first they tried to out run it would realize that was gaining on them so they parked next to a highway overpass and along with some other motorists sought shelter there there are no secret
as vin things i said it's been everywhere i never tried it out run a tornado the average tornado travels of about thirty
five mph but they've been clocked at sixty to sixty five mph when they can hover not moving at all but the point is you're not going to know you can't predict would certainly which we would go and you simply cannot assume you cannot run let's take a closer look at that footage from under the bridge this dark spot looks like a bit of flying debris but it's actually a minivan the tornado was pulled off the highway and is tumbling and tossing it around the driver survived but was critically injured so get out of your car it's one of the most dangerous places you can do it more than fifty found out that this is a home video of a storm system that spawned a tornado that struck the town of white suburb of dallas texas on mother's day in may of nineteen ninety three i asked his coach of comfort clarity the photographer was able to videotape the tornado from the time the fall first began to drop from the clowns we then see a take shape
and finally touched down as a dangerous and destructive twist various man there is the halibut tornado was like one person was killed sixty were injured damage was estimated to be in the millions many homes and businesses were hit including this mobile home park why was billy has been good ones the piano player and fifth because they are not
anchored to the ground with a foundation mobile homes can be picked up and tossed around by a tornado just as cars can they could easily collapse endangering the lives of anyone trapped or seeking shelter inside this week this is the point i think is that when when everything else is still unclear one fatality from the wily tornado was a man who was killed when the mobile home he was then was lifted up and thrown under the trailer next to the track the man in the home as watson dollars around it's mother's day activities are friends of thought they'd secured are binding their ability for nothing so we were struck
when a tornado come through you hear like trains or something like that when he was a little bit i started to screaming was looking for my three month old graeme at kean hi granddaughter and we win in any given time thank god has a trailer sitting in my pod right now i mean just we're on their wives and then i came outside now it's in here our third set for tornado safety if you're in a mobile home and a warning of the tornado is eminent get out and seek shelter in some place for you won't be exposed to flying wood and metal seek a ditch a bridge or some structure sound enough to provide some protection you should consider being in a mobile home to be no safer than being in a car when it comes to survive in a tornado we've got an ornate or form
thank you mr lyons going on here it is here it has destroyed right now the crisis is the line right now to see the stuff flying over this it's here is totally incredible and in
is home video highlights the danger of tornadoes impose even when a person take shelter inside out the piece begins to play one of the greatest dangers for a tornado comes from flying glass and other debris even the outside walls of the sturdy house may not be protection enough powerful winds of a tornado et to see how powerful the tornado than being we visit a lab at texas tech university into the fiery pit one hundred fifty mph the wall to see what happens
it doesn't matter where the rich world records under block it goes right through if kaine's office at purdue university in west lafayette indiana scientists are taking a different approach to learning about the power of tornadoes go ahead and get things fired up dr john snow was in charge of the project it's called a preview university or texting what we're trying to do is to say wait for aids remain the words into a very strict sense that everything away and so really what we're modeling part of the thunderstorm up that some of the tornadoes form a really scale last fall season two of the ruins of that risk
torino is really besides the funds for besides your vote but the real key to this into a really major years to put together divided now in guatemala spin on something major does that relatively easy for the poor but there was a while it costs a lot of fear in the lab where will but more control of things we can do that over and over again by using this is evasive big fan of lawyers who are these small mall tornadoes before the object is to learn just how fast wins a tornado our doctors know who designed the system as place measuring devices underneath the chamber to look up into the tornado one of the devices shoots a laser beam into the vortex of the
miniature tornado it bounces off the dust particles and droplets of water and tells the computer when speeds inside we think that and what was actually measure the real tornado sobel wednesday has a little over three hundred miles or i'll walk away that's the problem only happens in time to ten or twenty five years ago thousands of tornadoes most tornados have an instant much less than probably in the neighborhood of fifty miles an hour hour as these people discovered when was generated by a tornado can easily toppled trees and shatter or window and should be taken seriously our fourth trip or tornado safety even if you're inside a house or an office building don't assume you're saying as you've just seen even the outer
walls of your house or not protection from windsor that the three hundred mph and is a tremendous danger from shattered glass so headed the center of your house going into a bathroom with you can't bathrooms a good shelter because their pipes there that can block flying debris and take a blanket or even better if you had time a mattress to cover yourself and your family it's not a bathroom get into a closet wood framing around a closet can also block some projects if you're in an office building get away from the windows though the middle of the building it under a bench a table or anything that can protect you from flying glass and metal if you're in a church or a school shopping mall or any other public place the same rules apply that into the center of the structure away from windows and outside walls and stairwells a good place so as a bathroom it's hard to learn about tornadoes not only do they come and go suddenly they also more alive so it's been left up to adventurous men and women the czech tornadoes are
up close and personally might say these folks call themselves storm chasers and i take to the road to capture valuable scientific information to enhance our knowledge about tornadoes one such fellow is jim marshall i was pretty good for today the tornadoes today i just think that we need to get there and that's what they see the fourth tour marshall the chase starts endorsed and he's well prepared is a meteorologist with graduate degrees and atmospheric science in civil engineering and i'm full of stephenville see how thick the low low moisture is one month a year he takes off from his engineering job to pursue the allusive tornado the search begins at thames house more than that today he may go west texas panhandle when i go do north oklahoma kansas he figures even with potential storms developing his chances of seeing a tornado or at best one in ten
jim marshall's chase partner is carsick eat he's a ham radio operator sleep there others along on this trip to hoping to witness what many theories nature anyway right now the nsa roaming weather service office like having a laptop computer about what's new is get information around anytime anywhere close to a cell phone or your laptop computer receiving david from three states tim watson on a weatherman to point all this to parents or whether dayton bones by their lives particularly yeah right here we have this year in the right direction it's looking like the severe
weather may extend farther south than they expected and it's a very sharp boundary grenier points out where the twilight is it's a boundary between the dry air of the last voice there anything that sound reasonable point for a severe thunderstorm formation and avalon to get what i get to that while on the bottom line on this question but all the computers and cellular phones won't predict exactly restore more for or if a tornado will form at all we're not ever going to be able to predict exactly where we just don't have the ability five years ago chasers like tim marshall didn't have this technology might follow storms visually now their cellular phones and computers maybe about the playoffs there's a cd to our north you're canadian taxes they make a decision to go west approaching the town of spearman in the texas panhandle
they confront a telltale handle class that's a line that is the cedar band for the thunderstorm so that's pretty good i'd still a flat base so i have to keep an eye on it but it's looking good it's really looking good luck you know forming our rock hard their families over but not the roman model with the low clouds moving left or right the other clouds moving from west to east so you're a night returning there the rotation that we need for a tornado or for a severe thunderstorm it's there just as the now wind up and do it all is incredible wanting to see or what tim and his fellow chasers at founder's a thunderstorm with all the right elements to make a tornado started at a renegade go and now the cheese is really on that one in ten chance maybe about to pay off and
very large cone shaped already on the ground in journey through the countryside just often eighties the polls because he's being wasted away and this caravan will chase this tornado northeastward and local it's a powerful twister fortunately not near a populated area it somewhat hard to see because it's picking up so much dust it's basically realize ben affleck joins us now it's not long before another tornado form it's not on the ground in
aus and i think it's because to be able to be right it's b it's been the point of this is
bankruptcy for the chase or is the best part is over they'll continue looking for tornadoes for several more days for today's catch as good as it will get what you saw today was an extremely rare thing remained and i'm at this time and time again and i'll go i'll do ten thousand miles of spring and if i'm lucky i see one so what we saw today was a truly where of the reason why you see a soul mate or the videos is that just about everybody has a video camera that the challenge is trying to get yourself there for the few seconds of that song i'm there was a license this is a haunted you and you have to know something about the animal that you're chasing that you're actually track
and so you have to know it's movement you have to know how the animals behaving and you have to know what to do in a tight spot just accuse you ever get into trouble we have always had an escape route to get out of the way of its ice melts we should point out right now that you should not try to chase a tornado it's exciting for the chases week showing that means you've also seen they have years of trading experience they know exactly what to do when a tornado appears on the horizon they have a plan of action so activity appears that youtube should have a plan of action of your warner tornadoes eminent yet with your family and make sure you all know where to go and what to do if the tornado comes your way a few minutes of preparation could be crucial in emergency every member of your family should be familiar with the survival tips we've shown everyone should know which parts of your house would be the best sheltered from the tornado
interesting situation here in april of nineteen ninety one ten marshall was chasing tornadoes in kansas when he came across a storm system that would spawn a deadly family of tornadoes are unarmed the first sign that we can see of this trial for me was from the cloud is this form first when the calm down and you could see here that itself on what she is dipping on down and this terrible bands and has all kinds of different shapes on him or on the ground marshall fall of the system as it moved across the state who were driving through clearwater kansas right now and it did call air is still roots for money
and then loaning out on the horizon the tornado and this raises the low lying cause mr white low whine cry or work even on a logical carefully and you'll start to see it extended now owe more now scott health intro look to it this tornado now is moving toward a couple of houses on the road here again as it crosses that one of the roots of the house cools off and we felt that this story was gonna die i'm a couple minutes it was fleeing a rope the tornado than the average tornado last a few minutes and then i don't know what happens something happening in the sky and i had never been able to explain it yet maybe one day long is that this corn the size to
anna mcconnell air force base just south of wichita caught the tornado on videotape as a fourth rule based parking lot jennifer aniston a resident at these pictures of the final as it hit the town and over thirteen people were killed as the tornado ripped through mobile home park in all twenty people would lose their lot with jim marshall surveyed the depth that they just after the tornado happened your houses that were leveled all over europe people walking around aids that was interesting to me was if you look closely at state and look closely at the
foundation says this is where the young engineer here become a village at the bottom where this house was not pay your wall from another was not a cruel to the floors and so it was easy for tourists we get off donald powell reads to slip right on over them they move along the roads weren't tied down to us we make it easy for mother nature do its damage a lot of times we don't build houses better make sure things are tied down a final tip for tornado safety is for people who are building a new home and the builder tie were strapped the roof of the walls a simple metal click and reinforce the connection between the roof of the wall making our house much more structurally sound and be sure the friendlier how to securely enter the foundation with concrete bolts and washers the simple and inexpensive steps can strengthen your home and provide added protection for you in your family
of your inside in spite of all the studies and all the information gathered about tornadoes through the years the tornado remains one of the most unpredictable mysteries of nature but you can increase your chances of coming out of an encounter with a tornado on heard by following a few simple rules first have a plan of action for seeking shelter in a tornado make sure everyone in your family knows what to do and where to go the tornado is eminent pay attention the radio and tv during impending severe weather if you live in tornado alley it's a good idea about whether it keep an endearing tornado season and remember that a tornado watch means to watch out and be alert to the possibility of developing tornadoes over the next few hours but a tornado warning means act now a tornado is either been cited or doppler radar showing signs of the tornado developed so that was safe place as soon as you can if you're in a car don't try to out run a tornado get out of your car and seek shelter immediately if you can get under an overpass that there's an overpass nearby lie in a ditch if there's no
ditch get to the lowest possible spot and cover your head with your arms the same applies to a mobile home if you're in a mobile home get out and seek shelter a mobile home was no safer than a car if you're in a house or public buildings stay away from windows and outside walls go to reinforce central space like a stairwell a closet or a bathroom and if you're going home make sure your builder ties the roof to the walls and anchors the walls of the foundation we've made great strides in forecasting tornadoes but no matter how sophisticated a warning system is the ultimate responsibility is ours to be a worker watches and warnings and take steps quickly to save lives both hours and those we love tornado alert what you need to know is made possible in part by philips petroleum the performance company and by central and southwest corporation an energy company for today and tomorrow
he's been with the pain is by his beak has been it's been at area half bad for a video cassette of tornado alert what you need to know call one eight hundred three to eight seven two seven one oryx in nineteen ninety five two tornadoes video three thousand area and boulevard dallas
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