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it's been these years it is i'm a sea kaminski to democratic paid when on the more it's a
lovely little cottage on a windswept hill in england between core wall and devon i've taken liberties saying the camera's not agree with that the grids incidentally that can sustain again with amr and anna kerosene to watch an agreement by the same only a little darker and be very careful with degrees in this thinking because it's very important we have that little devil call prospective to play the usual for his first and then subdivide fine now as usually start in a landscape from the bottom are just about anything because he's gay or landscape to set your house is a new trees correctly that big as that and that that's what they are rising in first which is it at the middle and this
painting or now they look at the painting in half but because of the low hills and the road it doesn't start a road right here and versatile as the little dog here and one here like this action is prettier than sit on this is very important the perspective of this road because you don't want to road standing straight up in the air and this goes going down like this carefully occurred there don't have a two state there are er or american always adjusted old don't think your pet a play while you're painting i was it's really about salad or dolly dolly the story said that the most areas and taking our our own mystique an end intuitive nature think is right and the best thing that can happen to the times there we are we got a road in now let's put our house in often we'll put our little
hills and this little blue pills pills here is that this town is not on the hill be very careful dynamic going down a steep part here don't have going there to steeply the wonderful owner now you have no pale blue hills like this very nicely very charming and of course he helped the painting claude a lot of anticipating fein now and putting in this house which i think is terribly important again you know where we start everything in a box and this is even more important in paying his house to have a box a not too large and i would like a way up there on the hill so i just assumed have a smaller incentive right up against the sill like that let you log please i'm like this little higher
now there's no way we're going to do is i'm going to raise this incidentally this is this is a good way to show you how to use and that year a dance background and tissue paper of the correct to wipe out the stakes oh we have a box like this we can't just one off and he put a triangle here on this court at this corner off like this now looking up into the house so it goes up this way like that you say like this i still think about the hassle to lars of cut this than a year one so far away let's not get too narrow because actually there they aren't very tall they are very large but the one room that they do have is quite large the house itself is untoward
mouth let's put a little shed it has a low said here i'm a clean yourself you said here like this as it comes up like that her friend that's a little darker see i've done the thing that you do not to do do not get too much pain or near brush or too much care is say i'm glad i made these mistakes because then when i do first will you know that can happen to you and secondly you know that what to avoid a ringer brings up like this that we have a marvelous sticks as that goes over like this and this the side of the hill like this raises to shape and i don't like this out so you can see what i'm doing and when the shade in any case the
fans like this i'm a book store it this way so you know that it's offense like that and there again the perspective is important like that joel house is a little window here like that now we have two martyrs trees that set the mood or the painting along with the brooding sky they are here not as usually don't draw the nintendo where nothing to live by do want to want you put them in like that fly fortunately in a period like this there's a little bit of a house here in little house behind him because i'm sure you have an idea what that is and it's like that it's just a little bit of a lead two or something right here like that because they're fine now we have gotten into
rocks lows of rocks at this point as this is hate to tell you that there's no rights can do you end that don't despair please we don't want them looking like little loaves of bread or a little chocolate drops you know i can put as many or as fusion like frankly when you're starting as you just not too many good become home to st roch happy but that's exactly what happened to get too much of thing of a thing like this and that and if it's not too good it will ruin your thinking so why are learning less said the better i have a feeling the road now the most important thing is to have this line coming down the center of the road like this watch a perspective now i'm going to raise this back here and take a little extra time on the drawing because it's terribly important in this painting when you take far as you can you know be a little more free and were careless
but with this you can not so you must take your time and get the perspective correct retaining a valid now as usual were going to shave it and the light is coming from the left so we're going to share the painting on the right like this there were about the fence will get it in that one this ideal house here like that and the rocks are saying that on the right and bottom like that don't fuss and too much because it will pay most of them out what we're working on a good gimmick and painting is always have the foreground doctor begins explaining debt and always had a light inside the painting soldier i traveled along the road why educating where the light is as a visual gimmick and it's a very important personal changes your
pain but for now i think that's an important thing because you're painting authority if you're not confident you will be paying more confident that was say they feel slightly don't worry about the tree's remember the punk we have very dramatic sky and frankly i would like you to put in the simple outline of the clouds like this okay that's it we should get right to the painting is at a level we're talking about are that are drying now we're going to start with the painting are going to start with this guy as usual and always work at the horizon with the light tone like this nike and nixon this guy telly we made an extra
light tell which are four cousins that a three by adding extra white an extra naples yellow around the house like there's the house and the sale will invade in light it creates enormous feeling of the other has been surrounded by light but aldrin clouds above down to the fence you need to have the threats that we're going to want to think about this is that we find out let's put the light turns into cars like this we're going to work from extra light to light ft always history that is remember this is a very
passionate skype and they're they're very satisfying paintings because even out of reagan catering to create something exciting it looks very very good but please note torn up no tornados and i can be very useful for houses terribly can say is what when the tornado knocked it off my license to do that you know they're marvelous ways of getting out of things their dietary then there's anything like this constantly clean your knife set your college roommate during playing it in not you don't forget it you lose all of that is that you tried so hard to create at this point and they're going to push you like tens and they don't get a few
doctors in like this that's really a while and isn't it terrible storm that's good i like tones m e change that like and i don't worry about that looks horrible so in the beginning let's say that for the moment actually a lot better than you think when you get everything and so don't fuss with it like i'm doing this legally or it now let's put our house in the start with a dark tone now that out of this house dr gregory and on the side of it think that with purple not purple is a lesbian friends in a rose madder with all terrain blue which creates a very lovely color and it's very it's also a brain age in which we use an old paintings instead of under which i thought had to
be when i was learning i thought that you had to use an energy darker color to christian library not a bad color that uses dog town on the fence for now are going to do other things with it to put this on for now now let's go to the front of the house isn't that he put the side of a little odd entry first it's in shadow also because when the light it's sitting in front of this issue about white house concert we outline it so you don't lose it like that right we're going to use a light over the firehouse interestingly enough it's the light town of the sky not the light is the light of it as a light is hitting a friend's house creating of a marvelous like oh so the engineers at the top like this
like that and both of those shadow at the bottom of the move like that this is an old shack is not a two bedroom duplex or whatever so i can make his coat and the cricket as you like that was a correct the credit house let's get a light tan we hear like this right in front of this like that on the little ruth like this outline it and purple so you don't lose it in outline the roof and purple they're going to put together the
channel and do it right now aereo like that is goes on an angle that's a straight this is on an angle like that as the doorway there again please not a definite doorway take a little purple and just put it in the wet pane like an impression of a doorway he directed can be to find a little bit more five now let's go on let's start with the road we haven't been to lighten up here i don't have a role in this floating in air are staying straight out we worked our strengths like this horizontally this is terribly important or you will have a road that will stand up in the air i'm going to pull a colored by keir disease feel sorry for dark so that we don't lose that or i don't want it curving high up into the air remember that it's terribly important he died
after that lined up at the top the canvas like that fly i keep going like this cross the road like that they go to the darker turn here and the little dark rich tone at the bottom like that i do not want you know rosano during a yellow that are working with it and effect here i mean you go back to that i just want to finally end and reaffirm it to work it out later as good as they were in the rest of the painting and be sure that has just been that slope which tells of that they wrote is sliding i'm sure it's not very good condition but i like that it that for the moment lets go to our little
hills which are dark on the right side of that then the dark side first you know it's we're using actually the sky turns but were working the dark tones down where the light tone is and they're going to put a little meat in tone and light tone over there on the right side and the light is coming from the left or well you know i would like to soften there's just a wee bit like that sky looks little while unknowns while the kids getting little i would like to reaffirm these clouds a little bit and not quite distinctive enough yeah let's do it you know we
start with a lighter like this you serious the same colors are no again in this painting which creates harmony in that we have a difference like this i'm going to add a little white lighter tone like any little white inmate was yellow as i feel that it's not quite light enough on top of this this past year saw the light and a little more like home to create a feeling of beautiful light there and look at the right now on now there we go off to keep working down the satellite town now these are aggressors but remember that this is a very bad day and the greens are not very bright re creating a mood you
don't pay what you know you paid what you say always remember that what you say and what you're actually seeing here are not bright green grasses and what have you because the sun is not out so you have what i call great down or cool colors because it's that kind of day and a lovely little stroke over and down like they're lazy and lost iraq but don't worry we'll get them back no problem and again very dark down here like this the point of that there again we use our dark tone at the very bottom trending upward both in light and in line this perspective in color as well as a line i need to go back to i think i wrote a slightly and i i would like to see that little purple the bottom
like this and along the side of the road remember it's not a paved road you to read that a country road and so it is right to its own even so let's make it an even like that now we have the other side and the light is hitting writing for the cutting edge i would like to see a little light tone right fine we put the light tone in front of the cottage like this year again his jokes go this way horizontally we think to me and dog in the corner like that and what it does it sees the house like this it's flat when a dog town it looks like that be very very careful about that something you must really study and once you do it you will see the wisdom of it
there's a beautiful quite a gay man and i loved it it's just as mysterious and as as this painting very quaint actually it's actually like they're weathering heights if you're familiar with the play well let's put a tree right here and these jews are very important is it telling us that person or something is happening they're a storm or terrible wind and so we want to treat to
look as though they are being blown in a way like there's not too much and not too many trees just just get the feeling and create a mood become another color government and i remember the branches evolve one from the other no telephone polls that say that the moments that let's go to iraq's i would like to get a bit of rain down here like this
about iraq's pro bowl on one side and a few here like this there again use discretion don't have piles of rock several it's not a rock parlor talking about were just creating a rocky mood here it's an area that we try to talk about which has rocks but not all rocks fb now they get smaller as they get further away like this remember there are larger and in the foreground the river right up against them or in front of them closer but don't they get smaller as they go up here like this now once either ickes we have lights the light tone is on the left
could live shot underneath we must get our highlight on iraq's which go like this is a marvelous thing you just go one way on the right and then the highlight is an opposite direction this way where the light's coming from and i like that and one here like that let's go back to the fence which we have neglected oh incidentally has a lovely tall grasses so take your knife and sort of scratchy like this was just a feeling of of actually deserted place tall grasses and so i'd be very careful and to caramelize who have huge dogs and a lookalike polls it's a feeling of press their fans give back to the fans that will highlight on the fence here
and start with a knife like this please don't try to draw in little twigs awareness spends his native it's made of wood and then it provided lines like this just tell us there is a perspective that's very important just in that one word branch here we have some parents who say they need a lawyer because because i'm sure they have a gold but for now let's not resist the temptation to the area well that's again for
debate not presidential we need it is there's
bees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies do know only noon news
Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky
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Wind on the moor
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint wind on the moor.
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