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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha daylight it the plan and now today's adventure of our school to
emergency lending well cynthia and edgar's search for monte goals slim in brooklyn eleanor henry and william why over manhattan in search of iran's first they've got to find a place to land you know these are
and it can be we're as well show was everyone ok yeah we need to adjust those all pious know what they were talking about after all what's that barely any any good walk away from those are good at future with them are better than others began to not look at the damage more loyal to you that only have to do is pick up a new umbrella the way a
city of good is live thank you well we do it's been in the papers he's been in the prison camp
the pakistanis mostly i'm eleanor and boy you could really only maintaining the need for global companies coming off of fires keep sick or oh what a nice thank you thank you deceive me
to be perfectly honest they talked to anyone about actually we're looking at a rosa maybe you can help us find her mainly what's your last name are you sure but that doesn't matter now as banks
looking forward to euros is ben simmons boyle's what is my name set soul and slowly we go my fine feathered friend it's you see a lot of my rocking this before that she'll wayans and you hit a bad novel by most of our
show slot the point it's also a shower what's wrong because i've been feeling lonely the battery life is getting to be a threat perhaps it's time for me to settle down you need to raise a family or something like that if i could find the right robot i don't do anything too hasty when it happens they're real real thing that goes right here is to make the next dead we
will build a mate she will fill his life with a net at a you know mass contestants in middle school we have to go any further who knows now will each of you tell us the names and what we would like to do when you grow up starting with the kids in middle school i know these sites i said michael moore is michael mckeown like the african politics with
intelligence and there now all twelve richard thank you very much now contestants please listen carefully to the rules of the game the object of the game is to guess the industry job max will pick the categories and the questions questions are worth points at the end of the round the team with the most points get a chance to see a close and to name his dream job matthew kids were playing along i would like to give you a word of warning watch out for long term spoil sport he'll be up to his old and it checks on his habit of trying to confuse you so watch out at first question
classic scene this question is worth ten points the bureau of the mint which is part of the united states treasury department protocol in between nineteen thirteen and nineteen thirty eight which had the likeness of an american indian on it which calling was it was a dead dying eight be a half dollar see a nickel or d a quarter a piece you can see now have a high birth to go whoa whoa whoa nations music is not wanting a strong points this will be like a
super thick soles of bread on the outside now teams let's move onto our second question that's all sorry are just that you're aware that smelly and the category and the question it many times cool demeanor this question is worth ten points george washington carver words of world renowned black american scientist what kind of scientist was he was he had a an anthropologist be a geologist see a botanist would be a physicist clearest there
may be what about i'm sorry the intimacy he was a botanist he discovered hundreds of uses for the peanut that's revolutionizing the economy of the south but the score is still tend to zero in they were up against the law isn't as exciting that's a lot more to go next meal inside job that's you didn't see you were how well or who is a farmer she came across on my extra sensory receptors too heavy for people to be a large wall prado you see how mexican is smitten with a box i
think you know a couple or fuses the ponies up to get me that's a more questions here for a year they're a time mom now panelists i'm going to ask you find true or false questions each question is worth five points the first question is the chief executive officer and united states government is the president these yes there is one scientist true number two forty two years before the english settled the jamestown colony in virginia the spanish and the city of saint augustine in florida curtis really i'm sorry that interest too many days a spanish naval officer establish st augustine and fifteen nineteen eighty percent hog as a worker who builds tunnels per deciliter that's correct the answer is al gore
spock might say not a japanese american legislator was recently elected a senator from the state of alaska that's why he and about five our last question a size mcgrath reports the strengths of earthquake shops and its tremors that war is now being detained as aaron burr is too much my lonely days over maps and winds you don't get your hopes up too high in a unanimous plus what franks no way he's not capable of constructing such a magnificent machine i thought that was us maybe there's two of us
max's book to mariam is goose is cooked my extra sensory receptors and never wrong tickets in middle school you were ahead with five points or you get the phrase credit today's industry job keep your eyes on max's id she was the clear our area ll where you're new area analyst never even talk that we need to make before entering religious campaigns against any listing jobs does nine i said thanks no it
is now things are going to move onto our second and final round the super bonus question this question is worth fifty points the team to get this right wins the final chance to say a close aunt an industry job ok teams are you ready to question mack's i ha oh i was the first black woman to serve in the cabinet of the united states what she ate rosa park be barbara jordan see patricia rucker terrorists or decent mel lewis leading to say when you think about that and i'm sorry the answer was c patricia roberts harris she is the secretary of housing and urban development but the school is still
think it's the leading with that he keeps seeing this is your last chance to see a clue and to name the mystery job number if you guess incorrectly school twelve at the last opportunity to see a quote antony ministry job ok next let's see the clue now are la are aereo or oh ok tennessee kentucky nearly teenaged the slant or if you just kept his second skinny industry job came nine eight seven six five from grease two yes sir this is a circus they think about that
that's an issue and cited kids in middle school when you have some ideas for twelve years really for art with what kind of marketing by artificial coloring stuff colorings the exhilaration sorry this began as an architect is unusually architect he has experimented with his traditional american indian ideas in his designs for juice through i guess this was the hardest job you i was a little baffled year the clothes are really tough but now well get a chance to see what those models and drawings are all about i can't wait to show it to our audience is the penis its division only american history in minneapolis minnesota which i helped design i'm a native american from the
arapaho nations by name is donna summer the state some roads as my great great grandfather's name o is pronounced deceased law which means roads that lead from the son and educated as an architect by design and bill yeomans has a lot of hard work in trying to become an architect or six years a formal education and accredited school of architecture industry years of apprenticeship after three years you could take your test that capacity it's completely interactive then this private garden become concerned lately times you are the process of architecture revolves around haven't got a review means every few meetings we'll talk about certain problems that have arisen threat design process and we use many minds to solve these problems carmichael's is to get more native americans into the field of architecture this is wrong
is among iranian from wisconsin as a landscape architect was totally designed housing on reservation force native americans to live in houses that revolve around separate sleeping rooms and very small kitchens there's all the dozen native american arctic i want to create an architecture for native americans that helps preserve their union culture of others one very important projects were involved right now but i'm very proud of is a new cultural center for the native american center for the arts in niagara falls mayor the turtle or be used as a symbolic shape in a building party symbol of the iroquois nation because mothers direct physical symbol they don't use the back of a turtle has been inside the dome been a big space is a village is going to be laid out in an authentic way so that the people come into the center
will see how native americans lived in a cultural past at the same time that people are going to be living in this village we'll be making authentic indian crafts which will be sold in the arts and crafts store think michael lynch leads to use my talents as an architect to help people at the same time from iran or something i wanted go to wyoming and i think they've done the traditional thing of the young men will use a trite goes out and seeks his knowledge eventually returns home again to serve his nation i can get through these experiences that i'm having help another union nations put their nation's back together again i think they'll be ready to go home except for oh oh oh oh max mady of bell dinging house for you from me you don't get your hopes are too high remember that suggest that final
i'll fly now my pretty packed to have next is surrey in quite a sweat we are in such a carrot seed money i do hope you invite get together she used it somewhat timely and the big jab and i'd like to present both of our schools with a mini maps trophy just for being with a c on the beach math will be honoring need for being with us and we'll see you right here next time on the job
is the plan at the spoils that's for certain now it's time to bring down occurred in a coup right meek why not i see
christian walk oh my oh
no thank you but i just don't know what to do one station wunc about the party she just passed along here and now the show and hannah graham and his unofficial anthem of ticket to school one of god there don't worry don't like it sure i'll go i just annoying to have pioneered by show out there how would you feel if you gave a party and no one want to come because we lived feels that
person even if they can visit me island the mayor set out his visit the how would you feel things the
ooh let's
bow i'm really really mean daylight it update the
plan now today's adventure of our scope to looking forty are awesome lily allen lloyd henry have made a young actress named sokol was offered to help him find kielbasa but now henry has lost the match with the address no no thank you
force you'll find your faith appointed a lawyer but i just know you'll find it yet but now you've got a future as we love to hear what her lesson at sea island now the only thing we do know which is that he went to the museum right it really doesn't like to something you got to think i think the negative i would have given up waiting for my big chance to come a long time ago and i hadn't they you know if not a year before ok so you just gotta keep going just like i keep thinking about an idea that maybe i could help you you know what they say that the big apple new york is the montana well let's go for this patient be all right if you're here let's go
in indiana nobody but nobody knows a loss plus u for information yes
every listing for it gave his family identity in dusty plain near as this number fact i think i think you very night that that that the fact that i'm five five out of five thousand five thousand five that's right standing you know it's fine
right now thank you levy yes oh wow i'll put this one over here with a company that was in the fifth grade you can have a comeback maybe you could help them with an italian secret dock where you can trust her of course sure we don't you know we can get them looking for a loss for them in down in this area so far but they haven't got to hear it now
thanks very much and it also says the worst is for people to think that they only wanted to be anything you can tell it and also many causes yes i do in brooklyn
the pay to play a plus but the question was blank fb page are you puerto rican
you know our economy stereotype is greek to me want to get a final word like that to say this it's like make a person is smart just because they were glass well yes that is one kind of stereotype some people have the idea that reading books and wearing glasses go together so if you wear them you must be a bookworm and no good ones but suppose you like green and but no one ever asked you to join a game that's when stereotypes hurt people the word stereotype originally
came from the name for a kind of printing they've cast from a moment of tides that lends kean stereotype comparisons think about it as if like emma donoghue more clear that almost forget how to find the person somewhere in the usa just between you and me i imagine the brain surgeon's bomber you want two or three years carriers
so it's their systems and he says now i take it just in this is this state's income
james those eyes it thank you
sometimes he has a swing a bat and noble laureate robert just concentrate on mobile augusta secret you get a couple and what about you young lady where you the team mascot of that are not that i don't know where the other girls' team to live alone the committee knew presented you have a girl and he gets maintain that so i think that she's really humiliate do that anyway they don't it's big
it's going to be weird forgive me and that was it it was all these do you like that everybody everybody
in egypt things it
does it was the pony it is billed as a really great thing to do i'm surprised that there was no reason that that only one hot oil i don't care what the government
they began in a violent world and the beginning of our but the legend has been concentrated
you know fans he's been right
right as barry bonds or just that phrase and you know we won the games i just wanted it to one day and give him and saying why would you want to do something like that was your turn it back on a low carb the idea of the game is to win because your report that nobody seems to understand me i don't mean to seem impolite or anything but i just don't think when you
look at it in this than i do with or maybe she tried a different way you know when to pull aside and give him some tips weapon again and i appreciate what you're trying to do with this but you're right that day was a bit the priest in the film continued next to pay in the bleak thank
you oh yeah i'll
tell you but to thrive weeks but he's been in the same things mr ej mr ej
strangely agree now with the sun blistering on his team the stranger went for a while to shoulder of this is a beautiful smile and official was it
the crew it is they ferment it gets fixed welcome the upcoming to play this scenario like that it's not that i'm just tired of the boys giving me a hard time telling me they don't want any rules on tv audio just because you get there and they can tell how would you feel if someone told you that you couldn't do something just because you're a girl well to find that
side that's an island of the whiting did same thing as long as you can die how would you feel things thank you
Vegetable Soup
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27 & 28
Season 2
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New York State Archives
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Episode Description
Episode 28 includes an Outerscope II segment Looking For Tia Rosa; a lesson about stereotypes; a story about Patty about growing up Lumbee Indian and her passion for skating; the story of Philip and Melissa with a lesson about girls in sports; a song about caring for friends; and a lesson about sexism.
Episode Description
Episode 27 includes an Outerscope II segment Emergency Landing; a game of The Big Job Hunt featuring Long John Spoilsport (voiced by James Earl Jones), and featuring students from Poughkeepsie Middle School versus School 12; and Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) gives a recipe for West Indian fishcakes.
Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
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