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wayne and at the conservative mr buckley one hour october fourteenth nineteen sixty nine to one
public television another highly placed a political chairman invited mr buckley to pair with interviews and that but that's why this reply was a lot of baloney rejected monday the pope thank you very much and thank you mr wilson and that was a very nice introduction of him and it had an announcement in the goddamn face that no as
i'm very happy to be here and most of it to do for you ask about a cell phone and now he's very well known and you got about three years ago when a lot of only three days to arrive from one end of europe to my office doesn't emit to him he was to him but when you're upset it but to three weeks ago the prius
william f buckley jr leading conservative was brought up in sharon connecticut and an order home in camden south carolina these were the settings for an important value we learned in his childhood it is eight cases of the literature of protest against the wages of america's shaping up that actual nominee is necessary for the proposal so but i do know that these people sorry for those people who according to fashions book almost to be a modern human rights the latin groove the inner directed drivers of whom the absent minded professors most widely character oh what generally oblivious to external surroundings who could not care less
for the one two or a dozen trees grow in brooklyn one aspirant upper incomes greatly mind during my childhood was a continuing confrontation with putin now recognize that as well reading such accepted my father was constantly calling attention to it how cindy sherman connecticut thrown into that van for the simple reason that extraordinary today you went to paris in switzerland in london for protected status when i was born because i'm going back to china where we settled more most prominently during her thirties spending what is in camden to the rehabilitation of a democratic house which is a rounded now the food of his delusions division little terraces the flaws red and white and latin though
are members of the older brothers insists is getting back to the underworld amusement because a point of xavier have had the nerve to raise its head smack in the middle of the oven that this is in the nation is that right and sean lived among many acres agreeing on a particle widow after a tree of noble birth and stature are reputed to be the largest on could not a gun owner who has iran actually a treaty with the indians were said to have been concluded shortly before the revolutionary war the council was all is an elongated rectangle with rows of majestic
downs going the length of it and it's sending him out of the south the once classified and after that she was the most beautiful and what i think is true who made it even as he loved the trees on his own property which looked after with pride and loving care as he did his flowers your income than the best fantasies struck before you go no new the pain he experienced on the council's because when the powerful fortitude game as one there was a desolate illness in the family fell into a preternatural silence and the decision was made to cut the tree down but he saved a truck which then you know what if you could learn
tomorrow's someone buys enormous wasteland of the splendor of its maturity oh sounds the whiteness of the town for coordinated vision that i think you know it's something to all us prudence indeed so much so that most of my many brothers and sisters continue to live there and continue to care about the elms and shrubs and flowers in the stillness and the town what continues to approach or didn't you know but william buckley in his white cap and his son christopher no longer live in sharon now he spends a great deal of his time in new york city where he works in editing his magazine national review writing his newspaper column and conducting his television program firing line he was not concerned about the problem of new york to run for mayor in nineteen sixty five a new york continues to be a subject that he
frequently writes and talks about it is instructive to meditate upon the rising crime and our relation to it i'm not making a conscious attempt to take note of activities in new york city on a single weekend last november oh it was a fun weekend one twenty two year old student strolling along the west side was accosted by three new groups that have a cigarette sorry you didn't so they step into that a seventy eight year old man was beaten up in his apartment on the east side but in quite a statement just in case anyone believes that time in europe and regional laws of the monopoly that isn't great and in the bronx a husband was tied down on a visitor's sodomized his wife but
today's world about an invention he says barnes rushed out with a shotgun when the assailants who subsequently discovered by the police who have nude photo blog a cabdriver age twenty two was killed by three young men and a plainclothes and spot early sunday morning a sixty year old man running hard after an amazonian maybe wearing only his on the show she had transpired had broken into support not all one hundred and seventy five pounds of a rifle that is one of eight dollars threatened him with a knife and our seizing the initiative he was running after her a policeman took charge the rest of the media as amy's apartment building a half dozen young lawyers made cracks about his semi nudity was one patiently explain who he was and why the gunman who
accompanied him was wearing only shows over on the policemen and beat him up but they did not own hand the quality of this is not absent from consonant they're those maintain that is more fun to name them to you know not everybody thinks at least in europe is that the us one of its charms berkeley's concerned with crime in america doesn't taken down a one way street in fact it takes him very often to trenton state prison but as a convicted murderer edgar smith was trying to win his freedom to pursue which buckley helps to the extent that edgar smoked is called and his best friend in the world and has said that it is ever freed he owes more to bill buckley than anyone in the world or the death house buckley talks about his visits there right now the empty because too many people were sentenced to the
other it regular exclusion your mood of the international doesn't it until a novel when the prison but this is the in that house as it was a few got until it suffered a population explosion you know whether you've been there for can you accuse girl nineteen fifty seven but he argued is okay so ingeniously before the course of just before time gimmicks can you always come up with something that caused the mechanisms to stop and he's to a lot still arguing his appeal in fact recently had a victory in the supreme court ordered a hearing has a picture of them taken during the during the trial is your incessant an ex marine
confident and occasionally they will do circumstances signed a confession that he later repudiated that is being taken to be arraigned after spending seventeen hours been closed by the police who issue of the day have been there and that's because someone about the recession continues go very few people up this is going to i think he's innocent yeah so smart hour workweek and tired of prosecutors that houses are not intended as a place for people to stay for long
but it is one piece of us is at you love to write letters to a maximum causes you wanted to lawyers allege world war is shining
but human ate all the resources of the play so the hole in god's could always be on the alert against any attempt of instruction how in fact the commanders of thing i don't know once a week it was in the execution chamber they've actually ordered a new electric chair new jersey and for some reason aren't in as much as as an execution since nineteen hundred and sixties gesture the bruno hauptmann than votes chiles killer was executed at the things to know that is the actual lectures to comes in from on top of the jewish roots through phone and slower but there is a room that's new streaming on those that keeps a prisoner up on the chair
is no actual all the letters to get yourself into them from the church so that comes in roads rows of a skullcap communal seating capital punishment less as a deadline of tomorrow the supreme court abolished or on the grounds that it has become more unusual punishment but even the john birch society would fall to the court's reasoning there weren't any executions last year on one nearly four abaft bosnia before that was standing with the population of the houses is an obama the c on foreign minister will require being a foreigner is of the city california to insist that jesse unpremeditated that they are the standard pair of inequality and the death penalty has pushed the body will going to happen or so that's chairman of the
chances you will because it's the techniques i'm doing all the mechanisms of justice are also highly refined out there that almost everybody gets the ax conspired with the killers approached the sheer asymptote occurred because you eat it certain reforms can only be initiated by conservatives are consummated by there's just a certain others only <unk> marines francisco life is decreasing senators are likely to succeed in reforming the penal code to the apparent advantage of it about him to moscow berlin as necessary to come out in direct opposition to capital punishment
it's pretty consistent to prove capital punishment because he does the all an automatic punishment for anyone who kills somebody else and the same time advocate the repeal of existing capital punishment was on the grounds of their foremost it's a viable everyone seemed to take it for granted that william f buckley jr as a strong definite opinion on every subject so wherever he goes he has to have an answer about every question is bunnies
it is thank you is that cheaper pelosi none of this is a demonstration of those and i was unfortunately don't need to spend a billion dollars in a fourteen million dollars here's how now if that happened and this ornate is persuasively than even those anyway the government says very suspicious about the military industrial complex but i find the same people who criticize the military industrial complex or somehow simultaneously coming as something which of the song alone is with earpieces that when a powerful enough to
imitate even such invasions as we new senator fulbright on monday workers was a modernist joke on button on tuesday would all of them listen to not strong enough do we need to do he won the national league you know and
that has been with you no advice guide them as a bookend to other than an actual shot of utterly destroy anybody that i don't know what you mean by using violence in the way that you do that are as having contributed to be a demo and the way that it is violence in harlem that caused six hundred thousand negroes to go there and presumably that was no way that as force in the pennington discrimination i really thought that the discrimination was the season dallas
i am it is you
know we are now he's been doing it
you know he came to me at the ruins of violence and creating a ghetto my answer is like their identity is the violence in the economic system that's very the economic plight in the north and the women that are now you know anything that you that were problems with the slogan when the system and be yourself unintelligible allow our answer i've seen salons world
icing goes oh a tsunami of the mine causing them on the nursing home i'm suggesting to you that you're talking about it and created a lot of other things berkeley's impressions of ghettos like what's were sharp and during a recent tour arranged by whitney young in the urban league barkley was among eight or ten leading journalists who spent a week learning firsthand about ghetto life and problems dan watched as almost everywhere else we found the black is bright passionate little cynical counted one of new jobs landscape engineers a drawing a lot of the group have been an aeronautical engineer proud man i mean you have made it world without anybody suspecting the kitchen into social work the marketplace in the room for them
there's a bomb in consciousness of the political way up the ladder to essentially goes strategic they may be dangerous because the temptations for universal concepts too political for economic means other runs one of the tactical rewards and humankind faith in the political system cole also centers that ron karenga evolution go office meaning that she keeps obscure us to speak keely about his philosophy which is composed of the nation's of social cliches sort of neatly into musical strung together yours gets the headmasters reception his disciples on either flight laughter everywhere this is the future still on condoms under as much of that and by millions of blacks los angeles dangerously the leading non disparagement know they feel a sense of community that
sense of common purpose the structure the omnipresent occurs to austin or filthy rich miserly races structures the common menstrual in each in his own way in some choosing the superstitious new emotions are ongoing others the hardheaded lottery idealism of people like kevin watkins uncovered viewing words make one feel no turning gradually resources human spirit we are convinced that they are many of them gays in efforts which distinguished the best of the white men that under other circumstances in california a hundred more years ago it didn't use the word racist freely what is the nature of racism they believe that the man was born without a race is under one of the definitions they were mercenaries that capitalism is once
again an unintentionally embedded in that phrase is a form of raises and the notion that black entrepreneurs cannot produce a successful mousetrap why can't go the edges of course they can in the answer a superstition that is exploitative of the people to produce a mousetrap cheaper than the one which people can't be buying as well as delusions of socialism in which people are ways to encourage inspired so many it's morning edition on a serious about a lot about that on june cars in preservation of economic institutional arrangements that have gradually more people out of poverty and any other arrangements in the history of the world because in the energy and the charm of black leaders is i always it is is a major mall a quiet its hormone called hope and achievement anyone expecting the
about a speech that obama has ideas greater enthusiasm in the graduate schools in the ivy league has a pleasant surprise black people graduates of ghetto schools in some cases graduates of no schools through that would embrace singing this song in a strange land have made a triumphant andrea mustain william buckley and urban league director whitney young who sponsored the tour agree on preferential treatment as an antidote for years of slum deprivation but buckley does not agree to a lessening of standards lawyers with some of our attempts to continue to maintain standards is going to go out and recruit more people on one moment lawyers it would be on the way to the prescience withstand the years is sufficiently to give
people isn't nam i know oh two minutes that it took me to bone white or the little tabs northern mali i think that black people have something to contribute that is not the nominee that received in the regulars gather that this interview or maybe you do it was you i was the black white now there's a less is bandaged hand raising questions whether lee the tears that i've given would not nominate the people who come from the ghettos are from rural areas of mississippi the language in
it and the test may be unfamiliar but not the medium adequate index of the potential of the contribution that they don't recommit and make the book is it wouldn't be an indictment a second there's no one when you send black university mustn't one see to it that they are these market what the two began to achieve is down the visions of it rapping you when the pilot understand how are the standards they have set based on say their own relevance to the domestic community around them as it's open it i'm saying that listen to the universe began to see that they're not just giving something to black here's a black kid they're giving something to them and be corrected say it has raised that i am poor so
at night i see a car but i do think that some universities or resists and for reasons i finally a plausible a socio guys asian know that function because some universities consumes those places where you go to study and never mind whether it was conscious of bad living conditions and he lives and that you might say is that some of the alternative is to know the curriculum that revolution is believed in the ideology as asian nations of the law is to proceed as it did in soviet russia fortunately they do to do a lot of the next year not being viewed as a more letters i think they resist teaching things that may in the current society that may shift in
chains that may somehow come on so who's who's whose responsibility is to keep trading center your intellectual history and is it really necessary for him to become law in the fog and in america's problems of the here and now it is human being that it was huge of course is dealing with the press i think that many professors refer to deal with the abstract the day in the historical they don't ask that talk with me about the democratic process talk about the voting and then they use of the
democratic machine to bring about change and he lost but he especially the last live action there is room in that it's a loss for people who stole a preoccupation with their own election in fact removed from a lot of banana that this it seems to me that for instance of obesity as elliot has spent most of his time the narrow list of england he might not have rick knabb for uniquely in addition you know this is passion work for you to say that the august mr wheeler yeah
obviously the year if we have more of these we would have to vote in a historic moment if we had done so i think that we would have been more aware of the extent of the sort of my vision and that they would have been the early that of the barricaded a man is the more civilized says most of us is the mourners paused but at the same time who knew
you know the national review a magazine founded by william buckley is dedicated to his conservative principles that staff and contributors are poor school of conservatism with buckley at this editorial meeting our james burnham the author and political philosopher bill rusher publisher lawyer activist and buckley says three priscilla was managing editor of the magazine there is you too you know
is three times a week column on the right appears in over three hundred newspapers throughout the country in one of these columns you recently wrote about the detractors of america and patriotism the disposition to think he'll america is related to the general disposition video of america i found myself twenty four hours after the tragedy of memphis tennessee debating on the subject of civil rights before an audience of six thousand ends with julian bond in nashville tennessee with a man who began the evenings discussion punctuated his manifesto against america with the heart hoping all this was killed last night in memphis by all the cement and he said that he meant the old adage which america has ever claimed for itself and the tensions that we have to justice and that we have all the little penny that we have reported compassionate philistine love the audience
cheered him that young audience that sought to atone for the crime against martin luther king by offering its own body and prostrate once again for reasons of pathological instagram an execution its own innocent original body and flex to the scourges of julian bond there is as i was that was a chivalrous reaction young and generous but i do not understand that as an adequate explanation for the more considered reaction over america i does this reaction the blaming or american for the murder of martin luther king to be philosophically dangers of blood guild is the matrix of genocide i asked the audience as six thousand people are going to vote whether they were representative of america were a rich man in the audience poor men all the young southerners easterners westerners midwesterners catholic protestant jewish college graduates high school dropouts yes yes yes yes yes all right then raise your hands those of you consider
yourselves implicated in the assassination of martin luther king i am filled with shame and get moving for my rights says the featured correspondent of time magazine on their national not one person could be dark professor distraction from the great diversion of memphis who is it that we americans are busily engaged in blaming not going to come down to asking individuals about it when you pose the question directly to six thousand members of the community of nashville tennessee than in ottawa maybe show the editors of time magazine they surely the blameless it is always those other people those people whose ranks you forfeit john wilkes booth is an e lee harvey oswald's those euro about the country's taking the destruction not only of individual souls but the soul of america for me i say this the more significant by fall and the ghastly executions of john kennedy and martin luther king acts committed by
isolated boy and isolated them more significant by fall it is the spontaneous universal grief of a community which in fact considers itself agreed that is the salient in america not that we read the a banned execution of the kennedys and martin luther king but that we read the most widely shared on the most intensely felt a sense of grief if such we've over the walls of the scariest king as his vote totals of friends that is why judge to be newsworthy they come a point i stress not because i feel the need to fly out of the maddest is america but because i feel a need to reassure the united states of america which is the land where i was born and choose to live which is the land where you are born jews to woodland i feel increasingly needs is all as her devoted bodyguards even as mrs kennedy and king needed more water goes in they had a crucial moment in their history as she needs is how low calls them however
this part of use hello pronounced ah separations i feel that we should be grateful whatever our differences to be facing the sea the sea the sentiment in this bar i do believe that the time is overdue to profess our continuing faith in this country and in its institutions mr stewart buckley is perhaps best known as an anti communist and his right wing philosophy is expressed in the national review and his column is put to the test of debate most often with leading liberals like norman mailer on his television program firing line again so the un is also which is that given this country there were so far and more discovery was extraordinarily are agreeable genial what you know in so many ways with easy as a lot of us very much a marathon we
around burning children in asia is a lot makes him such as these you know i would not wish to say he was a period of hitler in that category is a shocking than that i would say it was a very shocking thing to say on the circumstances diggin with inventing your adjuster of the city around burning june but there's a sense in which im on well everyone i think what the region of reckoning as one of these things was that was that was despicable and david have a pleasant was in which are women and children and men over twenty nine and under nineteen one of the hurt and all of deaths should be needing an important tool is then then then we might be able to speak about was a sense is the fact that children have been in a war is intent on about with actual existence on nothing else than that well if you're trying to insinuate that i think you should be a pilot letting them sell the lyndon johnson that tense
because this is how he satisfies his progress and then to the fun because firstly is is that it is a way to have a kind word homework be more warm and it was for for image in our short of a nuclear war in which of the real exchange of power to what one could do funny and physically <unk> country saw was going out a really wars with perfect state keep your piece we are stronger than you do not move analysts do not and they will attack it really just about little convention to have to recognize the ground wars when there was much to shorten it was awful for him and we could barter clearly i was on one level the image of france's when the usual drive through both the irish people in the middle class desire no i don't well i am
i think will is nowadays afford images that nuclear wars celebrities lady when i say except at night and arrange everything as in that bar or czar know i was in tucson or was a fortunate or was uncommon for for him and rosa canada were coordinated bombing comes a few newcomers anymore because i cannot any longer in a ground air war would have been nuclear war the one souter women obviously so it seems to be very little left let's go on official important and we've always points little anti castro israel would have it he either right to separate wars to stick to one more thing that war that war because they don't do that then you have to argue that was a real disability or wars that because of that then you end up with wrestle with with the military some passages and i think that like is more active than that i think that because i believe this because service on what politics that other young man was weak but this country is not an ignoble work because you thought of it as tragic i was asked to
die in a war which is a is absurd anyway then say well who might decide that war and it was absurd what we have on the ground was absurd one about on the reasons why the rate of people at the opposite level three people of cuba have been great in those additional security protection units big factor there that is their number reasons for one is a calf to let them about not keep him from going out he he allowed them to leave the nose lovely little guerrilla that's historically inaccurate a very sad and i'm i believe that he would love to me with a property castro was not allowed in my view was probably has been extremely erratic in the flow of people realize that for instance he makes them go to live with the families has to be kept last week's to the two about eight hundred dollars that they couldn't agree on of north america which is a form of torture them and leave that's audrey when i would love a pirate talk to say well what was the loudest wanted to believe
but petersen has replied what the different than yours reside marmoset was america's as earl aquatic because the cuban and i believe a cuban dictator was forced those today and it was ugly up seeing their disgusting place i think to date i have a hunch that that any number of ice particular that i would detest republican arizona much easier when he was very question why it is very very often and i think it is for instance i'll do you remember that the national review moved to the state but the money but he's down at his words there were certain things that you could drive for instance you could find an opposition newspaper fences you could publish a book for instance you could join labor unions for instance you could strike for instance are you going to travel in and out of the country for instance you could practice your religion freely now it seems to be that the year is a list of six things well richard even up against the crucial vote
activities to make me live in the park you know all hell are preferable and a hint on this well it's a bit of the middle classes and people are helping to be rebuilt one of whether this very low literacy rate has improved literacy rate enormously enormously a lot of the figures the citizen to prove that last year of but it isn't now the laws and i thought of it and that but that you say or that that'll pull people don't really need freedom joining labor unions the largest one point of the poor people thought the plan everyone pleased that the fam to start in one place that affinity between after that the local police that is julia i got these things to the country would seem a lot but they want that is building about it but these were people who wanted to replace him he was a desktop i don't like this president is saying that since most
people do not want to replace the government and since in point of fact it was a middle class who led the movement as about these are not in one of activity or grass enjoyed a great many things which were tangible things and which are not that is allowed to enjoy and you have problem as though narrow the fifties for the borders and they had half of the manner that congress that doesn't just been elected it is male a melodrama other than that makes it much easier for you to justify again the main execution you're having a substantial committee would have tackled by questions of it and call it simply the test kits that seizes is a mild his viewers of make it less of a level of this year one of our what a terrible witness i thought i'd seen everything i hoped i have a new student world one reason but the
old time champion of robbery was as yet uncommitted as letter to a seventeen year old liberal blog called ricky i have the black student union has touched of disorders in a los angeles high school in a demonstration against quote racist training example that training is the inclusion in the curriculum of the music of johann sebastian bach you describe i'm asked it has gotten older variant called qr codes in the world of music he explains the school's keep imposing middle class values and teachings about bartok i sat next to a middle class french how closely other they will amount to me this it's not like all about like asking a ditch like oil fresh available trees when suddenly i realize that you figure that you're just like that bob was a box for such as the romanian market only doesn't like bob wise want to listen to a bunch of them be disturbed about oneself not about work
remarkable thing about young it isn't one supposes that he doesn't like bach probably as neville and douglas ball is that as all those natural more as he made about barbie has become the laughingstock of his fellow students attend just is one thing and the late publisher of the new york times doesn't know mozart called the greatest genius who ever lived in an old bed of these parties will do more to elevate the human spirit the mall the black student union born and unborn as nasa much contempt of voters that you all can use of that kind of separation when you filmed animals human beings low point somehow survives exaggeration those who are allowed to be given to those who believe the box and not get mired in particular
spot once he's over and over again the use of broad middleclass value as it don't turn been playing bach one is practicing a middle class yes as ricky what's the only coach of the schools deal with this was that while we had taken since then go portuguese is about land values as what did he didn't think of his ears added to prosecute that augurs know more likely that our teacher is the one supposes avalanche that art teacher having spent years in cultivating his admiration of the monsters kabul museum senate passed he liked teaching the federalist papers by recounting that hamilton was to rebuild the middle class values we're supposed to and one wonders what exactly they'll talk about though so middle class values are
often unimpeachable stopped materialism liberties be as you know as he says demanding color tv but nothing is so popular that live is collected he admits his disdain by elijah mohammed but it is not by any means universally abhorred by the new theory of deserve a little less value perhaps and without it there would be no surprise if there were no surprise ricky would be having the papers on education which come to think of the universe or to teaching history is not factually complains george washington was a slave on a they don't include black but if you don't believe it you know it is very depressing because a rhetorical escalation is totally out of and it was a park than the human dislocations total another
goes with striving after the piece of the room or even the nation johann sebastian bach recently made the cover of time magazine because of his newfound youthful audience that the most conservative composer who ever lived can find enthusiastic acceptance on the college campus must be a source of some encouragement of the man who considers him the greatest genius who ever lived perhaps he considers a helpful sign for his own conservative philosophy as the conclusion address to the students at tulane university i suppose a mention on those trainers to malaysians of the day and the necessity not only regulate our clothes on conditions ej
painfully but in those rare for the moment there was someone somewhere and you have not civilians recently in new hampshire i live sleepless night worrying that i might die before having the opportunity to run for just one more disapprove of the new york times and one mm hmm
are you so many confusing people like myself to hector you along the way and so the nsa who enjoy yourselves as hugo additional responsibility your responsibility to find pleasure and there is nothing to match the sensation of discovering your own powers a consolation it is
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This program was originally broadcast November 3, 1969. It was scheduled to be rebroadcast July 6, 1970, but was preempted. NET Journal "The Conservative Mr. Buckley": The personal vision of William F. Buckley, Jr., is seen through a series of film statements encompassing crime, the ghetto, capital punishment, patriotism, communism, and the arts. A renaissance man of American conservatism, William F. Buckley, Jr., is editor of the National Review, syndicated columnist ("On the Right"), host of his own television program ("Firing Line"), and political gadfly (he ran for mayor of New York in 1965). This program is a series of film statements reflecting Buckley's concerns and perceptions about life in America today. The areas include crime and violence, communism, capital punishment, patriotism, the arts, the ghetto and its evolving leadership, and the beauty of unspoiled America. His remarks whether from a podium at Rice University or in a private discussion with Whitney young of the Urban League are urbane, analytical, often biting. Representative quotes follow: After a tour of the ghettos arranged by Young, Buckley notes that the leaders in Watts (Los Angeles) are "bright, a little cynical, with a dawning consciousness of the political way up the ladder." Commenting on the black masses, Buckley says: "Some choose the neo-nonsense of Ron Karenga; many engage in efforts that distinguished the white man at his best in Los Angeles 100 years ago." Of Karenga, director of a self-help group titled "Us," Buckley says, "He affects the manners of an Oriental Satrap." He describes Karenga's rhetoric as "an agglutination of social clich/(c)s." On a visit to death row in Trenton, N.J., Buckley says "Capital punishment is a dead letter. Not even the John Birch Society would fault the Court's reasoning" if the Supreme Court were to abolish the death penalty. Buckley is himself involved in the case of Edgar smith, who has been on death row in Trenton for 12 years since he was convicted of homicide. During a televised debate with author Norman Mailer, Buckley deprecates Castro-style communism, nothing that under the Batista government (which he opposed) "at the worst you could found an opposition newspaper, found a union, go to church, go in and out of the country." He calls Mailer's interpretation of Cuba today "Mailer melodrama, you 're a wonderful writer, but a terrible witness." Buckley reacts with venom to the remark made by a Los Angeles high school student that Johann, Sebastian Bach "that old dead punk" should not be taught. "That is the champion effrontery," says Buckley. "Music has done more to elevate mankind that all the black student unions." He derides "the rhetorical escalation, which is totally out of hand." A case in point: with a group of Tulane University students, Buckley cuts short a discussion on violence in the ghetto, saying "you use the word violence with such slovenliness to render yourself unintelligible." In another scene, Buckley visits his family home in Sharon, Conn., and comments on the satisfactions it afforded him. "it was hewn out of a single pleasant dream," he says. NET Journal "The Conservative Mr. Buckley" is an NET production. This aired as NET Journal episode 253 on November 3, 1969, as NET Journal episode 280 on July 6, 1970, and as NET Journal episode 286 on August 24, 1970. It runs an hour and was shot in color. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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