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are you this program has been made possible by a grant from the corporation for public broadcasting a no no then many american women are changing today ten years after the beginning of this phase of the women's movement new laws and a new political awareness make change a possibility for most women but religion is personal it is experienced by individual women in her own way
it is these experiences these personal stories that can tell us what feminism really needs in the everyday lives of women across this country is sunday morning we know in small towns like milo and sidney population two thousand women's movement has made a difference for and follow similar time has all her husband dean has a minister of a countryside methodist church an andean farmers have been married for eight years they have two sons and ryan to the region just a few years what obsolete that's great
the result so now i'm a horse or mutual faith was one thing that drew us together and i like the idea of being married to a minister and i took the fact that i was going to be and it's just like very seriously and it never occurred to me that there would never be any different when i started thinking about the women's movement there was a fear that it was a threat to my basic religious convictions i fear that it would threaten my marriage and i fear that it would threaten the security of my own i've done a lot of onlookers an individual and therefore as opposed to have the honor to me and in the church you
know everybody awake now david a dozen raul in particular situation and to be quite honest i think what has been unable to close to make this adjustment politically i was in the power structure and that meant giving up some of this is a transcendent law of christ for us to have something we love that we both share but the more support the riots or anything else we both understand the enemy there will be then i had been rewarded do that because that meant that the cave so my idea of my views if i was a represent the partridge in a major ago had to give up some of the chains of the authors of the nirvana says sitting on the coasts everything under the question that neither and water cannon not change or maybe
we're still fun with those two am i don't know if that i became very interested in working for ratification equal rights amendment and t r a i was really horrified at the laws regarding the married woman this was probably not a period i had no conception of common law at all and when i realized that i'm looking at the data that come along with that two hundred years ago by blacks don't think that that when a man and i want to get married they become one soundbite of bell and the crowds at apple red reflex not economically though it can no longer be a half life life with and through the faith life as well i don't need to be
liberated defiantly familiarity without really understanding it very well at all i do you have to live now and then i became very concerned with the attitudes that women have won the women's movement who were homemakers for example one woman the one time i want her in debate people on your opponent and people who are not white house what your own and florida and iowa are they manic life
right now it's really unfortunate it moriarty adds a half life and this is my hope that the housewives at rei think of the death by name of the tremendous fans of it i mean everything with him
the valley fire i don't know women particularly traditionally thank you this week senator is
it well yes not about with it for life was a key for me to let that you bring to your cell and far less has chosen her profession as a housewife and mother and reaches out to other women like herself in her work for equal rights she has discovered that her basic religious faith has been deepened through this feminist experience many paying
it it is the pay is buying two years ago john joyce is one of the fastest softball
pitchers in the world she has won five hundred sixteen games and lost thirty three the seventies and eighties pretty nice i tried to play it on the strength of people in nineteen sixty six i didn't study at the university of southern california i was
clocked a hundred and sixty miles an hour but then again that was ten years ago and i think the reason i have been successful and pitching is because number one quick and i throw the ball hard and there's been also lot of pictures around that have thrown the ball hard along with having the quickness on the ball it derives ball drop a screwball a curve ball and a knuckle ball and i use all those pictures and you know it makes it very difficult on the barista have been coming in hard and moving all the time and i think that is probably that the major factor in my success this evening a special joan joyce has pitched many outstanding games in her long career but tonight's game marks a turning point in women's softball this is the first game in the first world series of the first international women's
professional softball league in meriden connecticut connecticut conference champions of the eastern division face california san jose sundberg winners in the last hour he is so scientific considerations that that i look at before going to a ballgame the weather factor how much communities in the year which way the wind is blowing all of those things are taken into consideration in how i throw so that if i'm throwing a drop i try to work with all the seams going against the air to grab to make the ball move to exactly where i wanted to go i think that i've learned an awful lot by participating in sports about myself as a person how i react under pressure how i can handle pressure which you're not really going to get into you get out into the world
and i think it's it's a fantastic asset hours we're going to talk about you know what you're going to do i really think we have to look for are you know scientists to go for this one she likes her outfits to be that you know that load was a secret is you know we've got to make contact now gone home i think that it it's a lot stronger than yours and your infant all along with the years so you know the thing with activists make contact and make them have to feel bad for some real weaknesses you know defensive that would have described him to get a week
i'm good at this we won't get anything in your difficult given their pitch but also the difficulties and you'll see that it's in the air and you know don't be afraid open up some of the box our lives la times that something new people are very leery of it and they all say let's run away to a second year and see how close the first year once they get here and see what it's all about and see that we are going to be around for a while to lay everybody placed in yemeni at the agency doing that when you're a
moth you don't you know that i'm renee montagne paul klee the piece the peak thank
you we can only just full circle and i absolutely hated me that was while i used to hit batters i couldn't have a wall of late and just was not very good at it and hostile to the slingshot style and i worked very hard at it now you spent four five hours a day just practicing and i think polling that was the greatest thrill of learning you know through the years of a warning how to pitch was to see that or moviemaker do things at that other pitchers couldn't do their body reacts differently people concentrate on frequently so i would say i know exactly what's going on now
joan joyce his family the most knowledgeable personnel softball that i have have ever saying i never realize this until i actually had the opportunity of being on her team she's not only of the best pitcher i think that to know her and used her knowledge of the game itself has helped me
tremendously and i just think he's probably the greatest around and me playing professional soccer ball something that i have always wanted to do when i was growing up it was more like a dream is always have a little lady and the girls there wasn't anything that was anything at all and they'll have the accent and it's like this dream has come true for me i think the most exciting part about it is that at last i'm finally getting paid something i really want to do it as a lot of women do not have that opportunity i think it's happening now because of the changes in women's sports rules are getting the opportunity to participate in all different activities one area which i think will help
in producing palm good athletes heartening news the creek thank you the
peace bell ha ha ha i think the idea of the thing is that i know what it is to some banners which i know it and i will go and i think he had that and what they want from me and all that but that's the kind of competitor
the county the connecticut hopkins went on to win the championship by defeat in san jose in the first four games of a best of seven world series
ms bianco isolating in two to three years and all of those teams he's nino add these women's movement itself has changed in the last ten years
this change in its significance is analyzed by founder and former president of the national organization for women i lean hernandez the interesting thing about the women's movement is that it's not as visible as it was in the early part of the sixties and the visibility tends to me how much media coverage of god as the movement what's happened is that they have disappeared and has spread out we used to think an awful lot about the organization being the one that she focused in on obviously in the sixties we talked about the national organization for women and some of the smaller women's liberation groups that will focus think everybody zoomed in on then the focus isn't there anymore because the revolution which i believe has taken place has really expanded it has expanded into every woman's life and so that you see it happening everywhere you see changes in some of the traditional women's organization the league of women voters has certainly become more feminist that was the american association of university women has turned her feminism is looking at the
condition of women's lives rather than just talking generally about what ought to happen in the society i see that we have really infiltrated fifty one is a word i think that the women's movement has never infiltrated the entire fabric of american life and i think that's part of that i've never really been very comfortable with the idea that there is some sort of things organization that runs the women's movement i think that the disaster it's very dangerous to have any single organization being the target for a movement this movement is much broader than that and it's going to affect every woman's life and has begun to do their tvs or use long beach california one woman who's benefited directly from changes brought about by the women's movement on friday night he relaxes by good friends
he earns a living in a blue collar union job until recently there were no women in a stop at you worry thank you you know brewer is in fact we're turning his construction crew over the arc of the atlantic region of laughter and pipeline well yeah thank you
right here i would get in trouble and it's delicious the point and a way it that out the gates and who may have his ideas that eunice animal memories at that isn't paid attention i was very frightened because the workaround and they say that they need to the committee and then there's you know i think in any one thing that something the us ben it was very high and it's iran that you reach out and to go to but this this is a strange type of hearing the committee in
iowa these boats were divorced there's that women that they used to work in the field myself these to do that means work in the fields to live around here it's not a lot of women doing nothing then there's you know just this it's been pretty musical commune with my god because i'm indian it you know when he came to testify if they want to
and thus it's our most of all i think it's a challenge you can sit down everybody must learn to take care of that therapy especially women cause if not in vinnie and now lenient and other people will take advantage of the women especially if they owe i think there are out there where the lions are among the main penny now it's white says it's not just sunday and now we just i dare because they were calm they do some things for my family define his legacy alive
two years ago and has been around now and i think that when you move me he had a lot to do with what a really simple reason that they set it at eight because it only to libya's now that it probably was talked about in the year and they probably used to say that we don't want to be a different and arguably the odds increase of knowing that i can do is before i know it it's been
well you know another was born with that knowledge we'll learn i think that's progress <unk> anyone else i worked with for turning their job than they used to and screwdrivers
that's right to be you know if they come to stay instead of just coming up on the ocean what i you know i think it's a good test to giving people when they get a text to quincy i would say yeah it varies but when she told me if i had some ideas that i would you know like spring so does it speak to you and ft the paintings
things to communicate directly with them in nine inch a future of the women's movement is analyzed by university of illinois sociologist joan humor whether the woman's moment is a flash in the pan that's bound to disappear in a few years or whether it's going to be long last it was an extremely important question and i think the answer that question is very clear on that as a human race we are so stupid that somebody with a finger on that button and we drop an atom bomb that would wipe out both men and women the woman issue in the woman's movement led by lachlan a catastrophe the woman's will assure the fact the reasons are these the main
bases for the women's movement is the consciousness on the part of increasing numbers of employed women that they don't get a fair shake they don't get the jobs they're entitled to have their education training and it would entitle them to so this is the main psychological benefit for the moment of daily experience of discrimination now i'm more women going to enter the labor market or will eliminate the labor market in the answer is that women aren't going to stop working why because nobody wants them to stop working and that and what would happen overnight if our nurses our elementary school teachers are secretaries as demographer is always kinds of women workers are simply wiped out the occupational structure but theres something even more important that's happening and i think it's going to be more important next twenty years and that is that the two your family is becoming normative know when when i was a little girl my mother didn't work and my father didn't want or two and i think that generation of men dislike the idea of
having a wise work because it indicated that they were capable of supporting a family like most men today the younger man the college educated men their wives to work why shouldn't take it brings in a double income at very little added cost to them and i can't overemphasize this point by the way that men really benefit from the two in a family in a study just published by the american economics association the spear pointed out for example that if that that the husbands of not employed women spend six minutes a day on your preparation and the husbands of women who employed full time year round spend twelve minutes a day on new revelation so you three husbands in terms of daily house care are getting a real bargain when there was work because it suits the income up why is that is very low now and there
seems to be almost no chance that we will ever return to the kind of world where we expect the average woman to have seven children by the time he's forty five minutes was true in the united states at the turn of the century before the turn of the century and there's no chance that we're going to turn back the clock on that this is oversimplifying somewhat but you really have to think there's a long range movement in what people do with their life boston massachusetts larry noble is a politician and as he is
working for effective change through the established system known name was elected to the massachusetts state legislature on the sixth of the district were largely working class neighborhood in boston i've had some politicians tell me that cause too much trouble in my district because they did too much work i encouraged too much activism on the part of my constituents and my response was well it's too much that i see there's a very extremely positive and on screen appearing on the the challenge is you can't easily about doing enough i'm in her office in the state capital or nine plans or participation in a march and demonstration on women's equality day millions of the kind of partisan
political campaigns tomorrow yet mr starr yes but today all right okay mentors kennedy in a day and women only one name that is to women who organized to put together say don't know they just play they have wonderful naturalism ha ha i think i feel a lot more secure this time around and it probably anybody read through this because i knew that i had done as good a
job as i could possibly do in those first two years i gather this time around it's really good representative sausage probably one of the best politicians has been calls but i think the exciting thing about being being a feminist alive today is so is because of the changes they're so many incredible changes in it so that the second wave of the very early baby step development of i think a whole new millennium in a whole new way of not only changing this country but other countries extremely
painful because we're not at that level of sophistication is a movement really haven't learned the strategy we have the tools they haven't learned one two and three have put the pieces together and i think those of us in twenty nine lives in ourselves online really feel that very acutely the fact that we're not as sophisticated political move me in terms of organizing in terms of using the power of not only a personal power and our spiritual power mr les and christine caine and there's a tremendous amount people are afraid of rejection and i think i would tell them that they have to be honest to themselves
and honest to the people that they once they're going through and who you are personally thoughts and their late is reflected in your politics no matter how to i think your ad agency is no to rethink your party maybe if you aren't comfortable with something it's going to show up at some point and it's going to show up at the voting ability the decision about something in your district but if there's some area that you have worked up personally on then you better not be political about until you've gotten yourself together and i think that i have seen more women do damage to each other political women who have not worked things out personally when it comes to political they turn on each other like a pack of dogs and i would rather they not line up with me i would rather they get out of my way then ultimately cause the kind of destruction that i've seen happen just because they personally had some problems with the gay issue with lesbians or love
or some other area of rape or abortion it and a lot of it comes from personal perspective and that's bound to turn up in in who you are politically because it should be an integration of of both i think that's that's the only help america has is when people decide to run for office to work outside the system and make that kind of commitment personally professionally politically by saying i'm be upfront as long as i'm on the job in a noble came into prominence during her first campaign she is a lesbian and was honest about it he won that election by a two to one margin in a second rate a record of a legislator one of the re election he more than doubled her vote to win by a fourteen one hundred ths
a noble has always leveled with her constituents even to the most personal decisions she has made it her life's re election confirmed her belief if people support a nontraditional candidate who earns their respect i can't speak for all the lesbians in america and why do i want to speak for all the lesbians in america only speak for myself policy remain in and i view it is as a personal preference and i view it is certainly an area politics that can't be ignored but it's a part of my lifestyle it's very precious to me that of the fan but it's so it's a personal lifestyle dates it's nothing that endangers more inhibited me from doing much political work doing my job and i think that's what i want my constituents to understand and can realize and to break through that stereotypical thinking and say there is a dimensional human being there is a decent person whatever labels other people put on her arm
i keep my constituency see me as a human being who really does that her job and i think that's probably the best kind of thing i can do it if i think if people really think i have a responsibility to provide some kind of model i i get very nervous when those words are used after several reasons out just because i think it's sad that we have to look for mom i guess more than anything and i remember so i think its the last act of the moment at least the last scene in the first act of galileo galileo galileo has recanted two out to saying that the world is flat we can continue his kind of research in his little apprentice comes in the un mandate says woe to the world to the boy who's he rose recanting galileo's line with tom i just loved was woe to the boy who needs heroes and i think that's something that explains my perspective what are the people who are looking for role models because europe romano fifty years so
that's my perspective on it as beans beans no i mean no as bonnie las vegas where the money is and where it is a ruby duncan is undecided he is an organizer who were and welfare women that the wealthiest one of the most degrading things that anyone could bear the wealthy
department don't do you any justice what's app that makes you get very uncomfortable actually questions that they think are really too far they want to show that case investigators are twelve thousand dollars a year to watch a woman and two children get sixteen hundred dollars a year but well i mean i guess i just mean they just shouldn't be as it is they have workers that from india that the city across this centennial year of your refrigerator and they listened to your bedroom as they think they want us to see who won last year house prices what harm was out there was a song to completely ruin prison cell therapy is that
and women talk to you about this country just wish they would just get rid of wealthy and bring about something that is they're my idea that time it's very important the woman has had to report what were terrible awkward children because children this country suffers day politics and nine that poor women and children in this country years ago i'm less they say the wealthy interact as the summer passes the time all the great at our servicemen it is politics is the one the reasons why one sad account suffering without babies with no child here no jobs no food and oh well be on their way out what all that the partition
and now we have this we're not the cheese that she's a politician and bell staff the agencies in a program that she had been major at all women and children in his conscious about and women movement is just about getting and just got out the portland now why women in this country where you got to do you can't get out and you can't get out and don't know you got to get out and talk about your problem you've got to be strong and the reason is it in this country and you know one tenth what changes that the payment system is call the debates began is our you'd be really conveys life threatens you in
any direction again which going actor so what humans do stan i'm not going to be the doctor you know foreign agents always say is we can do it and it's a massive body it's very important that the skirt it's very important that continue doing what to join they had time to go like that you just can't make it is impossible that this job cannot be done that's when you're getting the job done is when you get discouraged big thing is to stick with that and were higher ed and stay on top of every move you can make ruby duncan knows that poor women and women on welfare need jobs the las vegas strip is where the jobs are today she's organizing women who have low paying jobs to ask for better ones especially programs for the
us to get a lesson about it now now she earns so that's the name of again when you are in the next thing you know there were things in now he applied for help them well a bit of a difficult time to add any train well in nineteen sixty five that i'd be one of
the planets yes it is when we began to talk about how women can really help themselves and i guess we are a living example are we organized the community we got on the rail project here in operation by which is calm down economic development arrived there and we are now on the ground and what we do you know this one thing is your we're not going to let them in blocking an impeccable last week now it's so kind of thing had happened when an urbanized memoir
that won't happen here that is we as a former welfare mother ruby duncan learned how to survive in the system and how to change it to operation life she brought into her community a lunch program a librarian childcare centre clinic that really special interest as children and their needs come first that operation might come on while what the marlins that name fits below the idea and it does welcome at the way our community in that people throughout this country and what they have written about economic seven unity and strengthen what kinds of lobbying that that we have that we have been through an analogy that happen that way out
he's been as being those bees buzzing this is a time of change things are possible now for women that were never possible before the women's movement will continue to create change too slowly for some with each woman who achieve success on her own terms and her own way opens up possibilities for ten years the women's movement has gotten it out of
everyday reality has only just begun ms fischer oh
oh i'm longing at this program has been made possible by a grant from the corporation for public broadcasting as benny
hill you're oh i'm no
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