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Introducing... Roy Buchanan
Producing Organization
Educational Broadcasting Corporation. NET Division
Contributing Organization
Thirteen WNET (New York, New York)
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Program Description
He's been called "the greatest rock guitarist in the world" The Rolling Stones once asked him to join their group And hardly anyone has ever heard of him. His name is Roy Buchanan, and he is one of the most talented - and enigmatic - figures in American music today. NET presents him to a nationwide audience for the first time in a show entitled "Introducing Roy Buchanan!" on PBS' Special of the Week.Rock impresario Bill Graham, who once ran the fabled Fillmore's East and West, will host the program, which includes a live concert from New York by Buchanan and his rock group. In a filmed portion, Buchanan displays his virtuosity in other musical genres as he performs with country-and-western stars Merle Haggard and Roy Nichols, jazz artist Mundell Lowe, and the Johnny Otis blues band.In the 16 years since Buchanan left his home in Pixley, CA, at the age of 15 and drifted eastward, his musicianship has become almost legendary in the musical underground. For whatever his personal reasons, Buchanan, now the father of six, has generally shunned the spotlight. He turned down the Stones' offer; he has never released a recording; and, for the past few years, he has confined his professional appearances to DC area clubs where a faithful following hears him regularly. Most musicians know his work only from bootlegged tapes.Recently William Woods in the Washington Post called Buchanan "the greatest rock guitarist in the world," and he has received accolades form the Washington Star and Rolling Stone. But until now, Buchanan has never been on TV or radio, other than as a sideman.Producer Eliot Tozer begins the NET show by taking the Buchanan family to Pixley for a reunion between Roy and his parents, who had never before met their daughter-in-law or grandchildren. Roy then embarks on a musical journey through the formative years of his music, recalling - and performing with - some of the stars who influenced the development of his own styles. These include, of course, Haggard and Nichols, Low, and Otis.In the live concert Roy and the group will do such numbers as "Roy's Blues" and "The Messiah Will Come Again," both Buchanan originals; "Sweet Dreams" a traditional favorite; and the famous Chuck Berry hit "Johnny B. Goode." Playing with group as a guest artist will be the young guitarist Nils Lofgren, who dedicated his recently-releases LP to Roy, his friend and mentor. Regulars in the group are Chuck Tilley, rhythm guitar and vocals (Roy himself does some vocals); Pete Vanahen, bass guitar; Mike Walls, drums; Dick Heinze, electric keyboard; and Danny Getten, banjo, dobra, and steel guitar."Introducing Roy Buchanan!" is a production of NET Division, Educational Broadcasting Corporation. The program runs approximately 90 minutes. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Broadcast Date
Asset type
Media type
Moving Image
Associate Producer: Adams, John
Camera Operator: Slate, Lane
Camera Operator: Robertson, Rick
Camera Operator: Hanser, David
Director: White, Joshua
Executive Producer: Davis, Curtis W., 1928-1986
Guest: Haggard, Merle
Guest: Buchanan, Roy
Host: Graham, Bill
Performer: Lofgren, Nils
Performer: Heinze, Dick
Performer: Getten, Danny
Performer: Tilley, Chuck
Performer: Walls, Mike
Performer: Nichols, Roy
Performer: Otis, Johnny
Performer: Buchanan, Roy
Performer: Vanahen, Pete
Performer: Lowe, Mundell
Producer: Tozer, Eliot
Producing Organization: Educational Broadcasting Corporation. NET Division
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Thirteen - New York Public Media (WNET)
Identifier: wnet_aacip_13659 (WNET Archive)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Thirteen - New York Public Media (WNET)
Identifier: wnet_aacip_11607 (WNET Archive)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Master
Thirteen - New York Public Media (WNET)
Identifier: wnet_aacip_22719 (WNET Archive)
Format: 1 inch videotape
Generation: Master
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