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it's b pieces it is well i mean sea kaminski they were going to pay a great day on the hudson
it's a little more sophisticated painting but i think are ready for it as usual of spain the canvas of prairie home turf with kerosene of cloth and if i decide you know fire hearth white thought likely raise programs to play sorry i chase correct ways but when john warner before and we've done about that you're going to do with the ship today at a harbor in harbor is terribly interesting it is
not exactly ahead we're refined harvard says owen connally a river with boats on the boats they're now grazer and the first thing we do as per usual find their eyes and in this case the horizon is right in the center and it's all right because we have buildings we spend a creepy feeling that the painting is cut in half so we're going to use the center line as the horizon nine pull in the building's you put little squares different sizes in hives and war and was partially exactly how we were caught the perspective it's very simple by the way they're very small buildings because they're very much in the distance we have one like this pulling a general form first like that different life please not to live i just morally i the more distance you
had in your painting and don't fuss about no one's going to argue with the certainty that the this building isn't there in that building is now what how you don't become too obsessed with little details that we don't now very much that such as you know when you're like that now we want to create a feeling of perspective like this is important because you're going to create these buildings just with a series of light and dark turns we create create two towns that we get the feeling that the buildings have sites are not just not little things taste of flat on their way and in this case we will create peace depth by bringing in a prospective or this decided building down like that and don't take too much time with it because actually i don't want you to fuss with it
now in a province of the bulge now let's create another line under that a double line very light not to live like that they're now we have a nice ship and i guess i had you in mind that only ever have to ship it was myself because i don't really like to take boats to well i'm terrible time thinking the chemical that's part of a large tanker is what it really is and thats right here this is the center line is on this side the center line like this not force hadn't yet larger creates the feeling that this is much here then the building's ensure that won the world cup we should scream at the soloist haggard probably say in a moment but anyway now it has a large arrays some of this because it's getting a
little bit dumb runny and i want to be able to see what i'm doing some dry taking out the center lines or the underneath lines say can see what i'm doing see it has a racecar here like that that has what i suppose is a superstructure hear it like this there are two of them like that they're again we're going to create a feeling of other side or front of it like this because why not has to toll on bits of reading here that's michael malone they don't have sales and they go there but will propose an actor to stretch those in the wet pane unjustly that the mom we have here a small pier like this and this is quite close each thing we put in brings us further into the painting says not very large very interesting loathing and color wise it's very important and when we get into the thing you know why these are piling seventy eight and has a bit of
i don't know it's in radar thing or whatever but anyways on the end of it for the moment leave that we have is to draw that line is to tow headed sure like that now we have a little tugboat which i adore that little boat be very careful that's exactly what it is a very small type and goes right in here like this now tiger is very large in front and it sinks pretty far down to the water like this and that's what makes it look like a time this little superstructure whatever this cabin is on an angle like this that has a large stack like there i fixed it up a little bit like they're not in the painting of course i can be fined a little bit here where they use drugs with large boats and what have you and you know to guide them into the
harbor now these have little we have a large stack here which is interesting but will add that later now the important thing of course known as being especially it is a shade anniversary collections serving do that right now the light is coming from the right so we're going to shape the left again carefully leave that the right side of your buildings like in this case it doesn't quite look at what will we get the color on them but also a shaded in the front like this and then it turns a fade out towards the back like that i would like to put this and to get an idea of what we have here and in the reading like that but we will pay them out this is quite dark it's in the shadow or silhouette like that now the fact is it terribly important the light in the
painting as in the center of the painting as usual and the area in the foreground is quite dark tree a new feeling a depth so we have inflections over here on the pier like this is important to put these in like that and then the little boat that's why i'm here as we go in to the water i will show you how important our strokes will be repaid very much like this even with the night we hear oh yes i did forget something we have a little island are actually that of the breakwater right here i am not quite dark and we'll assume that that's very close to us and it's very dark alley have it in the cd and get the feeling of the shadows the lights in the shadows
and you should get it even in the drawing others are drawing for the day let's start with the taking a word again into a very creepy because it isn't involved thinking let's start with the light is thrown into that thing we have for towns in the sky i'm going to start with a very light tone at the horizon it's like this go around you buildings bishop we have an interesting approach here and that we will use the dark of canada's spy for the buildings that will be the third term extra light at the light for the sky around you telling you get this job's going up this collection
of noise say one thing and thirty going that no one is doing behind my evil mr the fall prey to the country lie can apply for this state why clear night concert later terribly important keep your paint clean and used her eternal values pure let's go with the yemeni mean internal rhymes and a tremendous are like tone actually i'd like a medium i since this is grey day report actually an acute grace drugs poop interesting thing is that there's a lot of water for this
river the boat's and hearing in this fascinating reasonably them on the lower river when i was a child ultimately unify corn on a rainy or by the evening and it's a very eerie but in a marvelous sound very lonely sound outrageous the touch of the dog here it's actually it is a day of great day not much in there again underscores how the typhoon cities are very dirty and so a bit of the feeling of home not know some cold that morning smog again but let's do the building's start with the dark town i'm a i've made an extra dark tone from the sky taliban or groups of the shadows and first
life has been and then we go to a lighter tone which is the light tone of the sky you're going to create a failing our buildings even without actually going to a lot of drawing which is at that distant history could see the detail you only see an impression of buildings or other you must not hey what you know to be there you must pay what you actually can say if you remember that you'll keep out of trouble and have an authentic thing that people tend to pay what they know is there i know i have a student a vague eyelashes and a tiny little figure in a painting and i couldn't believe it and isobel married you say that you know but i know they're there that's not painting
and it's going and some of us will be playing a dirty old city but michael city's fascinating not to live in japan to be in for a little while because the excitement of a big city is very contagious and very very stimulating you don't have delivered on that a little green to that the dark green burial color now in korea the city that was the superstructure but would get it just a moment now we have a few things like and they're now
we'll go to the water the great plague the light turn at the top like this is right across the top and down on this jerky of this is very important regarded create border with little shorts jokes slightly way now if you think too much you will have a tremendous storm we don't need it and it's not usual in a river anyway to have huge waves thank goodness that there was a problem for beginning figure out go only across the boat they had top of the river like this along the shoreline i should say and clean it up probably should but it's been a very strange up in hell hole and i keep going down
as ours it has these jokes alternately as we go down into the water to the foreground here or going to bed other strokes like this is a fascinating technique we keep we are changing as you didn't disturb the shadows and it's likely they're getting darker with her terrible year and then remit them this way and that way that you will tug we'll get him back every last one of them and keep going like i knew all those jokes as you go down and get darker and darker like that and remember a long way shoreline this drought are
not quite so textured because we don't think it's me if our way and the water will look almost flat but as you become closer to it to our the water here at the foreground the word has more texture and there were little things that i will try to tell you and how as much as i can you remember all these old comments and suggestions it's been getting going right the light is coming from the right like this blanket alternate use drones with all the other tones of blue for the water they're again i want is reflecting the sky so really right to be the st helens with a little variation into the iron
water like a battle management don't despair as you know it's been the same thing when you came to power how judge or painting halfway through outlets me that for the moment lets go to our little peer which is purple by the way let's put it like that raquel cepeda pilings because the purple line goes the patrol tried to change things as i said before i know it appears of strange turn a dark browns and one hand but for the sake of thinking big not what you know to be there
even in color is it's much more effective than the pound has a gadget their lives by now that are over libya brought the arab spring has them into the water these shadows a wonderful when they hid beautiful shadows and reflections by now scott our little break want to hear whatever it is now the demise watching on the hudson nothing in a break where that sound so well for now that's what we'll call it an average added a little bit of dark we know that's it's not exactly purple like that
when spring some were down here in our lives we're going on old time and then we go back to i just want to get on some donors the little fellow and there again it's an impression on average airline tone on the superstar right here so you get the feeling that it is more than one town but mostly purple small highlight along the edge that way that's the that's just unknowable son was the end in order to run in the freight and we're having
me that adjustment now let's go back to the water they're going to put it on a darker towns and remember this is the lighter appear on top of that as we get underneath of it that's when it gets dark and not there i refer to add some proposed and pleaded darker tones like this for our reflections barrier i was painting this surreal more work but a very satisfying painting and certainly different and we must try things we don't mind adding different tones as we get to the bottom i wish oh yeah we would darken the other terms must keep the strait i haven't gotten very strict test
we bring our shadows down it should be right on the corner of the vote that way that little bit over so let's go over this and due to that actually there is a very strange shade of olive green ideas they call a pollution is it going out be very careful in painting them worried as i said don't get very large debts it's slightly different and not too long to hear the dark and people who live here like this is my job to get along to have a different problem not as you get toward the bottom here
are going to at purple and the dark town a very dirty dark green town with purple to create a lovely dark area in here like there goes poorly across the bottom this way bringing jews jokes like this are related and work it this way he did quite dark and the bottom and don't forget the shadows the state just like there are really flexion of this abuse piling zero this little peer now going to paint but the
lifeboat i really want to get to work together says avoiding it but we've got to face it look to the line of reduced the dark sky town with a very dark green like this which created another town now as you may have guessed this painting is practically all the same ten variations of the same term which creates a feeling of the harmony as much lighter here like this and have a little business on top gear as outlined the top of the boat and purple i got married for a little
that is only in and the light tone on the other side like they're ever going to go this end like this is it can't possibly draw back to scale with your knife or even your bride's so just take a little bit of color not much given a privilege here but he realizes that we don't like this and we have a meeting and there again they do theirs which create the feeling is the line here on the boat and work his jokes that were now retired but the most important thing of all the smoke just kind of fun thing
we have smoke coming out a little boat here like this be on any side of this note is dark because smokers volume also and light on top and we have some smoke coming year city is very smoky like that templeton the highlight on our little boat is a very huge oh i just one more thing i have a little bit of their wake very little boat is traveling very fast through the water like that they are very
pleased that that's all for today and now for a teenage years but my friend very nice right there's
bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you don't know in newton
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Gray day on the Hudson
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint a gray day on the Hudson.
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