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but really as popular as they once were and stores that were devoted exclusively to hats are few and far between but at what it off that works the customer can buy a hat off the rack have a hat cleaned and want to be reshaped and they even have a hat custom a twenty five year old jack kellogg nicknamed the hackman as own the wichita have worked for three years before that he had six years experience cleaning and walking paths started out with my hair collection of those warm hats and fashion that was like to have the humphrey bogart style and that year high school and i ran across a need to get them clean and so i met a man who has sharp and decide to teach me the trade kellogg says that hats aside from being utilitarian and also enhance a person's lungs retail over the counter sales of hats account for the largest portion of the store's income with only one other full time employee personalize service is a key factor in kellogg business i feel if i give a customer a good product at a good service that they will
come back and they will tell their parents i am a great believer in what goes around comes around it's an old cliche that i think it works very well in business with most of the old timey hat is out of the business the wichita have work receives a lot of out of state borders for cleaning and walking hats kellogg is also building up its reputation for making custom hats celebrities such as blues singer billy kenya and the writers in the sky cowboy then perhaps wrestling made as for the teachers business kellogg is optimistic i will continue to learn and improve upon my crap and one day my hats and my custom hats will be a force to be reckoned with in wichita kansas this is douglas rutherford for the nightly business report and we're going to drop off the mike program and stop
it has he'd but this time like to welcome back don hall john cullen cover the decision to begin the program with one round of questions from the news media that will take some fewer coliseum a problem so you have a question or comment on any topic that concerns you as a citizen of cancers you can call this number at three one six four three six k bp's that's for three six five seven eight seven it's been in the beginning i remember dorothy lived in
kansas right near wichita year and one day when cycle and he wants or he didn't make it into song aren't i mentioned a long long way find the house cracking oh jeana brown found itself in a very strange place and all she wanted to do was to get back home to kansas just then he's appeared on the houses now the voices of people dorothy she was in the land of oz and they were very happy because it's possible had it on the wicked witch of the east and a killer then they were afraid or lawnmower air set joy being long awaited way to being nominated which is dead though it says that
work fb any it's b fb
good evening i'm cynthia rutherford welcome to in session this program as part of our overall effort to give you access to both sides of the major issues facing that are facing the kansas legislature that year in session not only offer you the opportunity to hear from a senior member of the kansas legislature but also the opportunity to call in and talk to our guests the pain has been you have
he's been the politically is big like that you can question about the life that he lived on three key ally and will he like worldview it used to work i live individually wannabe i liked
certain individuals these key ally for that we often split along with his three dimensional quality that white separate version of that song is well actually it's quite a bit about what the two working on a well known family was in there and there's a lot of this is when the big white jewish or not we don't know the positions of cabins and so forth the chemical in the body more carefully controlled than of living life along with a government insurance companies for their live television so that's why we have to be especially careful with her lighting poetry writing with her
positions of people so far well basically falls in two categories and you know lighting and then letting loose with a lot of the tv screen he lives and we use baby back and then using the lighting going after the long or something like that as ok ok i think they had done fb
hardy oh i love that and i think of as the twenty five those were the size of the clothes and jc penney's we appreciate their supporters la and we also appreciate all the fans to call him during this dry with their support children's programming and is one more thing about the religious and that secondly you notice in the mail your support is very important and we appreciate your support fb jim lewis director of programming at beaty has an exclusive interview requests for twenty one of our viewers means are we do that is through surveys through laos and even occasional interviews would you like to see more love on channel a less prominent and more common i don't
know maybe i'm robert beverly mr arthur absolutely instead of that again as lancaster filmmaker interviewed a lot of am i like more how to program and what we've discovered is our audience and become an almost overwhelming need for a good traditional so we're having one such family festival traditional would be your chance to call in and win prizes by answering questions about the march festival programming want just monday march fourth to win and satisfy your need for trivia this is the moment you've all that waiting for the festival trivia show is your host jim lewis welcome to our show will be ready to do a lot of winning because we've got plenty of fun and prizes planned for you tonight so stay tune for the entire hour raising the
trivia show to get our best lady five pledge drive so all of tonight's trivia questions will be based on the great festival programs coming up on channel eight in the next three weeks during festival eighty five we'll be asking you and all our viewers to pledge a contribution in support of charlie's program your contribution helps make charlie possible and now let's get on with the festival trivia show to become a contestant call right now two for three six k p e ds i volunteer cowboy and camera operators the silver screen couples will take your name address telephone number and put you on hold and our ears are announcer rambo one of three point seven k e y en radio michael stoll tell you more okay thank you jim is a lovely nancy is showing up first and winners receive a passport too good for a movie of them all cinema at thirty nine i did it staring this passes courtesy of the dickinson bears are first ten winners will surprise and really sink her teeth into a medium pizza for a godfather's pizza and that's about all we got those surprises galore tonight and first we received this giant
tin of a regional water plan corn kernels c unsweetened clifton square thirty seven hundred is douglas should last an entire family for a weak public view the favorite shows here run channel in our second what will get this bonus prize for rutgers bookstore to a sixties dunn's it's the super official tv trivia quiz and with this book you brush your friends neighbors with your big knowledge of the small screen and just when he thought it was savory free fall the college will be giving away the snatching he said americans were selected as our first grand prize of the evening in the interest of our everyone has been a contest of what the chance to have their name drawn for this magnificent prize devoted audience of fifteen sixteen was twenty first donated this an american tourist luggage fb
anyway nice nice jean vanier
i mean when i think about children growing up who uses their pain and there's a frustrated parent or even child abuse in the family we all need to look out for the children i like a kansas children circus ladies doing private agency we can all work together strengthening families the kansas children and service we are concerned if by
the pay channeling to you know racist in the desert turned into television every morning all is not just a city
and so even with this change the k noise it's been the point it's been we began to see staff members as we've never seen them before and enclose we've never be caught dead in a former producers directors studio supervisors majors and even
the director of administration and interior designers search and promotions against any nation and that eventually the noise stopped and saved the day we would finish and it was down and he was killed no
this is b and because of these improvements we're now able to produce creative quality we're replaying it as an ideal volunteers were helping me
it's been volunteers have long been the lifeblood of channel it charges been one of those outstanding volunteers for fourteen years that was first elected to the key bp's board of trustees in nineteen seventy two and has served as a member of the executive committee as vice chairperson and has chaired the program policy committee that is currently chairperson of the board of trustees in addition to her many hours of dedication to the board that compiled and edited channeling program diet for five years to help with early chile options and volunteered in membership after serving a six year term on the board of trustees and two years is chairperson i will be retiring this
Various News Clips
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