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and nine new says eight years the va in the americana
raskin a pianist for nearly sixty three years of international concert artist for most of that time while she was an artist in residence at texas christian university she came to see it for a plain talking session spot especially want to do on her later this season this evening i'm going to share with you know part of that lively conversation we already spoken of her childhood in hungary her training in budapest and beyond on the early successes of her brilliant career which came very soon to talk about mozart a composer with whose music she has long been closely associated would you must've been preparing this amount of reportorial and if you're doing that much concert rising or did you already have it it's not bad and you see the piece so interesting and intended to us what made you choose the south why do the wards out to
be and when i was see a thing i was known as an unusual campion i had a forest on my head back to its peak it's believed the poetry and no matter how many here in suggesting that we are open for the elderly means that big i had in that year that and sealed they if my elephant these your chappelle i don't love born in the us or on the floor the hay award belle and i'm sure the sikh is film claudine that these middlemen think what these so i was known as the shot then they leapt at san juan would work the brain that and some others will be an ally i don't know if it was a season of things nor sleet was the second i was
the beatles and three but that was upbeat and an enormous amount of people know that's it so flynn says his nine advantage in major contractor eg and the first issue on energy needed be palm beach he and the animation and i had been in that tradition i had but they're often that bend them what's up a quick scheme all these wasn't water and time spots the bicentennial celebrations of wartime i was sick record everything of what's out to say that it is much easier for vacations and perhaps for the public good do see solomon northup be and then that north korea must speak and nineteen then i began to clean water like
shopping ms bigelow streets of bar it was a very unusual in that it was inoperable indeed was not the music box it was what bp is a cosmic experience for myself in default for the listeners what do you mean can you show me what you mean by saying rococo if you got bored i'm having this gardening for his mother and so was his father fondly city ballet's is invading the street synagogue was samantha him on the seventeenth the us to in the manatee is one of them and what it isn't it because
of the guinea pigs get some dvd yet thank you its boutiques is singing what as eve
with this ad that when it that no exit now so now all in the past now sue not identify however only a senior who knows what what saudis would be seen with others he sees want to not be that i had to really be you know the team of eight days and one way that he's a combination of fire bombing believing novel you sleep is fiction enough condoms these this five year old beach boys' he is a way of expression the nature of police beyond all very fine and i'm the one who was going to cut their identification used the speech wrote in to make sure an emotional competence of the piece that's
something that you cannot express that ineffable a growing at what point in your career these are the words of maturity and understanding at what point in the young career does this begin to have do you know that it is one of the banks see spot run in europe in the piece i didn't hear one knew or what's being played nor did that play at why ever not because the question of the iraqis had to be shot than schumacher wanting of the boy sure not to show their insured money they're operating in guinea beethoven the full of the march was an absolutely have a guarded and such a tune by commissions in more
debate is going to get all of that but you didn't know that you can't get in i haven't heard anybody on the court these are saudi at the fuss than that i need a cleat or without at all was that the orchestra played in with the best villains are simply and i thought that at least i was shocked but i didn't stop pumping water and i began to clean water to be a very high rate was the head every voter was no one that he was appreciated in use like that not your act or is there really changed and demanded concert that you know that pizza get my luggage holding this is one of the biggest
agencies in your settlement it has a new poem mean that before in what's up with turkey's asked and performed de geek is ask for the crimes the tchaikovsky forty five tons of money don't accept that it is all about you think this has changed tremendously but he saw the bass and then here because it was in this nice in their wake up to me so in that i wanted to cover was a central issue there is that it assumes that the us in the lead because the speech or what hasn't gotten to use all four units is the show betty madison out that theme in this beastly
and fast they wanted did people begin to knowing not rush job ever played at what at fourteen to have to listen you weep because he is and up on the mini box of train the fuel on the one fund says the poster was in effect be disallowed the job just to cordon off and added the parsippany bossy not true he saw this cause if unions but the sotheby's the squad india to
be an easy as voting for scott to the big bundle of i saw it in the same way as an elvis a six hundred songs of true certainly not more than the team that isaac mean this major than the shimmering the formal as long as i know what effect if i gave them all a few songs i'm not sound these funds is one song called greeks you don't love me now if he wouldn't have written anything as the key score and i just put on some more and he would see in the us some of them will be cause i don't think that anybody who the more that he was beaten two sauce suffuse the ride be the most supple
bossy be the case or migrations in the middle of an instrument that is the piano that the madness phelps a shrewd so you don't love me to find out his thoughts so you don't love me but there's the sunshine but to point out new senate he was set of these days a month mind and the flowers blossom end finding the salt comes back comes in addition to the horsing is on two pages and there are it just happens porter slave immigration you are going to get our immigration and the let's go boys of the more alive because of a book but in the heart can be happen like that aids or do we owe the world or a dog's
id act in india four day have such a law says a denver paula get it in shape the media very been really well then why is that that so much of this literature is not widely known i certainly was not aware that there was this much of the body is shamir work that was not either played or sung you can ask why easy get immediate care esau embodied by human in the white is that sterilize more geno i reckon that i had given that sort so in copies and he's publisher ball with tinsel and said that the case may be useful be put aside and he said it doesn't matter that you come a time when that book would be dead every day in fact in jail on a low fourteen
volumes of translations of visits with his wife's shakes and raised in india difficult to act and he is unless you for a week if you're or a horde of vacation in between have and that we can be lies beyond it you will be unable to death and all the species in the same we did been the north was enormously on the performance and what's not soccer team began to the boarding does that sorkin anybody to work at it when it was on the billboard though the recent off course does it change your sense of mozart to have no everything they were played it performed
off course the end of war you see if you know what the more supple bass no poppy had identified prison and audience you should you know oddly more job is no one can know to basic barbecue know he likes embracing was an ingredient that scene because he's he hasn't off he's gone between the idea that he had a bonfire it's all like piercing and that's fine says they abducted not a movement is going on the gambles and some locals are here is because i don't like how do you how would you not see the new ideas into new labor
in in this area mm not so on and so forth it all is the language that called for the weaker ones is called for a vote so that makes humans so the ways people have sung but the caucus has had a company in an suv that tape we've looked at the genius political knock the western border was in there that they're seeing fleeing if you have the body even inside imagination that the region's to such research gone pierre link
us it seems that as a skier if i see my arm nothing so not at all says glacial but honestly noble schubert songs orbach i feel like i'm part of the action to take that is what comes back to you about the music of your of your native country you have a special feeling for hondurans cause i mean that we essentially like watch out please spanish music differently for anybody has and more generally end victorian those are just sing spanish music and sigourney up plays spanish music in an absolutely authentic and june we saw i do indeed rebar poke eleven especially in that
the hunt there be toward the humvee a language because it's you walk a french accent on the very first eleven and even even their blood is from here to fort plus eats is on the first ozzie i'm makin an accomplice that they did not unite day you back or goes all of the nine hundred that accent on the first will be i couldn't believe otherwise it easy every five million tons of song c block buildings
man angela
but once it does so and the thanks i saw he resisted meeting incidentally but bill clinton being to india's for some sweet ever said that was actually true that you know a manifestation so much talk so because on the day you eat the view when for reasons that makes the accents of the line the beach and the peasant and express in the tomb is made of the beach boys or her her
her next disease who are our nation deeper have shown that means sadly and ashes than in his trapper got these people that have been so soft to me to the music and that's a buzzer is quite unique and you don't you got one he's just for the full song embrace the language to get of these veterans and yet it's taken quite a while a love for it to be understood that what that that this is this goes a long way back into the past most people for awful long time for talk is a terribly almost composed by my sweet but the mule was one god nobody expected anyone deemed a bug but if you wanted to play bach to cost you and me we built these permission
was denied the only option off the field these big buzzing made more he's all music but ninety or so the bahamas issues of the folk songs but of course not all it was he was and how the family of nanking the pulpit for instance you never be a book you are always easily understood music ever how in god based on the vote of course the lgbt lexus this this word never travels to you are bad you wait til fascinated and what's ahead in an assault that the church like this is like his wife do we only thing that because something the school that boy it must be to fly i don't i've always paid back and figure that i don't see on
fox majority of humanity's are not the man is trash that was something some people some extreme and his guests and the sea and the indian north woods one or two geniuses into the now he does not foresee before the politically to judge is a genius because the fat ahead of get them boys but it's that's not why do i heard the other day these music the music of george come think of what a piano michael cosmos and delete on the cloud norm dicks of them play music i had brought into much more than that circulate it respects he was tenacious block she
would sing songs singing defend these these small bar not be normal it's not know shrimp no i got hiv treatment shane ross no paul flint and it has its human subjects all contemporary music even decades the muffin pans dvds of the really outstanding is never met never mind but meantime he gambled online that are coming forward home buyers evasion and i also employed that eat any embryos to be a tall tiny identify and therefore the listener in for buck off all is the set and then
it's that meat fumes of them at two years is even shakespeare would have been getting because he was the void this bob what an because we had to make the ones it's at that that doesn't make news again this solves that they give me their debts in ghosts of the highest and teaches the fog finds the ocean it the money for this is on the thai tv yesterday and the weather again
is that goes oh that code is big
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Lili Kraus
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An interview on Lili Kraus, pianist for 63 years and artists in residence at TCU Fort Worth.
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“Swank in the Arts” was KERA’s weekly in-depth arts television program.
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