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a i'm really really mean in china right now i did
and now today's adventure of others cope one from a pile of planks and when you do do it in the meeting he didn't do it in a nice even threw him to the burn it's something that you know you sort of day when you're saying that all my honor and henry here we do those bullets anyway
they love those like they gave me an ethically and build something with something special something special and yet but something in cages and florence owens you can build the wooden shelter in the wilderness alone yeah the problem is nothing is yes it is and sunday you might be strong enough to carry it maybe i better now you were little ones too you just kidding just kidding oh he goes well i knew like i really only one to know me and nothing yet what i think isn't going to make detroit a one actually asked
all that would be fine because you know for trainers we get the kindly a deal with the local oh year and figured that they knew he could build with ways and flying out bern than larry david the ice at a wealthy going i'm thinking that environmental law are you doing anything yet with it may be really a tree has white house i'm playing house will neither of those who could think of a whole new game now that willy nilly thinking of new ideas you know i had no idea what we say wow they're battling tb of the bills well a new
and the mud house i want to be real exposures specialists plumbers it's really well they like this who are they he's in the building movies you know we
will is it bbc home i see you
here is bad their mission leah yeah wow as luck and out there's that is where you need all the luck we can get away they're minute wait just one minute how we can take off cape cod i don't this is just again but he is again we've got to plan for take our city and you know it's a problem with all of his way to note that show how per se or later henry owens always how this might work we can take all kind some time on to the roof there is a
gala goal but weber winced that only am well we got a thing to some way gas cap off the ground otherwise we really can't play the game isn't this just the tank where alice to be continued next time ready for a blast off it is to talk to us not
as big training why she used to be a huge mountain and in lily st john's suit and cowardice but i really wanted to tell stories of long long ago pajama be here to help us talk a bit about that he believes john was made from the fallen trade
away at that but that but you things many things sometimes it's rounder is where a tall and most of the time as he did all the musical groups of the day with all kinds of jobs in the next unmatched thousand refugees from everywhere coming together for you three all the places on the position
it date this
week ms bleakley yeah it is it's
b fb those be the sea thank you it's
nice if those words that was the lord and are is a nation of many different things customs agents many times still yeah
we're using thank you speaking spanish they'll do anything the names
are silly chocolate and many other devices things so the next time you say what season speaking american native american and and my name's marty right now my biggest ways to get its late and im trying to talk i'm either eatery one is that there is a
real you know a legendary us oh you know who knows what's going on abby and authority rock girl who wants a pet snake with all my heart my mother says they can have it i even had the money for an aquarium and steady up and had to care for it please be a pandemic of its mind whether to let me have this may we shout the girl was typically or wife or a mother shares it at hand dear michelle your mother like many others is prejudiced against it because he knows very little about the charges say they don't know who has a snake makes a wonderful and you can be sure nobody will steal emma
it is b isn't beautiful it's unique abilities they named you know i just use monetary right now never get to like that thing because it's not like other plants this year in different ways and for years you know email
or and my mind of course he won oh yeah
very much so it just is excuse me you can be my school that year ago lucy show and the new employees chick lit so usually bring one along to like fit go see barriers so you're interested it's like yes very i'll bow my own so i could learn a little more about snakes show you can't take a vote for instance
for me souza south america are groping about eight nine feet though best way to handling is when you first picking and grab in the back of the head once he comes down you can and go but always the chance follow likes to be secure amphibious nights in and he feels very good to him and they ate rats mice best thing to do is keep them frozen in the phrase i'm sorry you got your little later have to close up well you know at one thousand and they allow clare and the aftermath of some of the great immediately jerry moran well he slept on
the witnesses the beads beads be able to say what they knew or so getting up to your site you will that nothing is ever all black and white have no question is does that anyone says was my husband it ms harris we feel the same way but can't martin have a less dangerous and i'm deathly afraid of snakes i know why you feel that way because the snake looks so different was even accused me of being feted as baba best authorities agree that the snake is
no danger is there but it's true that some snakes neither food by hanging in a tree and then grabbing an animal and squeezing again i don't know what happens in the jungle that this was always very will get the business and it created this oh thank you we all
knew it now are you there
gil winant are you many have you ever felt all alone in a big crowd of people when you feel different strains of that most people are not like you it is probably because you feel like you're in the minority i mean you know my no thank you
each of us is in the minority at different times in different ways for children or sometimes some rounded by itself always me like people different from yourself you know how to make someone else is your friend with their sheer beauty is high school years leary frantz yes yes no yes it's by being friendly i guess
maybe now and that i am now that i am then emily oh
yeah right now it is and now today's adventure of others go one ready for
blast off asked iran to sell bell but now we have to figure out how to make it fly only a well otherwise we really can't play the game as it is cynthia use your imagination is the best thing you ever play preparers paris planes were looking at is is there one of your mouth planes so great big spaceship c'mon henry don't look so sad nice to try as more than someone else around here was doing our way i can take it i suppose you use a lot of fuel saving gas or terms of taxes aren't there something like that a locally we need any kind would only help was last night as
you say this gas makers who it is well you know that gets it it's not easy well you know why not tell us because of the how is just what it is on some kind of guess that's why the record so be it any the ice and if you as for brad i don't see why it won't do the same for us it sounds simple but he needs and to grow it to make it work on the us and he had seen
well you don't see it i came out yesterday to discuss around all it's beautiful is it became i don't believe him it is as a good know anyone have any ideas that may well what
is it ms johnston right we want to go yeah it is to see why you are for
decades well you've got it those glass at a stat that things as scary day anyway why do you think you think you do anyway we may need to know that he's a very smart you know seeking know is finally out of cello navajo duane why cruel let's get ready for the best as it plays oh
ok crew i mean the yawn is a very hot sand but when he's out here till you tell us really want is everyone maybe i was a writer and so i did it is josh shipp next time shooting through space
plan is is those haunt us now live and so far people loud about the obama plan that offers the way it will allow me to give myself isn't that the they're called that allows a lot of you know the sounds and it sounded even tennis ball and m university i don't like any at night i mean the comics don't know and think about those things you know anything really an unbelievably that's the barn recently that involve they cannot
yuppies it's a little bit like it's also our music as the best again you know we see little basket and cut the bottom out of the bag go up on the developing telephone pole diligently best basketball nobody play like you wanted to know that it is limited si se puede oh man do you play on stage in northern india so what was this like
thank you well you know these two men forced into a class on our man it was slow mo because you like parmesan wheels sitting on one nine eleven ousting you know about his is dr alan duffy they feel they really got me about that day so i've seen your seventies so you figure that his business like the gossip gossip and only is like oh we have the young people voting in a family member young gay men us presence on the
woes are not too long ago every minute you were like when you move back in your neighborhood are known as al right now with a single solar data why it sings you may singing and then we can talk y'all manners saying that it to ali and he made a very moving and i don't know i say you know you do the holiday and you realize oh i'm going to have made no normal wrong but why do we
oh yeah is this let's go you do understand you don't have to pull mcateer
me i don't have to explain it won't be a special language of ways that don't appear in the standard dictionary then maya baby sometimes reading the white man because i'm black and white these days wired's the companies
it was a secret language so close well in the nineties back then his latest bad who you are how you feel what do or how to do it is beating the slang of black americans raising you i found i need my god
people and make the quality of the light green building laying out the park's cafe a subway store it's all those things that like the thing and how you enjoy this season and anthony different things big buildings small buildings office buildings factories fire stations placed to play places to where schools and churches department stores and markets old homes new homes apartment buildings streets and subways some parts dying some parts being borne most of all cities in neighborhoods the city's always changing it
changes because people change but the cds made for people to live in this video i'm going to change so that if they need to survive and help us go out they plan is chided a faint hiss at the steven david the plates as many many people leaving they're working they're going from place to place and sometimes things go wrong because it's safe and taken care of in the right way they're a lot of things that can go wrong with a city houses into craddick was too much noise garbage and skeets to wish chafee a duty air houses become and down streets are saved and people is the feeling that they belong to the neighborhoods i think that is a lot like about their ties to fix things that are long and work with people making it with a better place i work in chinatown
philadelphia here we have made albums because no one thought about how chinatown should be able to grow and not enough holmes stories parks or playgrounds and people want to live here is too much traffic and even dangerous for children to play on the sidewalks a highway was planned to go through mckamey houses and the children were also going to lose this school people a chinatown back together say the neighborhood who work with people planned highway to drop a better plan which everybody likes is now a school in the state and a new farm bill over the highway it is he says many
tv my name is martin on caucus night thanks mike kind of nice job
yeah you're right oh man as
well tom produce carts pull out my bicycle and talking to bring the fight started when a direct flight and then i looked back towards my bicycle into bankers' cause was very screaming and hollering and asking anybody the sunni oh no sergeant not all a karbala as snake you know that problems were already afraid i don't know who would want to steal a snake but he was violent mate is cheating yes i think it will be good idea he came out and i sent get your tickets thank you know some of the other way
keys to all my hollen well we asked a sad sometimes very very appropriate you see images very easily and that can be expensive one who do you be interested in buying a bowl well yes i got it as a present although i really can't music actually because i don't know
about three four weeks ago i think i already have a boat but i know somebody would really be interested in this and i wanted to take a ride over there in just a minute i think it's very very slow which you know i just don't say i'm sorry martin i was
i don't use it all night do it well sales he says beach i mean
you know now you're welcome why
me yeah everybody is a title was it called where you want to be called colored negro afro american black luther now
i did
Vegetable Soup
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1 & 2
Season 1
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Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 2 includes an Outerscope I segment Ready for Blast-Off; a lesson about slang and its importance; a profile of city planner Marsha; a story about Martin and his pet snake Nigel about not stealing; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Mexican guacamole.
Episode Description
Episode 1 includes an Outerscope I segment From a Pile of Planks; a history of the drum across cultures; a lesson about English words with origins in other languages; a story about Martin and his pet snake Nigel; a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Mexican guacamole; and a lesson about the word "minority" and what it means.
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