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it's been pieces it is well i'm a sea kaminski and today we're
going to paint distortions the new features i'm going to introduce one is how to paint class which is always it's a mysterious process which really isn't going to paint the flowers which are just oceans in this case are using two or three colors on the night at one time there again are pulling away from the system a little bit more daring but i think it's also a good experience that's another technique we'll explain a campus as usual and then explain at this point that's when we think and if we use on the air which is about a dark brown paint with a thinner kerosene or whatever its best that is touching find because it's faith in your house most in one hangar hands off and it and it fit with the thirtieth of fallen that's like kerosene or fifth wipe it off as usual by this review this as i have explained
and i'll explain again so that we can draw right into the daily campus also you don't work on a pure white canvas use us based town underneath its belly this is called under a painting in its use it was used by the old masters and it's a very effective technique because you should actually pay particular white canvas and we're now going to put our grades in there again to place our subject directly importers like this way to snag a little boring but its worth it believe me you will save a lot of headaches and aggravation
barrier island now going to have a class though not much different shape but very different technique will do our square as usual like this and again we have the top of the poll dipping round off the corners like this come around the bottom and go down like that like a fishbowl is not there i leave it for just a moment now and paste oceans of course they say very much like that two years ago his bitterness or not these dollars they're very beautiful very vibrant and i don't want you to take a lot of playing with a drawing however it does have a very special shade was real delineate in the painting as usual but
there again we will put our flowers and be sure that the stands go into the ball is very important so we tried that now lest you put a little tail because they do have little tails like that and they grow in clusters like this this way or that way and don't have the exact same haven't really finely ground rather like and find it out grossed a deadly rather crawl they love their son and they exchanged brilliant and color enough i told by the way of a rather short they shouldn't have a great deal of fun with and just simply think the men at the exchange find is a little freer drying know why you tried to break away a little bit
does that then we have some fights in it again it has a very distinctive but i will draw one i judged only what i will paint them and i want to draw want to show you as a little tale like this that florida is down like that doesn't look right that number but with the brain it will improve we have one that's like this huge you have a few like that actually let's put another one here there again please be sure that it goes into well we can add a thrill but anyway i can go there we are as i'm drying now as usual the light is coming we're not as usual latest come from the right actually just
decide where the light's coming from as usual celebs that they are saving like this and say the boll very lightly like that and the flowers feel they are caught the light's coming from the right they hit the opposite side of the pedals because the other side is shaded like this so actually we do this that makes a little role it doesn't break the world of the game and i had another aspect of shaving really isn't much to do in this painting it's mostly painting and not too much during the subprime banking the best thinking and you have a little freedom in this one they're we are now drawing is finished and we're going to put that they hear background and at this point i would like to discuss the knife edge of paint with me is a steak knife from nation your colors and the offset life
for painting the reason we do this as the onset mr andres you're going to pay they could care than they are your tools let's start with i got talent and they go to the larger canvas the light's coming from the right now we must go in with his background color because these cars to have us bases and three pedals service raised other separated enough close together as other flaws right now the mysterious private plans which is a mysterious only going to see in just a moment the punishment we're going to take the background color and go through the bowl like this in the shape of the ball leaving the outline of a drawing like that don't cover that if that happens of course if
they scratch it up and don't worry about a levy outlined like that and then put the middletown in the rest of the ball no light can only in middletown like this and the result will be apparent as we go along just to middletown in the shape of the ball now i want to explain why this is so we'll assume and it is the last week as clear so everything around it or through its shelves because it's not valid it's not dense it's clear like a window side saying to the window into a room where the fewest players all of the stands and played all night because it is
very the junior grade and being mrs schuyler that will turn the flowers it was very difficult at the bottom like that as jane i had when i was in london riots in dublin and i was on this on the show there's a man who is also a guest on this particular program was a painter as well as being a child psychologist and it was like oh boy is so excited others fanning drop his painting technique he said you know i could never paid less than he'd been paid for a very long time and evidently quite good leisure i never been able to painkillers and when i explained to him how simple life he didn't believe it he was absolutely dumbfounded
this is a simple explanation a logical explanation for everything again and this is what you're here for the chicken the state campaigning for you very simple logical answers that's good ally town peace it was always the best part you can really let yourself go and say if you have any frustrations hostility this is the way the blowout not on your mate or your children or the door to his pickup to paint just in life and let it go because it was as if the world just no point don't forget to take our talents and makes them a little bit one into the other
to create harmony and and to blend the colors just a wee bit not too much you don't win lose it and i know you worry that it was life lived up by golly there there are nine years now dr to darken the bass which will be eye shadows and rent a darkened between the flowers with purple like this i have breasts that this mode is best to outline the ball with purple into the wet pane like this there's slight shadow very lightly comparable it should be lower than that it will mix with the background color just enough to create a shadow in the ball because they're again the set seven dimensions even though is glass we want to give a feeling of depth and around this
story what i just had the purple to create a shadow their identity that the moment still doesn't look like as does it it will i'm going to put some purple here when i do this in class my steelers turn absolutely white spaceship and go into a lot of trouble to plant flowers and the drawing and then i take this terrible purple and just throw it in there and they start to find their way out leave everything for just a moment but the show and neither did forget like this are going to put some lovely reds so before i go any further i would like to do that right now when you're painting and heroin and pretty flowers in you wouldn't have noticed and you will notice that i always had some of the colors of the
subject into the background it's best to do that while you are doing it because the background drives or you run out of color than it is a problem especially if the background right in and tried to do it in a little problem so i would suggest that you don't buy seven a reflection of glass like this and the that for a moment like that i think like this are going to have a little red no i was because the colors are going in the painting and i i don't think i quite explain that theory and i would like to at this moment to explain that this is a lot of this way to give your painting harmony and unity and going into loving reindeer and the careful lighting does it likely pleases always add more this terrible that the take it away you can do it it's a nuisance it loud
i'm going to start with the beautiful yellow flowers and i'm going to pick up on some two tons of yellow like this i want to show the night it looks like that state now i'm going use a darker tan like this and then i'm going to use is pouring in front like that i'm going to put another yellow one we we've asked that because you see the stars all different colors in the same far which isn't terribly interesting along color arrangement wonderful that they do it really works in rome you hear about a possible course the stairs and can do this so we're safe but i did have a fire going off in
so forget to agora little's pedals like that in front to create a little feeling of a tale going down like this one with red and orange lovely very nice reading right here i think it is dark red suit and have fun with this one and reviews dark winter there and a lovely vermillion down here like that will win here and that is rent below that get the cartoon a feeling of the flowers by just the way he uses jo we put the plane on a reef like that which creates a feeling of the bottom
why is that i think we should have an international debate that it would be wonderful for a while i wouldn't rock festivals one everyone another painting festival in one that has more yellow ones regret is naples yellow which is a little different a little arias in that as we move along i want to show you know i'm going to get a little dark tones which are a characteristic of mr sims but we'll hold on for just a moment while i get all of this in night and keep adding florist and so you get your bouquet and of course it doesn't really matter because they do grow in a very strange that i'm
rather wild it pretty difficult to grow in certain so they don't do well a toll or a spindly we have some over here like there's no stats imagination political petunias they're saying rather like petunias but they have little details on of course they have to be as their sins and ran an actor or three colors on it play with it experiment plus the fine painting business owner had one there are also didn't change and i decided i don't like that color their it's too near
the other win so i've added yeah well we have a wonderful flower coming out and the reason i like it is because they can use it to show the structure of this flower is sure that it goes into the ball like that there we are going to have some unlovely redmond down here it's been now i would like to put this point some little bite formation is very interesting and very own peculiar to this is flower is not let's like no other and so i want to put a few of those in our put the graveyard in just a moment i'm going to add a little red
down here colors of this painting is the most satisfying thing that i haven't done in a long time i think perhaps i'm partial to earth tones and warm colors most people are a little dark red up and we're like this is very typical of mr souza have a dog town like that sly we hope they'll look like the stars but then you know we don't have failures and that they may not be what we plan them to be but they're successful paintings nonetheless regardless going here i would like to see one down here now
now if you have a friend in case it is they're things awkward to niger drapes well i mean decorating is one thing and painting is another this happened it happens all the time stashing classes i don't mind telling you i turned right pal and i see people taking things to match their drapes but have those been i'm going to put another one right here like this beloved like this to start out that way air fein now leslie that for the moment i'm going to the really there's a lovely light tone as a little little hat on and like that and this
has no smog round least not obviously we're not going to draw a relief but now and again on the outside i worked at a small round leave which says it's a i have roundly aids in the middle we simply put an impression of police with greenery like that or we have a nice little league trailing the trails i mean was that some dark green in the middle that's very important as a little bit too dark leaves right in here in a dark area of the painting
now let's say that for the moment i regard to go and this is what creates helped to create the class though regard to run these fans threw the ball like this and not to and i've gotten asked them not to watch as it is a very delicate stand that rather grows like that like this and he put the light on at the bottom where it's getting like to see like this bit very thick in here with stands because naturally as fans are bunched together when their group like that it's quite dark yellow telomere length is right
there appear like there's also pleased at a little extra purple in between the flowers like this was this naked view qualms says india problem i'd hesitate in telling you physically been through you might put four purple blocks nes the painting and make this very dark okay the title of that dog here at radio group together that's not leave that for the moment but i'm going to put the highlight of this is the thing that really tells us that bless this is the final thing the frosting on the cake the final final point we're so it has water and as i hope we have a lovely highlight here like that and a little
one here like that and you say just like that you have less and it didn't hurt a bit i'm going to get if you got things around a ball flips reasonable is gonna bump and it well it's turning the last fine i'm going to preview boston's of the base like this and leads richard brought down as my special a gimmick don't forget edges shadows beneath like this and don't forget the story that tells us that there are reflections
i would like to outline it just a bit more on the bottom part there we are another masterpiece but before we sign on i would like to show you the palette the way it really looks i know seen these colors the openings but i want to show how it looks on the palate before i buy food with it we have ten colors and only ten college class white and i want to tell you what those colors are the first color burned amr the second column altering blue alyssa and crimson like read our range gallagher a kenyan yellow light naples yellow cadmium yellow medium and caribbean or theater green and of course white jeff
bond it is i mean
there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you'll only noon news
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