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earlier herb ste i am it was a lot like the provisions of the time lou how will
continue to like turn just want to show the dedication ceremonies the martin luther king memorial center institute of laughter we're also present film from the dedication of the web that war memorial park and will pay tribute to mark the action was assassinated february twenty first five years ago for the bill was you know one of our producers can get through the film grew out of this country for the first time to our rich a historic mother continent to africa to repair reports on various african countries plus reporter what journal tonight is on ancient ethiopia coalition to be a lion of the history are you in fact all
africa south of the sahara located in the highlands present day ethiopia is aligned on inspiring mountains who oppose and lush green valley the greek historian died or a secular strides ethiopians can see themselves to be of greater antiquity than any other nation mourned on the right and then earlier than other men i do it alarmed the rock human churches located in show a province than a thousand feet above sea level is the capital city of nablus about was
founded in nineteen sixty six by a mentally the second city has a population of six hundred thousand the organization of african unity ah the mausoleum of temperamentally the second in at ninety six destroyed italian forces are about a will successfully securing his country's frontiers against european imperialism says say stefanos a modern coptic church that
now ethiopia is the second world christianity became really three hundred and thirty eight b ethiopian coptic religion and life of a christian sex famously single underlying nature of christ and belief that the deity and human spirit of you know the oppression of christ or god christ as god a high priest delivers the sermon during can cut a three day festival period commemorating the baptism of jesus christ in the river jordan by st john the baptist ceremonies are observed by member of haile selassie
the first as ancestry goes back to the queen of sheba the year by six thousand two hundred and eighty bc is images a lot of queen elizabeth ii ascended the church as as soon as
the va it's called the queen of sheep during the first two seventh centuries the hill painting him about some foresters a major trade center of the world some was reputed to be the second jerusalem its legendary history going back three thousand years women alike refers son of king solomon and the ethiopian queen of sheba returned from jerusalem the ark of the covenant was housed at a priest read from the bible in the ancient language used to record attacks might history before
christ crown jewels ethiopian things his highness for scs look at you you know with it thanks steve it during the third
century ad great still i were constructed huge stone monoliths you from granite with a richly decorated pulled up the bass still i rise is to sixty feet and weighs five hundred tons they were carved and decorated on their services were detected the wooden architecture of the day constructed in the actually my style i see you the largest ally lies shattered a second was taken by the italians during the occupation of world war two and has been erected near the arch of constantine in rome the purpose of these monuments is not definitely male is suppose they were erected in memory of kings meant to be houses for the dead resembling the many storied castles of the things that
we do for the height their messages and sculpture detail their light cannot be found in the world was still eye a witness to the architectural skill and the organization of the ancient ethiopians we know it has been enough be the case in north central ethiopia is the tone of love about the fourteenth century jackson
kingdom was in decline due to repeated persians and arabs innovations later in the tenth century the first of the dynasty known as those on wheat kings restore order and unity of the country to for more than three hundred years the police by the pittsburgh
negros greatest ruler during this period was king learn about fame for his great party in the thirties and construction legend has it that every saint is to be provided with the church in pre christian ethiopia temples and places of worship were carved out of a tradition which goes back thousands of years and continues into question there is the va
and ceci huge huge change nice nice carved out of natural rock the church was not built like any other building rather than a sculptured a monolith of stone detach door cut away from its surroundings so skillful so exquisite was this workmanship that sixteenth century europeans attributed this craftsmanship to gods and angels square ended binders project quantities of windows and doors as they were presented on
the stolen monoliths attacks on he's busy the main entrance is a shallow porch ornament by simple not least within this porch was adorable the traditional style paintings mirrors the church sanctuary i usually changes those changes church
tuition gene simmons ah ah please do just knew the commission's else
it's billions church the front is expose the roof remains connected to the rock and the other three sides are detached from the field by this church is also you know in the accident that with its characteristic wouldn't constructions and simulated second story legend has it that above animals was created in a single night like a lullaby was what helped with angels julia as you were going through during the reign of king of ocelot is sixteen thirty two to sixty and sixty
seven the city grew rapidly culture and the arts prospered castles and churches built by him testified to the wealth and prosperity of the period a kind enough volley high official in the napoleon government and probably feel good or in the eighteenth century rights please heaps of ruins that you observers are all that remained of the opulent cities that did muster to the ancient kingdom of ethiopia three it was there a lot of people since forgotten discovered the elements of science and art at a time when all of the men were
barbarous another race now regarded as the rescues society because here is willie and their skin is darker explored among the phenomenon of nature those civil and religious systems which have since home and time indoor air during ten cut various tribes in people's view gathered generally need a few in a while have a discussion and believe to sprinkle holy water on the ads they're by
renewing the christian those the allusion so many many many many many many counties by the
police and the community i do yes
you used to be it is
classical historians wrote of ethiopia diverse first century bce the ethiopians have pulled themselves to be the inventors of divine worship festivals and solomon sentence and every other religious practice they affirm that the egyptians are one of their colonies lucien another ancient historian writes the ethiopians with the first who invented the science of the starters and gave names to the planets you describe the qualities which they can sleep and desserts it was from them that this art as stu in an imperfect state and the egyptians in the plumbing former president of ghana of asia was the future of the country we spoke of the first organization of african unity summit conference ethiopia africa right jim set high among verdant hills that gave birth to the unveiling waters of the nile to
ethiopia shall rise ethiopia land of the wise ethiopia phone cradle of africa's infant room and threatens to the african culture if you have a wise shall rise and remote witness the food figure of africans who has an estimate nice became i used to blog world was recently dedicated to dr martin luther king martin luther king saul rights martyr champion of non violence and a dedicated freedom fighter was one of the great humanitarians of the century
to prove the point you know and gifted and black fit on his vow ward was one of the many came from all over the country to the dedication of the institute of world apart the martin luther king memorial center in atlanta georgia the panel wall and the mountains on our way down the
line the main objectives of the center were given a press a one year ago this week and i announced the establishment then just two days ago on the for deferred first anniversary of my husband's both we were able to announce the creation of the iceberg between those times significant developments have taken place in the center and we are here now to take official no one in my family and i have the entire board of directors i'm pleased to join in the events would celebrate the official opening of the institute of the black world the second one
tonight you will see and hear the opening celebration this institute sips to celebrate in the document that great black parodies so that our people as a whole may now move forward with pride and courage to lead the world towards you the institute of the black world is an experiment in that sense of responsibility which martin luther king jr so eloquently called us in his living in his van it's interesting where a community of artists and individualistic and move together to take control of the definition of the experiences of our people past present and future it is an experiment and responsibility the responsibility of
manhood for dr king revealed to us that if leadership towards a new society does not come from the black community then this nation has no future beyond along a universally threatening dk we are involved in the experiment which many persons with hope to fail they do not wish just to be a man for many are dangerous in a society which he's silent passive majorities for success nonetheless we build on the hopes and stand in the presence of men like the levy do was one sentence at a task is our seven decades ago in atlanta we built on the hope of the block scholars of earlier generations at fist and how atlanta university's who once hoped to create such a setting as the institute in this is if there are tasks are focused on redefining the history
and experiences the people of african descent especially the experiences of struggle for freedom it's a stance to say our creeks and i didn't sell my name why
and the undying one on me that as president of the law a memorial center and the memoir the law director this is nicely lot and i say leading grateful to you for your presence here tonight and gospel are implementing the program going through this evening where you are the
pope get the it
i'm janice brown without my nation build a manned mission there and elation using an evolving positively that neither the history the morality that i think is what we abdicate we have to be we have to begin to sing and they used that say what is dopey not do and always easy to work out what is that not only is he not do when you sing we've got just by doing that you leave like one
where you are you know and not to be noticed move and top all not very into oddly only for that moment come clean world the pollutants lazy and so the air your footsteps of the road in the wrong direction moving into our own well we can now all call is like your hair and that's not that opponents of all your reflection your total been the way you walk talk dress the way you relate to each his own oldies you cannot you've also you by your writing and your dancing feet your speech your woman if you'd real your manhood all this goes all we have to do is take can they get you take one another that we think are the loneliest monk we think a lot about what i never robbed of the way you take a castle with charlie white waiting million more than liberals when you take an action or that action
no well to act i think to think that entirely think they have a plain plane went bankrupt i think about it all the hurdles so i know what's new as by the day it air me we build on the best visions of modest job on the
best hopes and dreams of malcolm x whose life and struggles meant so much to us we build and the visions of all the black series and organize private for justice and he blames we filled with joy and has called for this ad the path to peace writer kate a beautiful black woman an african crane february eighth june fourteenth was negro history week subway sixteen to the twenty second was black liberation week has declared a resolution that was wide coalition of organizations and individual small walks of life in the black community
and then in this country judicial system as a key instrument for a person walks the coalition are from the defense wore black activists regardless of their politics bill after it's made off elections newark new jersey may have a city government led by blacks and puerto ricans in the committee for unified new ark is supporting one puerto rican and seven black candidates for the top aig officers julian bond woody allen shirley chisholm max roach ossie davis another political civil rights and theatrical think is have already appeared in the work others will appear in the future to urge the citizens of newark or were fifty percent of whom are black and spanish speaking to make an all minority government a reality for their city poet and playwright roy jones of playing a leading role in the campaign they are sunny according to record amounts of them is a redistricting of the public schools is viewed by many groups of water and puerto rican families as an effort by the united federation of teachers to keep black and puerto rican communities from deciding for themselves and certain educational their own
children as a number of black students at public schools increases many white teachers flee or demand higher salaries as black students attempted express their feelings of black identity their flock by many white parents teachers and school illustrations and integrate a student body is not enough walk through a field of faculties the administration was also being integrated the total revision of cultural standards must take place in our schools so a curriculum values and attitudes began to reflect and honor the black experience art that top ranked united states tennis player nineteen sixty nine has been denied a visa for the open tournament in south africa next april again and amsterdam news correspondent considers that the now a good thing because now there is no alternative except to backed the ouster of south africa or from the international lawn tennis federation on a bias charge the american committee on africa called libor now a reaffirmation of south african racism and called for an
end to all south africa united states ports ties of great importance the committee recommended that the united states should now positively discourage continued american economic investments in a racist regime on january twenty six cbs to serve a subpoena by the united states secret service and the fbi demanding all correspondence memoranda notes and phone calls in connection to the black panthers cbs has agreed to comply less than one week later earl caldwell black correspondent for the new york times was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury with notes on tape recordings concerning the games and purposes of the black panther party and the activities of said organization its officers staff personnel and members garon the time said they would fight the subpoena now his appearance has been indefinitely postponed when criticizing the grounds that this was an infringement of the freedom of press a justice department spokesman contended that it was policy to obtain information from the news media however three former justice department
officials said they could recall know case in which the department subpoenaed notes and recordings of newsweek ms dunbar chairman of the new york chapter of black professional journalist black perspective stage we feel as i should not only violates the reporters confidentiality but equally transforms him involuntarily into a government agent russian mainly black reporter for san francisco's educational television station kqed and officer the bay area like journalists association said the subpoena action when viewed within the context of other government actions clearly indicates that the web of repression which began against the panthers is being expanded to envelop all sections of the black community according to the journalist supporters coming in from all the country from what newsmen and other black groups and the coalition filmmakers a group of talented young black filmmakers went up to massachusetts the film rededication of the park or the late web dubois wonderful most black historians produced by america black jenna was so impressed with the filmmakers efforts
that we decided to show the film to our viewers the film incidentally is narrated by ossie davis today mayor diaz one hundred years ago here in great barrington massachusetts was born after the war his principles and intellectually the spirited fight before his people off over half a century andy beadle boys was the greatest history and philosophy afro america has produced this park was dedicated as a memorial to hang on october eighteenth
you know all ages
and colors this is our studios i do recorded words about to double its way a step into my at forty year with handcuffs on my wrists and my own country for nearly a century i have been napping but i mean god within this table order of things that their little need to remind the black man of the flights is already in a thing that excited me more about this great man at this moment is his prosthetic relevant to all the question anyway the night educational institutions around the whole idea of black studies
the man who did the most profound thinking on this subject and relationship with colleges and universities how to listen to it what none other than bob that the boys and fell and he would be tough if i don't if i am happy to see the young people in our country taking his ideas and who bought an interesting that the educational establishment again that was put into practice his ideas and prevent about in effect at a private university of relating to the problems of our community that's what the struggle for black voters of all about him back to the point of an authentic and embrace that and done only going to further the way they
work me the day the idea was with them and white man world losing our co founders of there was a memorial for all the power and that is religious person i think of them as both being about it and i suspect he played that role to preserve the idea at home and preserving open i was being fired
at probably should be available in the community a nation can make use of it and not to get tired or for love original audio state legislature it is it is it is the
marlins he says farmers received it's b he's an intern
but it was bad in the united five senses and they're just seven years ago more copies of his roots and so during his entire lifetime today when we listen to date just five years after his best in the words of malcolm x his revolutionary ideas are now to most of us what they once word only a few the spartans simple facts of african american life do you that's all you
are going on them upon them the importance of a ringing and world opinion on the night of the bombing will have on our problem and that one of them the problem before the united nations in latin america were violating human rights in the same way that the perfectly ripe for violating human rights of our people and a tear and when you've been getting on the african leaders react to the family and many of them have been owned by the american government and the black people in america don't identify with a refrain that there had been a problem that's it
the plan oh yeah you're right and in and in the beginning the united nations and they are now the continuing threat and that international law and the law yeah than later and the
way that they can only grow longer and the new wave with your role nice job now he now i'm
david greene you know but anyway i did it's
b i can even do it many of them anyway the pain now
you know you need to pay me you know we made it so the ethiopians are followers of astronomy it seems that not only other route so well for americans in ethiopia or press the roots of all civilizations that is you take the words of the ancient greek and egyptian historians of that same summer he's been tinkering with history but at a new house is finished one on sunday you're right
hhs and the people
in this book nice butt he's eighty for the
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Because many scholars have concentrated on Egypt as the original Western civilization almost to the exclusion of more ancient civilizations in Africa, south of the Sahara desert, a Black Journal crew decided to travel to Ethiopia. There they took a look at medieval Ethiopia and examined Coptic Art and the Ethiopian church. They filmed efforts of archaeologists as they dug into the slag heaps of the ancient ruins of Meroe. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia, the crew then filmed the dedication ceremonies of the opening of the Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Institute of Black Studies. There is also a rebroadcast of a survey of the life and statements of slain black leader Malcolm X. Then Black Journal goes to New England for the dedication of William E. DuBois (a black historian) Park. In this segment are black actor Ossie Davis and Georgia legislator Julian Bond. Black Journal is an NET production. Executive producer: William Greaves. Director: Stan Lathan
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Black Journal began as a monthly series produced for, about, and - to a large extent - by black Americans, which used the magazine format to report on relevant issues to black Americans. Starting with the October 5, 1971 broadcast, the show switched to a half-hour weekly format that focused on one issue per week, with a brief segment on black news called "Grapevine." Beginning in 1973, the series changed back into a hour long show and experimented with various formats, including a call-in portion. From its initial broadcast on June 12, 1968 through November 7, 1972, Black Journal was produced under the National Educational Television name. Starting on November 14, 1972, the series was produced solely by WNET/13. Only the episodes produced under the NET name are included in the NET Collection. For the first part of Black Journal, episodes are numbered sequential spanning broadcast seasons. After the 1971-72 season, which ended with episode #68, the series started using season specific episode numbers, beginning with #301. The 1972-73 season spans #301 - 332, and then the 1973-74 season starts with #401. This new numbering pattern continues through the end of the series.
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