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it's been pieces it is well i'm a sea kaminski and today
regarding the streets saying we must have very good grades and doom very carefully there's actually don't want our buildings cleaning although i'm noted for leading buildings they say its original kaminski for billingsley so be very very careful that they don't there's a rainy day by the way this is again something new something and very interesting is i think that most people like to pay or rain or snow white it i certainly as a very exciting play now i believe i purposely kept the building straight across as their family buildings in perspective i had the street in perspective so we're going to do it this way
the bill is actually stepped and so these two squares like this and that section is the building is not they're like this is they can plan it so that it's much easier for drawing on what's clean that up is sitting in for just a moment this game will slow wi fi now going to provide these are buildings like this each one is a building that a row of houses by the way and these other roots it's like that there in just a little like there's like that out there that without going to pay all the windows and things they were going to do that when the cut the colour on so i don't want to take the time to do it now they're they'll take a little time and i would just as soon
save it for the color on to a couple of these to get an idea of the door just like that so i'm going to give you know the next thing we do with the sidewalk and right in front of buildings and i'm going to put in the street this is a very interesting thing the perspective of the street creates a depth in the painting so very different line here and one here and then we're going to bring this out to hear the little thought there and bring the stick out like that we have and others another's a state actually paid and on the other side and it comes this way original thought so you know we're going to bring it out like that you see are already going up into the buildings and on to this other street like that now you have kurds
because it very careful about that beer and slope of the street they're now we have are unlikely to have us too much of the building i will pick up the chimney pots as a given idea what's happening fine now this this thing has a few railings with trees and shrubs like this it goes like this and on this i also measured the railing as a straight line like this band there again we'll put the railings and variously for now
now are introducing again another first a figure in the painting now this may do you win but it's a very impressionistic that would save you some but nonetheless you will be able to do it if you do it very loosely the way i tell you the way i sure you saw as long as look human i'm happy with that there we are now we have little things like railings hear it from the windows and what have you but i won't do those for now because as i say they do take time and wounded in a moment slam their roofs like this now we have to beautiful trees on either saw it was also as they get the composition increase interest in both sides are thinking now it always just really the trunks in but i will put in a few branches just to give you an idea what's happening very large trunks like that and we have
another tree that comes out this way i got over there and there's again we can do when we're thinking that they're now we must have a figure that we've put in the till they're right here like this please keep it simple i don't want to worry about hats and you know check spirit someone had to just have a nice little woman walking in the rain with her umbrella and don't get too involved there to know i would like a spirit line a little bit like that then you looked in
long skirts and assures is not leading your falling over i think he's a little short so mcconnell and some more the top we can change that in the painting i think we've lost her head but will find cause i don't lose my ring business by now let's put the umbrella actually i will add the umbrella last because we have a problem here with the house and i told him many times that actually it's best to wait and add to the rest indicating like could join justin happens and so we had a lamp post oh here it is there again i will develop this in the painting and not individually as very important that we put in our
shadows now balance leave her for just a moment the most important thing it's a side where the light is coming from and you know shave is very very carefully because we try to create a wet street and that's quite a little something to do the light is coming from the rights are going to say to the left side of the houses like this and under the roofs like that i think that we have a shadow under the roots because they don't expand out beyond the war the house which create a shadow is the rooftops like this so on i feel better with the wings and going to documentaries like now we have here what a darkness agency and
we hear a reflection of the tree into the street like this and we have one here in this little two of them here we have one under the woman like this man underneath the edge of this building are rather the fans like this underneath this tree like the fcc already re getting away feeling and it's a little darker in front but not much right now this is very simple but i don't want to do too much because as i say we're going to do it with paint but be sure that we have a lovely shadow right here by the cycle that goes like this one the curve i think that actually let's leave that and and start with
helen because i don't want to do too much that's needed for the moment like sure that signature buildings in but they are straight and likened and houses are fine area now we've got the drawing in and we've got the saving in and remember to keep these these shadows in mind as you played because if you don't then you're in trouble is not a wet street to find out we start with this guy and we start with a darkened and the intent the top the light tone the very top of the buildings like this i'll give the trees as usual christine intelligence fifth an insane like i have a tendency to pay my skies from right
to left i should very i guess it's just now like telling and he actually like tell i mentioned previously that we do have other towns this is a lovely light tells a christian martyrs stealing in the sky even though it's rainy day there is a light at the horizon when you're out are traveling about in driving notice the sky and you'll know exactly what i'm saying this is the lovely thing about painting you see a lot of things that you never saw before and you will find that everything i'm telling us about it of course emily and i'm simplifying it for you continue and so this is not the end this is the means to an end
and at a couple of dogs thorny feeling like this is really their way and now let's go to the delays as bob how we have to work in the state of the rooftops like this i think about my forgotten no i didn't forget it has been the sky and took it that and you were on their rooftops like this i'm sure when they were built this way philbin says their row houses they probably made the news i regard outlined in his purple for emphasis
also to separate them it's a cagey way of getting all the votes that it works very well for the moment our purple out by the roots like there's always like that we can add the chiles a little later i would like to add a purple vest on the edges of a low interest and so fine now let's go to our house and start on the left i added a little orange to his talent and incidentally this is what is known as a monochromatic painting it's all shades of the same color the very interesting technique and little different again so we have a lot of firsts in this country of families
matilda there because if i may have to put her bike at a time each of the time they are we are we were from dr life thought were about the train isn't only friday night and by now barely gettin it is quite worrying i think you're going to be a little upset because it's really when it's still see how lovely it looks and how interesting it is i do not like to pay the rent a traditional or if the prince li of popular conception of a grape figure because of the gray day a working cellar because of song more interesting notes and over here but we're about the trees to get a lower chance so are not last that we were polite term
assad like there's no problem like that like also been added another lovely town has a bit of ruin it to get the painting a little interest visits began it can become too monotonous to use the same term without little touches of other colors are going to create a little interest by adding another town they have to have another team that tone is a largely been shaped like this there's a very interesting find there we are now we have the outline of the buildings has been in our sidewalks and her friend i've lost my little friend
understand how a little purple meeting now with they were going to do next are the windows and the doors i think it would be eight are much easier if you drew little lines like this for you so you know were you when this guy and again line them up that license just take your knife scratchin about where you want them is to down here in the doorway insulin like that period over which it purple and white but this window in this is a very interesting take me recently get on one side like this with the purple and then we take it and just outline the other side these are not get the windows to large like that very simple clay has no curtains or saints no one had to norway
and don't worry about we can put little goodies on in yemen a lovely little railing which rookies will change that a little bit get a little interest but for now that's what we'll do you see those winners went very fast and that's the weight should be it should be just impressions of windows can add little lines like that like this and the doorway that seven door you know i think these people and taking very good care of the house the doorway and we go over here but the lines at the bottom to square it up a little bit anyway said doesn't look quite so
like hurry up window but the thing i really want you to learn is how to do reflections on and rain and that's largely an important ruling and one more set of windows that aside they're recognized doorway please don't get impatient tried to do not that you know a fussy job but do try to be windows lined up and there's some of that the doorway other items without this fight i think at this point i'm going to bring the senate again in that that turns on going to right away very simply that is the tree trunks full burn the tree branches will cover
most of the windows there we are now let's do the sidewalk there's one here you know like that i've got to go through her poor little head if i will start fresh start in that sidewalk little bit of feline it up and then we'll put a highlight on economics and on fine now let's get elected a painting are going to start with the highlights being taught part of history very light because there's a reflection so if we go very light light neiman dog this way when we put a stroke so and we use our marvelous waters stroke that we use when we pay see or lakes or what have you if we are old reliable
stroke and it is absolutely wonderful for fourth something like this is a question probably thinking the table looked like a lake the patient's behalf do we get the dog to die like this as bob that's because because and the streak goes around that way the
police because the prescription drugs but if the patient if barry argue shadows and like this is the worst like that actor and art chung the time purple like this is a primary but the fences
in which we just scratchin like that but the trees than it is up there again keep it simple i'll go out with powerful as usual but i want to get killed in that for
that could be that you were going among the houses like the one solution that would be nearly as much fun we have the trailer here i'm going to put in a figure of god gave the umbrella and
and we're just about finished this painting with the lamp out the highlights into the
right and the low railings israel's gretchen like that don't get into it or just get a little interest but on the highlights and the saddest little more such a very good strong reflection refuse jokes downward like this just as they do in the water there we are frigid day now the signature very
nice it there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant
from commercial union insurance companies <unk> unnamed
Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky
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Rain in Philadelphia
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint rain in Philadelphia.
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