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no word on where those books and their authors tonight julia child talks about your host for a word on words mr john sigg and publisher of the tennessean editorial director of usa today good evening ladies and gentlemen once again welcome i want to introduce you to my guess this evening to face you will recognize that belongs on television and a day's julia child welcome to world where nothing that we're not to be in nashville and so right and it's so great to have you here and in your book quite naturally is is a subject that will underline our viewers and your readers it is titled simply the way to cook and who knows that better than julia child i have to ask you after all it's time you stop the first time you've used then in the
indian television industry promoting ways to cook and ten cookbooks to do with i'll why this book why now well it's been just a thing for quite some time because we have our program called the interviewer doesn't love new recipes in that and then we have six walmart teaching cassettes also called away to court one foot really set it off was alive in four or five years mostly articles with parade magazine and we have always done awful pictures of ways slave over and they very kindly gave us all the negatives of the pictures of the rights to use and so we have about six hundred from them and we took a while another hundred but that was the real raison d'etre because it would've been incredibly expensive and time consuming to take as many pictures of their own well it isn't beautiful book is an absolute that is not only a day of a book on the way to cook them it is that it is not
just a delight to receive you know you can write your heart out but if you don't have publishes the caramel it's intelligent as earth ensemble overwhelmed government forces this it opens on nicely in space that doesn't need has lots of white space so that you feel at peace with your well i think good i must say that some publishers do work to be proud of just to sell online i cannot buy think is a publisher the care doesn't know when it will take the time and space and actually to make it beautiful you must be excited about the fact that it's a book a month's election but scientists alike even with us it were another very useful thing is that our editor judith jones parts to everybody and we won't have those loans in print by the end of august which i think is remarkable so we've gotten a
jump on most of the other great big will sassoon which is very lucky they pollinate it is as is probably on the bookstores i was far from boston a big bookstore and there's no discount or anything in three hundred books private out of there in an hour that surprise you that at fifty dollars a city well i actually you know i mean is someone said about the about the list as they'd halberstam's about his own book on now the automotive industry or when he was on this program we said that john you want harry reid but dont drop it on your toe oh well i'll say it's a it's a bit about that bounce an urban david now i think that there must be i mean you talk about about those beautiful color pictures and some of them are so helpful because they take you think that they give you i'm a really a
bird's eye view close up of houghton of how you do we'll even tell us how they're also taken from the cook's forgive you get sounds of like the picture of a car doing so in which a woman saved from her own pond i mean the separation of separating the yellow leaves from the cones on an artichoke art for example louis high end audi artichoke but i put an ad but i found that and all the pictures that fast lane good i was looking at it you know just as as if our show it's actually the number of pitches that were left out must be an enormous stack that i probably the number of recipes i mean it would go to the ceiling i'm joel rose thousands of recipes available well just tell me how you about the process of selecting what went in for one hour well we always do if i had several black mountain in the background of all the recipes that came from
from parade in that we had done our television series of politico which was it separated everything but i decided this time thanks to people understanding the way michael and israelis nathan and some people a gadhafi a franklin stove i don't know if a little bit of me any difference of them local festival so i'm trying to do is what i want to see you know how to cook it even if it's a shoe right well we need to get you begin the book with soups you know and i'm sure that you began the same as certain soups i must include you know whoa i guess i then maybe one thing that
i found very useful was to have made an all purpose sword base that starts out with onions and chicken stock and then you could put just about anything else you wanted like potatoes or clothes or something else than a phone that you could make a wonderful cream so it sounds nutty creamy doesn't enjoy did you try a rice in the blender and it really tastes like cream it's a blender does a beautiful job of completely throwing it and think that it was a print so so you're able to provide cream of mushroom so we know it well and then what i'm also learned doesn't unfortunately have to be very concerned with the impression i hate and christian but we'll have to know well i see you write about the unknown how did you with an old
audio don't live with most of the basic recipes you can only live this spring to have to have an agreement of all you can at the end of its third in some sour cream or some heavy cream or something like that so your base recipe is sure and not fattening on the whole or other the way save the ongoing offensive which you can just poach it and salted water will they could just serve it plain which is rather dull where you can make a nice sauce for to make a very simple something like the song i'm julian of red and green peppers cook a little bit of olive oil and spread them out so that you can go from very sure among non fat up to the wildest of your dreams of butter sauce is and so forth so it's you and i think people should know that's terribly important to really know your medical family medical history so safe everyone in your
family died at forty two of a heart attack you're in trouble unless you're very careful how you eat well it's a i think that it's it's a good thing for our society that are the people who are providing us now with with references along on what even how to parent also have a concern for that i noted how he had not exist when you first began there is that remember that we were fatter then i don't worry no but i'm saying that now in the last ten or fifteen years people were definitely living fifteen or twenty years longer least ten years longer and i'm sure that a lot of that has to do with with more sensible even more exercises that people you are aware that you have to pay attention and you know we have this from a
cholesterol reared its ugly head that first pair of people got so scared that that wouldn't even he bought her anything the governor know of talking to someone newspaper editors and i'm sure your newspaper is not like that and would see actors who really don't know much about food at all but one even larger mentioned in the flu pages but i think it's very useful that this was true moore came out this article in iowa one of the things the cocoa are strong business well it depends on your age if you're over sixty five coronary heart disease ch to support them and sax man getting more often than women europe from rogue medical heredity is you know inherent truth four rarest tendency years and then one of the worst things you can do small big you're small and never in my life to you do you are small fisher ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha but i gave it up luckily think i did about twenty five years ago they can't win with every smoking is one of the worst thing is you can do because a chicken stricture of barbarism is and i think and i think it has an impact and i really wouldn't wages for overweight you can get diabetes that's very i'm a sedentary life is for advance of that except for those first three things that you can do anything about insects and history you can control smoking weight exercise and the moderation too which i think people are coming back to get you should have a little bit of everything and you know if you eat enough fat you're not going to process your vitamins for now have fallen
even deliver on any words well you nominate you have a terrific lined up here of a delicious fruit and i'm particularly glad that you not only had simon on the third but also on cakes and cookies and cookies and right and lots of meat and fish and beautiful vegetables that's exactly right now i i you know i knew so many people are saying when no, just give me coffee that's bad is that you can have just a little taste of a great big beautiful butter chocolate right the just a little piece and as i've said is we were depriving those because they live there this mentality that does indeed affect an awful lot about is a feeling that the senate was me about mike uses for this is that one day every week at least one day every week every other aaron neville
pong it has a section up they've been a section dedicated to food and low level just what we call it the long and they loved that without a dozen then clinton and the other doesn't want to go in there and butter certainly is every capital and still i take this position primarily out of ignorance that as you say don't put butter in my papers to age to breezy yes to me it has a lot of us there's a lot of the blame because of it something like the ar apples alive understand from dr fred still there that you would have to eat five hundred pounds of apples at once they have an effect on the toll rate five hundred pounds of broccoli the thing about the us but what does everybody to death into one of oil industry for something
oh it does is it makes a good story is this is your response well apple industry is still struggling of course at a certain view of that action that was taken by as you know by a private nonprofit research up with local public publicly funded research and why some why should be published that way and scare everybody without giving us for facts i mean you know the way that the year the way that thirty year the agency released it that public interest agency released it they work and he was sixty minutes so that it first broke on sixteen and the result was that it was like meet neal saw on sixty minutes and we said we haven't had that story and so we came in the next day and said to arts of editors like sixteen and a scoop rosenbaum to the grocery stores here right now on hulu apple pie or wrong i'm sure the result was no apple pie and julia child's menu for further
and you talked to how can we avoid having that happen again well i think the media praising its position on icloud i think so there has been a regular prison there was a conference in washington three weeks ago in which many of us who we're involved in in in in that scare here including representatives of probably this group who know me from sixty minutes came the other networks there was really no well i don't now they didn't come on at night we had the discussion and a great journalist for great public agency over time they want to impose my own agency associated press all of us pointed the finger of wine that the agency said this is the way you went she went to sixty minutes and in effect said you've practiced london
we pleaded guilty and diving pledge to be more careful and you now that's my exist until next year a scare about the eggs and the exact some unknown exactly well i think that's more believable and more serious oh sure and there are times when there are certain markets in this country where that isn't be remiss not no responsibility we know it but on the other hand and just as you look at the look at at at that this book how would you hope that people would approach has put them at the one three of people lined up to buy the book again is something not only about their interest and good says something compelling about about their in and you know as an author and anna's one they came to trust him
what i'm watching somebody is on television i take it very seriously and excite have a lot in the book about safety in french for instance if you and they're the selfish pollution is something that we have to be very careful about when i went into that what they're quite seriously in their member went to a newspaper photo editors conference in providence last year that the beloved talk about pollution like that site i wouldn't even ish oysters which i love like about boston we have a very good for fish restaurant and fish market place called big old seafood it's a strange name but they know they're very much concerned about and they have a whole laboratory in their warehouse in every batch of shellfish they get it the test for bacteria kill and i have an old lamon moments and sister and also our legal there oysters everyone that if wages were very careful wherever else i'll get them because unless you know
your you know your restaurant or no beef source for which they come the fish poachers that won't miss label things in our wild fish in polluted waters and restaurants and markets and are careful to what those things do you have fallen off the list favorite foods i mean if you will and has outsourced is that was i else i may do have dinner tonight what we do mine's starting out most of a little fresh fly raw thoughts on the new york state firearm sauteed so it's crisp on the outside and tender and melting inside that's delicious was so why are apple so get along with and then i might go on in in the dark vein in a white haven't got this current that there's some really interesting things to do with it i'll be under no that would be ok and then some very nice fresh
vegetables of some real difficult somehow of a potato dish probably you know they are doing that all asparagus and seasonal of a loft building for fresh green beans carefully culled from there wieman jobs how proper that period we went through counseling under called vegetable years and there were no other were on or caught that was her warmed over were all of that was a dreadful period so it's like salsa making go down easier i think that we are going through a perilous period of soho california presumably just dump a lot of vegetables on the grill and half of them were burdened half of raul about all right carol a scorching a toll now you may you said that if you were starting tonight you might go
in that direction and acted up from entre wanted those are what's coming up from ron doc want to be rather simple for dessert probably a food desert and cooking with women than enough to be dietary with a lovely chocolate dessert how you feeling today or would you feel that way generally is that seasonal or are you could have that wonderful apple this message you wouldn't know that if you have enough years apple's with the father james did have something else like beats would go very well with the foreground then you could have that wonderful apple deserve the tac toe attorney in which is when the apples are called the instrument upside down upon purpose all filled with buttery caramel essentially i used to go with a
and what's the photograph amount of a very mature shattered lives some type of problem you a penal law are with the dog and with that buzz served i love i love a good so can chew yesterday mrs schaeffer weekend was only about two hundred dollars a bottle let's bow only a little boy i mean that i will i will i die granted that but do you have the moon love i've seen you on television on sunday triple takes one when you pass by it and then test to you for not just your autograph but your latest recipe autographed a nice latinos tell you good morning america but i hadn't done a series that they get repeated know i can always tell if they're repeating his series because there's street recognition yes
i guess one thing that she relies on television if you're not on for about two months ago so that is no reason for a guinness world <unk> know you write about that i think people identify julia child as as they're recognized nobody else does this in the business and i have bought that way that i didn't want to do we start and members from our eleventh nineteen sixty three or show started know i was the first cause there had been before one on television first began there would be only lookers life she was marvelous of marvelous technician and then i don't know why she started she did there are lots of today show occasionally then the chefs there from finland have been showing up terri i could i would recognize the man they walk in
here and says are you are truly wanted on a new israeli man in a restaurant and there were no new and it is one of a woman who what i simply wouldn't recognize only most people would identify well as bananas loans fi hasn't been on his own have you saying those pantomime to view us that once a lever oh i have a tape of that was a big mistake we were to distance of people for dinner we just turned on the television to see what was wrong and there was and we just thought it was so funny oh digit little listeners to think of it well you know that in a lot i think that the way that the distinctive style year year clearly identifiable stalin was a good about them of ourselves or write to me even an emily's as something i
didn't know like everybody and you know beyond that i think that that is and that gives me when women are expected to be so tall and the smallest in and in my family at six feet one point seven five is why i guess the campus of only only one day to see her try them all of congress or the ages that's that that's sort of the mystery here he is this counter that counted thirty eight anti austerity and you know i don't know say a camera can pick up to another thirty eight inch counter but i think people don't think about that but we're losing to me that difference between the difference between a good cook and not a good shouldn't be well you can reach the flu ad up the fletcher your finger you want to use but the people know the lives and we all work
and theres a minute isn't a time to eat and then they leave tv dinners or traffic by the time new flavored up a tv dinner you might just as well of started from scratch here and then you don't know what's in that nothing now that we're very interested in what we eat and cooking and be so easy and you don't have to be formal and more that the very few people to give these formal dinners with china in napery and made servants running round as were very informal in our house a lot of people well as as a as a as a woman who has been voting working one thing for a long time it you recognize that the that many have less time than they had in the past what i find more miles cooking which is whether it's a hobby it is that's right in and i'll be very surprised if this book doesn't have a phenomenal man so are you finding that yet what they don't know well as workers
i would hear about men like to take a lyric that may enjoy having things like making bread biz making french brothers us along with a mix of it would say like the men in this program a lot about what the home butcher can do what the us only way since you can do with the turkey but the rest of them going to do this thanksgiving is the disassemble reassemble turkey which cooks in half the time and what if you take the rest are all cervical rest over the stuffing in it when you have the letters size offered to cook separately lewis sang along the platte river looks exactly like a hole pretty good so easy to cook in is safer than the problem of the carving including israel exactly when it's fun of the floral and that's what a lot of what you know how to cook and you can make up your own ways of doing things that's very interesting and fun to do part of what people who appear on television
deal with something that touched on as a public venue certainly have one thousand look like this comes out we're confronted with the need to go around no that is left of that is a really fun what i'm like i've never been to nashville before not delighted her way to light but i mean meeting people and a large number of talk about this has to be fun you actually do go to places where i've never been before places a lot like that we go to the lisbon and chicago i think chicago is a marvelous tale this handsome two i think of it when their will i have various bills forward and a vocal quite high of over the lake in these isolated its skyscrapers beautiful at that that alone that they don't romance and julia child the author of the wave as ben our guest on a word on words featuring jon seaton thought this program was produced in the
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