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a word on words the program delving into the world of books and their authors this week's wally amos talks about a man with no name your host for a word and words mr john sigg and also chairman of the freedom forum's first amendment center at vanderbilt university hello once again welcome toward own words about every in store for you ok if i could give you a chocolate chip cookie i would i will assure you that the citizens program covert i'm really a bag of chocolate because the chocolate a bogeyman is here in the philippines or lordstown i think he's treated the year you call this book the you call it a man with no name and there's a story in the store the title and you really i have become a man with no name because of a loss of this i have a famous amos comic founded pseudonym over ownership of money that lawsuit really came about as a result of an agreement that i
signed in nineteen eighty five my first b of blues i was irresponsible and signing it without having a toll on the standing but i sign it nonetheless and i'm eighteen ninety one it can make money because so i started a company called wally amos presents chicken cooking so my understanding of agreement was a good will go away once my employment agreement or do you sell the company and the company lost a copy made did continue to pay something not after nineteen eighty nine initially yes yeah initially when they took the company that you continued to get the sunlight income hear from history and then you decide is nominal compete clause but then after two years when the contract is over and you begin to
you start to second second single him as a continent and you're in los angeles an airport in men both are about the day in the whole islamic following the station he came up and gone and he's at this canyon a wally amos was an easy question this is what is saying yes that is the big unit ineffective haven and then the third annual home to a why so once an online you read those you read those documents and you found you being sued and to name was being taken away from us the first thing i did though which i think is really significant because you know when when people so that when you get into it challenging situation beyond that the person had an authentic you know and then you start projecting into the future about how you like his noble or well so they are playing with an ice and then i think about my
parents and i had i just continued to not intensely so it was about our head into the flight the why really pick them up and read and i think that's a well i think no because then i had a proper perspective of this really because no i began to think about answers and into focus one solution part of what this book is about is not just how famous amos was really taken away and how it changed hands well those systems i think they deserve to asean says the cases their support the hotel in rhode island and then flew to a tower these candidates at the three sixty million bucks in the forthcoming you started i thought about that is that they didn't know that that newsom yeah thank you know about the guys that you know to go from asia in the senate while in the
refrigerator well i am part of the story yet is that account of an unfolding drama it's a storyteller with great humor but there is a spare was a sublime at it you intended to be the major plot and that is how to cope with adversity and how to be virtually on yourself action to deal with the problem set that figure life you can control that is the story i mean that that is the purpose of the book you know to show people that but there's another way of looking at challenging situations that come into the light they get the reality of their diversity really is opportunity in disguise and regular deep or perhaps there is no adversity because it's all perspective so that there is only opportunity and every experience that you have is a
blessing is preparing you for something as a great gift in it has not i i i went through four years of movement at that we for years to lose the company and in that nature itself was a a strapping experience but as i began to get into the litigation i realized that having lost the company really prepared and he said deal with the litigation on who owns my name and so when when i got into the lawsuit that the first thing i realized was that i was a loneliness that wally amos was not the essence of who i am that i'm spirit that i'm a child of god and that wally amos was just who you call me that's just the head the label in a minute take away affected name a layman makes you operated really don't shrink your persona are you psyched value in our ability to cope actually well because they can't touch my spirit they can't touch my attitude my personality my
laughter goals of the things that really shape and define wally amos so they could have been a while a reason to prove it seven months after they sued me seven months at those indicators in a latex arm i founded the uncle mo money cookie company and that's and that is we know you were in that marvelous repaired it would be bad if i read our camera could move in they'll only help a lawmaker to gandhi baked will allow low now the bomb then resting thing of about how you go first thought we got our lawyer problem you know i want money you know as i read the yield what is the opera and and food and first law don't have an attorney
but our friend leroy a new mile but there's one where i live and the joy has an attorney on that but not a trademark litigation stations so as i got home that night i thanked him on all of the papers and an hour to get because that there was nothing else i could do so i was worried about it i was focusing on answers and solutions i woke up the next one of affection and saying that you know patrick fry down for an ideal as a lawyer and as an expert right would call me and that he was going to take on my case that when they answer that the photo all of a day the tri compassion within he did represent now i have an agenda having money because i have no income and i'm really strapped of got nothing but their eyes twenty five hundred dollars immediately because i had that much on the dominant at the rest so a lot i'll also now a wall e who's defense fund letter to friends and organizations that i had befriended and the people that they knew i was found that was the most difficult thing i've ever had to do because
i'd never ask anyone and i was always one that was giving love being a servant but now i have no choice and so i've i say that almost immediately i mean i know the first response was for my dentist dr richard course and they sent me a thousand dollars you tell about a fellow who sent you file one who was very ill that would not live to see it says and in his repair and in and returning the fabel object eu says the case goes to fall there'd be an angel on the jury and you say for the fury was you wouldn't go into an assault hotline five jobs there when i think about it because how it was a mentor was my mentor when i started the way morris agency in the nineteen sixty four sen hatch how it hired me i would become howard secretary and then he
would really guided me and in counseling he became a father figure almost a father for me and then i i took his counsel very seriously and i'm sorry i sent him a letter in his wife marie there's been different lives over the house and a longtime psychic this letter back from howard hughes ever the father the beginning of a little one on one i'll be getting an attorney an amish readers about and maine so concerned and then he went on to tell me that he's been ridden in the snow of these and here's five hundred dollars i am i called him and he had a heart condition and he was on our decision they couldn't get out of bed and he got enough money to send me five hundred dollars and he was wearing about how the case was going to go get it that time also on i was waiting for the auto insurance company to confirm that's an interesting and i think
it would be there is to get the exit out of uncertainty about the value of the literature is that you are going to church oh it's a denizen of the eisenhower is five dollars that because not knowing how long i wanted to have that burden of of the navy die and worry about whether so i guess it is monday and then i unity church has been has been sold one of my life and so they always ask me to speak and whenever i can i speak for chard because it's part of my giving back at the community bank to a source that has given so much for me because i was invited to speak at the unit about a c in santa monica and i when i spoke of and i swam and i because that's that's i think my message in and my mission is to show people that there is another way and the famous people a friendly game of a lot of people recognize that they're not
unusual especially when ailes sold to know that i've got challenges but are working through them so after i share and my attitude was always upbeat positive after i share general comes up and introduces him some bread which it and he said he's a trademark copyright and attorney thought we cry that he went on to say that he had a client to client with a case very similar to live and it is quite a liability insurance and there was a clause called advertising injury in the liability insurance and those kinds of insurance companies cover all of his legal and you never know but i couldn't wait to get a policy audit an ally does iran the authors spent there was not you know what their children to things that giving is easy because i went there not expecting anything simply to share but it also showed that they
played there the starting point and it will sustain you through anything it showed me that god absolutely unequivocally is the source of everything and if you let go and let god he will provide for you you know when you say that i'm reminded of where you came from there who are out of fargo mullen follow couple hard angles idea that there had you go to new york as a as a lead to live with your entry level vulnerable is a job she makes cookies chocolate chip cookies at our lady mother comes to new york custodian
mailroom box carrying denied jobs movie itself of gilliam morris agency before you know it you're promoting supreme from temptations in the desolate great acts signed off oakland son and are fighting so you so you were really young riding the crest will it is the meantime you do have am a year of women you get a couple three marriages in summit so you're going to lose all right there in a way and mayor known a medley oh i don't say that but that you tell about how those breakups and relationship with two children and the difficulty of those relationships head to the adversity and had the challenge of all coming under question and it strengthened me on because now great relationship with all three of my children
on an end and even now with my third wife christine we are just now working through another challenging situation came into our relationship that but that i think this is the last one you know because we have just come together told me really mr zhu wei you know and that i'm getting and understanding totally of of what the commitment is about that did you really make a commitment is open you make a commitment to yourself to serve you may you know to be there for her arm through everything and to not allow anything to interfere and to interrupt and that relationship that that's what love is you know it's expanding yourself totally for the benefit of another human being amenable call on character can remember the awful but the one thing i got from that book was
said that love isn't getting your mate spouse wife whatever what they feel they need not what you feel they need and so a house carried around that i've done to some degree but not totally and this past summer situation came of that is just allowed me to really take a good look at that and now i am really being totally there for christie and understanding the importance of there finally jim fact that one of the first i think you've done in this book you have taken your was then and i will tell our view if you are wise man you can you have and you have the excise your own words a little special boxes around some of them and he did not just give you a couple ideas laughter was seldom heard in our home that's probably why enjoyed letting so much and have become such a great
audience for anything that smacks of humor from then to me giving birth is one of a very definite proves there is a god greco wants that said a baby is god's opinion that the world should go along that are suffering is calls by learned reaction of fearing the an equitable changes in life rather than by embracing them as opportunities and as opportunities to heal and develop without last thing the things that i was fearful things began to go around and i started singing all these things because of magnified you know and we're fearful you suffer and you make decisions for the wrong reasons and they always do you love it you should do or he was in food knowledge and book is mistakes errors news absolutely no doubt that in the process you trusting
sometimes too trusting and your exploitive odd i was oh i also was negligent guy was irresponsible and is important to us as a bit of a hustler and didn't believe that people good out hustle you know that unfair that i don't know that i've seen myself as a hustler i see myself as a promoter but i've always promoted with integrity and then the word all i knew i mean us along with no one yes yes yes oh yes this is very deadly and then then and didn't believe that i was the best to espn's russian man adds it took real guts to buy gulf a career and start this thing called cookie company and right i mean you could do your cookies typically get a tote it's only teasing that i think it got positions you in a way that is going to mean something it can
sometimes we go kicking and screaming i was literally pushed into the computers of it wasn't that i broke off a career that was really going great guns into social business and i had one client that wasn't cheney commissioned another flight had broken his ankle another plan this idea of this is another client was not receiving the renewal of a recording contract from a record so all of these things are happening and i thought my life was falling apart but the reality was i was being pushed into the corrective actions so it was is there was accepting that and going with their arm and that was that was my time that was interesting to me that we said one point during this chain of changing all those as at one point a continuity had a contract with a jew and a couple hundred thousand dollars a year maybe john twenty four thousands of australia so don't cut that to sixty four thousand
about a time your of your career your own region the country down navy to fourteen percent and a couple more sales and you're totally on polio yes and one would wonder why you know it so well because there was no need to i mean there was there was nothing the a lawyer for on it and that the sequence of events in eighty five i lost so much of the company but i see that came in and in the interval of five months later this all ages to the camel group which include jaws the office and your shoes are gone two years later he still isn't used to have the beer runs and with a member of that came in and said i'll know we want to cut <unk> that they cannot do that because i had a fundraiser at a ninety two saw that was just a series of events and i had no legal weed was because i was no longer majority shareholder and willy wonka that was ok owen and there were others that
came in they blocked the assets of a corporation so by then i was left with what was just a shell might actually was about fourteen cents a fourteen percent there was equity and shell of a corporation and then the fourth group came in and eighty eight and bought out their brother's annoying but as her contract and then stuck with as it obviously didn't want me there and so we went around iran in an effort to renegotiate my contract and became obvious that we would and so you know i give lectures and i tell people if you don't like we all change goldstone writes this rather than fight that you'd use on it was virtually enslaving near absolute man rather than put those shackles on more about corporate management and fighting over a buck you broke the shackles and said i'll just thought oh absolutely because i took my own advice how can i get out here and give a lecture ever again how can i write a
book ever again about self determination about you know and it got is use saws and all that stuff if i don't practice in salon here was an opportunity for me to practice was preaching and so i believe that format and on it was not easy you know it was of a persian experience getting all that out you know there was some anger though some events and frustration but i processed through any of that he was the head of a mortgage the house was auctioned help friends that we get the house back on i had no income and it was a trying time but throughout all of it i kept reminding myself that god is the source of everything well along comes the ankle no name of the no money going out no i mean a lie are one of the or fulfilling things that also seemed to bubble is your
charity work yes and you know i'm heavily involved in at least two programs on all about coming in to deal with literacy in to help my when i talked a little bit about that part of what this program is about his writing and how authors write their book nothing that has to be about is how to reduce and read books and there are so many millions of functionally illiterate people in this country and how did you come to grips with it involved in another step oh i wanted to find an organization that i could support that i can learn my celebrity to an undiscovered lucy volunteers of america in nineteen seventy nine i became a national spokesperson it's been fifty years now and then along the way i might get involved american library association in love with katie and on this station a ged on tv as rock did and i met on one of the
spokespersons on that now holds fire reading shows in that series so it was out of an effort to do something constructive of being famous and to give something back to the community and so now i'm still missiles post written well be a really good five cent i say we my publisher as the devices from every book to losing volunteers of america animals on the board of the national city for family literacy and we donate five cents from each book to the center for literacy also it's the most gratifying thing i've ever done and i think it closes once again and giving you see the new and there've been times when i've been visibly have had to give but it anyway and i've always given of my time because i always have what intel you've given time goes so there's just occurred in there which you have i guess you'd been to church they brought in guest on to launch an aria many no he was scheduled to speak and if you're all right and in writing this novel a visiting the
following them as a sanitary well it was can you going to make this major community here i've really got some lingo says benson doesn't go over the one minute manager his vocal injuries that suddenly home at night sometimes i get a call from his family's executive director why literacy and i had agreed to speak at the annual meeting is what i mean i got i live on one side of the aisle and then the meeting all will likely keep holy cross the aisle has about it they're either of either i am even twenty minutes i wanted to write this book love with the help of camille a dent in the day aren't we started writing a book in june of ninety three and we were finished by december so about six months what was the process would you write longhand oh you dictate to her which you take notes the process was that i had an initial meeting with her an iconic had notes i made notes of what my schedule i want to show people that even though i was
being soothed my life was continuing and i didn't just fall off some and so i i gave camilla denton important dates do and that litigation and cheered with the what my thinking was what was going on and curley gave us a bag around only gave us some background materials to read so that she would have an idea what my philosophy was and then she went away and she would read a chapter she was sent to me i wouldn't have heard it in a day she re read it and so that went on and we finished the book and the sales of the last century choose a publisher and a great deal in the editing of the book so and it was a real rush think that this is a first look we're going to know the un is not the first choice not this is not there it will unite third book this night live as a law my friends that was in eighty three rd dublin bay was called the thing is a mystery that they still lots of thousands well yes an autobiography and then i sign in on it a muslim is the second where my second of the poly new arts in your copy was really
love them that there was right there with my eyes on our middle son gregory oh you tell about them the ball fly during gregory working on that they're going to have a period of conciliation exxon and that was a lot about the next one is the one the other is i wear no one i've cause all pitied watermelon and the deals on the paddle came from the bag and blacks and only woman on the team and author of man with no name as dan our guest on a word on where the roses then john sigg intolerance chairman of the freedom forum's first amendment center at vanderbilt university this program was produced in the studios of wbez an nashville thing
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