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the laying on the only a moment at me many more
it is morning edition and we will will be possible now paying it's
been a week in a new land oh yeah godzilla
can you imagine maybe well in the country you know he's young nineteen ninety good evening and tomorrow the report of the president's commission on rides will go on sale in a paperback edition for a dollar and a quarter
it would sell white america what in the past all anomalous like faulkner and baldwin said so well that the united states is a racist country as in faulkner's novel light in august the report suggests that white people bear the burden of guilt for racial the line as in the baldwin novel of fire next time the report suggested for the negro violence may seem to be the only way out of the ghetto except for its official designation of this country as racist the report says virtually nothing know it just puts it all in one place report tells white middle class americans that they do not comprehend life in the negro ghetto tonight at all make a small effort to overcome that failure you can get the details of the report someplace else last november and december and april photographer gordon parks spent several ordinary weeks with one family in harlem parks a diary and photographs will appear in this week's issue of life magazine the night before march first reporters
gordon parks this is the story of a black man named norman point in la and this is what he wants what he is looking for sympathy as what your forties you turning back to america poverty in this very very violent and very look at you know destroy him is to destroy yourself you are wary of a long hot summers is part of the long we would nonetheless us so far apart as it might seem something about all of us that goes far deeper than blood of black and white bizarre can search for a better life and a better world
we march now over the same ground new ones march we fight for the same things you still find more our children's needs are the same as those shall we to our america america's us givers the only life we know so we must share and to survive look at us listen to us to try to understand his art dealers there yet a chance for all of us to live and he's dressed as that record and the family of four it was an especially bad our for nominees they knew he'd just been laid off is really a job where work part time as a
section eleven of her fan club would blanket trying to help thirteen year or over the owner is enabling awake most of the night worrying cause there was no food or money none of the kids had one approach differed from colder probably wouldn't be able to go to school for one day it's awful is a blow man all of its walking papers first the last to get called back about ten miles to fear and they're not for that i've watched even feel the baby stomach a much i can do about the white man don't love our and the white men firing when artwork done we get sent home to wait until he feels like congress back again
the patient that's why on this part time job with a really really say give me five days notice literature to history kept pointing silently of the goldfish bowl on the mount on more for the goldfish a die from the cold the night before only one little around slowly in a dirty green water richard good article for his beard and has barely kept mum when his neckwear and malt which warm because he had been eating plastic from the wall cracks of him and there are still poisoned system from lead pray boldly and viral island had been in the hospital thomas i get on a wild boar chili the walls are mothers and doctors say something about under what condition they have woven a diving once the thought now appears to be a strong woman especially in the early part of
the day when she looks younger than thirty nine was that they were long she seems today to have it the night before she was crumpled into herself all of this crime unit in one is about that grabbed me crazy she said this evening no i got double trouble was ms goodman their retirement for him to lay him off he didn't know me and the kids it has little bonnie's dog sniffing turning to the bottom he's met with all world and the kids and i get specially nominee in november sixty that's a fart now as a temper didn't want this film but i remain the government employees fill broken furniture perlman talk shows and the shape of sorrow curtains
the band toured paintings on the grammy awards this red sky road covering the cracked linoleum black flowers an elevated magazines just laughter you're a missile matt dishes on the tunes bad and shakes her head in disgust i just can't make them about it she says not unlike passes that law and the weapon then you have their warships i couldn't find the time to keep them watch now and then one sees a little stars chris unclean above the rubble like a flower bubbly batch it's amazing where the kids keep them books back so neatly home rubble in the quieter moments the older ones are the younger ones were the lessons that such times the house seems to be filled with love norman sears quiet sharply partly built the spurs in his eyes
is where jews move but he hadn't given up yet this whole building is growing religion that didn't fit for the launch what can i do my wife always trying to get into products they listen to understand a job to always sell it right we started from nowhere november nineteenth today there she was recognizing the sabbath but so far neither mr restrained portrait of christ that hangs above the it is going after they were religious family well i guess we are just said at least we used to be we just don't go to church and long beach are keeping faith in something there are things going so bad boy
it's a kid's of prayers and that's the best i can do it seems to me the most important thing now is trying to them some kind of education that's why people had to move books november point for thanksgiving day bessie far now and children were all sitting in the kitchen warming in front of them this morning when i arrived there was no heat and they knew the night before the two minutes left holding together and mac huge old and one night i was warned over fish for breakfast sausage eggs were being served for the thanksgiving dinner multnomah the twentieth of nineteen sixty seven i caught up with his baltimore today in the board for anti poverty others argue act she had gone nowhere for children to help bob kagan the board director settlers over quote listening to our complaints
part of the city also been without heat for three days her complaints were commentators is broken windows hunger rats roaches garbage strewn always goes off when his papers days when the wind whistles through the holes in the walls lamb are looking promising but more than half inch dr smith they're from the government one month ms couldn't oppose on this greek she said reagan promised help mask her to come back to see him the following week november twenty seven best if i know i receive a letter from our always sung today is named tara she said with a trace of sadness and a voice she set records with a back to the one the life he's
got some almost to go on the pilgrim state hospital for narcotics he got ownership of what was fifteen you took him to the police but once she was not going to do for him to protect other kids if i had to put him out when he was about eighteen years old you were in combat tears running down her face because florida have used to have to go out there in that mess too much money to scrape up right now unlike a scene really the good boy in our nominee's going to make sure there's talk there's a difference for whites the white policeman white but you are like you're going to go for appliance store
his eyes have the hard work of the older black men in harlem thirteen is already primed for some kind of action is aggressive determined and partly built for his age but as hostilities balanced by an overwhelming and innocent times today for instance he lifted his baby brother richard i'm sure that in both cases the some of the seven ideas to see all the fault noticing the leading to get one of the kid who cries hunger and bessie finalist grant a percentage of some kind nominees include just don't punish felons and sweet potato pies from the grilled fish richard three year old was interrupted one day sometimes for other younger children hungary's share one apple but enough there was enough food for regular meals the kitchen table was too small to accommodate all time
and this summer the eight it was extremely cold and a normalcy has spent most of the evening to cover more right into the broken windows and cracks his wife when the bed tired and the red with a bed co chairman of all night with richard as nick lampson lips were swollen again for child it's so bad he can hardly anything that moment to call a doctor she said a crane over to the house bill tomorrow morning is no better be some of the time there was a quiet excitement in the swat valley as she waited for the guards banter son and we arrived they embraced warm years ago and watched moments in your best interest about that they will begin talking it was awkward for all and first time since time was
shocked the basic problem how to come up with you had enough trouble reading club his criminal was just just go to a vote on giving almost at the marathon will be strident help to burden of the protest the program is a huge fan of privilege well i don't know which one as a farmer's eyes watered a narrow suddenly realized these were just harder he choked out assad and cover his face left shortly after some of the fifteenth
iphone moments woman over garbage can file this evening the smell of snow was a near the board ten issues like wind breaker this was hysterical ask him what it was so i can call up above me out he said rather has handled the flame for merck in his memoir my own work i guess i didn't know it you're right but if not i'm going to put that ball around the court for the night not my son
renato i let me in our team stopped the tension remain in chile apartment i sat around for nearly half an hour an uncomfortable still much a muddling me to the door and we'll roll for night she said softly one of his friends in a bottle you got churned up inside put mama now but i'll get him in some of the sexting best a family was lying ruling in missouri where i was that name though richard had planned the phone after she was ill and she took a long time and cheering when she did it was through a painful half smile well he gave me a growing over last night my ribs feel like they're a broken neck a scratch
i just can't take it no more it's too much to bear and the hospital over a sideman hard to get their clients i put in there i just couldn't take anymore my mother's sixty five and my father's be they're all alive kicking and beating that's all i've known since i was a child and all things on from our losing his job and everything but he acknowledged it only after she won't tell me while he was in the hospital where really got to pick me you know i got out of the ports and shoes and going to a boiling hot water and i let him have it right in the face
while issuing an awning that's to make it stick and burn or lie is too messy she was silent for a few moves to jewish streaming down her face from office are now that did this a woman is eisenhower pretty bad both of them were close going to see in the second round but i just couldn't take it they should leave their newly get more oil from the city how old about the lucy i'm going to go so i took him along with the fight now is in the first bed to the right of the car to have the nurse to him and i looked the man in the bed she directly to but that's natural forests at the moment lawyers at as i can tell by his
and looks enough that they are but he was burned beyond recognition on injured reserve the proportion i know and insurers do a corpse's neck and his face is right hand which i've been raised an attempt to shield his face was horribly burned he set up on the side of the bed and dropped his eyes with him cause i don't know why a mother that poem i just don't know i'm very laid back down and leaped into a painful sleep just and of all of those thousands of violence is that explode in a ghetto every week as we left the hospital
neither some of that pile up and spillover into the streets and buildings burned and people are killed and windows are smashed and the big moments in the little moments that action to look at what they don't have at home as we crossed the street climbed the four flight to call apartment i can only wonder why they wait for summer the beales special report on civil disorders part two continues in one minute
the national advisory commission on civil disorders reported that the united states is becoming two countries one white one black one in the suburbs won in the city's one rated an outflow and see other in poverty the report condemns black power as contributing to white racism whether that's an enormous task of white america namely that americans stop blaming black people and start blaming their own system in that sense the riot commission report has accepted a central thesis of black power of philosophy black power says white's usually cannot condemn themselves but this is what the report asks it also plays with white america to reverse the tide of racial division the report says it is possible to do that but white reaction to black violence and black nationalism seems to indicate otherwise you're at two examples of how this country seems to be headed toward apartheid first black nationalist rest make
as he appeared on video last fall then a report by correspondent david greene was that no matter what happens the directives of the situation make you either get off the fence it is the ability to take your own resources and develop a quarter as a psychic energy of the way we want freedom one of france i think when we got interested in their racial how we don't want your neighborhood largely just as well december we don't want this kind of law school to be the highest in the best part of our odd that it was then we are saying the highest death of us that were not asking was and this is where he got in a
second and that's really sad that he's not afraid of alienating when we're young lady from one state and then she saw during the margins which disbanded people for fear or hatred still casesa with american ago if you want to be free or he's going to be dead my question is this if the violence continues aren't you mr nixon you mr lucas afraid it's going to be the second alternative you know that is they would say that use in some ideas about that yemen talking with you know what will lie along a lesson in a lot of those terrible the turmoil he'll probably does a lot of the edna correa is movement on further than one copy that
it's great you get your ocean water maybe we'll do it on the freedom of the world is common but why get it you think you're so indestructible you think is so great when arlene weapons i remember was that someone said the one where he gave his weapon from and then longtime budget is that they do this dishonest and us navy we are dead serious this country was founded on revolution little settlers out there in the northeast asia this country that's a mosque dozens of anthems though andy look at my version of it is on the baby and that's a rather one battle despite his other man and what were you will and we don't know we don't know before everyone on the bailout of the laws that the union was nothing i mean there you cannot and we get them
it's b talk in the suburbs of tanks and troops and terror in the streets as one hurdle for storage a grandmother europe are fearful huge part of what the president's report called the polarization of the american community but little manual so to have them returned by the shooting foundations for you all so much and i keep them in here with your cookbooks they make a pretty good reference if you ever need anything like this up to this point we have gone through the routine of practice we are going to now to a little tiny bit of something very similar to conventions it's scenes in
trouble than you would ever have to do anything like we're going to do today would simply we want to know and you want to know about can be done so so thats been demonstrated is rio's new tranquilizer resolves wires and your mortgage you must involve everyone hundred thousand are learning to use it the city's public recreation department offers new structure of all white your borders on the edge of detroit which is forty percent black fear and hate are the only barnes well i would like to be our first volunteer at it as kids are any questions or questions you mean everything it says i like that i come back to the vital point well you'll find that those targets are martyr the same
targets of the police departments the fbi used the study the target we'll see what they consider to be the more vital areas leave me no other is nothing more vital than being it anyplace almost and why i think this is a terrible thought but if it's a terrible situation had to resort to this well in the middle i'm a volunteer for six people well the legendary or that there's going to be another and i wanna be prepared and make at one thing even an edge
of his face because i mean i don't like that you don't care a scarily of cheering clearly hadn't even been nominated thank you i mean you know you do what is necessary and concern of these women is genuine from their homes they've seen claims in the night of the president's report says the real danger facing the united states is the solution to separate communities you think it's b
attitudes are much the same in rochester twenty five miles north of detroit on the surface it's a peaceful white community untouched by last year's riots the nearest mccain was ten miles away in pontiac still there is fear it's an insulated usually quiet streets proper holmes family pets and apprehension citizens are worried from their isolation the conflict only of us and them too much farming marcel take an untroubled by
stabbing curve where you know you have a terrible time where some analysts in the city until years and years and is it more than we give the service i'm
here there's a key official status as auxiliary police or deputies are trying to build a formal citizens public safety car was more we have one leader in each of these seven areas divisions you may marcel finding a leadership in this area secure and on the matzo to its own leaders have additional trouble organizing be a serious reappear is also in the same situation we have several people interested but
so far no one's terrible leadership or regionally some charges that they were a group of vigilantes the report has warned against the widespread tendency of communities to overreact ali is mostly though that the few afghans who were with the original i haven't tweeted out of work they appear now to be all generally concerned townspeople who feel they're just isn't about formal police protection to go around their chairman is an architect but talk is rarely of building foundations for better understanding or county sheriff approve of the group and when i got out there about twenty five and i say only in this village and violent religion strong punch and we're going to carry guns in the dome got the guy i couldn't get to unveil his dual i came back and ireland this weekend don't well i'm interested in the
senate right the overweight curator at the volume a lawyer and i had lived a stand on judicial in nearby pontiac is an industrial town largely through populations very sensitive to what appears lenovo group of artistry and we get other reports the town's planning purposes of tanks and leon and veterans groups are angry and forty why mr may appeal white people have a wire model and an iranian media believe me everywhere with egon and they were obviously going to ask me the question you know you need it need it but i mean you hear of a violent times in springfield found that one of the towns it you know by the person at every they'd rather than add to the talent and i'm like cool and iv lines
you had a black maid at the blackmail as a state rep and then was going on in the county talent people telling black people are in that he would be in prison for anti terror on water even here where the black bears it went out in the comic con and black bean went on and that's what you'd think they'd be no big deal but it is you know the four hundred years i think this to their three years you know three generations of them i'll family one should know what is so new in nineteen sixty eight you know in the sixties that you'd go with my grandfather was born you know when i needed my mother was ready for integration issues middle class negro now all of a sudden you
come to me and you know you say you know communicate with me you know i've been here all time well you know what i have to say to you the most advanced nation well it has to be resolved they have to use all because i want my children to have an answer yet not be a prisoner for that i have that i don't have and i think i'll have my life time to waste on this you say rihanna going to be getting into and it's a very real possibility of people talk about just that a lot of people thought was you know and a lot of people don't believe it but it is a very real effect as a very real effect in the white people are known so to do you know to kind of thing about it as a very real plant and black me when you said they're not going to get him loaning me what we
need is some discussion came up in the chambers of the city commission and someone said something about twenty five million black people and you could hear a long background yes and got 25 million grains this is a very real thing this is what they're planning plots oh me
it he says
it did he live good evening i lost gurley brown
the commission report talks about the communications gap between the people of the ghetto and the rest of america just how deep is it describes the surface of the skin deep problem the be on offer as part of a test the pair by a social worker from the ghetto what's in los angeles social worker mr adrian glover was struck by the fact that low income black men were required to do well on tests key to middle class experience in educational standards so mr doug decided at the shoe on the other foot and running and test for middle class americans both white and black to see how well they understood the special culture of the ghetto original case tested twenty one questions your selected ten this question you'll be given four choices from which to select an answer to be given the correct answer the end of each question so if you have a piece of paper and pencil and they simply marked down the numbers one to ten and take the test and now for the first question the square is an almost universal
orlando initiative no square is a person who just isn't worth it and wonders how many people work on madison avenue always in and out what goes on the station and one of its feet under way in suburbia london and one in history the broadway the main drag a problem what better place to ask the first question of a quiz question one then everybody in the negro community where it is they grab him at the fbi i'm eighty three again the question and in the community the opposite of square is a run be up see down the hit
record the answer of every good ancestor know he's really the opposite of square and if you you know hit man and woman time being released with it nowadays so news is the big thing in the legal community jazz isn't always a favorite of the brothers after all they stopped the bakken oil is question number two ready the nickname refers to any one giant aig benny goodman see the poconos pretty good question nicknamed the only wonder okay pick one of
the ntc i'm mary louise kelly that's right and another weird thing because the question very quickly very quickly and they will be calling see like it is the straight critical question reporters had shown complete the phrase which begins when it began to see daleiden who's is tell it like it is a month ago to vegas to harlem during the ice is as
popular sport as throwing the bull which brings us to question for you to throw the dice for that seven shows on the top what's on the bottle isn't a seven the snake eyes see boxcars the eleven tricky question for it with other guys who have seven shows on the top cruz nih is another saying julian the inner city ghetto slung sort of recorded message intervention question five which goes bananas called attention he's at a group at the appointed see
an uncle tom be a preacher three biggest and five the man is gone and it had his removal possibilities which one kind of medicine and if you haven't guessed the answer is c a habit of it is an uncle cup and why ar one of me in phrases and the world community for how to get ahead we want you to complete some question six complete the following sentence quote early in the morning two they re be healthy wealthy and wise c cooley we run on the street
to integration we complete the rolling thunder begins the morning has been seriously this is muhammad it before my precious clay and is bouncing long as we have a former heavyweight champion of the world cup what he called his slave name jazz pianist ahmad jamal he knew what was no was it a really checks in the new roy jones ceo fritz jones the anti thompson is questions of them again what was a former slave name of ahmad jamal pick one from the fall
the answer is b and the amount of monica's initials or the beach allies you drop his baggage slave named for good you know what it means is tv at the mexican american cd negro the american indian his question it again what is the truth and to see it and you go into it so food is a popular staple of the ghetto consists of delicacies by called moss black eyed peas
interesting sort of chickens now that didn't disclose or bacteria travel you wanted to grow these chickens pretty quick test results how long to cook chicken at a pretty mints be funny cause see one week in a real way the one hour his question i mean in the best results how long to grow chickens in boiling what the answer is maybe twenty four albums in addition to some of most of that he would have more of a taste and a pinch of salt and you knew who are you there's some black people who said in june to june nineteenth that you should be a legal holiday survived and the final question they
ask you to complete the following sentence june team should be at the holiday because that was the day that a martin luther king was born the book though washington was born see lincoln freed slaves the texas fried it slips through the question can drinking should be at the holiday begins a day that two options fb and the answer is the duty or june nineteenth was the day that at sixty five and general george ranger and his union forces landed on texas oil and freed the slaves is still celebrated by black folk dancer those eleven lost their farms and gone north there is
well how did you do i passed the test that is the deal suggests that anyone with five or more correct answers in some kind of touch with the people of the ghetto has been too much perhaps that you had anything less than five correct then we respectfully submit that in the jargon of the social worker who wrote that as you may well be culturally deprived and often on scoring question which tells the school recently jet magazine asked readers to answer the following question what's at the nickname he preferred to be known by that gave its readers these five possibilities in what order do you think they were chosen by the generators the five choices that you see on the screen are shuffled if you'll excuse the expression the final results of the death toll the question again was one ethnic named you prefer to be known by the fire at the designations are they african american the negro c black the
color in the afro american remember the rancor choices according to how you think the black readers of get answered the poll and now for the answer at the bottom in fifth place was the old euphemism colored and in fourth place was that's good solid term african american in third place with less than a quarter of the votes was the term negro limits the white community in communications media are accustomed to you and second place was the term black and a comfortable lead for the moment is the phrase afro american and these two explosions wreck as more popular among youth and college students it's less than two years since stokely carmichael popularize the phrase black thought from a speech by adam clayton powell it's less than a year since martin luther king endorsed the slogan black is beautiful and it's so beautiful to be black but more beautiful and best to the point is is robert burns said far back and rob that
law that a man is a man carjacked riot commission had something to say about the role of the mass media it's said the general i did a good job of covering the riots but they did a bad job of covering the normal ordinary day to day life of negroes and so far the press has done a pretty good job of covering the report itself it's nine recommendations this weekend are well known more jobs better housing better schools better politics the commission itself did not say how much all this would cost at all has learned that the estimated cost is eight to ten billion dollars a year more than the administration has asked for housing education welfare and jobs programs but that martin luther king was planning a new march on washington has been urging that kind of spending for a long time
today lately i do please do the state
this is home simon so this is but the commission report makes it clear that
government spending alone federal state or city cannot do the job without help from the business community again and that is not a new conclusion several anti poverty programs of taken that approach one of them is in the bedford stuyvesant section of brooklyn a ghetto with one distinction its crime rate is higher and harlem's reporter jack new field that wrote about the project for life magazine and before at all they've given merits the end all right
wherever you see on tv julie rose at ninety percent increase since nineteen fifty one just slightly more than half the population lives in the interim not one new hospital not one you might screw up until they died a little more each year last additions of islam to be seen everywhere
reporter jack you feel after the butler stars and russians are better off now than before they started riding i would think of all the situation is a lot worse but the average individual or i don't say they're the center if you can imagine yourself black eighteen unemployed living and that that further than you think you might participate in right i don't care i think the violence is a mistake i can understand being disillusioned with government and with outside a feeling that no one cares and no one will care as far as the pitcher's concerned and i think that that's going to put ourselves in that position is what we know those of us who are more apt for those of us who have positions in government organizations and within the establishment that's where we have to put ourselves going on
do you think that the basic existing complex of anti poverty and welfare programs have not that old an effective and the vanishing well i think that they are they have not been as a victimization i think the editor that is the expectations of tie a video to the north on average live problem is greater and an informer the situation is far more serious some are more far more essential that something be done and therefore the situations where it's legal because they have an organized to talk about that and they are the result of that dissolution and grows greater i'm not they were putting more money for instance the pilot programs into your political ally the senator says that he realizes because of vietnam there isn't enough federal money to rehabilitate bedford stuyvesant senator kennedy and his staff have developed a new
bipartisan program aimed at breathing new life into the area simply put the plant is a systematic attack of urban poverty starting with the idea of convincing private enterprise to invent massively in the ghetto two nonprofit corporations and so that one is called bedford stuyvesant corporation concerns about twenty five black community leaders its function is to create an employment training programs employment opportunities and community development activities corporations first target was tournaments that are in various stages of death and decay four hundred four story buildings on paul's a straight work of renovation began last summer the idea was to attack a highly visible problem and give the community the last hope concrete proof that something could be accomplished renovation created jobs for two hundred and seventy two and skilled unemployed residents people who otherwise would have been on the streets one of the young people express the sentiments of
money when he said the site what were what are you and this is real stuff by last november the work on hold the street was completed and the people celebrated with a block party than on their old residence went out and collected money for trees and other things to improve the street even more but i the street almost looks like the old middle class but first honors and a four years ago a shining symbol of a possible but difficult future a second corp is called the boatman uncertainty and contain some giants of wall street including roz will go patrick former deputy defense secretary was now a wall street lawyer jack new field asked kilpatrick of the bedford stuyvesant programs would be able to reach all the people there oh i wouldn't give up on anybody in the community over the long run i think in the near term this will affect primarily be those who would not now need more training need more education and only some inducement to stay instead of moving out of the area that's why wheaton is pressing the physical rehabilitation
interestingly deterioration of a military regime that the homeowners the children the people won't keep their families together and keep this a real community within the city of moore do you think the lower the amount of preoccupied the government and made the city the last of thirty and therefore made it imperative that well yeah i think it is in a play you can't wait for the government in every case and and if we can solve our local problems a city probably mostly something not unknown level as that's why i'm interested in brooklyn having families living than having office workers here from brooklyn to me i want to do something and not wait for washington to act probably the most ambitious program actually going on now is the demolition of abandoned new bottling plant local people are doing the word eventually is to say construction of a community complex that will include meeting rooms office space for a city service organizations and daycare centers for children based on its
idealize blueprints combining private and government funds the bedford stuyvesant program could become a national model of slum of regeneration but the odds are long no one yet has succeeded in reversing that report to carry an entire get out the leader of brooklyn court sunday carson is one man who has an overly optimistic about the chances of success in bedford stuyvesant well yes
you knew it people black people they're about difficulties in all the rubber stylus restoration plans the idea of buying up vacant lots to use for low income housing for instance have to be discarded when the owners about three times the value of the land despite the setbacks quote work has moved along and won it in seventy or seventy one there should be rehabilitated housing there are now rotting plants trees rivers no concrete small parks rather now as rival players runners now traffic and choose where there is now nothing but garbage a water fountain whether now is nothing the future is always inscrutable yet walking through the community one senses something if not yet the beginning of optimism that at least the end of
evidence the commission staff went out and asked people in riot city goes to list their major grievances number one was dissatisfaction with the way they were handled by police numbered too was unemployment and under employment the commission says two million people are unemployed and the labor department said today that out of every three a nonwhite use your job age one is out of work and especially significant figures into trouble in the streets usually involves these young people what should we do about it well of the commission says there should be a vastly increased manpower and on the job training program using a combination of federal and private funds that approach is going vegan planning organization called the opportunities industrialization center which has branches in sixty six president johnson visited the center in philadelphia last year when allies sees founder the reverend leon sullivan was being honored as man of the year by the chamber of commerce recalling a selective
buying campaign and lead and protest against job discrimination some years before iran solomon reminded his audience that he had not always been quite so popular in the city of philadelphia i imagine that i thought it was important to tell the chamber of commerce and other business leaders who were there that night about selective package because just six years ago in philadelphia less than three percent of the sensitive job of the industry will be held by colored people selected pattern it was quite successful but then we began to find it difficult to find people to go into some of the areas that are being opened and i realize that unless we did something now to prepare people why we've been a worse predicament than we were perhaps even the beginning because integration without preparation his frustration and i do not want my community to be frustrated and the other man
da proteins or good programs but they weren't reaching the people who need it most of that thought i had to construct a program to fit that need of batman batman who needed to be up and reached had to be reached one of the greatest keys that we have to the success of all i see is the recruiter once that recruitment things that they said that that motivate recruit a brother he can do a job there were no help a new free jobs frequently guarantee you that if you convert who and we guarantee you a job when you know one question of the most important part of all i see is the feeder school the fleet a possible i see one half of what we do with skill training the other
hand his attitude more training you too and my guest is good but one that we did of basically that men is most lazy now i was motivated policy to come and better myself to their wares earth i see other people look to their jobs and houses you know nice thing the cinema cell one hour walk in and you know while he's behind in that some amazing colleges have no damage our images or white was no ambition whom you ways that that was great people have been discriminated against
what is it these men are lazy they would be in balance although they didn't believe they couldn't get up a man has to believe he comes from something that he comes out of something that he's somebody that for years to be traced back to where he began so they have a sense of pride for being what he is once a man has respect for what he is he doesn't have to leave anymore we do not have to be that of another man and we're not that we we're in a way we haven't seen say in their phone now and then and most people are just average now we will have to be new research and it has to be the nation must face the fact that black americans receiving a lot of help getting in the predicament we end we gonna need just as much of getting out of it i'm sure that with like children can look and
say that there was a change that was back when we had just like them roman empire lot of in the united states like molly was live in the united states then suddenly i can go on family still in the block where i live successfully was certainly i cannot go to school and become an engineer when a man are long lead voice few years after that then go to a voice technical center where they learn a skill oh i see you succeed i think are many other technical centers for a deal because of un bomb and with industry industry is in full partnership with oh i see the queen and we trained on his very best screen by industry in much of the third by industry jobs to which are trainees what jobs that industry shown us are available now because if you treat a man for the job they do not exist you frustrated more for this reason we have high placement rates more than eighty percent of our people who
finish our training programs have actually gone to job well it started with the people because we believed that the people had to prove they wanted all i see them said yes the problem of the people by the people and for the people in the true tradition of the american dream but the purpose of all this is to give a man a job and michigan give a man a good job of voice preparation all that we're doing isn't it we have a young man a journal entry into drafting the policy some ways in the minds of many men and women have walking the streets it used tremendous potential but no one ever also no one ever did anything to help them there are many others like him a general electric and our three thousand five hundred likes him in eight hundred industries and companies all the delaware valley all around philadelphia
oh i see is on to start there is the next step which is am till dawn to education of the arch education is the next great step that might well be come the mechanism to help the large cities to begin the process of rebuilding themselves and believe me people can rebuild themselves with the help of government programs i took two hundred members of my church and they raise enough money to build a million dollar garden apartment complex owned by the people themselves all i see cops amanda get a job but beyond that we have to create jobs and for that reason i took six hundred people and rebuilding but recalling the proper supplies will be the largest and most sophisticated shopping center built by colored people serving a whole community and this country's history
nonetheless the riot commission as blood about the need to do something about the unemployment that leads to some money problems of the ghetto it says we must take immediate action to create two million new jobs over the next three years and next year alone we should come up with five hundred fifty thousand jobs three hundred thousand of them in private business the organization probably drawing most open employment office doors for the negro is the urban league and the man doing a major portion of the work of the league is an executive director with neil young at al followed with me on around the country to come up with a view of how he goes about convincing the white business community to hire more negroes we know they use a credibility gap in the negro communities it has historically been consciously and deliberately excluded and their credibility gap will not be changed will not
be closed until this is going to show that it can't consciously and deliberately into animals and the plants have consciously excluded i think we've got to be perfectly honest about this situation it is in fact one minute to midnight cameras and fat running out not just on people who are economically educationally the grant tammany running out in terms of people throughout the world taking america to be real and to be honest but if we can say to the community this is going to take ten year but next year that's what you look for job everybody that that is important and i've got to just take it on the same thing we did in nineteen thirty two i thought about working on it overnight repairs the bpa in ways he sees the fbi know the
bicycle we got awaited all have heels and they don't have motivation we have the incentive we just put these angry folks who were shoveling a sweeping narrative as anything to put on the war and the mind that you not get ahead of private catalina horns on this and you also to a plan to let a plan to happen why didn't you it's because he's been
missing so the peace between them they were receptive to the ideas this is really our situation and the reality is don't learn unless you have a camera and it is every day are experimenting in america have to make love and the war around that will cost
me the latvian lot already joe's been there they a part of the system that if you saying that a man can of audio for what i am not heard about you know i'm a pot of the system in the sense that i didn't talk to the establishment but over to be polite they get the job it was to power out in california and they call me a lot you still rights movement i must confess i had all right
it is the oil is bad language without compromising an hour i'm lucky i'll either of our person particularly relates to self defense myself and my family and they're not at all sure that i would not be advocate of our games if i thought i could win if the situation were reversed and we were in nigeria are in the end in ethiopia or somewhere i might well be an
advocate about looking at the hard realities unless somebody showed me some that i am seeing it no way our books appear reluctant then at this point do not see this as a as a very sound pack and now and so we are against violence it was possible of legal community ago about five years ago and saying to its constituents to be patient be non violent the loyal and i've been able to produce a tangible concrete victories a big event at the same way that that had a history of the racial searching and re envision greene managed to begin talking with labor leaders and vanity them was vacant for them
it will be allocated all of these native he believed old mink coats been a chauffeur costly alex madden elaborate wells documents it says that they they were no mood to talk about revolution oh nice journalist
bloch says they didn't succeed but didn't destroy it hundreds of thousands of american that the moderate income when we feel allocated billions of dollars to rebuild with jeremy also on wednesday and they log on with him but we knew that far but german lobby of live in a fallen service and i believe that we've seen the handwriting on the wall in that we will not wait to be embarrassed the push the button and being beat that we will live because right now because we present mingle hundreds of them as a country rat a big hole nine a seven percent at the plate and said that they believe in america i read that your actions there wouldn't buy your attendance at this meeting by having you and the subject on the agenda of the valor to be a nasty be doing
even the national socialism that in fact is an alien land a well and a collective wisdom and sensitivity that we can in fact produce today the people to make democracy work as you know for while those were to make democracy fail this is margo this is my being this is not j it add or clothes to make the government in the business it was a mix of
elimination mr yun as a moderate but this weekend he said summer violence would result of the findings of the riot commission are unknown another is from author james baldwin reporters who saw this year this one is amazing document because it during its most honest but i know oh it's most inadequate it doesn't have palmieri
areas covered know finally does going on might have a reason the main streets weren't always that way lida pigott my time inside dancing because i finally figured out my job again comes as news to a great many michael citizens that the reason that black people are in the streets as a junior lives in force leading this country these laws actually and a certain that any given to very willful ignorance of our local citizens everybody knows nine eleven and i know they would like to be a black man this country they know that and
legitimize against the rest of it all indications of being a black father a black woman and a black son and our only indications involved in a human beings and i love to take care of his wife to take care of his children to raise his children and men and women in the t solve the structure is built july that i can be human being on my child candy the great pressure on the country then all these lives be living here now is forty three years ago in his garage terrible knowledge i want exactly what you want and you know what you want i
want to be let know i don't want any of things that people use the rosenwald and i don't hate each person you want to be able to raise my children in peace and a ride on the charity my own way in peace only be defined by you i think that you and i lightner no way to find each other and you know calm the red and black olive garden like cholera is what jews to avoid facing the facts of our common history the fact of american life is even call me and they grow or neighbor or promising black man but in fact a man like you i wanna live like you
this country's mind too much for his lightning you're european still and that means i met with the bulls know the building into all the agenda that the island of polling i think the fact that the new libya together over die together is not i'm telling you i was telling you you listen all you approach a real special edition of the president's record on civil disorders with guests david ginsburg executive director of the commission that monitors dr kenneth clark bayard rustin and charles hamilton continues with heart rate
the riot commission report is addressed to white america but there is another view that it isn't directly addressed to the black community in effect saying we made at this time we realize something must be done while or is still time if there's still time whereas stream and to our studio in new york to discuss among other things whether they believe that and if there is still time byard rustin one time civil rights leader now executive director of the a philip randolph institute professor kenneth clark professor of psychology at city college of new york and charles hamilton co author with stokely carmichael of the book black car professor clarke you were a prominent witness before the commission and you referred to previous studies that had been done of racial or civil disorders and you said something to the effect i must say it is a kind of alice in wonderland witness a moving pictures three shown over and over again the same analysis the same recommendations
as an action here expect this report change anything but we can talk about the girl most reports from mark and racial problem than an interesting in our feet once considered unlikely it weren't considered to be memorable item about today and found that president truman appointed a commission which came up with a memorable report in nineteen forty seven and one consequence of that really memorable report within the us commission on civil rights that are the united states government whose commission has been eloquent and the inability to affect an effective in changing the government so a deeply pessimistic hello i'm past the iphone you ask me a question like it can relive that manfred
eicher one in your pessimistic that the report will really accomplished alisha hey i don't know when reporters going to accomplish anything about that i think that there have been previous reports which have been as hard hitting as this one are we in the nineteen forties in the moral study was a magnificent report a little study of the effect the anatomy of a ruthlessly and skillfully and i don't think they are been significant changes in critical of the nato in america nineteen forty to nineteen forty seven nineteen forty seven in nineteen sixty eight we have had judicial decisions we've had legislation we had had occasional commitment the chain and more recently we have had commitment even coming from the white house and
bill amend the ghetto very little change in his native a lot of distrust and you think this report will change anything given anything by telling a white bigot well let me say that i think the report has new elements number one a cross section of prominent americans are now saying what in the lights and they grew leadership has saved for many years but the basis of this problem is economic and social power to report deals with a backlash which has been built on the basis of these riots were a conspiracy it has made quite clear that they are not a conspiracy number three americans have thought that by just being nice people maybe they could do away with the problems of the ghetto this report says unless you are prepared to invest
billions and billions of dollars even to the point of increasing taxes nothing will change what's new about all odd because that has never been presented to the american people by such an all glass group of people with the backing of the white house when credit that do you think it will change anything well i do not have no crystal ball but i'm saying that all things are all really changed by people getting new insights i would hope that the american people will now see the choice whether they're going to invest billions and stop americans from being torn apart or whether they want race war not assume the american people a sense enough not to what race war that this a stark choice which is served commission reports to us
security do you think the report will change anything do you think it will avert a race war of which mr estes i don't know enough about the all white racist mentality that the alliance of the vastness of the quake but i would say that the added component here now i think in the late nineteen sixties and that is and all these other reports we haven't heard i suspect the absolute groundswell like or from a bottle i think we all likelihood of a race war is absolutely there i think that that's it had a complaint i think thats unfortunate you know that we have to put the most urgent bergdahl what the report obviously is relying on i think as a kind of world of rationality that i think that we have to either the same exist our
whole exempts no major violence really is is this is what america rational and up with this thing that then it's racism isn't rational enough to see its self interest because it's clear in my mind but it's often just does not live and repression of the black communities because if that happens i want any white person looking at this program this evening to think that his individual civil liberties can survive that say if they come down hard on the black community as many of them are planning to do we saw earlier this program harming themselves so funny pressing the black community would force and i think it's very clear that girl what president whole civil liberties or white people in this country will no longer exists so i'm suggesting that sen wyden america's self anxious too listen to these demands and exceeded these demands today listen to this report exceed to the fantastic virgin cries of this report on the question
another way do you think that integration is a viable goal in this country i think that question so listen to american racism with integration a viable going to say without integration a subject at groups of people to a second or third or under class status by virtue of our having to ration it as racism and if you're saying if you even ask a question if you are in effect saying that the market is suffering from an incurable tv the razor that may well be one of the alternatives i that we integrate or the people of america the site beginning arose a certain member states in which to live and set up their own nation or they shoot us won't send us back to africa or leg maintain law nor there in the
sense of grounding are surrounded american get off with mobile an effect on military force are functional which is to maintain a lawnmower with continued inequities and injustice ask you let me just clarify one thing clear reason i asked the questions that the report suggests that school systems will be eighty ninety ninety five ninety nine percent may grow in our cities in it under those circumstances is integration even possibly law school systems in our cities will be eighty nine the iranian percent negro because suburbs will be leaving for attempting to maintain a hundred percent white and asian nation in the latter part of the twentieth century spending a tremendous amount of money competing with the russians or mastery of others dave functioning in this anachronistic way of dividing of population according to color is it is a really fascinating i think
man and the important point in connection to a question about integration again you see i think that this is where we should really focus not just our discussion here but in the dialogue that will obviously go on in this country to ask if integration is our goal is to really ask what the congress is going with the senate now is going to do a bottle but occupancy are things of that nature are i suspect that when people asked that question they all i'm accusing you that they have in mind the black power movement and so forth with israeli vet so a lot of the questions that now that now surround the whole discussion of race relations answers to these questions live almost exclusively with one american city that's what reports are you are now
and especially worried about making capacity whether borrowing is the willingness the capacity of one american well how willing to think what america is always say it has not being yep willie now the problem about inflation is not that it has been tried and failed the problem is it has not there has not been any will genuinely to try it now i believe that the american people can and must there's nothing but tragedy for black and white unless we are paid to build an integrated society in which like all other groups the negro is able to maintain certain of his own cultural heritage and to bring to that multiple pluralistic society certain values which our day is unanswered question another way disturbed aside from the question of integration is assimilation
once is it feasible realistic law not asking each of you perhaps we should start with mr astin well let me say that already the negroes in fact integrated into many aspects of american life they're over two million legos though the trade union movement would dues paying members without the white people the idea of the dish out have integrated schools this false it's simply a matter of whether we're going to draw the line so we can have it there many small cities as dr clarke knows where integration as possible tomorrow we michael a billboard busing when i was a child busing was the same a round consolidated schools but the minute you talk about busing made well as then bussing becomes something horrible to say i think that we make a mistake at the samoan this problem because what we're now doing is
analyzing things in the glass bowl i would be more interested in discussing where in this particular commission's report in terms of the economics of the matter which is basic cellular what they did not deal with and for them more than to deal with a political problem of how do you get the nation committed to implementing this report are well before we let you answer those likely questions you just close ranks with other dr clarke says on the question of assimilation they have viable all of it it i don't know an assimilation really means i have some great idea what we mean by integration and my best model for that integration in the market so it would be the seemingly very effective an official invitation which
we heavily armed services in vietnam it seems to me that we have had very little difficulty in getting our negro soldiers in vietnam sharing fully suffering responsibility and i presume some of the hardy and of course today well the one integration or any other type of social change it manages to get out i would settle and i presume many liberals would settle for integration into the political economic another aspect of our society in vietnam situation if you were to call that assimilation like
one of the stunning things about the modern civil rights movement of that it seemed to me to be in danger of being drowned in words and reports i suspect that we will spend the next thirty years seventy five percent of our time and energy on so it's working well next day have a feeling that the panel discussions in port are very subtle technique to avoiding coming to grips with some difficult problems which our society must come to grips with and newly american scientists are ways to pass the process of killing oneself but of the symposium is a meaningful coming to terms with an issue that really is of all i think that was when the announcer there but i wouldn't stop studying a black man but we really must have to
do is to zero and i'm on the whites why think that there there's a great that's not what i would call engagement in this whole process that is to say one engage i've been to at least one hundred and twenty thousand conferences on the subject of the lead since september i'll give or take a few hundred thousand ya head and arm allam the process that goes on in the minds of my audience you know they feel that i come and speak and it turned on him and they released their obligation to issue what do you think this report said that there were talking about was in part issued to say to the ghetto for the lead on this go through a mass soul searching and seeking out of our conscience and that was not directly address to the white community but is in fact a political viking rover was it won't work
it was the system's way of howling at it was the system's way of reacting quickly that's what we do in this society we appoint a committee and we investigate their goal something's going down there so something not true and all you know i would you know conferences on emergency measures to rot in the violence in the arab ghettos this coming summer as possible bomb we just seeing and we've been saying evidence profuse prolific evidence that there are no such solutions emergency kinds of measures we've identified the problems yeah and now the society is on the brink and its handling it in the same way investigations reports the luminous lying which lowers a public relations major component balancing to be much more sophisticated
and what's more effective by way of viruses then previous ways of handling reports of investigations know like a marker they want to be engaged in the kind of public relations apartments which takes two for one deal and which are many like people seem to be getting their fix and having negro slightly terms of telling them how to open another form of catharsis is by increasing hostility and i think both things are happening rattling at the same time in some time and in sane person's we are engaged in what seemed to me to be a q julie mccarthy the hands of continued insensitivity and the guys and continuing dialogue continued indifference and what's most disturbing course
the continuation of the cruelty and i think if you won the barometer it's let's look at our congress and i'm not one of those people who believe that congress is below the norm of the american people i have a feeling that they're pretty representative of anything maybe somewhat slightly above the norm that's more shocking the report for taking a look at congress and were i think that there are if you wanna know the meaning of this report look at the big a new congress within the next week or two i think you'll get a pretty good in that slow whether words are going to be translated into any meaningful program to affect the lives of human beings professor clark you've been looking at this for a good long time haven't you and i would like to on and i would like to ask you if you share the view that some have that we're sort of headed ford armageddon and race relations in this country now i don't think that we are headed toward
armageddon if you have a picture of us in terms of war or guerrilla warfare are things that sort of a i think this is part of the pattern of words which we use i think we're headed for something even worse one such continued stagnation lee this program showed me a horrifying because it was so real picture of gordon parks and the family i think we're headed for a perpetuation of this the skies by word of this man and his children will feel afraid we will have more and more sporadic better and better explosion against us and we will control and live more practical effect when you say
we will control who was we and who's maybe some people in our society are respectable people and i think that we will have decent middle class lee rosenthal so appalled by violence can also carry out against violence particularly if the violence the violence and despair do you think there were headed toward an apartment's society mr astin are you still activist you know to be quite frank do i think that this discussion which we're having is only adding to the confusion and despair what we should be doing is looking at this report and noticing certain things in discussing number one that it has no rationally plant cost analysis number two that the creation of two million jobs over a three or four year period is not going to get and we need a half
million jobs now before summer and they all have a bill should be passed now this report did not call for a legislative progress this report calls for half the amount of housing annually which we need this report does not mention mass transit when the jobs are moving to the suburbs billions of dollars are being spent to make nice roads for middle class white people to get to the debt when they correlate we're through the ghettos into the suburb of what that one of the building is mass transit to make it possible for poor people to go where the job market is developing this report does not deal with the us the need for construction of public facilities and the billions of dollars in the interest of all the people now started getting bogged down in a psychological discussion or
attempting to look in the crystal ball these are the things we ought to be discussing for the education and the american people aren't that's what will do them but will have to do in washington because the executive director of the commission on civil disorders mr david ginsburg is in our studio in washington with at all chief correspondent edward p martin so let's switch in washington and drabs we can get the answers to those questions mr ginsburg what are your answers to mr roston has very deep seeded concern that we just heard him talking about well i think that there's much much to be sent along the lines as he's indicated it's quite true that the commission was unable to deal with all of the many things that they spoke about but we did deal in some considerable detail with a number of matters and the first of course was a matter of menthol veteran one a matter of jobs we did you with a problem of housing we did you with a problem of education and we do deal at some
considerable length with the problems of welfare but then listening to the conversations that we just heard i'm not surprised that there's been no indication of the other matters that the commission touched in particular what can be done at the local level what the mayors can do within their own communities what the chiefs of police can do within their own communities what people can do to understand each other better than they do present if everything in this fourteen hundred page report here is true and i've read it not every word and i'm impressed by it might properly be called a warning other domestic pearl harbor when we were hit at pearl harbor there was no question of cost and yet although this report as only been out a little over twenty four hours of its entirety almost everything we have
heard has been in the form of a question how much is it going to cost and can we afford it isn't just telling you something mr ginsburg isn't this saying that the nation that draws back as a whole the white majority and says no we can't afford it no i don't think it's that anti haven't quite different reaction to the question you ask the commission sought to do something quite different than to focus the attention of the country on the matter of christ that indeed we are quite unable to price out the program and it's not that it couldn't be priced out of the central issue before this commission as this commission saw its job was to focus the attention of the country and the need for an active will they need to decide that now once and for all we will come to grips with the problem this was a central objective of the commission this was one of the reasons why the commission refused to come
to retry the pew commission refused to touch on the problem of price if it's a question of mobilizing the countries will argue a little bit discouraged and dismayed that romney deeply after a summary was published on friday the senate reviewers for the third time to suspend its filibuster and allowable on civil rights and incidentally senator mansfield majority leader indicates pessimism for a fourth try at quarter of the filibuster are too discouraged by the fact that a chairman may end of texas' of the house appropriations committee says that through the country can't afford it no matter what the price tag you put on no i'm not at all the skiers begin with live we've heard so much talk with in the last few hours on the matter of price that there is no price tag on the issue of federal open housing i mutter all discouraged by the fact that three votes and take
a fourth is to be taken monday monday at no and as far as i understand the situation as of this moment only one vote is lacking for coach and my every hope that i'm sure that every member of this commission joined with me is that coat you will be voted and that this issue would be finally resolved in a way that's effective as far as the other price tags are concerned the references of the major costs raising two from a trillion dollars to forty to fifty billion dollars the one that i heard for the first time this evening an eight to ten billion dollars these none of these figures originate with the commission none of them so far as i'm aware reflect the truth it strikes me that one of the most valuable things that the report does that is something that we have are hardly year more than glanced over in our reports in the press as a whole and that is a matter that might be called education and i'm not talking about integration or segregation of classrooms and busting and that sort of thing i'm
talking about the awareness largely of the white majority of the situation of how it is to live in a devil such as gordon parks showed us a little bit earlier this evening you remark to me once after you have to have the commission organized that you yourself a native of new york city in a washingtonian out of harvard by way of west virginia that you had no idea until you had started this assignment what to get old school was like what life in a ghetto slum was like and i heard governor for the chairman of the commission that he thought that in effect ignorance on the part of the white missouri was a key fact would you a brace yourself to that in terms of your own personal experience as we all began i think pretty much from scratch that is nine of eleven members
of the commission the other to be neighborly other to be legal senator edward brooke of massachusetts and roy wilkins they knew we didn't know certainly i didn't need these problems with the kind of problems that you felt that should be taken care of when you felt the good people were indeed taking care of them but among the first things that we did was to organized trips to the ghettos and all of the commissioners and many members of the staff went to the gate stately talk with people walk the streets it in restaurants talk at great length in the basements of the churches and elsewhere <unk> sometimes at midnight and the other not exactly so through the night we walk through the night we stopped into the bars we spoke with a policeman on the beat we spoke with others and we learned a good deal but there was more to it than that the commissions act as you know worked for the long days and during eight or ten hours of each day we heard witnesses and before all sorts of witnesses the
usual witnesses the university presidents representatives of the government of the representatives of the militants representatives and others and we learned a great deal and was in this process of accumulated information this battle that's right we had many you voluntarily came to bring to our attention the kinds of information and judd was that that was enormously helpful and this was the way over a period of time we accumulated the kind of knowledge which i hope is adequately expressed in the report not that took you and the actual appointed members of the commission all intelligent sophisticated concerned men and women this intensified experience to learn how you go and to get those good ladies in dearborn michigan those men and pontiac in other places that we saw tonight to believe what the report says just on let's say one factor that of the ad three fatalities last summer in the riots
almost all of them were negroes are that there was no conspiracy and that the so called sniper fire as far as victims were concerned it was largely due to release a national guard's shooting first the fact that you give a true how these facts are conveyed to a country how the information is made available so the whole gradually over a period of time come to understand is extremely difficult obviously we're gazing at the night what we've seen on the television tonight and throughout the day as part of this process the copies of the report will be made available throughout the country in the schools the congress itself will be allowing gays i've opened the debate william regarding these matters there will be congressional hearings on aspects of the programs that we're talking about the president has done an inordinate amount in terms of the messages that he sent raising over and over and over again the kinds of issues that we're talking about here so i think that over a period of time it will sink in it must think
the president is well aware of what the report contains because you've been keeping him informed periodically and you gave him the report as it was released but we have heard nothing from the white house yet how do you interpret that science well i think that the notion that the president has been kept being informed in detail about what so went into the airport is not true so we have made we there's been an exchange of information we have a painter that information from the white house and from the admins from the agencies of government information that we had from other taskforce from other commissions it would've been impossible for this commission that would work without the assistance that we had for many sources so that but i'm certain that the moment that this report is being considered by a number of departments is a disease of government as well as within the president's assistance within the white house is it fair to say that if the white house doesn't back this report solidly that the commission's work we're been largely in
vain oh i don't think so i think that it isn't the quest in any event whether the white house is going to back a reporter not backing for this report has not launched it has a life of its own members of the congress are considering at that dresses debating it it will be discussed throughout the country we hope and ultimately it's bound to have upset to be reflected in the actions of the mayors of the police chief says you know we've had a hundred and twenty five mayors and a hundred and twenty five police jeeps visiting the washington confront the past weeks reviewing portions of this report and i think it will have its effect and i don't think that this particular attitudes as two one facet or another the report will know it will affect its ultimate life they oh speaking of them live in the police chief's reminds me of a question that i wanted to ask you which is this a sociologist who testified before you and as a writing sociologist in the academic community of the country told me and rather great
detail on friday that he was disappointed in chapter eleven dealing with police community relations because you did not spell out specific things he said as far as the police department is concerned it and then not to say that you've got to have better relations you're back to be specific really respond to his criticism yes what we did was to test out that the news section of the report on police chiefs what we did as these sections were drafted and as they revealed by the commission we sent them all the numbers of police chiefs wrote the country for discussion among them we received comments back which added to the specificity and the detail of the section in addition to that just as i've indicated we arranged to bring to washington earlier house nearby just a few miles away who are twenty five to thirty five mayors of the city's police chief because we wanted them to consider their problems together and these particular sections of the
report were considered by them and they've been changed in process and they maybe change further and further detail may be provided what i am our feeling is that on balance at the present time that this does reflect the kind of material which will be exceedingly useful to the police department it's probably fair to say that this report is the most comprehensive report on the subject of race problems nationwide that this country has ever generated and it also would probably be fair to remind ourselves that this was the middle class of america and diving itself that this wasn't a negro group are calling why be racist this was nine white men and women and two naval man saying so given that i think one of the basic questions is this how do you answer dr kenneth clark
that this report not go the dust covered way of all the others you've heard dr kenneth clark the cd he was i believe probably the most effective single witness before the commission i'll never forget he sat there for two and a half hours before the commission smoking and gently speaking as he did that tonight and he presented the issue with the kind of cynicism and away from my viewpoint a kind of withdrawal from the park not that it reflects it was simply reflecting the kind of history in the kind of attitude which she's had to the problems seen happened over these past few years in our bureau there as we've seen that now we believe that as these issues or better understood not just by the expert not just by the psychologist of the quality however about the car and bayard rustin and the hamilton you've heard that night but by people generally throughout the
country as it begins to sink in as the alternatives become clear because the there are alternative the alternative of what we have now what this country would look like twelve fifteen forty years from now we have a choice with the morgan their say and forty seven had we wish to do something about the rural poor before the great migration in a sense to the cities of the north we could have done something about it and we did and now we're forced to come to be for the different kind of crime and i believe as the country comes to understand the depths of the pro the importance of as the congress comes to understand i believe things will get done the president has made at a substantial be getting or the exactly the kind of program that we have here and step number one quite obviously is to get behind those portions of the program which an opening for the congress and one of them is monday morning when the president appointed you and created the commission last july with a small literally still hanging
over detroit well you have dreamed that we would have come up with a report indicting the white majority of this country for a white racist and do you accept the validity of that and i would have dreamed that we would come out with a report of this kind that when i left the west coast to come east side let worker there had been a riot that night bored and driving to the airport you could hear shortly and i thought a new way it was symbolic of what the i was returning to the die i dreamed that it would come out this way yes why because no white people rioted last summer and no white people rioted in watts or an awfully cleveland legal is right and it would be pretty hard to people on the basis of that that somewhere that race was not one of the underlying factors
so that i think even at that time most of us would have begun to look simply at the facts would have concluded that race must have in effect and indeed we found that it was work the indictment that seems to me to be most significant and to set this report apart from other reports and i detected a certain well is that here is if you please representatives of the majority of the power establishment of the country in diving itself for races that was what i was writing yes it is new is different but the i think that as we sat there mr morgan as we heard these witnesses as we walk through the streets of the ghetto it was not possible to do otherwise and indeed we did one other thing i notice that no one is commenting on the report has called attention to a simple chapter i forgot in the number of four five which we call
rejection and protest a chapter of history chapter fourteen chapter five it begins with simply the arrival in this country in jamestown sixteen and nineteen of the first negro and we seek to trade in that chapter what has happened and for the present time through the black power development and we find cycling or over and over again many of the same themes that we're discussed the day and then we heard that discussed does this evening by our expert witnesses driving to the studio tonight with you and your son mark we were discussing that very point you remember and i told him that i had not been taught as if i have certainly not well enough to remember that negroes fought at lexington and concord and bunker hill in the revolutionary war and he said that he was so being talked i hope this is not an idle question of the
fact that we have known so little about the history of negro oppression by the white man in this country and in other continents and other countries probably set a good deal of the predators of the country do you think a humanitarian effort should be made in terms of writing let's not call the wrong with just quote a historical alternation the book textbooks in balance this is a good b i remember one dramatic point of testimony before the commission and on the whole barber named ernie chambers was appearing before the commission and he began to speak about the textbooks from which his job moving pole and he said to us you know my son in the fifth grade the talk about little black sandal and he stood there and he pointed to the commission said
my song is the little black sandal and we can understand and that textbooks which reflect that attitude obviously wrong and that it is essential that it became that i rather think in that sense your time in mind that they have been change certainly are being j and our effort in this body is to call attention to certain vignettes of history it isn't obviously in the gay history the negro the united states with a history of certain members of the five thousand roma soldiers leave mosul to serve with the revolution and so on caring into world war won world war though and what had happened in this country and we think an important that people know that eloquent as he is and penetrating as you are literally as he writes it is highly doubtful a big james baldwin would ever be able to communicate with the ladies that we saw taking target practice in there
but do you have any evidence do you feel in your bones that some of the mayors some other colleagues whom you've brought to washington would begin to break down the barriers of that are blocking communication with these people is in this part of the role of education in a sense and our winner our way over there and overcome the bear of this is an essential part of the bomb and indeed i'd rather think that as of the moment that is even more important than these large programs of which we in the commission has spoken of which mr rusty was more than just a moment ago they are important and they must go forward but at the community level it's vital that this be done and you ask whether there's any evidence there are certainly attempts one member of our commissioned harvard jenkins chief of police of the other black as don ending a great deal in this direction the mayor of st louis that
was just a bad it has done a great deal invested direction and others are we believe it can be done we sketched ways in which we think can be further bought the url there's obviously much more to be done what maryland's is done in new york is a great help what others have done throughout the country so that we think there is on its way and we believe that we're that much more will be done in reading the report i kept groping for a shia a single group that would be more important than another single problem i don't think i found it but i took some notes on chapter sixteen which is one of the most provocative chapters in the report about the future of the city and on page six or so it mentions the negro age group of fifteen to twenty four as being critical because it's growing faster than any other way to grow it has the highest unemployment rate relative high proportion of the consequence of all crimes and yet and certainly one of the most significant because the bonds in the
riots and yet a great potential and and rows of law and you're dealing here with a very few million people would one day if you're searching to oversimplify which we americans always do a b and b that the linchpin of this problem i don't know and what do you mean by a linchpin and this is the group that's essential from the viewpoint of the future of the country essential that they be brought in as part of the society they seem to be the most alienated and ended early the most flammable because it was that age group that are desecrated more than other age groups in the rhine yes obviously the ad says here that the jobs program begins to be sent to one of the important findings of the committee she was that the entry the question who arrived we found that many times the rioters did have jobs
but what kind of job training often menial often the lowest kind of jobs and the people who are writing off with a most alert the most politically conscious so that there is this conjunction of inability to get ford and life coupled with a poet a complete awareness of the kinds of things that were not available to them i have suggested to you what might be one of the most important segment in that analyzed and random chapters do you as the as the director of the whole commission report have something that the girl you would single out as the crux of all i think it would be the same chuck if we had to scrap the entire report and publish just a piece of that i think i would publish the future of the city's it's really the futures of the cities what's going to happen to this country over the next twelve to fifteen years
in terms of the the polarization of the communities the separation between black and white in terms of the geographic separation between people within the cities and the suburbs so that our feeling is that it's essential that the country faces the eu the alternative is to continue as we are now another is to do what can be done to improve the situation within the gap and a third is obviously the integration process i keep hearing ringing in my ears the testimony of that negro that we heard earlier this evening from remember too much or dignity where you are right he says
now now russia says television stations are settlers washington philadelphia pittsburgh and chicago
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