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you have to have been like that micheletti when a person goes out in the train he will i feel that they should be able to make a living at eighteen school rather than have to have a job that you know that makes you know doing something like this in order to make a living it in the comments of a junior high school teacher in salt lake city he and ten thousand of these teacher colleagues stay away from utah school classroom for three days this spring and what was the first statewide due to walk out american history ironically it occurred in a state with a long and broad permission of education but it made headlines across the nation that happen are we will examine some of the issues that made a vacation in utah a house divided and what lies ahead
a national educational television network presents a local issue a seven part series of regional documentaries that was way affiliated stations of an et that a house divided a firsthand look at the problems of education in utah used by kiwi tv informative look at his brain at the navy yard it riveted national attention in utah school system it resulted in sanctions being imposed a national education association a statewide basis it resulted in a few times at a second look who knew it illustrates the single most complicating factor in the past two large numbers are cured educate and the below average at least a
combination of many children a contradiction public education and the citizens of any other state actual amount of money spent reach people is much below the national average half of the state and local tax revenues go to education i just this spring at its beginning last year on the nineteen sixty three session of the legislature which the hatch an organization educators in terms of education because of the legislature an increase of twenty five million dollars in financial support for public schools he requests quickly abandoned by many legislators as unrealistic but the teachers help iraq than there was then president of utah state school boards association you just below the association feels that because of nineteen sixty three was a very realistic
each of the agencies within cats including our own which represent all the forty school districts in the state of utah reviewed very carefully their individual needs and they corresponded prolifically with those of that organization as a whole later in the school's eleven and a half million dollars less than half of the captured last year utah governor george vi fine in nineteen sixty three the public mood with the largest dollar increase but you just can program had ever received at any one time furthermore the public who are more generously than any other segment of state government or institutions supported by the state bank he agreed with the appropriation largest ever read it acquired it was not the father a porter as a teacher here in sixty
five hundred dollars here the pokemon go work and then another family but that's not the case and they i come home the moment he won't be ready in that are there and work there we didn't write and the things that are going to be much better i think than any time the other person know that it might help us goes over five years get a master's degree and that really hit he rewarded not living and i don't know what we can do about the situation a huge organization and you know humanly possible but may not unheard of with the situation at that a lot of
those natural where he continued and so what i do and contemplating a theater going in the industry going into the state another like a living elementary we haven't really overcrowded version of old fashioned and three of the last five or six years and have not had enough to open on the karaoke that kind of job or children that we're capable who lacks legislature as more money for education and in any other previous legislature but it was bailout and out the backlog of neat that preceded it we can afford we really can or that they
need that we want and need no question about it and in my book there is nothing more valuable than that and the legislature passed its bill appropriating only half of what the teachers are less or it was the signal for action that same day at the state fairgrounds in a matchmaking school teachers voted overwhelmingly sees contract negotiations with a nineteen sixty three sixty four school year unless the governor called a special session of the legislature to appropriate more money or you tell us who is that same bait us the national education association to apply sanctions international peter boycott against utah requirements don't apply and utah education association representing the teachers aren't the case and obviously year ago they created the appointment of a twelve member says the committee to study the costs go up and there's no the encouragement schools open on schedule of nineteen sixty three the committee went
where i may thirteen nineteen sixty four in the dispatch reporter governor quiet recommending that the governor should call a special session of the legislature to appropriate an additional six million dollars school has gotten repeat mm hmm i know mm hmm that was it and had not changed his mind began to argue that the state economy must be taken into account at their schools and they should not be allowed to jeopardize the entire states economy that your reaction was swift and dramatic executive secretary
of the ten thousand member utah education association is john c evans jr he's an actor the year
they get no mayo than they may now dieter stay out of the classroom time at maine and they call it resets the national press politics right thousands of young leaders who they thought would win some parents letting the regulation just a week away a very different you stand it direction sports try to keep the school yet to the school board members are reflected in these remarks by car like roman writer and president today that means that they knew that the situation and schoolteachers
when they would come to school and when they wouldn't come they were taking responsibility with people and they if they were acting out of the body that they air and they also bought the contacts with maybe the thing that they had to make the film with they were wheat there are days i think that we were that problem and we have an education this way they understood your private business standpoint of the teachers at this marvelous phantom control of the students there you go many parents responded to the caucus that has some schools have nearly normal sessions mostly the situation was you all the walkout was eighty to ninety percent effective you
are significant public opinion against the teachers meantime the national education association which it's an unsteady utah impose sanctions against the entire stay on the second day of their three day recess teachers once again voted overwhelmingly this huge contract negotiations of the nineteen sixty four sixty five school year after the last fall into the three day recess you're returned to classrooms and school year i feel i can hear john evans and uae announced a renegotiation of contracts for the nineteen sixty four sixty five that aside a kind of contract negotiations as a first step the early reopen the school is preparing egypt's first the entire school boards association had threatened to announce higher and unqualified teachers as replacements for you remember there's actually carried out the bulk of their loyalty any possible
quality education teacher secondly it became apparent that the people of utah we did not understand the critical needs of utah public education i made because the real opportunity and there are schools that other better schools of the national education association has agreed that this conduct a public education program and i'm nice about sanctions against the state of utah signed they become a potent instrument and the struggle for more than adequate financing skills into a potent than they were cutting a contract negotiations financial sanctions against the state of utah well outside educators the conditions inside a desire to accept and gavin emmett till the national sanctions against you
and then a lot of the public schools and only after that will apply those troops at the recommendations from a salary or not the only a long time ago the national education association says that it made quite a point of utah shortcomings in the school so that they had at hand he's an issue on professional rights and responsibilities is dr richard the candidate who had been passed it the mission it's just insane and
the militants in the situation where the patients who in the educational thank you there's been tension that's given to special well as take orders mm hmm anybody
and that's the beginning of the bush administration the league and as an independent show anderson that conditions in russia renee montagne host but working conditions
and the conditions and the end of the open west the nation's one suspect in the pages that makes them less than any sanctions and any conditions under which reaction when he rescinded no indication of the change in the situation this week allen then the top notched happens in the operation
when shown a situation like that when the men's in those instances the state level if sanctions russian federation and you know we're citizens are getting very good things said about their school system this show the national education association fighting sanctions on the entire state of utah i feel this was done with him just as the state of utah because we haven't thought about it and they were out of place coming into our state and heading sections for the entire state of education and the state of the union community school construction in that usually nationally that point get up and they you nea report itself admits that an accurate estimate of capital in the church who would require any drastic
she obviously this committee will not undertake security and more ironically instead a committee noted that quote democrats who here nine thousand and seventy a question for a new age seven hundred and fifty have been since nineteen fifty five and an additional five hundred and ninety five or the nation this year and who opens in well thirty five percent of our classroom since the nineteen ninety six you convert your eyes utah has a long tradition of education it on your school consolidation in nineteen fifty years before scientists and professional persons in the state and so so have the highest level of education would be great you toss have gotten used to the idea
of a recurring battle and the legislature meets every by a quarter term governor directly reflect that fact it hit eighty eight alastair aid that they want to control when they have control over and that was her partners who'd how much money has been outspent and then finally you get into you know a conflict for those who've never i am not doing and they had trouble if you go back to work and education mr isaac who changes the land the term they became a daily meditation have to agree with them and i was a recipient of the
vote and then i had my i think that you find that that everyone agrees governor since governor immigration he was very generous but why opposing it is centers on one thing or governor white maintains state must make it educational leads and the life of the other demands of the economy the demands of education may be greater than the states' ability to pay john and maintains state and had anything it really wants their situation is
and then cockerham and then i think the impact this honor he has been very hard on the pictures and they were very idealistic bases they felt they were acting they have children were the public generally and i don't think he anticipated the very strong reaction many reactions of their research they took that i feel like they are deeply hurt your self esteem has been greatly reduced and i think there is in this restart their self confidence
and stove the image we want the teacher state i think that's right in this way before the country jane raley to them and we have a high level of education but it just has to be opened up again when the legislature meets in january when on facts but the next ring again i think it's going to be very tragic that many will say well this is the end this is not wasted in school we believe that a professional someone somewhere else and this is i think the most important most critical aspect is i think we have a lot of the teachers in the state of utah i think we have a better country peaches or if anything
may have bad thank you can only upgrading native youth i don't think that many districts that the article is under an uprising can they have a real debate about not the point where it can question and we feel that this is what we need is people are all about education here in the senate bill all the contacts that i've been able to make with legislators and and leaders in government and utah indicates a willingness and a resolve and determination who were trying to do even better in the future and financing of schools and so i think that said that we can be optimistic and you have a great deal of art
and those he has an upcoming legislative session and obtaining solutions and a huge law school in the classroom despite any sanctions most school districts report less that the police that in the classrooms and was the case a year ago a critical areas of shortage renee all the schools and low may be an uneasy piece of the nineteen sixty five session of the legislature education will be an irrepressible issues legislators will be faced with deficits explode economy and increase request from the institutions of higher education let's not sure about what the people nightly question renee and public employees with full services and engage in collective bargaining well decisions about education be made increasingly between state capitals and teacher association why passing local boards of education and the new weapon of sanctions is a point in any of our struggle with the
rival american federation of teachers and if so what was the american with the legislature must respond clearly in utah experience indicates that real enemies will depend upon state budget and so far there has been no shortcuts that statement yet on either side of the controversy the national educational television network that was a local issue a seven part series of regional documentaries that was quietly added station wnet this weekend saying a house divided reduced by eighty you add salt lake city oh thanks to the news department of health coverage and making available news home use them and they are and this is an e t the
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Since 1953 there has been a continuing struggle in Utah between the state?s education association on the one hand and the governor and legislature on the other. Basically, the struggle is this; the teachers want more money, and the state says it is unable to meet their demands. In Utah large families long have been the rule. The proportion of school age children to adults is the second highest in the country, and is thirty percent about the national average. In per capita income, however, Utah ranks about 30th in the nation, and in income per child it ranks even lower. Despite its commendable education expenditure per taxpayer (third in the nation), the state shows a below-average expenditure per student (33rd in the country). This, then, is the core of the problem. The program beings with film clips showing the two-day walk-out of teachers in May of this year. Then ?A House Divided? goes back to 1953 and a special session of the state legislature called at that time to appropriate additional funds for the schools. As program host and commentator Neal Maxwell, Dean of Students at the University of Utah, talks with people on both sides of the stormy controversy, viewers are brought up to date on the crisis. The program closes with a look at the uneasy peace that has settled over the state as the new school term approaches. Appearing in this episode are: George D. Clyde, Governor of Utah; John C. Evans, Jr., Executive Secretary, Utah Education Association; Dr. Terrel H. Bell, Superintendent, State of Utah Department of Public Instruction; Karl I. Truman, President, Utah School Boards Association; W. Dean Belnap, MD, former President, Utah School Boards Association; Dr. M. Lynn Bennion, Superintendent, Salt Lake City Schools; Dr. Elmer J. Hartvigson, Superintendent, Granite School District, and Vice Chairman, Utah School Committee; J. Bracken Lee, Mayor of Salt Lake City and former Governor of Utah; Dr. Richard B. Kennan, Executive Secretary, Commissioner of Professional Rights and Responsibilities, National Education Association; Dr. Douglas Russell, Executive Secretary, Davis Education Association. A HOUSE DIVIDED: Produced for National Educational Television by KUED, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Series Description
In this series several of National Educational Televisions affiliated stations take a close look at controversies in their own areas that may greatly affect the entire nation. Each of the local problems is presented from the points of view of those who have been involved in it, or who have watched its gradual development. The 32 half-hour episodes that comprise this series were originally recorded on videotape. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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Director: Beil, Robert
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Guest: Truman, Karl I.
Guest: Russell, Douglas
Guest: Kennan, Richard B.
Guest: Lee, J. Bracken
Guest: Belnap, W. Dean
Guest: Evans, John C., Jr.
Guest: Bell, Terrel H.
Guest: Hartvigson, Elmer J.
Guest: Clyde, George D.
Guest: Bennion, M. Lynn
Host: Maxwell, Neal
Producer: Openshaw, Byron J., 1918-1996
Producing Organization: KUED
Writer: Chaffin, Lavor
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