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as bell and at lbj welcome father take one kasich's at the following program is wrong and at the national educational television network i think
it does those situations he has a reputation of being the first to the river welcomed him on the back we've placed down notes and play dominoes and a furious man hey don't want to take fifteen seconds make up you mind he plays in an expected way he's not to a robot is there are some people of color bewilder to this extent that is its sentiments but in they get over the decade that our hidden cache la palmolive lab where there will be one or two pm oh atlanta it's b the
pope in the texas hill country they are men familiar with both the contours of the land and the president won his television personality in front of the johnson family cactus pryor your country is this was land that aren't making a living in the heartland rock it's really not too much topsoil alzheimer's and call letters takes a lot of acres to predict now that aspect of the middle of it he has quite a lot of her patients the telephone he unlike in this country is still pretty much do they like it was like in the days when lyndon johnson chances several air nearly texas
land has been described by joe franz a historian at the university of texas in this man and this time only for survival knife is a fight it's been parks you have a feeling that life is never still but even if you can't see it the insects are crawling out buildings of lost all their gang of the land as a road it and blowing away before your very eyes and a windmill turns into creeks but it draws no wharton because the well as long since gone dry danger is always there you know that nothing more than a little crackle
founder of something as insignificant as a cowboy spending in the western saying that his lyndon johnson's heritage is a scene of the environment trying to be it lyndon baines johnson saw that rebecca inside nearly thirty six president of the united states as one of the small houses to church have here we're like nobody you on that occasion samuel johnson sr what got the talent i will leaving startled lovable players are a couple of the way
he announced to the whole world up a new united states senator has been hard on this day his mother in elocution teacher and a profound influence on johnson got into the speech gives them a little concrete he also told about life extended beyond this whole country in nineteen twenty seven she set a lot packed into a small town called san marcos texas and southwest texas state teachers college clinton came here for why we start to work his way through school he was an assistant to the president in effect he was is like man we didn't have a telephone in every office that time so linden would carry messages to and roll and that's one reason the order five members remember him so baby davis great on just stopping and then talking thing york for a while and of course always ready for an argument
in fact you've got the nickname joe johnson for the region one student on campus if you were me through the college annual of the years that the end of this year you'll find their section called the cat call him as you would you are the sad park they need and then was the great mediator compromise or finishing illustration the way he worked politically is the earth is reflected in the un action the president of the senior class and then senior year his roommate that time was whether a decent of austin yes i remember that day where you have to secret churches that he unraveled one group and another group loaned evidently with a quiet stars may with black spots and that the black stars and help the president to close a couple times we decided to that we are hattie mae and i was a candidate for the presidency and there how they were you know were
putting our bedtime came the night before the election the helicopters and it was going to the bullet would not win but didn't said not really work as i understand it till four o'clock the morning contracting gary shilling house's decor to predict with mia help of the independents the so called ymca and the result of his politicking he turned the trick i won by world bank today dinatale was asked how sincerely believe mr johnson to be in his praise of a school today i think is absolutely sincere in the statements he makes about the distance he received here he was very much interested in political science and government of course so page and rain professor of government and history became his favorite teacher then literally
savage be the voices that a professor green those clashes were those billions didn't who interested in government and i question the length and that gave me with your than any other teaching patrol the first time milk and i love a lot of politics i knew we had it and in those day courses weekend the financial issues in la they get in arguments and all i had to do so the river you know under arrest to the board and i think that down and negotiate and to maybe correctly were moving through it so all our laws that guide only to let them were do the work and we meet it was the jo ann in her classroom lyndon johnson would debate and the
cairo they were natural adversaries in the classroom and sometimes even out of the question how would you describe the london style during these debates well you have the outset almost ruthless when he knew he had a melodic alienated many job and why he could become ruth that man is and i felt that way in game two in the us do to mollify on alibaba because that when it came to these political question i mean questions and delicacy and politics by at and conviction anne and wrong conviction mandates of lawyers into ruthlessness we can sign let anyone ruthless and the pursuit of true another one of your students said that you predicted once that lyndon johnson become
permanent state of made you make such a kurdish faction business and i can recall now my thinking then lead super villains because of my assumption that particular time that six moves on one barrio the wake of the produce it anyway but couldn't borrow the way through the senate and therefore air mine charisma with two new place in the senate and at a nineteen thirty one lyndon johnson did move on toward washington dc where in short order he became a
congressman from the tenth congressional district he was always in a hurry as friends remember in nineteen thirty seven it is the first time this century's most consummate politicians look each other in the eye and congressman johnson the new deal advocate and protege of fbi announces he will seek another term his decision like many others he makes during his political life first shared with a friend and mentor at southwest texas state college the late president got to see evidence and whose desk the letters still remain i stayed over here until today and what job over i have asked my office to notify you definite announcement that cannot be released until monday night is given you and strippers confidence please do not release lbj campaigning in the hill country and the hill country style johnson is handily elected to the seventy six congress
and in december forty one he is the first member of congress to a disservice barry wins a silver star for bravery and when his plane was shot down he makes constituents of his australian rescue is outside of texans are the best damn folks in the world he tells the admiral nineteen forty eight season winning a senatorial primary by just eighty seven votes in a recount is demanded it is discovered that certain key ballads are missing a janitor has burned he says he did it all by himself there are other doubts about jobs from his campaign literature that year the civil rights program as a sham and a farce in nineteen fifty one senator johnson again writes dr evans i'm sure you'll be happy to know that the senate armed services committee has just reported favorably on the military and naval construction act included in this was an authorization for expenditures at san marcos air force base you may be sure i will continue to be as helpful as i can on
the floor of the senate indian majority leader johnson now known as amanda practises the art of those seeking only the possible he got the first civil rights act through congress since the reconstruction makes his bid for the presidency the year is nineteen sixty but it will not be his year for the first spot at the convention he challenges jack kennedy to debate and listens patiently as kennedy says there are no major differences between them when kennedy taps him for the vice presidency johnson makes peace with his vanity and accepts wants on the campaign trail but johnson's get less than a warm welcome demonstrations second place proves unfamiliar an
uncomfortable i do solemnly swear i will faithfully execute the office of vice president in as vice president it would appear that johnson wants to master of the senate for him is now merely a functional he receives many medals and makes many speeches the country is not exactly all those changes on friday november twenty second nineteen sixty three all it does you know you will be hanged but
johnson's were going to integrate and president and mrs kennedy on the table for missouri johnson the best way to get a protective entertainment at dawn members of the johnson's staff down in the picnic area to decide where we should best probably getting a large demonstration the ship dr harding demonstration and we debated where to situate the kennedys themselves to weep i decided to seek them out to me that the big oak tree down there was decided we walk back up to the the ranch house discussing the provencal the next day it was on the morning of november twenty second and one of the cops came running out of the ranch house shouting at me almost a kennedy has been shot and dallas that's repeated to canada's been shot a dallas oilman into the ranch house kitchen to watch the news on television of the security men ran to the
communication trailer be behind the ranch house and juliet the dreadful news day we realized before impact of that until mary davis the justin cooke took some pecan pies out of the oven and she would've just said to these would be the president's prize what do i do with an hour the pieces we are what is about those helicopter that given such a magnetic
quality delano the american rebel leaders i'm sure that the muscular feeling of endurance because this land has endured the most reassuring that men can endure no matter what the obstacle and i'm sure that he gets a feeling of spring here on this land that that has made it through proust there and i'm sure that it also has a soothing of like arresting of the eyes and the ears coming back here only hearing the sounds of waterfalls and cattle the burdens of that goes into our engine seeing rational pretty words it's
bright as several of the president's party are in attendance liberal texas senator ralph yarborough with whom he has declared a truce ww he only american conservative he also gets along with the game also present is a venue motion hill country companion and a trusted manager of johnson's business interests or our law most of that these
bees now most of the law liza levy
to begin no longer to continue the president has long live the president so is lyndon baines johnson on another editor the texas observer it seems to me that his first year president johnson had great legislative success but that he was principally pushing through president kennedy's program is real challenge and his real trouble begin now that he's been elected to a full term in his own right most presidents have two or three years anyway before they have to start coping with
bitter hostility but mister johnson has not have that period of grace this i think is preceded not only from the fact that he had to cope with controversial issues his first year but also from vulnerabilities in his own path and from the bitterness of the opposition campaign that has been concluded against him there are invested johnson's past matters not especially pleasant to recall there was that hotly contested nineteen forty eight senate race with charges that it was still his own policy positions when he was a senator tended to shift substantially from year to year evolving sometimes indiscernible directions sometimes appearing to convey more questions of opportunity that connection well i think they american a big hit in mind in their tents to live ms johnson i can understand some of the earlier both in charge of all hand rather than
an area and that then then their hair floating full civil rights gang on the other hand as he had grown in stature in and more sure of his position and more sure of his chances for reelection in court looked at this and he had become a national and not a texas politician than adding he has not had to learn confide always that the battle for re election from my home constituency he now belong to the nation not thinking i cannot rule out of the urban areas directly as central texas congressional power of a member of the texas legislature and samuel p johnson london's father was my desk mate and london came in first time that i saw him to lose his father one day he didn't work in the legislature he didn't come in out
his prayer vigil utah boivin you know it's work and have an imagination eager beaver bunch of the good somebody i think we have in johnson's image a problem that he is interested in how listeria ms johnson has always been rather on that event and so we're not all about harvard and they grow your bed at he very quickly forget and that if you have a beverage with him one day and rather than anyone neiman remembered these days mission their clothes leads the polls
show that the downturn is saying basically i think then not intellectual and agents and the non corporal and certainly influenced the non that's a very that's a bit dated there's a certain men found tied to baton that to someone like mint candy never head on the other hand actor and timothy johnson has the very much aware that they think that this in the world knows how to use them and i think he can find a thing it's our common denominator among the american people are often making most affected in lebanon unguarded they come from it that a company like human rights i don't you know he's still in the same interview retired players also and then lyndon johnson and phillip tentative current assignment good or not he plans and they abandoned the best that
action and tradition to go out and to my conservative reputation that the window when lyndon johnson first came out of these closed his eyes he tells us we're looking for the texas sky wondering what those heavens my brain what have they brought to him constant challenge and one supposes fulfillment to his harshest critics career and manipulation and political ambivalence but to those who shun the easy labels and six and silly to understand and draw a profile of a man lyndon johnson is a complex and dedicated individual and the year in which he took over the reins of a nation is performed with skill and with patriotism he has been to use his own praise a lead horse now that we have granted him his mandate to begin perhaps it is finally time to walk with i'm here or from these hills he has drawn strength a strength here shared with most of those does it
work and on past the band to meet is the and was on the eu longer at it at because he's
been at the national educational television network and the pr
LBJ: An Unposed Profile
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National Educational Television and Radio Center
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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This objective and candid profile of President Lyndon b. Johnson attempts to define LBJ with respect to the personal and political influences that have affected his career in government. To document this frank portrait, NET cameras go from President Johnson's hometown of Johnson City, Texas, to Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, where intimate friends, neighbors, and colleagues give their impressions of Lyndon B. Johnson as a youth, a college student, a congressional leader, a business partner, a politician, and as president. The program's profile includes never-before televised excerpts and documents President Johnson's speeches in his early political days; a visit to the LBJ Ranch - including various rooms inside the President's home as well as the surrounding property; and a visit to President Johnson's alma mater, Southwest Texas State Teachers College. Among those who reminisce and talk about President Johnson are: William Deason, a college roommate of President Johnson at southwest Texas State Teachers College, who now operates a radio station in Austin, Texas. Mr. Deason tells of President Johnson's activities in campus elections. Richard "Cactus" Pryor, intimate friend of President Johnson and program manager of the Johnson-owned KTBC radio station in Austin, Texas. Mr. Pryor, who has been in charge of entertainment of guests at the LBJ Ranch on many occasions, recalls what happened at the Ranch just before President Kennedy was assassinated. Dean Alfred Noelle of Southwest Texas State Teachers College, who knew President Johnson in his college years and advised him throughout that time. Ronnie Dugger, editor of the Texas Observer in Austin, Texas, who has written many articles for the New York Times and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Ernest and Marie Hodges, neighbors of President Johnson, with whom the President owns farming equipment. Bill Brammer of Austin, Texas, former aide to Mr. Johnson. Mr. Brammer is the author of the controversial book, "The Gay Place," a novel that purports to have President Johnson as its main character. US Representative Wright Patman (D-Texas), who knew President Johnson when he was a youth. The Congressman recalls how President Johnson used to hang around the state legislature and watch his father, Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr., when the assembly convened. Dr. Joseph Frantz of the History department of the University of Texas. LBJ - AN UNPOSED PROFILE: a 1964 National Educational Television production. Executive Producer: Alvin Perlmutter. Producer and Writer: Morton Silverstein. Associate Producer and Director: Robert Squier. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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30 minute program, produced in 1964 by NET, originally shot on videotape.
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Associate Producer: Squier, Robert D.
Director: Squier, Robert D.
Executive Producer: Perlmutter, Alvin H.
Interviewee: Dugger, Ronnie
Interviewee: Noelle, Alfred
Interviewee: Patman, Wright
Interviewee: Deason, William
Interviewee: Brammer, Bill
Interviewee: Frantz, Joseph
Interviewee: Hodges, Marie
Interviewee: Hodges, Ernest
Interviewee: Pryor, Richard
Producer: Silverstein, Morton
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
Writer: Silverstein, Morton
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