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i don't know presentation of this program made possible by a grant from faberge incorporated eh it so thick deposit it officials
at the pope has been as bishops chose to pay nd
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it is now people would say it raises the changing always well thank god we had no story had assigned charm that you know i don't have a rich isn't maybe welles to allow for her and the family she'd like an eternal was safe question one of the greatest thing that are going to move the move the audience of thing why religion being cast upon the death we
can accept as if it comes when we think it should come but not not crying like this ten thousand miles away and night sometimes at the television news you were a pitcher it's hard to believe that he was just don't think that they can send us details later on your identity is the beautiful memories you have twenty or so this life that god gave you the day he came home from camp was one of the most happiest days to see him come and get a car with a smile the climate that he showed on the john person you have to feel that the tea is that well i had a heavy hammer has the summary nobody thinks high heat i think a lot of this is
a life and death and the kids mentioned many things around the house that remind them of common well wait it is please and be having sons an imprint you want to witness they just want us to take an oath was mourned this is very hard to explain yes you know i felt like myself will watch it really hurt my parents when they were going through at that they're definitely feel like i'm just
thinking about myself but then i thought about it my parents and i believe this is how i felt about common and feel about me and whatever happened so that idea was just get an alarm i was always i always to play doesn't like that is done about ten guys to play on the current bush's stuff like that now because you know you look back and see how you used to feel that there's not a fool around with the law is just strange and that tension isn't the last time a lot of minds on this one of them that had a purpose now my hands this was to look at my son if you're lucky maybe you have to say every
time i'm carrie kahn now i think a lot of coal mine i have just come that's my mind whenever i see anything that i can associate of play with and it's just a natural singer you just can't say well you forget about it sitting on a school is to give it to our children gone to school i think the model and when he was no schooling isn't thousand moments that will bring back a picture of what you did with your boy you know you have the specter of fear about just continuing no idea my wife and my kids i think they do so because of this and we found out one by one i actually told him about the deaths of calm i tell you honestly people climb awarded
the nixon mr johnson overcome some people's houses and to sit around a while before his death like this famine maybe helps but sort of get a different aspect of what's going on because i certainly think that dwayne johnson the nixon these two presidents one of them should have and that this thing was that was johnson's a tragedy but dixon doesn't seem to be doing too much was that was what i thought would be a commons debate welcome our panel they might
say that this is the church committee's first in the communion confirmation country from the church cause they made a major issue of change and you are using it and he loved singing and i'll always remember him singing happy in his choir outfit would have picked that poem from his faith based exception and now he's a static to sing and he kept on singing until they've drafted into the service
and then he when he went away to boot camp he was a pimp who looks like it was it really was only about six months he came home for twenty one days is we spend time together and he wanted always to be that his friends and i used to do at this point and the day you know it will be nice to marry much used to never forget him he wrote to me and he had had moments they use to sleep on his stomach the night and then they get sick and you can get insurance for syria to take an issue and how it is now i can't intuit know any hope any animal imagine how we're going to cure somebody is a night that they should send young boys that they have to show people is not right
the voice has gone six years six used more and they know when the political winds seven months twelve that we've begun to her job as an unseen and the monthly teen they're getting excellent in his own to register for their care and then he said he's going to go into a common thing that we don't want to because we feel that would last longer when it's another i'm going to bring him back to see where the shrimp or he writes i prefer this and always come home state
like i pray for my son of getting pregnant but you know i do sincerely think and impeached him i said here seem poised coming we're going hear picture income and then the aisle like one they are still young boy i said he must have just got home from service many had twelve girls and a boy and they were coming to him as said that human go and i just looked at him and tears came around and i'm just thinking oh my boy and he asked what happens when i'm walking the streets at young boy in the picture my son so you know always be around you know and i don't know where i'd go hello it's me and
me why so this song memory of appeals says american voters want this very we will attempt to sing a beautiful savory clock back to one of the scariest things in the union laws or is is
law roy dc these days maybe he's a poem in the law also a ha ha ha ha on the on the regime our own on
day one is at right yes ha ha ha ha that was the point this is a rather receive a phone call one friday morning about four club sang that my brother had been shot at jackson state college says what happened we
evolved we evolved as an endless day where sometimes you just don't feel like going on you feel like they will close to you might as well stop the war stop so owen is why would calm the highway patrol or national guard oh that was they were doing issuing sudan the girls down to work girls don't do it the new year's dialogue which they marched up the street from bean to the girls about tyson fury they say it's not that there was not a bad chemical eric hall which is across the street are not shielded aaron paul mccartney that with matt the fact that death the knowledge that they will like it this
year or next year for me because i have the phone maybe another one dollar we don't know but they're coming out than they have to go to jackson texas where he was going and remember what happened at the va has not entirely old and i'm sure my problems i will never forget it again but now they sell best tv ads than just the us against them and not people benefit of valerie harper other cathy and then a deathbed had written into the law and they don't understand the price they know it's going on it but it might be a man or to you know maybe if you're gonna do more but things get right
this will be taught that this graveyard will be delayed it will be back and why apple its wildness hall welcome flea just plain lying here it was under it and what we had hateful and one of them apple pay before so how they gathered all of you think they've found a new way of them are doing it is is are they are me
me and his sisters at summit's kurds they had just lost their mother and father and i knew him as a baby sometime only only ending carson can use a pop sings soulful been yet announced it is because i found out that he was a local music and of course i am to in getting ready for a special program when chandler i got a group of young in or they were coerced into signing whitney city and just joking about that it's an anthem that we've been singing in church and he wanted us to learn that song
the seventies beautiful state the week before he died he owes us we can then he came to my house and seduced by this saying beautiful say their citizen kane saying it just two people because of this an episode for parts can be so that we can sing it thinly and attempted to sing beautiful savior this was his favorite song i thought and i know it is and for lack of a song like this it seems to me that you're so the world music he ran along one of the lines ain't in wales and sixty
we got there and there's six the last on the mainland and it operates led a little tot reid put it all maybe it has something to do it and farming than it would be in there with the sled all up with the sweat out my dad being the mama mama could now baby in there with him and beat my mother last year couldn't believe it was built by me out of the wishing the bed and the idea that this could believe it was only nevada people bear while pick fell on me and in one of our bodies don't know what's going on in a body of what i just couldn't believe it and
know it then sometime i think a lot tail his son philip are needed on this album baby and here are you know i can get out of comparable they've added needed solace looked at all and what it happened when i don't even know myself what to do i mean i don't understand myself but maybe when they get old and they'll attend a good old enough to ask a few oceans things might be straightened out of leah when i can understand them a lot better to explain that to my key its costs how what to alumni of the best guys just don't know cause some family get he and the lips a lot like his father in when he arrived in the mail i mean some time on this one i'll run away
i've got to try to win panic thought oh that steel boat that could leave ninety eight then things are getting a little better but i'm less they'll think about building every hour of the day and i dream about him every night some ben gurion some good am i was the ally of that was never not be deposed back thoughtful outcry kanell all pamela better i'm a lot biddle outside of the sale i may be but i found in being the only sans king holiday add the salami back to be harder than the rest of the people are used to like noreen says she was so used to a bit but the only thing was called never
imagined bit of this but i haven't and it was so hard for me to go update and pick alec has given field and dr haile was a key role in the us don't know that ended poorly and other allied and bend our goal of making the us a pumpkin we're pretty close things like
jeans generic ethnic he serves passengers could get to it phillip you're making wildlife spotted owls and people around here say easily track of you know the main thing that i'm doing it and they see me they have to think about that possibility that are used to a degree i do
and the fields have to fix before the publication of his book i mean many things were built back in the thirties or twenties and
bombings outside comment on the planned us army of tv rights at a place to live you know sam ate the associated with it i know you're out in all
sorts of graduate from it so i came up here allison had some friends who cheated and corresponding with in the pittsburgh area and she got in touch with them and also she made me want to go to work to get money for coming college year period at kent state and that's where she spent her junior high years he's believed to bring record advances they have these pre teen dance in so far as i know she enjoyed are buried here hours worked over here i'd scholar gonzales and mlb would thought that's a vaguely worded goal which is help me with pretty good announcer or rival arrival
pentagon bouncing up there with there are terrifying and is happy as a lark and telling about her successes of that day and this is where i grew up right over here is so striking and everybody be there to pick up the kids and so forth only wish we could do it again the polls bear that
we can the pittsburgh police bishop and the palestinians buried has been doing on the pre nineteen seventies by a lot of people said good riddance her
she was a good girl she cared about people just don't like or an idea she caused memory of color or some people think it is you are people those people are saying that you know good whatever they don't accept haiti he loved yours whatever last may was so me that if i made some irrational statements i asked if you said was a cotton and i work right there like oh my job like ryan hope to pray no other parent or no charge was said that you know some
people suddenly she was charged with your white shark and one wants to go away because you are joe horrigan the grave national guard it's beef be here you know the internet is less secure than it had even shoot straight dave who i read what do you want to keep bagged you always go through
legal methods are with guns and you mr kenneth gary and you mr rhodes and you mr del corso god have mercy on your source i don't have any mercy on you do they deserve to be here why do we have to go through this war because people didn't know how to control yet it not only did it not advantage on the due of carnegies of these kids but you don't swear it has come about with bones as
by the police and he's been taking the
fifth death at camp discuss is what happens after this is no way to find hope after i can't believe they want someone shot and nineteen and wanting to live so much that tent right there you know when a person commits suicide and say one of the ted cruz's shutdown and this got to live and i think that's why houses around me because she wanted to live and i think she wants to pack to life when i heard that jesus's death i screamed unlike iowa i i guess i screamed because it's like what most people do when they find out that some instead
but it really you know as the days went on afterwards it didn't affect me that she was dead i can rationalize issues that there's nothing about is someone telling them she was dead in tow like two days later when the casket with open eyes turning out like it wasn't her thick makeup on her and she was wearing this for redress and it just wasn't like her well my parents i saw her that dress you know with all that make it on top and shut the casket immediately as it was and how that was in there or it was an image that someone put on her you know like she never wore makeup and you know we're really fully dresses like she had not really you know free and so she would wear jeans a lot
i don't want a few minutes you're very genes that was more like her personality and more like her personality her first and for one of her first really grown up verses was for new year's eve day and i just don't know what to do i know perhaps somebody could use an inmate could use seven i'll just make that decision sometime to be given to somebody who can put them to good use as we can't seem to do it it has to try and trying to look nonchalant i think i i think she must have been nine
this is very recently chairperson very typical picture that was taken in june of sixty nine and the friend who took a picture and brought it to us we gave her funeral for some of the taliban's it became one that came from integrating to us and said please accept our condolences and those of the entire staff of the current political state department of mental health in the tragic loss of your family to your family as a result of the events against the universe the army for those qualities of sensitivity and perceptive nurse was resented by allison lee zeldin her acceptance is a member of the nineteen seventy connecticut service call we regret that he will not have the opportunity to have found the potential he exhibited and we share a massive you arranged a shepherd acting commissioner
and john warburton service corps she had applied for a summer work with the service carter well i don't know whether she ever knew that you had been accepted here are just a small percentage of that is that we received and that is the people who didn't feel they had to identify themselves or perhaps didn't have the courage to define themselves that they felt that they had to let us know that they didn't approve of our daughter this is one that came in august as the wife of a national guardsman i am outraged at people like you who obviously feel they are free to kill other people and feel also that they are above the law your daughter was a hippie achieve slot and a potential cover herself she got what she does
or saigon a big business and they know it they return to earth and i don't quite understand what she which she means in this letter he never felt free to kill anyone who can someday take and take another life as an eighties you were no idea who she was three hundred feet away from the men who shot her and i think she it is a threat to them because they use are guns that could only doing extensive damage and i'm now understand
that they're going to avoid automatic gun and the same caliber we're using riot control i mean any money his death is an asset than a fruitful poor fly zone for a de escalation of this
position news please do not send their fans will politicize nonviolent film director day special time right destination this position more than a major point piercing common message on the top dollar air force base going on am fighting to some of the interests of wheat and brothers uncovered no forgetful telegrams it's the fourth all we get them were the fighting was solicitor mine that's right the lieutenant polls right into it five is a wooden school i hope so wouldn't want to see you get tested because our region the boyfriend
if you or anyone else your letters lately very happy and keep writing and tried to answer all of them is pretty woman with aaron the air is clean them here i hear it's snowing still upgrade to everybody from the value of mace peace love to still have been the downside of change they put very lightweight and india family arrived in viet nam the sixth able to sing didn't know what to expect when i arrived but it seems my views about the war and
people will change the future that took us from the airport to replace were seven long game wiley ever going to process and we shipped to a combat sentence she was really i'm captain rats and approaches to market going up encore kill to my company c cup replays put on a white and seven times on a fifty two mile means the boys here have been telling a lot of stories about what happens to them out with you the most trouble they have is with the mine's roof at as kind of almost complete mechanical also the geneva convention laws or abused they said well i get to see some action then again i might not the monsoon rains which lets the six months of common this is one that the economy keeps the mountains most worldly say there's no law here which is deep in the mountains
beyond he's just trying to stop that destroy the big guys but they're using every type of game that they can come up with the writing tomorrow love you as a massive government vs mom i said that most of the time in the morning it's not yet time those fears to see you in a year it's both a freak ai one of the boys told me he was coming down from the wall
throwing things out and while i sang the first time he just threw his hand the hands of dislike for surrender like you know shooting war and still i don't know if they live there the killing the bar where the internet gives a lot of work is with chad became you know next year when i know i normally he only someone i don't agree that they were thinking the shadows and so the amway if it came to pick them up and they can't and universal house bill and that next morning i went out there and sing in a nursing care of me downstairs lionel please candidate it would be you this same line there are a lot of his base was always hair was always just as the invisibility think about it you know and for years and i've been through a lot more and all this
will be left my brother do that everyday jacqueline school here at jackson state the people here know i don't think about or how they forgot something misleadingly a person's life was taken here i think again they walk on hit if that happened and isn't admitting it again after leaving one percent of the shiite state no i don't know either start with some yes i will get you know we come together and push forward or are raised to be polite race because i know this will happen in the next time it happened almost be re rated do something about a character called as courtiers a good long might have now another way to discuss ali's just didn't want the person they just get their monthly job assignment to do it
it does everything fell along attending jackson state there is nothing against it because it was there that i came because my father was the well as a woman of this go with me and see what happens just shh shh shh shh if babies born
to be a kid at all twenty years i'll that involve at a victory in all tarrant a point they are a fifth or they delete it mr fowler thank you sixth
birthday palm oil is an ally he used to come to me and i'll do a very very different thing about the rent house in about the best reporting and we'd eat popcorn so i think they do you fear ha we just the street is a party really because we were happy and it is the
good morning all the time and it was all about young age i guess as they say i was shot along a major speech and he was at this eighth and it's harder on the low end and it is only a feeling plus jenny our screens
christianity i just do it the grandmother baby and the man is taken with me because i look at only that on monday a call and it does it again the lobby place
beautiful figures have to be a home game on dec with the us but our at our
at act our age when we were in the one of june boone pickens so on the moon changed changed week limits to where we build on in the core conservatives and anti gay that was real that i just sort of reactionary it's a disease ok you're ok just little world over and back in june we should bury him hit and this was the moment you know that
i look back and i saw that what this merger case was planned so it wasn't like it was built and that it was an aimless circus know was a war and then when the lift and the hammers home a hand clinton and the us on this lulu of hulu and as a select and check it was saturating this big second trip in rome warm blood dripping with live and should bear hit and after she said the second punch you into sharp relief oceans open mortgage stale includes going back then so far no new orange start to gasp for air which can breed and it happens with second
a realist only news and then the second lady who's cradling ahead and pensions gives infant who's going to control it and some issues a face tattoo scholar in a certain way you know what was the planet now that was open casting in select forming enough juice were drawn a huge drawing up she's standing by tristan you know truck likely over unlocking terrorism should play breakthrough inches no longer they're not the person that i had known for just sort of a body telling you know there was an announcement about a decaying time in my way to live for within the la punk
that includes some to stroke and chicken on the newly rich can feel they have a common interest in the world's one to cut into a recruit in this image to stop improvement and even the suspicion again and wood and own people you're going to watch a top gymnast lot of time and so i said to him in a promotion in which would postpone the house what you told what should tone and so is screaming and crying in the room and saying to watch a ton and right after the senate a poet a few going forward with him when she heard me to issue new and should watch it insurance wallet and she knew berta soler people can screw watch a ton and it's forgotten segments of
pinch so patiently ok you know that seemed like it was our right you know she she was still wearing a way it wasn't just the body and as i was talking to two inches reacted to choose to employ a linear skating and we were printing influence in the whole time in the face in a forceful call in or stroke if there's a lot of mormon scholar in that scene and as we were going into the hospital and attended with the show or to place a compact and when you saw this whole site is torn apart mean man soaked in london showed me some bulls of flesh on the floor and that
almost akin to issue that iconic alaskan well you know as we were pulling in their soils allies will haunt all future stages hunger and twenty and then just have an instant like i had just seen it when they opened the doors and they grow and they said let's get this one she's still grieving families and the issue in that unwieldy into a hospital and she had gotten into an instant and one and then i went into the waiting room and waited coalition get out that afternoon and never imagined what what was really through further instability caused fossett's allowance of a stomach
to dance and they just pulled taut fought for purchases and if a family live in canada school and gas facilities make us stand in front of them and with rifles and shot and killed there was points but eventually it's
been repaired i might need thank you we can to keep
the peace we're going to see a food and that roof are playing and i had to learn them to learn to pay in and you keep in some ways to appease an elected franklin declare east turkey he
claims the pay to pay i need the police the plan or
yours are neither is businesses because he's based in the sixties became
known companies buying life became king james below the price is being nice briny and attacks by taliban is bad news because it's being distances between them
i'm jim williams and in the country and it was
clear that as well as for the effort he's been through this but tales because it encompasses
be honest i was besieged by isis hello
dan presentation of this program made possible by a grant from faberge incorporated the va then the news it
is a law that move to the moon cry
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right larry
danny there are many around years so the law
massey oh yeah last year it is it's been
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oh baby it is both
as bc says he's been saying today this
is the case nico
he cares that's been the case with me a hat and then that an air our
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Three young victims of the nation?s tragic confrontations during the past year in Vietnam and Kent State and Jackson State universities are eulogized in an NET documentary which recreates their lives through the remembrance and suffering of their families. The episode profiles young persons who are as varied as America itself; Carmine Macedonio, a postman?s son from Long Island, NY, killed in Vietnam when his tank hit a mine; Allison Krause, a daughter of a Pittsburgh businessman, struck down on the Kent State campus last May 4 during protests over the U.S. invasion of Cambodia; and Phillip Gibbs, a Black Mississippian, father and student, shot at Jackson State University during campus demonstrations last May 15. The families? emotional reactions to their loss vary from grief to bitterness to disbelief, and each person remembers in his own way. Phillip Gibbs? young wife, Dale, an expectant mother with a one-year-old son, hides her grief over her husband?s death as she reminisces about the plans they had for the future: We?d dream of a large house ourselves and about six children; he wanted all to be boys; he wanted a basketball team.? Phillip?s brother Faigin sums up his reaction to his brother?s slaying: ?I don?t really hate; I mostly just feel disgusted.? Arthur Krause, Allison?s father, cries out against the injustice of his daughter?s death at Kent State as he stands by her gravesite. ?She was a good girl. She cared about people. She didn?t like war. Is that a reason for killing her?? At home, Allison?s mother shakes her head in disbelief as she leafs through a number of hate letters, including one written by an anonymous woman. ?It?s still a mystery to me,? remarks Mrs. Krause, ?not evening knowing my daughter, she felt free to call her names.? Angelo Macedonio, Carmine?s father, compares the loss of his eldest son in Vietnam, one of ten children, to that of an amputated finger. ?My children are my flesh and blood. That?s all I have. When you lose a bit of it, you lose a part of yourself.? Fearing that their other sons who will soon face the draft will meet the same fate, the family is contemplating moving to Canada where their son?s ?don?t have to be drafted for unnecessary wars.? ?Part of a Family? is a production of NET division, Educational Broadcasting Corporation, in association with Belafonte Enterprises. Filler: Two Interludes -Misha Dichter playing Lizst Hungarian Rhapsody No. 11 on piano -Peter Yarrow playing guitar and singing two songs (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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