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reuters tonight from a small convention of advertising man this word on how the solar that the governor in illinois we knew how to look at him that it as a consumer product if you don't like the government over what the government knew it video
and incidentally a lot more fb to pay tonight rubio will be two hours a magazine which examines several subjects in nineteen hundred and six a young writer from baltimore named often sinclair sugar mama go with the chunky he was making novel about the filthy chicago stockyards history where almost singlehandedly began the wave of reform that led to the federal meat inspection light of eighty nine upton sinclair from his
home and marilyn and worked with satisfaction on the work he did what the job is not finished this year americans will consume about thirty three billion pounds of meat most of its safe and healthy that meat counter is full of federally inspected meat do not tell the whole story the us has the world's highest rate of chicken houses and today in this country need is being processed and plans described by government officials as shocking infested with insects and rodents plants which process diseased animals why because federal meat inspection applies only to meet shipped across state lines state inspection of meat sold intrastate varies enormously nine states require no inspection twenty five percent of all meat sold in this country comes from plants not under us inspection these tomes taken in various plants in maryland and pennsylvania may or may not show conditions which are dangerous but they are certainly below federal standards these conditions are not new there been efforts in congress
to reform them for years this year the smith fully build spearheaded that attack meat industry spokesman said the bill was unnecessary senate aimed at putting small operators out of business congressman foley this is really want to do with them at the end of the federal meat inspection of the majority of me and basically to give a consumer reassuring certainty where they are healthy animal is the first checkpoint for a federal inspector of packing plant and unhealthy animal is the packers lost not the consumers this ask a plant in baltimore was cited by congressman smith and foley as a model of a clean well designed plant running smoothly under rigid federal inspection even here ten percent of
the meat is rejected at every stage animals are checked for disease by train veterinarians every phase of processing is supervised when parts of our carcasses are found sub standard they're marked made unavailable for human consumption or destroyed the crew of train inspectors is paid for by the federal government but us inspection still as costly because plants must be clean and well designed and because bad meat must be thrown out not sold to the unsuspecting consumer blame lillian quest is a lobbyist for the western states meatpackers association he sees no need for more federal inspection we are of course are not in favor of him in that federal power because we don't want to fall apart in the meat industry at the center of a federal level and i think that very often times during
the debate on the meat inspection legislation and any reports that preceded the debate on that legislation that they reports of tainted meat were very widely exaggerated i think that in this country and there are the type of system we have where maria producer himself wants to ensure the reputation of its products that there is very very little meat that is finding its way into consumer channels than any of the states that is painted are harmed or derived from animals according to leslie or rear of the united packing workers congress is not given the public the protection that needs to him and adds up to private over public interest there's a very simple equation here the housewife interest versus the industry interest which will prevail i want to see congress' follow the
housewife interest the public interest is how bad is the problem we're convinced from observations from earth affidavits that we receive from my employees that mention snuff spit on the floor that mentioned earlier the meat falling on the floor and being picked up and put in the sausage should do of machinery and that there is a serious problem with respect to some of the non inspected the section of the industry and i myself have meda to our line or detective but i took a walk into chicago's a market area where there's a great deal of this sort of not inspected industry the trustee in industry and when those simple stroll down the street i saw evidence that turn my stomach and another especially squeamish i used the blood and guts i'm a former packinghouse worker myself we ask mr o rear to describe that walk near the fulton street market
some of these photographs were taken by him others were taken for the us department of agriculture all of them illustrated conditions an actual plants operative today in this country that's already there lives a treasure island in the processing plants in the film street market in chicago a garbage truck or fresh meat is exposed as you see here is forbidden under federal regulations refuse barrels and product barrels should never be next as they are on the stock their workstation is too cramped and the knife stuck in the crack is bound to pick up bacterial like salmonella on major worry of health authorities the vo hanging here is about to be beyond including a piece that said on the floor that meat will lie in the dirty sawdust until as well industry people insist that these are only
marginal situations if so they should be working harder to get the government to close the margin are diseased animals should be condemned and are processing facilities should be kept cemetery we think that federal standards ought to be applied in every shot in every state nothing less should be tolerated the house of representatives prove more tolerant the snowfall the bill was defeated twelve days ago we asked foley why bill carrick when a member of the new issue of inflation but getting an innovator and i remember that one the struggle for a strong meat inspection bill has now moved to the senate and under the leadership of minnesota senator walter mondale the deal's chief correspondent edward p morgan asked him why hasn't been so hard to get this legislation passed why would
say for two basic reasons first of all the american public is not aware of the dangerous condition that they can exist in meat slaughtered and processed and unregulated plants and i think they're beginning to the so and secondly there's a powerful lobby which is made up of representatives of the slaughterhouses and the the tech firms and they do a very effective job however we're now in the midst of the hearings in the senate and i think they were making a substantial progress of the conditions that we've been able to prove on the record art so are on arguably need a correction that i think it's becoming more more difficult to resist meaningful and substantial changes this year crippled dealers have what is that meaning opened at least we stumbled across this in talking to some federal inspectors this difference between the standards
of federally inspected plants in the far lower standards and state inspected plants is such that a new profession has developed in the and the other camera buying business versus call a crippled by he buys what they call the four defect forget all of these right now but it's dying disease disablement something else and he in effect he's a gambler healed by jessica working cattle and then he'll try for a very small price and then he'll try to hang on for the best possible price and if he's got one that's really sick when he's got to go to one of these almost criminal type operators that will take out an obviously disease and animal common acrylic type of criminal type operators are there but we don't know this was just disclosed hearings the other day but then they pointed one of these global buyers' is a saying i sell a few of these animals to federal plans when i walk the it's almost just a close but i've got one plant chicago and sell anything last
wednesday you've made another speech in the senate on this subject and you said that the country's largest meatpacking firm swift had up to that point refused to divulge the number of packing plants that its own or had an interest in which were in intrastate commerce and therefore not regulated by the department of agriculture we happened to stumble across because the enterprising reporter found out about it that some of the major packinghouse firms in this case which is not only the largest in the country it's the largest packinghouse firm in the world had several large plants which they all but which were subsidiaries of the subsidiary corporations which produce only for an interesting market large interesting markets congressman foley of washington had some time back written swift and asked them to confirm this rumor and his dad to tell them
which of their plans were of that in this category they refused to do so reporters called the swift company and asked them for the same information they refused to do so they're after we were able to find out the name of five or six of those subsidiaries we checked the federal inspection reports that us inspectors had earlier prepared even though they don't have jurisdiction to inspect the meat and it showed that these plants owned by swift were operating and standards that were beneath those that they would have to operate on if they were under federal jurisdiction when the hearings begin in the senate i repeated the church but these are that this large part for had in fact they resorted to state plans using their traditional label but operating in conditions than the federal standard the pressure gets a grape that within a few hours they finally have changed their mind and submitted the information that we want if we now have a list of a fair point so i understand you correctly in terms of label you mentioned a minute ago that
a nationally known company could and would put it label on interstate meet so that the housewife would know whether it was federally inspected or not and then she looked at it very closely i suspected some were on that label it might disclose its not a federal inspector did fire but it's in all other respects it would show that say the same nationally brand item of emotional very very closely which i felt that she would she would realize it was a state plan having seen it in color ads you would just assume that sir that was it that's correct the other point i wanted to make and listing these things is that because you can do all of these things in a statement that reduce your crops that you can't do at a federally inspected the economics i think are such that more and more even the large meatpacking firms are setting up intrastate subsidiaries in order to take advantage of these cost savings
of course the real losers are the consumers of america well that gets to this point if of what would you would you buy and eat meat made and packaged in a plant that was not inspected by the world i answer would be that i would not i would stick with federally inspected meat until we get this matter corrected i asked this question our three inspectors who have looked at state plans all over the country i said would you why none federally inspected meat for your own family and everyone said no unless they'd actually partially inspected the state what would you care if you just gays ahead of that and gives some specific points that you think will come into this law will or b teeth and a poet false teeth i think we can get ability because there's a there's a strange chemistry and in america i think it's the validity of the market was the people understand
that there's a change you can feel the congress i can feel it already has these hearings disclose these at a bill without teeth is is going to be useless and i say you've got to have characters you have to have a stick with and deepen i think the economics recession this promise it'll have a stick as well as a carrot or simply not going to achieve the objective you are i hope that it won't be considered an editorial comment if i say that i know some consumers will hope that your bills in regulation will not be hamburger i asked senator mondale for this interview this week from the senate agriculture committee we will get some idea whether the big bill is going to have its teeth pulled hearings was you want to stay alone they'll bill for strict federal regulation will be up against the weaker bill introduced by senator montoya and supported by the meat industry that leaves
enforcement of federal standards to the states taxes and taxes the video continues last week the bielke over the election campaigns in cleveland gary and boston on tuesday night watch political power it produced to negro my ears the first and a major city in this country has had an ally candidates apparently arises debate over wolves failed and she was rejected at the polls political analyst samuel well now columbia university has for several years studied precinct by precinct elections in which race was an issue here he gives the bales gary golson his estimate of tuesday's midterms and clinton in gary indiana on the first demonstrations on a new kind of politics that is going to spread to newark new jersey baltimore perhaps detroit another city we like to think of ourselves in this country as a sort of middle of the road people you know a standstill
long long but we also don't want rush to explain we've done pretty well at this largely because we have so many different kinds of people in this country the way we learn how to conciliate our conflicts i'm reading one interest with many others is what we call coalition politics now in many of our largest cities the possibility for following through on coalition politics is lost as an example take i would like to express very sincere hope that once this campaign is over that question of the color of a male skier would have to be considered as a major issue and actually the knowledge of the fact is that in every mayor's election from now on in cleveland race will be a factor the election
results show that cleveland today is a polarized city divided into two hostile racial division light warms which went against stokes of the primary and then that nineteen percent of well in effect a row was in ninety percent of the vote four was divided almost evenly but when you check ins wants precinct by precinct you find that only about a fifth of them really carried a close we'll only others unloaded predominantly for or against stocks whether the color is the one thing that determines how high he could go i don't think that we're going to be disappointed on november seventh let's get ourselves together thank you gary is a new shop where there was racial division hatch ago only about twelve percent of the
white vote in a negro areas in those ninety four percent of the vote and the whole city there are only five precincts those are five white spots on the map where people rally is of less than three to one with turn was the hackers probably write more important on the color of their own skin is the experiences that he's lived through right now only grow was elected with almost certainly have come up on a party he would've had to make good on his own against great odds it would have tasted the rewards of society and he would share most of the values of arts inside every way too long they were like immediately as where they said nothing but bitterness and frustration yeah no the vote against this
is phoenix lined up footing much more of the kinds of bostonians are idling cars themselves wearing makeup less than fifty percent of the vote and they could not the sex was very heavily and a beacon hill in back bay sections layout yankee republicans in the italian and irish wanted to launch a part of the city with the broken bodies and although it was a real cross section of boston voters that voted against the suspects because last election you had already usual head lawrence of racial backlash that turned up in almost every election race is an issue i think is a misleading term that implies that the american people and just close the place you have a openly
anti negro candidate as this year witnessed a six last year in maryland voters have turned against the reality and land it is saying the peninsula to explain the ballet has gone the other way this happened in new jersey this year it happened also last year and they'll say why me police review board was voted out effect and government requires both action and restraint and a polar ice at the restraints after day pharaoh and whether the leadership on both the white and they both worked as far as that was of concern is my belief that a higher quality of leadership will come if they are elected solar the light baby elmo
turns to presidential politics tonight in the copyrighted interviewing us news and world report just released richard nixon says that the nineteen sixty eight republican nomination will go to one of five men reagan or cr and so nixon says his supporters are now preparing for the primaries in six states next saturday george romney will declare his intentions or fishing raises about the beginnings of older who were professional campaign managers and their allies the madison avenue advertising man now claimed the candidates and patients or of a reasonable facsimile is and the soul of the public on television as effectively as to raise surreal and so selling is the name of the game and the professionals way of what the rio was in chicago one advertising executive martin told other admin how it's done last year his agency moves governor nelson rockefeller of new york from certain that the decisive re election
free agency i worked for and you know the consumer that they didn't think we have a lot of fields or belittled new coca cola and so forth and until thirteen fourteen months ago anonymous without any political experience we look at the governor in illinois we knew how to look at him that is as a consumer product if you don't like to think of a methodical through what the government's doing but we want to our first meeting and they it was the results of the crowd paul and we all went back home to leave though even improve upon that pressure on the titanic because the yacht first polls show that twenty one percent of the people would vote for governor rockefeller and seventy nine percent would vote for someone else it is not apocryphal at the polls told the governor that he couldn't be elected dog catcher then i heard him say that force reportedly was running
well it was a very low starting point and i really think looking back at her that worked in our favor because the professional politicians have given up we found for example that he had several obvious problems he had been divorced in a state where you have great catholic and groups he had married a divorcee the fact of the rockefeller welcome laura him heavily he had raised taxes some thought this is latest first term in office he had promised as a result of that not to raise taxes and in his second term he raised taxes some conservative even more viciously so he ought not going for him in person he's very charming man and that's great projections in the coalition unless he is angry or are in some way more of
these that are normal for lavely and look a little steps so we'd professionally decided that we would keep him off as long as possible what we decided <unk> their forward not to run the government and the campaign but romney's record and also to try to prevail upon his advisors to let us do communications for his record in a fashion that we knew would get to people and move that cuts to the first group of commercial planes he'd change it destroy your life
in new york city under the governor's new narcotics it can be taken off the streets for years of medical care psychiatric treatment region of the day they can without these two s e the patient as governor rockefeller has worked on all the roads has widened straight and smooth that is if you took all those world is
and the way the mandalay which stretch all the way right today is an all right all right very good the house wants it and i don't know whether and many of you will be involved in this kind of problem in the coming year i think there is increasingly an affinity on the part of the political machinery to enlist the aid of professionals and people who are capable of knowing what really most people rather than what should move them we have
for five observation that i have made him several seminars for the republicans people charged with trying to get that done for what they're worth to you i will now recycling there they will not be as much news to you as they were to the republican practitioners because they're really a professional communications experience in the first place we have said repeatedly that it is very important to know what people find not what you sink a fact and we had great like ridiculous idea because the governor has relied on poles and one of asian studies throughout his career the second important line as far as we're concerned is that we're concerned with what people will believe what they can be made to believe and what they will reject the other than they might find a certain cliche of all time and
others the mass communication you must concentrate on one idea at a time none of the commercial too soft attempted to deal with more than one idea and the left observation is is almost a gratuitous one that is that every problem political or marketing solutions the last observation against gratuitous one of this group i make it to the republicans because there was a long time they were not sure i think that perhaps that we have of governor rockefeller demonstrate whatever they would like you can be done very much madison avenue his can do attitude works to the advantage of professional campaign managers whose job it is to make the candidates the electorate what does this business of image making work to the advantage of the electorate at all invited two of the best campaign managers in the business to try out their theories before a group of students and rank and file politicians are quite sure i understand it if you ask me sheriff candidate
compromises own portable minority elected george orwell who manages democratic campaigns were living specializes in senatorial and congressional races he's currently preparing campaigns in new mexico florida and alaska your business you are more people working critic chris ryan on the edges of talent mr whitehead you get interactive many people went public office and that challenge on clifton wide established himself as an expert in the art of convention politics when he managed the draft goldwater movement in nineteen sixty four by promoting people book about becoming a candidate myself because someone suggested that i would make a good congressman and i agreed with them it would goals with brooklyn college and democrats
both gentlemen are professional campaign is there any ad campaign and it seems that today more and more of her campaign seems to be going over towards the professional saudi berkeley say what you've seen over the years how a campaign has become less and less good job of the candidate and how it's gone more over to the us side of the professional remove the level of the candidates there is more and more youths being made of professional campaign people of major campaign they're being managed by people who are experts in various phases of the campaign that the most critical phases of this television and in one television started a candidate would get on and he'd steered the candidates at irvine in a town smith our candidate for congress now our talk you tonight about taxes well i've radio like to read by that that is not the effective use of
them political war ii yet we did over fifty different types of television programs and sixty four and we have one here if bro you watch video monitor which shows the transition between when you were just talking about a candidate talking directly into the air camera versus the utilization of other material for that particular television spot and let's look at one of these early television spots now which i think does show a transition type it's been lack of moral leadership the leadership of this nation
as a plant an immediate challenge to go to work effectively and go to work immediately to restore proper respect for law and order in this land and not just prior to election day either america's greatness is the greatest ever people and let this generation than maybe a new marker that greatness that this generation of americans set a standard a responsibility that'll inspire the world in your heart you know he's right vote for barry goldwater that mark wahlberg well what i think so if you're talking to a demonstration of the goods are now regardless of the fact that senegal water lost the nineteen sixty four you saw the early on the spot was a direct appeal to the emotions and more votes are decided on the basis of a motion that other bases a wide valley made out like this that's nothing new women voters i mean he's a man
remember as we study issues and we know what we believe about them away not stirred by one dollar per candidate but we do work for his own you know big surprise you know because you're not concerned you know the technicalities but it can be an either or proposition it's got to be about an ending of human face at the fact that our cities are falling apart you want to get someone like humphrey or kennedy or have something specific about these and that the world is falling apart because this is steven nissen vietnam and we want to start negotiating or so we're headed about it where politicians are against the spread breaks the austrian the all white nation a few others like that if we don't get on the ba'ath party and harrison candidates are matching the issues you're gonna lose it didn't go as a church well certainly from school of journalism i think what she's trying to say is due you don't have a conscience you say that you want elections or you're you're pandering to electric but what
because deciding elections on the basis of their emotions that you feel that it is your responsibilities to make the electorate decide elections on the basis of logical of logic now you made my hands i don't know and other words and why should she decide an emotional not logical maybe he'd ask you a question answering it then you're drawing an assumption of those wholly unrelated to the question is yes or if i expect people to be able avoid intelligently on the issues when so much increasing emphasis now on these fancy slate political television spots a huge showing an and these spots oversimplify the issue is really misleading that when we say that they felt that the new television spots are different than a man standing in front of the camera and speaking which really all the rules of television this does not mean that they're any less issue of material and a one minute spot that interesting
there is no one in a spot of uninterrupted what let's show him out the spot in which a candidate is not even appear but yet the for the us but certainly it physicians are in a tussle the spot that we made in the pennsylvania primary last year the company primary for governor that's ready we are pretty sure that now in the shadow of boies penrose pennsylvania's most famous political box the democratic policy committee met and they were a fourteenth to hand picked their candidate for governor outside the press inside the party bosses men who already knew the answer audio mediums the list the ins and the outs of the old cajun rejection
behind closed doors a handful of men handpicked candidate let's give the democratic party back to people may seventeen which your hand there this has been a paid political announcement was quite lovely as it would have been a question though as you know is there anyone here who disagree with the philosophy of that talent i mean why not because i think i'm like it was it was you said a farm worker at reprise it was said it was alive or no magazines no nothing's yet kentucky before the election he said he was a part time of them shout allah be governor of the state and you'll always as if to say cool you know as the olmstead who you know he said what i'd been a million dollars in its music concert that i think the question that we must arrive
in the basin what's going to get a joint wednesday that the i think the most generous sentiment is that people cannot get elected to public office today unless they have enough money to hire people like you mr white which cost a pretty good on and also they cannot be elected unless they have reasonable to the audience through this media i know it's been said that thomas jefferson started was we're speaking in the world and that if he ran again some of each shot can slip he would get in and that's as rude as a result of your trade know i think the question we all intro i ask you is that does your country does your political campaigning on this country to get the best man on the mostly men the most visible man on a coup and said the coolest man part i think that the techniques that were disgusting a means of communicating to the voter that the quality of the candidate no i don't know of any campaign in which a candidate for private eyes
states was defeated because a lack of funds in utah man i know you know you don't have people that would be able to run for presidency because i didn't have that much as well can you know me and you know we don't know coming up time and again the other things they're raising the problem here the objection from a lot of people is that these techniques although legal annual an unreasonable and stress that they that your plan court rules and i don't think anyone's really question that they're experts at your traditional way when the new rules but i think we the amateurs are objecting to your rules of your techniques like that spot for for senator goldwater which was very professional and very good but it it preys upon emotions of i'm afraid of crime in the streets and years that pritchard the couple hours a lot of emotion in regard to the spots in nineteen sixty eight campaign on both sides but then daisy's in and lawn people options on his fact when i've read your railway a bonobo very
important point here which i wish i you people would remember and consider and this is really in my giant tremendously important and on the map the political parties in the united states of a market today are open organizations you can belong to either one of the two major parties that you wish to belong to why the very simple act of indicating your desire to be either a democrat or a republican you're now making a political speech according to what i've read not in a public knowledge let me tell you what i think is important years and you therefore have the right to go in either one of these parties and exert as much info within either one of them as your own capacity an initiative an ability allows you to do and any one of you and have that
kind of impact and either one of the parties and if the parties do not progress in the way you think they should progress you should get into those parties and we're within their framework to try to make them turn out to be what you think is right for your image in your judgment the major question is is you guys are always an image makers and you're pandering to the advertising industries techniques on this i think they ought to make them why they didn't have we had a little bit of your lincoln douglas beer or even if you please kennedy nixon spirit of all that like and get your area were presented to get young was that he was out of your candidate or some forty four camels hey now that'll actually he's still got that he went out the campaign he got the volt and the use of the most modern techniques of his day right there baby that was a big thing in an allied stronger the kennedy nixon debate that still the most remembered political tv show ever
aren't they were debating the issue they were using them but they're really an advanced technique would your suggestion that the kennedy and nixon debate in nineteen sixty the way that that was unlike and then a hundred years earlier what are you think you could probably get yourself on your hands and you could get yourself on another dimension to this video report on image making from president kennedy's advisor theodore sorensen i must say i'm not too concerned about the image makers taking over presidential politics professional populations people that role candidates rely on them to purchase time and so forth but i am not persuaded that the american people are going to select a president on the basis of extremism and hand this is not a new problem nearly a century ago there was a very controversial highly publicized
governor was receiving so much publicity and applause is the one about the country that many people thought he would be elected president very wise senator commented that on his way to the capital that morning he had seemed to train the monkeys leading enterprise five on pennsylvania avenue surrounded by a tremendous crowd cheering that in applauding but they said they're not going to elect either like a president today the voters are far better informed on the issues the candidates and they are far harder to fool her a lot talk to enough money and skill to take a politician a long way and they have many times in the past but they still are not likely to take it to the white house television in my opinion is more help for the threat underneath all the makeup and special lighting after all the scripts and scenarios are gone that constant pitiless exposure to the camera's eye
of a long presidential campaign as a way of showing how strong or weak how deep or shallow candidate really is for the voters may not hear or grasp all the facts facets of being the biggest issue and true they do vote on the basis of general images and impressions but in most cases i think those impressions are uncannily correct and flopping what the candidates said about the issues whether he is called our compassion to base a comedian superficial layers of problem for a candidate will a service job and you well perhaps as a state election race which city the city before his inconsistency is an endurance can catch up not in the national and there to last about the race a man must have convictions that judgment will come through
it it looks like abraham lincoln early on afghan television up like kennedy in nineteen sixty there's no doubt about that but not because he had the larger tv budget of the two major candidates as he did not it is not because a majority of women voters supported it because surprising they say oh they did not was not even because he was inexperienced platform performer crowd pleaser fact is that the opposite is true john kennedy specially these pre white house years was it hard days shy quiet there much more effective in the living room than in the auditorium television made it possible for him to reach millions of letting go i'm not satisfied with the soviet union is turning out prices many scientists and engineers and we are not satisfied when many of our teachers are inadequately paid on our children go to school part time shift i think we should have an educational system second to none
tv also made it possible for john kennedy in nineteen sixty to fire his greatest handicap the religious issue and he spoke about it in every city visited he would write been accused of dwelling on that one issue when he insulted so other nations should govern you could mean it was early in the campaign and then count on television to carry the message around the country a place you'll recall issues to the audience a group of protestant ministers television excerpts and rebroadcast made it possible for every voter who's concerned about a catholic candidate's position on church that question's see this lionel effective confrontation with the issue i believe in an america where religious intolerance will someday and there are men in our characters are treated as equals where no catholic prelate would tell the president should be the catholic a black
and no protestant minister would tell a freshness on the vote where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political problems television also help john kennedy when the nineteen sixty election to the kennedy nixon debates because this one large number of votes that election small shift loosened up but because they stirred enthusiasm among democrats and they stopped the talk among republicans about kennedy not having what it takes to stand at the crucial question before at all they are republicans and all democrats is and freedom of the next generation are going forward i mean it's going to be a great issue for me we need our responsibilities i think freedom will call if we fail if we fail to move ahead if we fail to develop sufficient military economic and social strength here in this country and i think that the tide could begin to run against that's the question before the american people and all you can decide what
you are what you want this country to be what you want to do with the future i think we're ready to move and it is to that great task if we're successful that will address ourselves so yes they are not frightened by the impact of television and making on presidential campaigns every candidate does not know how to reach the people from tv or otherwise out a mood than when their hearts as well as their heads he would never succeed in the white house any way for their he's constantly required to mobilize public opinion if on the other hand he is all stalin no substance all glitter and no gretchen no amount of professional image makers are managers or media and merchandise him to majority of the voters they are not going to act and a monkey person is rubio melts in nineteen sixty four over two hundred
million dollars was bad on national state and local election campaigns in nineteen sixty eight the candidate making business will become a two hundred and fifty million dollar a year industry yeah the male continues this weekend the east room president johnson signed the act creating the corporation for public broadcasting a nonprofit public agency dedicated to accelerate the growth and improve the quality of noncommercial television in the united states now from the real chief correspondent edward p morgan in washington some people think president johnson's boost to noncommercial broadcasting came only in the nick of time sometimes life itself seems like just one long commercial the ad suggested that ice a perfect products now candidates as we've seen our merchandise not as people but as commodities think of the governor of new york said that hard headed role handling his campaign ads as a buick of course you could grow
up with the rockefellers or ford or lincoln or ram at the teeming marketplace of consumer goods and political services must not ignore certain basic values which are not for sale education can be bought but it is of little value if it doesn't reach for the truth last tuesday that reach was lengthened and strengthened by the president's signature on the broadcasting though which he hoped would create a network of knowledge this wasn't johnson bill that is the kind of weapon which the president himself a teacher feels most at home with it is more useful far the bar providing it's free of undue pressure commercial or political televisions power to instruct to inform illuminating communicate is almost online it has been running lull on voltage late in the hell mabel a few was in its own noncommercial experiments which are not connected of course with this
new legislation but if we may be permitted the soft sell we wish this new public cooperation along and rewarding life and video editors joyce reports this week it has been described as a fraud and the center has to work and the sick time to buy some while others call it a hair raising analysis the book is stirring emotions with its examination of the possibility of more important the desirability of world peace now prevail editors joyce un report from the iron mountain about one hundred miles north of new york city and rolling hill country there's an underground vault called iron mountain industry and government keep records there because the ball one hundred and fifty feet beneath the earth is supposed to the atom bomb proof in nineteen sixty three according to the book report from our modern a group of fifteen outstanding thinkers not there at the request of the kennedy administration
they were asked is the united states prepared for permanent case the book the report from are not and says assad has reached this conclusion in the book's words lasting peace while not theoretically impossible is probably unattainable even if that could be achieved it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of a stable society to achieve that there are other startling statements and report which says that is not concerned with what is good or bad but just with what is it argues that without the war system which means hot wars and cold wars and maintaining the war threat our society would not work it argues that international conflicts don't cause war ii or manufactured because the war system requires the report from our muffin says war itself is the basic social system is the system which is governed most societies of record reports from our muffins those victories on the fleets in wars though are only a small
part of the war system military functions of the war system are more basic according to the report which style press says was brought in by a member of a study group who thought the public won't know it was full production of war is the backbone of the economy it creates demand that prevents depression reports from our emotions an economy has advanced and complexes all are all requires the planet average annual destruction of not less than ten percent of the gross national product costs couldn't the same compound effect be gotten by substituting massive government spending for peace on hospitals schools public housing and health report from armand says as an economic substitute for such a program is inadequate because it would be far too cheap the book argues that it is impossible to spend as much on borders we spend on guns the only substitute for war spending was expensive enough and flexible enough is an open ended space program report from iron martin says and
colonization of them all proceeds on schedule it would then become necessary to establish a beachhead on mars or jupiter and so on this kind of spending lends itself extraordinarily wealthy arbitrary control michael as the war system is economically it is more important politically report from iron martin says or system not only has been essential to the existence of nations as independent political entities what has been equally indispensable to their stable internal structure citizens of the government because only the government can protect them from outside enemies as for international relationships they always defended ultimately and force bach says in a world without threat external enemies would have to be manufactured to promote lesions by citizens and prevent social disintegration report from our muffin says experiments that ought to test the credibility of and how aware of evasion right it is possible that a few of the more difficult to explain flying saucer incidence of recent years were in fact early
experiments of this guy if permanent peace does come to pass the book what will be done with the millions of young men in the armed forces if they were on the streets without jobs there will be a source of social unrest the report from iron out and says it is entirely possible that the development of a sophisticated form of slavery maybe an absolute prerequisite for social control in a world of peace the report argues that war service biological purposes as well it helps control population and prevents town in a traditional warfare does biological damage too soldiers society's strongest members are killed and this genetic last weekend's the species the report from our muffin says nuclear weapons are indiscriminate application would bring to an end the disproportionate destruction of the physically stronger members of the species whether this aspect of genetic gain would offset the unfavorable mutations anticipated from post nuclear
radioactivity we have not yet determined if they should ever come a study group recommends population control by artificial insemination and scientific brady as for science itself the book says without more progress will be slow report from our nerve and says laurie is the principal motivational force for the development of science at every level the assembly line grew out a firearm aids in the civil war the steel frame building did not come until the first steel battleship of them launched a report from armand says the most direct relationship can be found in medical technology the vietnam war a war has led the spectacular in but whitson application procedure is what happening techniques and surgical logistics it has stimulated new large scale research on malaria and other topical diseases it is hard to estimate how long this work would otherwise have been delayed despite its enormous nonmilitary important that nearly half of the
world's population the story drew but arnott and clearly equates war with survival should we then strive for disarmament and peace the space really in chaos a report from our martin concludes no program or combination of programs yet proposed for a transition to face as remotely approached beating the comprehensive functional requirements of a world without war it is the war system that must be identified with stability the war system cannot responsibly be allowed to disappear until we know exactly what it is we plan to put in its place that is in summary form of the main points made in a report from our national pbs ailes our levin asked her win column about standing war peace there is for an evaluation some experts challenge the authenticity of the report say they never was a study group that the report is a hoax but folks are not there is agreement that the book is penetrating and opposes critical questions the thing about this book
is the number of people who wanted to leave but says she would've think this way there's a reason to be more anxious to feel the worst recovery were somehow something very very wrong there was always a you know an actress of us government does as i could i would read an interview with it this way that incentivizes the gases anything about today's times and fear most valuable part of this as it is now possessed of the cia they had the race riots with all the issues all when you say two years ago we were in this distress status which we were not as observers are visiting his mother sat there is over reliance that that's a time well isn't there are people willing to play a bit of this is way like this and that presumably
most remarkable about it had been a businessman who think this way i don't mean in the book i believe that the economy works this one that leslie about that a majority of americans believe that the war makes economy prospers that belief is widely held in government about what people at the end of an amazing set of his book which many people believe what i am saying those are you know things that his book which nobody believes have any societies though ever used more to keep themselves together there's no question that there have been hated that decision makers who have try a head all problems by the above her adventures that is about a completely uncommon say this effort on the republican senators report from iron mountain fiction yes but what truth doesn't contain added
video art two of the real confrontation along congressman on the question of the legality of the war in vietnam and edward lee morgan's personal viewpoint and one minute after this fall as for station identification video resumes
supreme court justices all the flesh stuart is a conservative is a liberal with this week they joined in the dissent a dissent that suggest that the court review a case questioning the legality of the vietnam war or justice through a question the gulf of tonkin resolution in which the president relies to support his policies that resolution giveaway congress the power to declare war and can congress give away that power the mail focused on questions about the tonkin resolution a week ago when we invited eleven members of the house of representatives to georgetown university in washington and about one of the fifty students gathered at the university's role of nations to hear the congressman and that would be more in the gulf of tonkin resolution was passed in nineteen sixty four or visit good authority for the vietnam war in nineteen sixty seven then congress abdicate responsibility and passing out these congressmen came to give their
answers new gallagher new jersey democrat early supporter of john f kennedy a veteran of two wars and loyal administration man on vietnam john conyers detroit democrat who's father forgive me goes into labor unions he has voted against phones for the vietnam war john brennan was forty years old indiana democrat you want to sell them several i harvard and oxford is specially in the house is education representative gallagher's left is richard schweiger of pennsylvania a member of the liberal republican ones they caught using his fourth term and two is left then rosenthal queens democrat born raised the educated within the boundaries of new york city the man with a cigarette as brad morris liberal republican lawyer from lowell massachusetts it's
been bilbray republican from indiana and his ninth term lawyer quaker but no pacifist with his back to was as democrat frank evans he represents a colorado district which covers a steel town or great resort and agricultural flatlands paul findley downstate illinois republican domestic conservative publishers small town newspapers melvin laird of wisconsin is chairman of the republican conference he's been in elective office since he was twenty four years old and is said to be the fastest think they're on the republican side of the house that's donald fraser democratic lawyer of minneapolis our last congressman price the video show the group a bit of an illustrated history at campaign time nineteen sixty four as barry
goldwater challenges president johnson the united states says only sixteen thousand troops in vietnam advisors not combatants war is going badly one from somewhere sixty four through election day president johnson speaks against a white lawyer senator goldwater calls for more vigorous military action anyway that's what i've been advocating for months and months the monster flee coming down from the old days information lucien many as in the two
years as they wore it august the fourth nineteen sixty four an incident in the gulf of tonkin off north vietnam the next morning reporters were briefed by secretary michael barr and i think that you know the village i had continued the hill partly the white and they reported they were under continuous filipino attack and we gave him the pentagon of what we do here they were pouring they were waiting for the oath and they had found one of the attacking people are applying for aid to be destroyed before they had evaded additional tarp the tail end of the effect of the attacking patrol craft other protective aircraft romney i can't go over that live overhead and i drive about the patrol i think that the movie
that's reported the destroyers were again under attack at midnight i would find those who were in the mission leaders dryers reported that they had suffered no no casualties and that the effect of aircraft from the ticonderoga we're illuminating the area and attacking the anime focused that aggression against the organizers of so well has now been joined by immigration on the ice things of the united states of america the determination of an american commitment to the people and to the government a lovely revival of the south during the night that he thought that it relied on the us carrier like thunder of the compilation or not be in the
fall they can enter the port authority before he had where they were located on the map showing how long can china north vietnam they didn't harm day another vietnam veteran mr chow that will lure i want that one day and on the right within the piano or don't like that bald with a long shaded with the law while the debate president johnson asked for congressional resolution to back the retaliation and to show american determination to stand firm in south vietnam the election campaign made the congress especially eager to demonstrate national unity only wayne morrison ernest green opposed the resolution in the senate and in the house nobody voted against the resolution declared quote
that the united states is prepared as the president determines to take all necessary steps including the use of armed force unquote to come to the aid of our southeast asian treaty allies i am at the time of the tonkin incident in spite of american advisors and equipment it was a vietnamese war and it was going badly so badly in fact that the george bundy later testified that we fear the military collapsed the united states board in combat troops seventy five thousand by almost sixty five a half million today it became an american war americans were fighting it and american technology was changing the face of the country in march nineteen sixty five the united states started regular bombing of the north today only a handful of targets recommended by the joint chiefs have not been hit secretary mcnamara says that hitting them could bring the soviet union or communist china into the war
as the war grew so did public opposition to it and congressman began to reconsider their role in the house representatives friendly and morris asked for a new study of the tonkin resolution in the senate gay william fulbright of arkansas once the chief advocate of the tonkin resolution turned against the war and the resolution the administration in the person of undersecretary of state nicholas katzenbach forcefully defended the resolution before the senate foreign relations committee last august twenty first chairman fulbright ask questions you know i'm going to quote that great was that spirit during the resolution authorized the president to use the armed forces of the united states and whatever way it was necessary then i was a declaration of war that is not one that would have given the president more a party in a clear voice of the congress of the united states but that
the circumstances of an emergency see an attack upon the united states we could all in the papacy usually principles about development these attacks as well seems to me that if your employees consideration the
urgency alison morris who have the floor but i wonder if you believe as a captain back indicated that the up i can't end of revolution has a satisfactory substitute for a declaration of war one of the causes of the events of the last ten years it's a substitute for what it really is a problem for the president of the united states is entirely different interpretation mountain dew secretary because the president refer to target which is right in that campaign and a much more he then the
sectarian or sectarian one of the members of the republican leadership in the house or do you believe that congress did advocate one of its constitutional rights in adopting the tonkin gulf resolution i know because of the debate that took place the assurances that were given by senator fulbright in the debate in the senate in churches that were given by the minority the ranking minority member ross garrett indiana in that debate in which he was very very important that this was not by passing the constitutional right that congress says no to judge whether that station will have declared almost feel your parliamentary polls leading law there is no way that we can be consistent with the constitution of this country so we read a lot and a resolution of war against vietnam some there's no way that the congress
can't be taken away and we are in fact in more not think that the constitution will lose its force through the gap in the way of these rights and obligations by the sliding away and erosion as it were i can't it's very simple i've been amazed the constitution is literally outmoded with regards to this great product that rests with the people who are sent to the congress that now weak and some resolutions which are clearly in a moment a huge and so i think that we have a constitutional obligation to own up through whether or not we want to stand before the peoples of the world and the nation and say
we do and five declare war against vietnam mr connors says the irish in many acts responsibly only as the author of this resolution has had some publicity late date i'd like to say that i feel it's the clear responsibility of the congress and the congress alone to deal directly and right away with the fundamental question of war policy the constitution doesn't say that the president you asked the congress to do this it says its ability to congress to decide this fundamental question of course it's another recommendation anybody outsiders can tell us what ought to be done we've often told the president what we ought to be doing about war but as members of the house and senate i think we have a clear unequivocal going to get on with the job and that's why brad morris and several of the rest of
us that sponsored resolution and i now call upon congress to deal with this resolution before adjourning order of administration policy in vietnam so you're so inclined why a resolution which congress has put a lot of work now and this was part of the many process when the revolution become of plans i think you were in vietnam probably are not only on the current resolution were there because of the cdo and because of article two of the constitution meant when she was one hundred and twenty five and this is where the committee
and so i think president johnson has been much more than any of the commander in chief has to keep congress informed and lack the mandate that congress has given her from your vantage point on the committee of armed services but i do think it was the next step toward woodward the other factor is that there was a lot that i think that there are people now look back and say i didn't realize it was that can't read english for a quite think that what we basically said at that time what we gave the president the right to make flexible response in just about any direction you want to short of using nuclear weapons in short of invading north vietnam i think that any this interpretation or or second guessing it is not to read the resolution as you reflect your constituents who you look and
happy walking you know you have these events are many of my columns it a good time in their solutions all the relevant twenties where we are today the administration has relied on that see if i can collect some eyes memory of my my lawyers i think we had a classical example of unusual mistake of fact getting that the present administration credit for credibility in all of those with that i don't think that that ever forced or events lauded they intended that time that contractors entered into with the congress to take this as far as we go so we have to a lot when i voted for that night made me unhappy sitting on what's this day i don't know that i would've gotten any differently for when i voted for it the time it was beyond the scope of any comprehension that i had that we would advance would be would lead to where we are today this was a a limited situation involving a limited response
and i have every reason to believe that i didn't believe at that time that we wouldn't know where we are going the subsequent events have shown that that contract must be nullified neither side understood what happened at that time and so i'm confused by the divide on it out of the dilemma we find us new law invariably they play i prefer it go owen who are about whatever your columns all play for knowing exactly what is going to happen simply have never taken any concrete here eventually your colleague's observations i have a certain sympathy with what
rosenthal has just said i supported the resolution i do think that when we voted for that in assessing its impact now we must consider the circumstances that prevailed when we voted for and when we're in a campaign year when oh sure the united states has fired on and a resolution is put before you which is in the nature of standing up and saying you believe in mother played in every every saint and rational politician is going to vote by government i think because i think it is not so in this sense the beat that we see now in retrospect that we would have been better advised to have written language of that resolution and i'm in a much more limited way that seems to me i mean i'll say it i should have read the language much more carefully but i
think given the circumstances not like you really vote against a resolution that happens it's like it's like being a traitor of your country to vote on something like that one year or two years or eighteen months it expires affirmative action might be taken to continue i think that maybe one year and we're going to do i'm terry gross august nineteen sixty four we have less than a division of troops and they were advisory groups have that in vietnam and to now we have over eight of today we have over a hundred well
frankly an issue that i think it's the follow up to secretary defense that he had no desire to win that if you come to meaningful record and i can understand why you have to in a meaningful victory in vietnam we were going to be a man is to have those who are on the force not a force that the south viet nam khong but they followed a geneva revolution of nineteen hundred and that people really unite the people that i'd ever baked mr mark restoration it's been over two half years since we got deeply into this war the armed forces have a question about the ballpark and resolution been raised at that time
i think it might have had more significant thing about being raised two and a half years later that has been raised in my judgment is a reflection of the fact that our culture is not going very well that we can see the end of the tunnel in a nineteen sixty five by the end of that year or by the end of nineteen sixty six when the last settlement or something with a satisfactory conclusion everybody would've said well this was a great venture united states and europe freedom we figured integrity of these south vietnamese people power in the nineteen sixty seven or the ministrations of things are going well i don't believe it i don't think going well at all i think to hear it and i don't see any end inside and i think of all the trees in the state and others have at least deep misgivings about our involvement now begin to say well what was the gulf of tonkin resolution really what it would sort of be i am rosenthal i was asked the circumstances that did not unlike most wanted it all but i think the basic question that we have the wisdom of what we're trying to do
and whether or not we can actually make the fact was that always believe what we were doing reluctance now to support that belief i think it's an individual matter let's do it right according to the united states constitution or the declaration of war now and that's all to a car i don't think there's a military men here and differing with my colleague who is going to stay well for all these years and all his supporters who were considered traitors by their people and wears a close to be in a difficult they are wondering why they need so much american help support the vice adm nimitz elementary that government can never stand because it's
not representative and until the time comes when we have really three elections and have the people like they want a continuation of the military dictatorship will happen continuing the various rock on military governments have away my friend of being with a remarkable man it's the history of military governments change it there are fifty seven members of the congress of united states will file resolutions calling for a congressional reexamination allows of representatives can we get your hands on this because one because there is resistance from certain forces within the leadership
on the majority side of the administration itself which is provided the problem a point out that repeated voted supplemental about authorizations operations to carry on the war in vietnam opportunity after opportunity as riders condition limitations attorneys down and we haven't done it i never one resolution on amendments that we should use any of the money in a supplemental war bombing north of the seventeen well i forgot how many votes of congress favor oh to get a fatwa or it would happen eleven years another subject in addition to what our policy in vietnam or be that runs through your entire discussion and that is what is the role of the congress in making foreign policy and one of the reasons i think so many of us are probably everybody here feels frustrated is that it's very difficult for members of congress to have a very effective handler particularly as individual congressmen or senators and obviously for congress in committee or as a complete institution
to feel that we can really make a bet on a foreign policy i was just reading a speech senator fulbright made about three four year as hugo which he said obviously he said three or four years ago is the president united states who is charged with the responsibility to conduct and control of foreign policy and he'll get into trouble when he starts consoling too much with the congress and he said that at that time in defense of what president kennedy did in the cuban situation in which the president certainly was not running up with it all the time in that region no more the constitutional provision that congress won't show big clare war on one's saying that that it has to to a degree not yet ascertain able you wrote in a lot more that i don't i don't think john conyers was to see is declare war on vietnam i do honestly
does obesity as you just to i don't want to raise that issue i think it would be a great risk that sometimes it's better to be in diplomacy as well and as well as in politics to keep things somewhat ambiguous really is the american public divided and little bit of thought about where we are i think the reason is but basically it's a unique type m ward doesn't line up with the classic world will want to run away we start out with your experience in terms of a war begin a second we got into the war in a new way we get into it not whether by pepperidge the war not with like wooden korea something that we in between we uniquely gotten others will now leading up to is i think it's also true that running happen five unique way out of this one and i don't think it's an either or proposition the worst on uniquely the war we had an innately uniquely and that's right think brad martin our
proposal about mitchell series the small steps were nobody knows his eyes were two sides gradually this sunday if he gets if you need more at mayor answer is it is not unique at all to win the war and america and incidentally everyone we predict here invented and the declaration of war if you are a very acute introduced to repeal the popular politicians to lambaste at a politician you realize that every practically made fargo the leveling are going to grant life whether all of you think sort of is a very embarrassing you know they never tried again and you're
like why but i think what's a writer american viet nam with me and before you make it so simple i wish you do some very careful thinking about yourself or to propose a political argument many times obviously from one cent here in the circle the country is torn and tormented about this war and the question is are we gonna wait till the next presidential election to have a change in policy or is that congress at long last debate so you were this point you raise the question you actually i'm discouraged rightly so others to join in this resolution which calls upon the congress to deal with its duty under the constitution just like wait we can get the leadership to respond i was i wanted to say wait we have the
duty to deep trauma wal mart one gives congress the sole responsibility to declare war but also gives the congress the responsibility the sole responsibility to raise the finance and to provide for the regulation of military force and we did nineteen sixties this is my major concern about tourism the point is that circumstances of life in the middle of the twentieth century are really what is behind the frustration that we in congress feel on a question of declaring war or peace it's not so much a question of will or whether we're
following the constitution any president can get this country into a shooting war without talking to a single member of congress because of the nature of the world that's the problem about the nature of the world just like to say one thing here i think that frustration various situations of these days his experience is occurring in many homes and with many people in america i think it comes about because of the lack of leadership we have the executive branch at this time in this very crucial area i don't believe that we've truly spell out what our objectives are in southeast asia we change from day to day we are not being truthful with the american people about how much this war is costing the president just this past week referred to the cost of organic twenty three billion dollars those of us on the
defense appropriations committee know that a supplemental has become before the congress in january for at least five billion dollars because we're spending at that rate in vietnam and we won't be able to finance the fourth quarter when it was twenty three twenty five twenty years it makes a difference in that sense you know well right fight a war like this the third largest foreign ministers and can continue to do business as usual iraq right now you have to get some sense of urgency about what is that this is bob jimmy of the highest moment of concern here in america for the first time we've turned our collective government of attention on the
question of race as a foreign and domestic issues that have been ignored for five to a generation the war in vietnam has done more to end the progress that we were making on the home front more than any one other factor that in our daily life it of course the porters we have our society living virtually isolated of black america and a white america we've just begun to take really large meaningful steps in this direction i think it's the national anxious that we resolve the problem of the color question of the poor in america before we decide to pacify some parts of vietnam that specify destroyed in newark and what's which means that apparently as much as any places any other part of the regime at this point in a long list everyone seems to think so my colleagues that they would be healthy for the
country to have this baby and the congress wasn't as we do in a violent when you apply and this one was all our issues all it would do would be psychotherapy of one and thirty five members that it would leave the country in the exact same uncomfortable unhappy this promoted position that it would not resolve the issue what's right wendell i'm congressman that there are some members of the house needs a reboot absolutely and i don't think that we could do anything more harmful to our country if you want to do i do i do
i get the point all right ward it is are you now robert oh
wow you're suggesting he said no the future foreign policy problems ahead to that if we continue as we are in vietnam and what i think is a volatile situation we're going to have rising labor in this country that omar let's not get involved in
anything beyond our borders so one of the great problems we have had to amend the general in only one commander in chief of the army and i'm eighteen they're very unstable look for about eleven thousand jobs are also claims that will be made in fact we must recognize one man as commander in chief of the army and sounds very chinese writer twenty five centuries ago said the general will win if he had probably been interfered with by the assad family thank you for participating in this little exercise of democratic discourse the meeting as a teacher a
professor of history at harvard and an authority on american foreign policy it's been a constant question well it's a competition meant to be very clear about the clothes and they manage the clothes are in a way in conflict with one another and i suspect that the men who wrote composition that they need some of the most eloquent argument about the limitations came from abraham lincoln was a number of representatives and criticizing fox action and sending troops beyond the disputed land that without a declaration abroad and it's been argued on both sides one of the cases that comes to my mind was when the roll to reverse that prior to the philippine
cases making nineties when many members of congress want the innovation intervened humans humans were fighting for independence constrain congress considered seriously declaring war on its own not request president and president cleveland allegedly told members of the senate that he was commander in chief that they're going to declare war ii were declining orders the army invaded by the war they ate this particular competition will issue is debated have been debating about getting rid of its subject to any kind of resolution you think that it would be as useful for the congress to have a great debate and cleanup this messy situation i can imagine that would fire but rosenthal was probably right that it would be most likely isn't recovering and that they
there are some now some issues that might be debated quite useful to be debated don't have to do with specific remedies in this war one for example one that was alluded to or touched on occasion which are they the question of how much one of these commitments is worth the point was made several times was my biggest rosenthal once layered but when the tonkin gulf resolution was passed the expectation the legislative branch and the executive branch equally was that really the outlay would be relatively small and they were talking in terms of a big storm and nobody really foresaw that that twenty three billion dollars half a million men and now or the real question i think most people are not those large list conyers who question the sensual out of the oven but the other question the troubled most members of
congress is whether it's worth as much as it cost him in relation to other things on which the money might be spent on american power and in diplomatic prestige my feelings <unk> masons the president as commander in chief of the army and navy should the congress just leave well enough alone why can't we can't leave the subject alone it has to discuss that repeatedly when discussing appropriations for the war or members of congress are blind two of the debate this issue since it is the issue that most disgust among their constituents that they have to weigh both lee and the objectives and the war and the way in which it's being fought in the desirability of spending the money i'm like oh they have no choice
what a declaration of war making a difference in the way that the war is being run the actual conduct of hostilities i can't see how it could make a difference except in in making it more difficult to reduce the war if if congress in fact pass a declaration of war the enemy would be north yemen and young women to terminate the war would be with by means of peace negotiations with north vietnam some kind of a history where that is possible at the present that the war could be reduced to a level why in explicit decisions taken on both sides the government and north vietnam could decide to reduce the amount of support that it was giving the forces in the south and we have reciprocal the reviews our level of activity without either side being committed to
negotiate a peace treaty a lot either side acknowledging that they were actually fighting one another what do you think congress ought to do at this time what your personal opinion one of disgust on and i was the one that reporters said that schweich said that he understood the tonkin gulf resolution empowered president do everything except use nuclear weapons or invade north vietnam i stop that many members of congress have the clearer understanding of what limits they met to be setting a date investors and many other situations the more involved much less about whether the united states government is in effect involved in a gigantic poker day and it is making that's making raises seeing that and the congress can consider in this case you could consider more generally what we expect and review
that it would happily of republicans on where it says that this hand just isn't going to do it gabriel continues now from washington with edward p morgan the majority of public opinion has not forsaken president johnson on vietnam yet it is plainly warring deeply however about what professor made called a gigantic poker game the stakes being avoidance to world war three there is serious erosion of public support of the president in a recent conversation with vice president humphrey i asked how the administration propose to deal with that with an election coming up i think we'll have to deal with it just as we're dealing with it here we'll have to state our case as best we can make our decisions as best we can recognizing that they're they may not be politically popular
now spies popular wars are concerned and their political popularity in wars i don't think we've ever had a popular war president for long james madison hughes well i just i would george washington for george watkins was up their valley forge in the continental congress would mean sending groceries right after the american people in the revolution where we're either neutral or tories are many times that he didn't have very many troops in a few wars of them unpopular even peace treaties have been unpopular i remember the john jay peace treaty with great britain that rocks were thrown at washington's window and jj and so ahlquist and james madison was an unpopular president owned in the present you know stone at the rocks with traumatic thank you that i recall that did that in the mexican war the congress approve the early war declaration overwhelmingly within two years that they would they canceled
it was a lot about the president paul ru promulgating humphreys law that the presidents are always right and the public is always wrong i'm pompom one day in this law that public opinion is like a child's fever it runs up and down and there you do not judge a child's health by the vacancies at the variances they're a net one evening our day or to buy the fever chart i'm saying the wars have a tendency to have won the war news is good you're a popular when the war news as badger not popular a margin of abraham lincoln haven't judged at his policy in the war between the states and public opinion we'd add that divided nation today that would've been two nations those commoners or not mr humphrey elections are won and lost on the fluctuation of the public fever and another presidential election coming up what do you do if the polls continue to go till you do what you think is right and you take your case to the american people i hope but there isn't an american at once
the president of the united states to do something which she knows as warm in order to win the election in nineteen sixty eight hour they will continue with the word for the consumer i'm sure you've heard there's a new cigarette it's been doing one hundred one hundred millimeter as long as extra long run because it's extra long races extras as more and more kids they say and there's more and more i'm tobacco showed her new one hundred by now some say that if you think it's just another cigarette and time going to say put it against the clock will soon notice the difference
because it's long for about two minutes longer than the old cigarettes which only took five minutes to smoke can spend some extra time smoking it they'd say you must have heard about the new one hundred's soft in case there's a cycle or the new tobacco blend what a change they say sure you've heard about a new one hundred i'm sure you've heard that according to the united states public health service most of the new hundred millimeter cigarettes and what are more nicotine greater health risks and most cigarettes that sold before i am baby elmo it's the male believes public television should permit expression of different points of view one stands ready to provide opportunity for responsible comment on the preceding message to athens ala concludes personal viewpoint from edward p morgan in washington
on november twentieth the census bureau will clock the united states population of two hundred million people or we anyway rich and powerful beyond belief we still include the poor in the hamper that we can be generous and kind or so selfish and brutal smart and clever but ignorant and clumsy thursday at cape kennedy losing the loudest man made noise in history how are equivalent to that of all the generating plants in the nation launched the saturn five three thousand ton the lunar rocket reportedly was the heaviest load ever lifted from her yet yet amid the continuing lawyers of racial strife we haven't quite found the american system election returns in cleveland area and boston did give a bright clue the ballot box can be a diner mall of social change parallel problems are staggering more than fifty two million
adult americans never finished high school one third of the draft rejects fail because they can't read or write and this land spending forty nine billion a year on education well a fabulous economy comes out three quarters of a trillion dollars worth of goods and services thirty million citizens are still trapped by poverty what's wrong somewhere our priorities got mixed up we aren't industry oriented nation it's time we became the people korea from kindergarten were talking what's good for business is good for the country but it ain't necessarily so profits are down but what does it profit a community of factories mutilated landscape strangle its traffic foul its heroine poisonous tree it's time for a business labor and government to think more of service not merely a bigger claims to the community chest but what welfare secretary john gardner called the american commitment gardner is
impatient with a sophisticated dropout that citizen who washes his hands of the situation because it is too far gone to seoul the individual cannot do much himself to solve the race crisis at home or the war in vietnam when he can do something he can demand that politicians and the press be more honest more cool more candid with you rarely in our history as the electorate been so cynical of its elected officials never in our history has there been such an avalanche of information so little bean or believable so this week the president jets from coast to coast causing at military bases and on a warship to appeal to patriotism and to preach the need for unity on the issue of the now a patriotism is not the issue courageous about the issues and in this land of diversity unity is not the issue either understanding of corn a cliche is that issue going to get bad on
vietnam the administration must clarify its own priorities by entering i suggest these key questions keeping american security clearly and my musk us forces stay in vietnam until a south vietnamese government can stand on its own feet and if so how long is that and this has been another in a continuing series of experimental and authentic that broadcasts produced and edited for public television by this actually educational university and community television stations in your area with the assistance of leaving public broadcast laboratory of community it's b special assistant was received from wbez atv washington wgbh steve austin
w if you leave the tv with the public television as presented in your area by a noncommercial stations which leads your financial support public television to become strong and remain strong asian noncommercial television station was these wrong i'll support your communities next week the insides of water with minimal a columnist in conversation with six american presidential politics the war and the subsequent broadcast former secretary of state dean acheson will hold a similar portions of this program we reported this sunday evening november and has an hour
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