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it's b or if you want to pay we need to raise one hundred thousand dollars i didn't know until we came back and said we have the money and i didn't know where i was raised until the investigation which took place in may or june
nineteen seventy three many facts don't know all the facts i didn't think the board and i think it's going to reveal you are an iou in iowa i am he was on the line a hundred thousand dollar graft cash was delivered by him to one of our system officers took it to our office and put it in the office a lot of practical easier that might help explain some theater on october twenty nineteen seventy one you received for checks and five thousand
dollars apiece in the mail and those over two hundred thousand dollars and that's what we need beginning in december nineteen seventy one we made payments to reform law one payment five thousand dollars in k i think all our vales in a unmarked envelope taken to the office of the committee and delivered either to mr sloan war mr leno
i say either in some occasions they both are there other occasions on the ai again this material are discovered late in any event december january one veteran's three final payment sixty thousand dollars in march nineteen seventy two yesterday where they pleased about religion and really well we're going to recall a man who recently won grammys in the bleachers uk you know it's business the idea was to come back are far as i know we're the committee that was the way our people chose the right away was received mr moore you too
so now that was delivered to the minute relax seventy five thousand dollars of which fifty five thousand or story you say at the time the investigation was turned back to the company into the regular channels the company so far china right now but ford operating during this mr marius van no you know this was a major major the way of
ending at the time roger without western air and the merger agreement expires early college in february and had to be extended and was extended report times during this time rumors began to fly around watchman that the white house was opposed to the merger you realize that a merger this time under section at a one of our active president makes element decisions or not export really advisory final decisions made the white house has not revealed what a court i made an effort to find out whether these allegations are true because when i came to the western people want to renew the agreement that are very skeptical about the desirable a billion under the agreement their respective late payment structure and
we held up over here this time with building have an answer one is what we could or could not murder so i went to moscow stands among other connections and asked him whether he could find out whether that was true oh let me know it never know forceful watches well i didn't only minor political arena at the white house mr flanagan i checked with him and he didn't seem to think the reason to accept the rumors kept going around to resolve for example or even articles published in our aviation who's won by mr roberts exits at the white house as opposed to i couldn't find any opposition rivals in my case it was announced the white house was opposed to
and i was having great difficulty getting the agreement with western maryland did you receive it three years i was in sentences go on my way to the parties and we call a call my office in washington the worm secretaries and anxious to reach mainly left small number and in his office number of eu our secretary was calling about human towers was torn recall him i did call my region the meeting and he said that mr spencer call him and coal might be necessarily thought would be necessary to release information as the
contributions in the common cause was this week and incidentally more time and that come in the office and washington did receive calls from mr comebacks offices in virtually completely secretary version which we were asked state names in which seventy five thousand dollars contribution should be reported all of this is the time when we made no response when talking with counseling graders are pointed out unless we couldn't compound the situation we tell the truth was the money government and therefore as a consequence of this
as bonnie plunkett three years he wants to return that money the coffers of the familiar rhythms quest for justice contribution by justin was a contribution by many people from call asking for names to protect competition
they wanted some kind of a name i have no feelings of it was until really pretty and i think that the subsequent examination of some analysts indicate that the unnamed employee xu american airlines were stated purpose of the rose mary woods lives i think an examination of that show said and that's what it is called the bbc finally says employees assad was born there any other instances all services rendered presidential campaigns nineteen seventy two for which there was no separation received by
yes it was so where is that what was lisa's in texas work for the democrats or next it went off a payroll unbeknownst to me i knew we were out there on the notes that made people's humanitarian believe that kiwis needed the help he was assistant and he was paid and a mounting problem to his compensation when it was revealed to him that this came from corporate sources to reimburse the company and he was so that means he was making about six years i think all of these conversations
any action techno at close to you know the street is part of the truth to that it would fall there's poetry it didn't have a number of things pending for various federal agencies that time like this and as we always have had the last thirty five years of virtually all it will have its lesson for now matters so essentially right in response to a request from committing council on matters currently pending before a bbc at which american airlines passengers this as a
practice is the record shows that the us will lead questions concerning a jew during that meeting good news to combat making promises you express are implying that he would be able to help you in some way to contribute to it president no was a discussion that needs to come back get your contributions to be made in cash well you're not
susan i don't think there was that i simply you know we're talking about a conversation took place i just don't recall you have no recollection of that was no absolutely no regulation during our conversation a subsequent day to when did you decide that you would make a contribution to the president and when did you decide that what my contribution would be eight or more or less decided that it didn't mean i said the busy or seventy or seventy five and tried to no i don't that the officers sided well i said seven years of involvement in seventy five or one percent of your i'm guessing that that's not a place data collection
with your testimony that was your recollection vaguely like there was some stigma that you could do better than seven seventy to seventy five well i think when i said aaron is what i meant to say was that there was no if you really really practice i was like oh maybe these two things have been confusing the way down when money was actually being delivered at the committee you mr notter mr sloan so we are mr collins spent that mean he came back and asking the us to know something so i thought that that was the only two and says you might have like what was to come back and
it i was actually saying i don't know necessarily it is recalling remain in some mild monsters but it wasn't violent out was it your decision to know whose decision was it was probably made by default looms back as we had cats and so that's where the leverage i don't think that there was a very confrontational with the money that we receive in this combat coming from that caption so probably best used without any discussion was requested if you don't enjoy it
going to be at four hundred thousand dollars yesterday questions about how to raise that much money or know no question whatsoever no i think that he knew how to operate this fall symbolism in the world answer i don't think he actually an insurgent cell there somebody else to do it but the company's analysts or even more money well i guess whose idea was it all over somebody's lower ground the organization was not laughter st louis when you have
nothing to do with the case now when you ask his contribution one hundred thousand dollar range and when you instructed mr jones to raise that money it you knew it was going to be raised when sure i guess i could have concluded it would be but it wasn't clear that intel corp sources that it could drive some other money from other sources that would've been prickly he was disappointed from other sources to myself why from sources other than myself other people other people american airlines are people we've done business with them favors june
what is known is going to be their own whoa that's hard to answer i don't think he actually and transactions out there somebody else to do it but the company's analysts or even more money well our guess whose idea was it all over somebody wore down the organization was not clear so for many years when you have nothing to do with the case now when you ask
you want sure i guess i could've included would be but it wasn't clear that intel corp sources said they could drive some other money from other sources that would've been prickly you saw some money from other sources than myself from sources other than myself other people other people american airlines are people we've done business with the very rich too now it's true is it not that many corporations have what is known as a good government political action fund which employees contribute their own money to these five interviews for a lawful contributions are at best real sense created such a fun of my question you didn't have
such a fun time why didn't you created and raise the money that way well you couldn't do in time but you couldn't do in that time we've had this in effect for several months and i put a percentage of my compensation and the farm but if you add up all the amount of takes a long time to accumulate fifty five thousand so i take it you do not know i didn't know how well your attention to the evidence before the committee and thought it had number three in the letter that was sent by american airlines to request a refund of the american airlines theatre that they have no evidence of the material of the president and he announced that the funds stephen colbert fall
well it's known that he had no such evidence of that based on our investigations to marion nestle correct not for it could you tell us first how you were the chief executive of a meeting in july over seventy one became chief executive and five or in nineteen sixty eight and we will work and chief executive will get something that'll certainly won't you spend any of your time on the proposed merger us and we were given that time you had the tunisians to come back and those meetings was this merger disgusted all know
turning their principal rival in that case the opposition oh played a role in her decision to contribute money to the president i think i was motivated by a host of theories and as i explain why it's impossible for me to add up all the items that went into them there's a vote on the senate floor and a break and i replayed the hearings public television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this posture station identification on average coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public service where local public television station this is pbs public
broadcasting service and the nation's capital and presents washington week in review and analysis of each week of the major news stories from the white house the congress the pentagon and elsewhere is ago washington bureau chief for the chicago daily news' neil macneil chief congressional correspondent for time magazine charles border military affairs writer for the baltimore sun has against washington correspondent covering such views as foreign policy economy is reeling the pay
from washington impact continues its coverage of hearings the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and by correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the hearings there are more questions for george they were discussing the merger between the merger agreement between western respect your suspension is he testimony through the white house and what stands i believe it was to maintain mayor like may or june nineteen seventy two
the contribution was made in the white house the quickest action a branch which is designated by statute to approve or be involved in the brewing process of the cia the decision interest with respect to that murder quite honestly i don't know a range that is a monday with mr flanigan's function but i've heard this is a political question the white house is taking this action it knowing this approved mergers in there really resonated with him president and there is a lighthouse
i make an effort to resolve through him is all this reporting nothing about the rumors continued and they've been documenting is what i would call a political at us just as this respect is known as in to find out whether his through the white house was opposed to them europe a certain extent in what's going down there's no court review of his take my marbles and all and that's what i wanted to know and the cop who want to find out what we should be trouble are you interested
we were used to in response to a question indicated there was no quid pro quo was back in canada and in fact that decision was decided to adversely to american airlines and the americans disapprove only jesus for our collection actually i thought the decision was horribly was made you such decisions are not publicly announced they are recommendations the white house after this in this case he approved the term rather than there probably was announced the end of july i think the
action policy at the recommendation turned out was made sometimes you in your testimony some point to the possibility of restrictions on prisons i government officials are former ibm officials and soliciting contributions which you feel that similar restrictions should be prominent in with respect to a prohibition say a person who we tip was loyal to his business is in the new edition with him or his company from contributing to presidential campaigns one presidential campaigns
the person as far as an incentive if i'm not i'm not sure but i don't think i like analyze over and giving broad gauge something like there's no impact businesses that meanders here before with respect to me mechanism use for raising this hundred thousand hours how did you decide what you knew you had a hundred thousand dollars to the committee like the president i think i explained earlier i made the decision early on a night in which a song to get seventy or seventy five sided following day in nineteen seventy five the two figures i mentioned and things fell in london and twenty thousand dollars to give members of sources that was given at that fifty five thousand dollars to begin park service that's good
it was nineteen forty five pounds or so well until the investigation by councilman any money in that safe was returned to the corporate coffers i was going to say money was paid back oh that would've been replaced the jewel range for a voice of any candidate falls to cover the ten thousand dollars it was paid employee arranged for any fault there were no saltwater and occasionally play anybody i think that it was
there was no necessity more cash because cash in oregon created a reason why china sent explain was like to catch a cat was there and presumably was taken from a cage used the report to replenish an individual repay the ammo you discover that getting funds be repaid and deciding upon and seventy five thousand dollar contribution was napping contribution made on what is using twenty thousand dollars of prison films that you see is available you say used to i didn't really focus on no particular reason i would have preferred like no contribution in a way that would be an objectionable i was unable to do it it is the reason that you will you maybe competition from the twenty thousand dollars which would not corporate funds because you felt that the
election of a president of the best interest of the country is that the reason those are some of the reasons for the power company but industry go back to the question is that assuming you get it why didn't you support funds white uses twenty thousand dollars from fundamental difference the recipients to where the money came from i had money from brazil sources are used and it really wasn't focused on top explain that decision to raise it through various executives i didn't give it may have been
done by mr lloyd jones other people reporting live just told you actually went to a place and there's nothing else that i know a lot of us you know it was not and say we know are the facts that was not the us rights to all the money raised is explain there was no other money was there any restrictions on the twenty thousand dollars it should be contributing reelection the president as opposed to different than whatever whalen news i'm a better person so for some time
here's retired assistant minority counsel michael madigan continue to question it this is true when all souls nineteen ten or so corporations were prevented from contribute to political campaigns i know your suggestions with respect to the solicitation activities of government officials in your statement before the committee you have and he suggested renting two put a stop to the procedures that testimony of wisdom is indicated use of false and voices except to generate funds and corporate contributions to world peace assassinated by the pressures that that brought into the pressures are relieved that and voices wouldn't have developed and another element of course is to for the first time since
nineteen ten was reinforced a lot of record sixty years have been forced apart for three years fair in the present laws are applied as they aren't losing their i think that was on the boat had been before jeff bell which is the law
yes sir absolutely right real lately unfortunately no
you're welcome that's right you're right seventy four and since the investigation and this is their destinations in europe you on the united states says miami and immoral war
a lot and i think that is the record the economic regulation the problems that the more that you know well and fifteen delay's answer that's right and that was about that was a real decision of the president the issue thank you
and these days now the new oil someone else said that he was trying to get a new person narrator reminded me was because they simply don't have the capacity to do but that subjective evaluation with competition it is not a pain the bottom of the majors
julie thanks as moses mr the circumstances this week that would be useful yes sir
willie nelson others the other possibility and that was a negative one which is one very much my mind and it's i think as a result of the hearings before this committee it probably might be something that isn't to be regarded as persona non grata have to ask would you get something you think a widow would you something you question that's it for our principal competitor which opposing a murder case though i didn't believe that was giving him the money went out this an occasion
but you didn't believe what he did he didn't give them one end of it so well the adverse consequences to walk through the use of language wouldn't say that requests i mean as well as what our campaign contributions up on and this is all in they deserve it correlations
sci fi is talking to counsel that you do something like the old medieval maps show flatt oh and then what they called her fierce animals line around the fringes of this back is it sometimes and i think this is true the regulations yeah
it oh wow so that result was available on the amount of contributions that can be made and so and so they kicked that you agree that though recently some requirement that campaign contribution he made a substantial lift in the fall and so in those
places upon person making campaign contributions of special nature and one person's receiving campaign contributions of that election that they deserve all the commentary records relating to also uses all a substantial period of the election go upstage the pigeons to play
as you're welcome i'm up to seek a competitive advantage but are made in response they'll be competitive disadvantage so if they're not maybe the process of grateful to normal and only i don't believe that a black history would have been made them that's that maybe you you've probably has a particular day when the pressure is impressive in the position of the solicitation so there's a petition and i recommend the solicitations by individuals who have just another happen
all by individuals who are then there's a lot of this has been made on the low we'll do that prohibits in the solicitation of all campaign contributions from executives of all this islamization the people are tested all this contribution without american out laden would've never made that notion would not think it's reasonable soon with that is to inspect a look contributions police already knew kyle i think the same thing and that's what you're strongly about this provision in a very basic way and do you agree with me that we must have
someone for all legislation and this the you know the confidence of the american people and also it's going to be mr webb yes i think the thing to do jessop on
steroids you're the first person to step forward and in an insert corporate contributions during the campaign of seventy three and make a statement when the curtains i think add up to that statement anybody had no libyan and notable monster and i suppose that they have concerns me and throughout america where every right to expect leadership certainly from industry in a recent public comments and then again the entire political system
monique have you run into this type of situation and the same to get a report saying the only book and industry ministry i think their never been an example like his charisma the individual made a solicitation or the solicitations and julia miles so we jumped to be delivered until basically you can do it i think one of the results is a few miles per sonar messages from people to do things they didn't want to serve in one and relish a little heated and it's
been very much my conscience so obviously i was delighted to be able to read my conscience this one is unique the size of the amount requested an from where the request came as in your chest dave davies host what is the image i guess the thing that bothered me sometimes what is the image of the business community in that the leadership of the community as far as politics is concerned we are looked upon as
and weil says the arch of the season the team won money why i serve have the impression that there is a political leadership no i don't agree with that i've had many experts is a martian since nineteen thirty three and i've found many occasions possible level and the officers to make a presentation for the basis of merit no interest in the party member of congress are receiving information on the right would just be assault weapon great for treatment i won't say that my own experience has been good and i think that most them feel that what i think sometimes people like to write a rousing speech and they want to find fault
with somebody but i think the general businessman or arrest members of congress is just like for another businessman their humans when that someone i don't know but i don't think there's any feeling such as you express i think are reasonably good job of members of congress are not the votes were right around enough to know to put in long hours myself everything sixty seventy hours a week and i find the same thing down here all evening sessions we can work so i have our respective congress one of those individuals
political system committees is the republicans really outstanding performances and i think this is going to the people of our country people feel secure that video version uses only desirous of getting at the truth i made some common that in my opening statement i wanted at home and i didn't at that time i think a great job remains to be done as an effort by this committee to ensure the necessary legislative changes are made so that what you i think it's very important that we carry forward difficult decisions i don't know
you're right i think so many times in business committee is the line just as michael sessions it's good to know that goldman's standard and roll on and i think given what you didn't do it oh that's i want an associate myself with the miniature earmarks which have been expressed here by its owner and white but there's no one thing to hear is why you should come back to the competitive moyers solicitation that i
think if the mint made a solicitation had only been the lawyer for our competitor would be any problem a problem rosen first counsel the president's trustee of the president's first state and there is implicit in such a position pressures that maybe even more explicit didn't you consider the us invasion very foundations of the time in view of the fact that the solicitor was lawyer for one of your competitors on insurers were surprised no wonder where it had an alignment meant to me there's something akin to this
media scott beason and the base are in and what has been revealed in hearings before this committee indicated if i'd known that i might have been more right than i was at the time he's being you didn't get to hear three conversations with their lives to come back and give any slight thought to the possibility that he was trying to obtain the new voluntary contributions and this is on the voluntary these are not i never said
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 51 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Camillo Fabrega of Braniff Airways, George Spater of American Airlines and Russell DeYoung of Goodyear testify.
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